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Flick Chess!


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Flick Chess! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, with the latest current version being 1.6.2 which was officially released on 2021-05-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5149 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Flick Chess! App

How does it Work?

Flick your chess stones!

Bump out opponent's stones!

Tip: Guard the KING!

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Top Reviews

  • By TokensLifeMatters

    It's a simple but chill game

    I think it's a great concept. I love the game. There's a glitch when you get to bonus rounds though. If you get all the stars you get 350. It asks you to watch a video to double up. Every time I try to double up and watch the whole video, it will glitch out and my score will start at zero and then add up to where it basically gives me the 350 I would have gotten without watching the video. ALSO, you really need too design a way to show what each playing piece is worth at each level it is. I shouldn't have to watch at the end and write down what each one is worth. Maybe even a tree graph to show what it takes to get from a basic pawn to upgraded queen would be cool too. I still enjoy the game very much and I love the whole idea of it 4/5 from me until there's some issues fixed. Thanks y'all, keep up the good work🤟🏽

  • By gamergralison

    Good, but one enormous flaw

    This game was better than any other I’ve seen from voodoo; it’s difficult, but fair, and you have to really think about each move. You have to watch ads to get a decent helping of gems and buy new pawns, but considering it’s the only way for the company to profit, I can make my peace with that. There is an issue that makes the game unplayable; as soon as I reached level 100, earning gems became impossible. Ads to earn gems no longer appear, and upon completing a level, there is no continue button and the game claims I earned +0 gems. As a result, I cannot build up my army, making the game unplayable, which is a shame. Please fix it.

  • By JD3runinsht

    It could be great but

    I’m having a lot of issues with the game saving my progress now, the ads are freezing my game, and speaking of the ads, they show them in the middle of a game that your in, and they show wayyyyy too many. These problems are huge and need to be resolved pretty quickly or I’m going to have no choice but to leave since it’s not saving my progress. UPDATED: After the latest update I seem to have all my chess pieces now and haven’t lost any. Bad news is I went to collect the reward post game for watching a video and getting 100% of the reward, but for some reason it wasn’t giving me the reward. I ended up watching 8 videos in a row and it still wouldn’t let me collect it, so I had no choice but to select the lose reward option.

  • By Anal bees

    Was great until level 100

    Overall the game was great. There’s some minor bugs like pieces not getting promoted on round 3 but nothing too bad. That is until I got to level 100. At first I thought it was just a glitch that I received no gems from winning and that I couldn’t hit a continue button. So I restarted the game. After a few levels of this it realized it wasn’t a simple big, it’s ingrained into that game. I’m hoping that this is just a coding error because of you were really trying to make the game harder this is hardly the way to do it. If you wanted to increase difficulty why not add more pieces to the higher levels or higher ranked pieces. The opponent has the same few loadouts with the same pieces so the difficulty of the game itself never inherently increases, but I was ok with that. However this makes it impossible to progress, how am I supposed to purchase new pieces and slots if I don’t receive gems from the levels I complete? How do I purchase the numerous in game skins for pieces? Please fix this issue, if this issue wasn’t there this game would easily be getting 4 stars from me and probably even 5.

  • By jspilot1212

    Needs work

    This game has a great concept and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing. However, the cascade of bugs is getting to be too much. Occasionally my king will begin the game propped on the back wall, making it extremely hard to not lose on the opponent's first shot. It’s also a coin toss if the piece I use to knock out the opposing king will get the “level up” before the level/round ends. Also I have watched an ad to claim my skin from beating levels (several times) and it doesn’t give out the reward. And finally today, two of my pawns (tier1 and tier2) just disappeared. At this point in the game when I’m paying nearly 1000 coin for a tier1 pawn, losing the pieces is a huge issue. I’ll come back to this game in several months to see if things have gotten better, since I genuinely enjoy the gameplay; but for now the game feels like it’s being tested in production and I’ve had enough.

  • By Hooded Qobra Ent.

    Good game, major bug makes it unplayable.!!

    I played the free version, it was fun, so I paid for the full version $2.99. Everything was fine for a day or 2, but now if I win a round, it always shows 0 diamonds won...and there is no button to play next round or double or anything, and I have no choice but to shut down the app and start over again, but for what purpose? When I am not able to progress any further in upgrading cuz I am not awarded any more jewels. Under normal circumstances if a game is broken I will just erase it, and not play anything from that developer any more, but I JUST paid $3 for it, if it’s not going to work, I want my money back, or for them to fix it..without me having to start over and lose all my current progress... If either one happens, I will change my rating to 5 cuz otherwise it’s a fun game.

  • By Kamozai

    Game’s been beset by bugs.

    I had been playing this game for weeks. It’s a little too repetitive and simple; and there’s no advancement or increase in difficulty after getting all of the skins; but it worked as a good, mindless game. Until the update. I was totally stoked to see the 3D models and what looks like an attempt at progressing difficulty; and, though some of the skins didn’t really work like they were supposed to; I was ready to unlock them all again (new phone). But, I’m stuck at level 11; and there’s nothing I can do to go past it. I’m surprised the creator spent the money to advertise this on Facebook; and then let this large of a bug get past him. It’s crippling. Also, the settings button no longer works. I hope to see the issues fixed really soon. If so, they’ve got something here. If not, that’s too bad.

  • By Menacex750

    Good mini game while you wait

    I play this whenever I have a good 5 minutes to kill. Simple concept, and the game physics are what you would expect. Despite all the ads, the biggest annoyance is that once I got to level 100 and beyond, I have not been able to collect gems unless I lose the match. Any match win, no matter how many pieces I have left will always result in a “+ 0 gems” and the game essentially freezes because there is no option to collect double gems with an ad or say no thank you. I literally have to force kill the app at this point and when I restart, I’ll see that I have advanced to the next level. Having to do this, while also not being able to earn gems, makes me question how long this app will stay on my phone.

