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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-06
  • New version: 1.4.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Sort It 3D


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Sort It 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, with the latest current version being 1.4.1 which was officially released on 2021-06-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 351063 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Sort It 3D App

How does it Work?

Gota sort them all!!

Sort all color balls in the tubes,

How far can you go?

*sort and reveal all the colors - red, blue, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, grey, cyan, brown, white, black, teal, dark green, light pink, violet and more

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  • On Dec 19}


    I am ready to get rid of this app because of the ads that continues to interrupt my game every time I play with repeat ads of the same thing over & over. Can I eliminate the ads?

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    Top Reviews

    • By pastfacesfuture

      Absent-minded stress relief

      I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I play this game as often as I do, because after a certain level, there’s no difficulty levels or anything new to obtain or achieve, and I don’t know that it’s really improving my cognitive abilities or anything like some brain training games claim. Despite that, I paid to remove the ads on this game, and I spend more time on it than I’d like to admit. Why? It basically serves the same purpose as a fidget spinners for me. It does wonders for anxious energy. When I’m trying to kill some mild anxiety or when I just need something to occupy my mind so I can fall asleep, this app is perfect. There’s no stakes, no stress, no difficulty, and if you remove the ads, there’s no annoyances. It’s just a quiet, simple, repetitive activity that requires just enough brain activity to relieve you from average daily stress.

    • By EaTaCoWoRdIe

      Hate on me but...

      Ok I know everyone is going to hate this but I just wanted to point out that the grammar on your ad is incorrect. Not to be rude or anything I just thought that you might want to know. You used “then” when it should have been spelled as “than” in that context. It still looked like a super fun game and I still think you should get it. I’m not trying to get anyone to hate this game. Just wanted to give the developers a heads up. Ok so yeah I’m updating this. And no, they didn’t fix the grammar. I actually got the game because I felt bad for saying something about the ad. Honestly there isn’t really anything that’s horrible about it. It just isn’t really entertaining. As many other of the reviews have stated, it has potential if you increase the difficulty level. The idea is great, the execution could be better.

    • By Blackcat_20000

      So much better than expected!

      I thought it would be like other games that I play. The games that I usually play don’t seem to get harder overtime but this one does the first level they show you how to play then it actually gets harder it honestly a really good game and I just go it yesterday I recommend you download this game. Plus the adds aren’t annoying at all since the games I usually get have an add every time I finish a level I was really impressed when I saw that adds only come up every 2-3-4 levels or so that’s why I gave it a five star rating. It’s a really good game.😀 Maybe in the future I’ll make a review focused on the bad things I learn overtime but not today. Thanks for reading hope it helps Ps. It’s a good game to pass the time and keeps me entertained when I’m bored and I’m usually pretty bored byyeeeee 😀

    • By DIDE2020


      It’s a good game to play when you want to take a break from daily chores. It’s funny how everyone mentions about too many ads popping up and I’m like “what ads? I’m level 900 and I haven’t got any!”, then I realized it’s because I have a VPN app installed on my phone and it’s blocking all ads, I wasn’t even aware there were any ads on this game. Install a VPN app in your phone and you’re clear of ads on any of your apps. Well, some of the apps (very few, though) are stubborn and won’t let you use them unless you disable the VPN. Ok, disable it, let the ads do their job, then enable it back when you’re done with that app. This game is certainly more enjoyable when you play it without interruptions.

    • By Kitkatkitty23

      Pure Genius

      This game is pure genius for many reasons. When you first play it, you can’t stop playing and it is so addicting that you could start off only wanting to beat a level or two, and end up playing for hours. Also, they make it look hard, but it is just the right amount of difficult. You can solve the puzzles, but some do take up some time. Finally, the game is just so much fun!!! It really makes you think about where the balls would and should go. It can challenge the brain in a whole new way!! I give a five star review for the amazing gameplay. I assume it took forever to develop, but the creators must be so satisfied with the results.

    • By LegalZebra

      Good game, but...

      Fun game. My family takes turns doing the different levels. It’s a great game for a little break or stress relaxer. 3 things I’d like fixed. One is the amount of ADDS. There are just too many. In between every single level one pops up. Two is sometimes I’ll watch an add for the present, and the present will open, but when I go to collect the coins they won’t be in my inventory. I also wish that in the presents there was a way that you don’t get two of the same containers in a row. Three is the levels. Don’t get me wrong, when I said it was a good game, I meant it. I just don’t think it’s a GREAT game. The levels seem to stay the same and the only difference is the way the little spheres are arranged. Every once in a awhile there will be a level with lots of the tubes and different colors, but then it goes back to normal. If your thinking about downloading this app, I think you should, just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the difficulty, adds, and gifts (For editors, maybe there can be a make your own ball where you customize the little spheres. So it’s personal).

    • By itsme061978

      Good game, expand please

      This is a good concept. I like playing it. I am hoping it gets more complicated and challenging. Right now I speed through the less hard levels hoping for the more challenging ones. Suggestions: more containers, speed challenges, more balls per container, different size containers with four or five balls on the same level, balls that explode and push the contents of a container out into other containers, balls that change color, creating patterns rather than straight groupings, color coordinating, a challenge where you can’t move the bottom ball in any vase, levels you have to complete in a certain number of moves. You could also track moves and let people repeat levels to see if they can improve. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    • By JenCBear

      Make it Harder

      This is a great game but it’s starting to get boring - there are so many ways that you could make it more challenging as a player progresses through the levels. I keep waiting for the levels to get harder but I'm on level 292 and they’re basically the same every time. How, you say? Put a time limit. Limit the number of moves. Color the tubes so that all the balls of that color have to go into that tube. Increase the number of balls. Increase the number of tubes and colors. Add more challenging components, like balls that can only be moved once or balls that freeze after they’ve been moved a set number of times, or balls that stick to other balls so you have to move them together. What about numbering the balls so that they have to go into the tube in a specific order? There are SO many easy and obvious ways to make this a game that continues to challenge and keep your interest. As it is, I will probably delete it soon. Give us an update that makes it worth keeping. Thanks.

