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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-29
  • New version: 1.1.41
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Going Balls


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Going Balls is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, with the latest current version being 1.1.41 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 12612 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

*** From the creators of GyroSphere ***

A road full of unexpected obstacles lies ahead in this challenging rolling ball platformer!

Ready for a fun ride?


• Easy, one-finger swipe ball control

• A funny collection of balls to play with

• Inventive and more treacherous tasks at every turn

• Remove Ads available

Top Reviews

  • By crishnaw

    Fantastic game

    It looks great and gives me a challenge. Great game to have your phone, absolutely. Note to devs: on lvl 94 i managed to jump the rails at the beginning and push a box in between the rails, one corner of it pointing downward. I tried bumping it hard up the hill, it didnt pop out. I pushed it to the end and almost rode up it, but fell back onto the rails. Then i fell, respawned, and the box blocked me from progressing. I lost three lives tryin to push it over, then thought to restart my app. After I restarted it, the level went smoothly. That said, I’ve never faced an obstacle that completely blocked my path in this game so I thought you might want to know.

  • By iffifikrke

    The best game ever

    At first I thought this game is going to be super boring and just taking up more storage like my other games but I have to admit this game is so addicting I love it so much not everyone might think this game is fun but to me it occupies my brain so much and because I have dyslexia it helps me concentrate I recommend this app but don’t come at me if you don’t like it because my opinion is different from everyone else’s.Also reading everyone else’s reviews it’s saying that it has at if you turn on the airplane Mode and turn off your Wi-Fi you won’t get ads any more.

  • By TheFatCatter

    Awesome Game, But Could Be Better

    I love this game, and it is a good way to waste time when bored. After a while though, level segments start repeating. Also, I have every ball and world, so there’s no real goal anymore. There is also a ton of ads. You die, AD. You clear a level, AD. And it wants you to watch even more to get more money. However, I easily avoid it and turn off my WiFi when playing. Then the game is once again enjoyable. There is one ball on there that is a chonky cat, and I almost always have that skin equipped. In fact, I just call the game Fat Cat now. Thanks for the game and the levels. You should add a new mode that has more stuff in it. Sure, procedural generation is nice for infinite levels, but a few levels for a secret campaign could be good with some real thought in it. You should also make it really challenging and have it be unlocked at level 100. It lacks some, but it is still great. Also, I love the races. They provide a nice challenge. One more thing: You should add an online multiplayer battle mode where you try to knock the other player off. You should also have races online to see you can get record time on certain tracks. This game is awesome, but it could be so much more. Long live Fat Cat!

  • By umbrellaacademy47

    pretty good!

    as someone who has reached level 1123, I think I have a pretty good scope of this game overall. it is fun, and a good way to mindlessly distract yourself for a good 15 mins, but there are some things I would change. I opted to pay 2.99 for no ads, which I feel was a good move and made gameplay more enjoyable. after about level 20, the tracks/courses start repeating, so at this point I can basically do all of them with my eyes closed. there are also pointless “bonus” levels added in between every other course or so, where the whole point is to collect coins, which only count to buy new balls, which I will mention the faults of in a second. I hope that there will be new levels added in the future to make things more interesting, as well as different color courses and tracks. idk, just something to spice it up a bit. you can buy different balls like I mentioned before, but I’ve found that the more ornate a ball is the glitchier it makes the game. So sticking with the more basic ones is the best bet.

  • By Rese9978

    Great game, but could use improvements

    Most of the time I am here complaining how bad a game is. However, this game is actually not bad. I think the game does need some improvements to make the game more interesting and more worth while. I think the game needs game modes. This will give the player more variety on what to do. I also would like to see the different balls you unlock in the game actually provide some upgrades for the player. I also think that maps need to be twice as long. For me I seem to finish them to quickly and need a bit more of a challenge. However, the game seems to provide some good challenges and I really hope this game will be updated and get some new and better improvements overall. Again I’m quite surprised that a free game is actually good, and I hope it gets better will little to no ads as possible. Hope you have a blessed day and God bless. ✝️

  • By mandibear999

    Love it! Yet repetitive...

    First of all, I LOVE this game! Brings me back to growing up, there was a game very similar to this on a kids gaming website back on "desktops" ya know, before smart devices existed? Anyway, it was one of my favorite games and I kept hoping at some point it could transition to an app and it did! I love all the added perks to this as well, like the different types of balls and the "bonus" or "epic" levels you can play. However, only down side; you're repeating levels just in different numbers. For example level 12 could be the same level as level 42, just a different number. And for someone like me who is pretty darn close to a photo-graphic memory; that kinda gets boring after awhile because it isn't challenging anymore. That's the only reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars but overall I still play it & would recommend it! :-)

  • By thisisfunngI

    Great but repeating??