  • By Zeelda1464


    This game glitches literally every single level. It is always one of two, technically three glitches. The first glitch is that the game momentarily freezes, briefly before crashing, wiping all progress from your current level. The other glitch is that the game zooms out so far that you cannot even see the red and blue of the pieces whatsoever. Hand in hand with the second glitch, it also zooms in all the way so that all you see is the solid color of the platform that the pieces are on, forcing you to close the game out, DUE TO THERE BEING NO HOME BUTTON!!! What kind of crap game has no repeat level or home button? Either way, you can only successfully beat a level with rewards and all only one percent of the time. It I really hope that a potential player sees this message and this saves them a great deal of frustration. Quite simply, this is straight up the worst mobile game I have ever played in my lifetime. If there was an ability to attach pictures to this, then I have the screenshots of the zoom malfunctions. Any player would be better off having never played this game, or even heard of it. Oh, and by the way, it says there are oh-so-many five-star reviews? Guess what! I scrolled down for a straight 3 minutes in the reviews and DID NOT SEE ONE FIVE STAR REVIEW!!!! Try it yourself, see if you find one. Trust me, you won't.

  • By I eat grASS


    This game is called flick chess yet the only resemblance to being anything similar an actual game of chess is the piece shape. The bigger the point value of the piece in chess the heavier the piece in this game. That being said the game lacks any sort of strategy, I played for nearly 30 levels and constantly beat levels within a matter of seconds as all you have to do win is to knock off a Large tower. The game is filled with ads after almost every thing you do leaving you with a sense of pointlessness as you beat each level in the same amount of time as the ad that is running. Turns in the game are random and not always back and forth, several times I will have beaten a round by AI suicide and moved to the next section only to still have it not be my turn. This went so far as to in a single round the AI went twice in one round. The camera janky and not smooth, it moves to different views on occasion but the views make no sense as if it moved for the heck of it rather than purpose. This games is fun for the first few seconds you play but the burnout is quick due to the loads of ads and constant repetition in level design and layout. The app is free but even then it isn’t worth the download.

  • By selena1208

    It gets worse the longer you play

    The game itself has potential and I would actually enjoy playing it if it weren’t for basic issues with programming. THE GAME WILL OFFER YOU TO WATCH AN AD FOR GEMS BUT WILL NOT CREDIT YOU THE REWARD AFTER YOUVE WATCHED THE AD (this happens at least every other ad you watch) The main issue is that the app glitches- a lot. There are ‘levels within levels’ in this game and on the last level the app likes to freeze until you have to close the program and restart it (losing your progress in doing so) which is crazy frustrating if you’ve been stuck on a level and would have beat it... it took me about 10 times of it doing this for me to finally write a review. Other than that the game will glitch pretty often and the graphics will get skewed (think 90s solitaire completed screen) where the game will still be going but the chess pieces become misshapen and unrecognizable on their direction. Also pretty much the only way to get enough gems to upgrade is to watch ads since the profit:expense ratio on the game is unreal. Sometimes you’ll watch ads to ‘double prize’ or get upgrades and the game won’t even add the gems.!

  • By 2017 rAdAr

    same quality as other voodoo games ,(doesn’t mean its good)

    I ended up getting even with all the discrimination on ig, bad decision besides getting now to review it... When i first saw an add of this I was like “Another voodoo game wow thats cool!” Right after i said “What does it have to do with chess.” These are sum common questions cause first u guys got like 100+ games 2nd is that the game has nothing to do with chess. Blah Blah Blah Yes you protect the king but in many games are like that but arent chess. Yeah when u get a kill you rank up but in the game of chess every role is used, and important but the game makes it seem the knight is useless. Yeah devs i read ur app info that said chess without the rules, Just saying all ur apps have alot of downloads, cause of heavy marketing and making the add look addicting. And Yes i know you help game developers get rich in all but lay of the adds. Plus spend time in keeping the games alive, out of the 22 mil people who downloaded in a month 80%,(roughly) stop playing; bored or to much adds.

  • By hewwo:3

    Too many ads and difficulty spikes

    You get an ad after you die, you get an ad after you win, and you get an ad after you complete a round. It’s so annoying! And also the game is pretty much impossible to win unless you get gems, and guess how you can get gems. By watching ads! You can get them by winning and losing, but they give you 1-3 gems! That’s so little! For reference, the first upgrade is 10 gems, and they go up by 10 gems, which racks up really quickly! Once you get to a certain point (map 2), you can’t win without watching ads for gems! There is a bonus level after every map, but they don’t give you as many gems as the counter says! It said I got 290, but I only got 90! Why even lie about that?!? The concept of the game is cool, but it’s ruined by greedy losers in their mom’s basement who made this as an easy cash grab.

  • By #TeamAlaska

    Deceitful and maleficent. 😡

    I have sat through countless amounts of ads to get 2X more gems on a bonus round. And EVERY SINGLE TIME, it takes AWAY the same amount of gems that I gained for watching the ad, and then adds the 2X. Trynna be slick? i.e. If I have a total of 600 gems in my inventory, and I win 200 gems in a bonus round, I’d have 800 gems. But since there’s an option to “double” my winnings by watching an ad, I watch it! And after I’m done watching, my winnings go up by 200 gems....but as soon as I confirm my winnings, my total goes down 200 gems, effectively canceling out the 200 gem increase of my winnings. So instead of adding 400 to 600, it adds 400 to 400....which is the same as adding 200 to 600 before watching the ad. It’s not that serious, but it seems a little deceitful and maleficent to me. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’d like it fixed, and also I’d like to be credited 1,000,000 gems for damages.

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