    • By Bill0103

      Great concept with a lot of potential

      I’ve always liked sorting things and was always very good at it so this games seemed like a perfect fit for me. I do enjoy it but it lacks any real challenge as others have pointed out. Infinite moves allowed and no time limit don’t allow for much challenge. I guess they got what they wanted as I paid for the no ads. No way I was gonna deal with an ad after every level that is longer than it takes for my to clear the level! I got through level 200 and I’m convinced this game doesn’t get any harder and doesn’t end so time to uninstall. That being said this game has a lot of potential. I like the simple concept but it could easily be expanded upon. More than 4 balls to a jar, time limit, limited number of moves, have to get a certain color ball into a specific jar, balls are numbered and have to be sorted and placed in number order, once you pair to balls of the same color no other colors can be places in that jar (similar to a rule in backgammon) etc. lots of potential challenges. It allows you to buy different objects with dollars earned for playing but doesn’t show you what they look like so why would I want to unlock them? I unlocked 2 just to see what they are. One is squares and the other was octagons. Why stop at simple shapes? How bout an emoji one? One where you’re sorting sports balls, fruit, jelly beans, gems, etc. Hope to see an update in the future. Feel free to send me royalties for the ideas. lol.

    • By yo_gibby

      Potential if complexity/difficulty increased

      As others mentioned, the game has potential. The difficulty just isn’t there. I can literally complete each game within seconds. Adding more colors or changing the look of the tubes as you go up levels doesn’t do anything to challenge you. Maybe if the developers incorporated a timer? Maybe if you could challenge a player and race to get it done? Or maybe limit the moves or have a move counter... something?! It’s just too easy for me and so what could be an addictive game gets pretty boring quickly. It took me less than an hour to get to level 59 (with the constant ads ugh) and I am hoping at 60 the difficulty increases. Speaking of ads, farrrrr too many ads! Although, I have discovered new interesting games as a result of them. Too bad for this app because a couple of those games are far more challenging and interesting than this app. I’ll probably delete the app and maybe come back if they upgrade it.

    • By Robofan301

      Improvement Suggestion

      This is obviously a game for people who are OCD. It is interesting to read all of the analysis and suggestions people have mentioned. In my opinion, you can make this game more of a brain power exercise by adding the following: Have the app keep track of the number of moves that you make. That way a person can go back to the same level and redo it, but try to beat their high score. It would force you to think more if you need to decide “ well, if I put this ball here and move that there, then I can get all of these, etc”. So a person could do the same level repeatedly, each time trying to complete it in less moves than before.” Eventually, you would max out on one level and then decide to go to the next. It would make the game more of a Brain exercise and really would not require a whole lot of extra coding on the part of the developers.

    • By dmoni

      Game is ok but….

      First of all, it’s somewhat challenging but not extremely hard, which makes it a good game to play when you want to relax. My problem with it is that the ads are annoying and even when you remove them (which I did) there are certain bonuses in the game that you can’t get without watching more ads. Ok, fine, bonuses are optional and my choice if I want to listen to the ads to get them. My biggest issue is that the ads can’t all be muted, and even the ones that can start playing over whatever else I’m streaming while I play the game. Therefore, if I’m listening to some music or a radio station then every time an ad comes on it either stops what I’m listening to or plays over it until I can find the mute option. It drives me crazy and it’s a HUGE turn off. So I don’t play as often as I otherwise might.

    • By Heilmak


      I only found this game as a pop up in another game... I honestly think it’s my favorite game at the moment, though. In all the other chaos in the world this stupid sorting game is the most relaxing thing I’ve found so far. There is no race against the clock, there is no fixed set of moves. That said, my top reason for deleting games after a while week is the absolutely ridiculous number of ads. So yes I did happen to find you little gem is an ad that I actually watched and decided to try the 30th time it popped up, but odds are you won’t stay around all too long since EVERY TIME I finish a level you want me to watch another ad. Not. Happening. It takes less time for me to close and restart the entire app to avoid said ad then to sit through the stupid things. .....and if you take that hack away from me I will revolt.

    • By jdjfnfkjdjdb

      A cheap cash grab

      I don’t mind watching ads to support fun, well-designed free mobile games. However, this just feels like someone threw a concept for a puzzle game together with no real thought except to make money. There are no limits to the number of moves you can make, eliminating any real challenge to begin with. There’s no way to lose, and no incentive for solving the puzzle in fewer moves. Next, it gives you the option to watch ads for extra coins. However, I’m not sure what these coins are for since there are no menus or other screens to view outside of the gameplay, and if you skip, it shows you an ad before the next level anyway. Each level accomplished gives you progress towards acquiring an in-game gift, which you have to watch an ad to get, and the first two gifts are an extra sorting tube and an upgrade to differently shaped sorting tubes. I got bored with it after that. The idea has potential, but it needs A LOT of work to make it worth playing, ads or no ads.

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