    A month ago when I first got this game, I would have given it 5 stars, easy. But now, I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome game with different levels that DONT repeat themselves, that is until level 90. If you don’t plan to keep this game long term, I suggest it for you, but if you want to keep it long term, be prepared to have to do many levels over and over. There is about 10 levels I have done 5+ times and let me tell you, it has gotten very very boring. There are quite a few ads, but if you turn your phone to airplane mode, that fixes that. Note to the dev: Most times, when I’m ending a level, I’m usually at 3 or 2 balls left. I think it would be a good idea, at the end of the bonus section, did there to be 1-3 balls you could get freely without having to do any work to get them.

  • By I Only Comment if I'm Serious

    A couple of suggestions

    I really enjoy this game. It’s fun to play and the physics are nice. I like the background, it’s not just basic and you can tell effort was put into it. I would like less ads, but there’s not an unbearable amount. They’re pretty reasonable and I understand you need them. This is a game I might pay to remove the ads. I would like to see an endless option. I like the bonus extra levels that are longer but I want a form of that that continues until you die a certain amount of times. Another comment I have is that it takes a while to restart if you fall of the edge. I wouldn’t be against decreasing the respawn time. A few new obstacles would also be nice. A very nice game overall and a lot of fun. Keep up the good work!

  • By Camanot2017

    Riddled with ads

    There are so many ads incorporated into this one game. First it is an ad every time you complete a level. You get enough coins as is from completing the levels. Second is the gift box. Its a gift box, its supposed to be a gift to you, but instead it is behind ads. Either watch an ad or lose it? Seriously? And forced ads after completing the levels, not needed. The advertisements are just everywhere. Maybe put them on the side instead of forcing me to watch an ad. And the level size, you can complete each in 20 seconds, way to short. And with the ad that happens after completing the level increases the frequency for ads. I could give this a five star but the ads are heavy and just bringing the game down with them. Its a good game. But increase level length and get rid of the ads. Like remove ad locked gift boxes and have an ad after some levels that are longer and then this game will get a five star from me.

  • By sunshinereagan

    Great Way to Find New Games (Please Read if Getting Game)

    I got this game because it seemed fun and different from those other games that always show up n adds and always have the same concept. But after I played one round I got two adds and then I realized this was pretty much the same thing if you’re looking at adds. So if you read the title you might be confused, so what I mean is that in one of my adds it was a game so I decided to get it because it seemed original and different. Also if your wondering it is better. Now I know they have to keep the adds so the game stays free but in a Developer Response it said you can remove them by the settings bar but did not mention that that costs money and I don’t even have to check to know. Anyway if your looking for a game to play get this game because you get a lot of adds so you can find a good game from those adds.

  • By Aika aizawa

    Pretty good game few things though

    So the first time I got the game it seemed pretty easy but then the levels kept getting harder so I don't recommend this game for people who get mad easily. So my first problem was the lag I the game was lagging so hard that I had to reset my phone one time. My second thing was some of the levels were repeating a few times and I was ok with it I just know that some people won't be ok with it. And the last problem that I had was the difficulty you had to swipe to go faster and swipe backward to slow down and maybe instead of swiping you could put a toggle it would help a lot and also maybe keep the camera in the same place like so we can move the camera angle the way we want it those were my concerns for this app I like it though.

  • By badegthe

    Getting better

    I’ve literally just started, and the one thing the frustrates me is that I read a comment for no ads, that was obviously a lie, first thing that happened was an ad, and when I fully earned my first gift... it wouldn’t let me have an ad to redeem it, I tried spamming the ad button... nothing. I gave up on the gift next thing you know AN AD POPS UP, this had me TRIGGERED, I hope the developers can fix this, over all the levels are getting al little harder and fun, which I enjoy, but one thing that I don’t like about the controls, you can swipe up on your ball to go faster, but it slows down after you are done sliding your finger, I was kind of hoping for a continuous push, but it would be more enjoyable if it had this feature, overall great game so far

  • By NickTakashi

    Heavy on ads

    Seems like a really cool game and was excited to play it, particularly because of the reviews saying no ads, but was disappointed when greeted with an ad after every level. (Found out this was due to a recent update) I understand that ads are how you make income and I fully support that, but you already have an incentive to watch them voluntarily in the game to increase your coins. Perhaps I’m an outlier, but I tend to play games that allow me to actually choose when to watch ads much more often, and I find myself actually choosing to watch one for better rewards each time because it feels like it was truly up to me. Again I strongly believe in supporting developers and understand that placing advertisements in games is often the best way to do so, but surely you could at least reduce the frequency of the involuntary ads.

  • By da_unknown

    Worst game I’ve played

    Ok.. so I saw an ad for this on Instagram and I thought it was good also by looking at the reviews and ratings. As soon as I got on (connected to WiFi or cellular) it started to hit me with ads. At first I was fine but after a while the consistency of them is what makes this a one star game.. it starts to pop up in the middle of a game and messes me up. Also when I finish a level, it gives the option to skip the add with an X button but after I press it, I’m the middle of a game it goes to an ad and most of the time the ads crash the game or makes me loose more than 3-4 lives at the most easiest part. I’m keeping this review at one star until you fix the consistency of the ads and how frequent they pop up and where. If this is not fixed I’m the future, I might just delete the game. Thanks for understanding. I hope you have a good day.

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