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Woodturning 3D


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Woodturning 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 2.0.19 which was officially released on 2021-05-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 167150 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Woodturning 3D App

How does it Work?

The best woodturning simulator.

Complete customer orders.

Turn a piece of wood into the given shape.

Cut (carve), polish, paint and add a stencil to your work.

Earn money and improve your lathe room.

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Top Reviews

  • By dhhvdvo6ud

    Awesome! But...

    I’ve been getting TONS, and when I say tons, I mean TONS, of adds for this game! It’s crazy! So I finally decided, “ok, you know what? I’ll try it and see what the huge hype about it is.” Thus, I downloaded it. And ever since, I couldn’t stop playing it. It’s ADDICTING!! It’s so satisfying and so calming to play. It relieved my stress a whole lot, and it’s just so relaxing. But the one issue with it is the coloring/painting part of the game. I think there should be a larger variety of colors so that we can paint things more realistically. And I also think that there should be brush/spray-can sizes. It would make detailing much easier. And a lot of people complain about all the adds in this game. I mean, yeah, a lot of games like this have tons of adds, because how else are they gonna make money off of making the game? (I’ve already said game too many times, sorry) But without paying for no adds, there is one way to get rid of them, or how to get WAY less. Obviously I’m not going to say how I do it, because then the creator of this game will remove the feature, probably. But other than that, I have no issues. This has to be one of my FAVORITE games. Thank you for creating this beauty of a game!🤣🤣

  • By JazzyJane123

    Feel like a craftsman! Love it!

    I’m not sure why I’ve always loved lathes, spinning potters wheels, and even spin art in real life, but I have, and this game gives the same sort of calm satisfaction. I love it for a few minutes of calming play time. I bought the add free not because I wanted to avoid annoying adds (they aren’t bad, just repetitive) but because I wanted to support the designer of this game. Works practically bug free although I’m not sure if I agree with my accuracy score at all times, but as it’s an AI grading me, I don’t really care- it doesn’t keep me from enjoying the game. It’s easy enough to upgrade to get all the possible tools, and once you’ve done that, you can if you paid to be add free, the only time you’ll watch an add is if you wish to fix a mistake without having to repeat the turning- which is always an option. Really fun, and not too addictive- which is the only kind of games I can keep if I hope to still do anything else in life other than gaming.

  • By MsPooh2U

    One Certain Bug

    I really love this game, I have no problems with it whatsoever. But I used to be able to play it but now I am not. For some reason my game keeps crashing. I start carving and 30 seconds later it puts me back in my home menu. I tried closing background apps, and clearing notifications to see if that helped the slowness, but it didn't. I even tried restarting my device, it still didn’t work. So as much as I want to play this game, I can’t. This is one of my favorite games so I am very disappointed that I can’t play it. For other people out there, I don’t know if your game is crashing and even if it is I suggest you keep it because it is a really awesome game. And I am sure the bugs will get fixed soon. For people who haven’t gotten this yet, I suggest you download it. There are barely any ads, and it’s a good way to relive stress. Voodoo, please fix the bugs that are occurring. I can’t wait to start playing again!🤗😆😁

  • By hiIamawsomemom

    My opinion

    This one is fun it is so addictive like you get to carve things and sell them for money. You also add colors and patterns. Then you can sell them for money. Like I said it is so addictive. Once you start playing it it’s like you can’t stop. I like it a lot but there are adds. There is one that can creep little kids out of their minds ( and I mean it ) in my opinion I would recommend that you wait until you are at least 10 till you get this app. This is the part parents should pay attention to: your kids should be at least 10 years old until you should let them get this game because of this scary add my 6 year old daughter saw and told me about it at dinner. My son got pretty scared as she described it. But today she told me the name of the app for it and her brother said he was thinking of downloading it and then she stepped in and said NO and that put an ent to that.

  • By Dexcom_kid


    So I understand that games that are free (Not including the optional fee) need to incorporate ads of games that sponsor them. But this is crazy. Every move you make is an ad. And it’s not even after each carving it’s after each step. I will finish carving my vase or whatever the request was for and then an add will pop up. And it is usually always the same add. I was very excited to play this game and I’m kind of let down. The actual GAME is awesome. It’s super fun and a great idea. I just wish I could actually play it. I will be straight with you and say that I am a kid. So I don’t get a paycheck, I can’t pay to remove ads because nobody is really hiring 10 year olds. My parents aren’t going to pay for a game they won’t even get to enjoy. Basically, this is the AppStore. Except it had only five ads. And they are all crappy games you have definitely seen ads for already. Oh and it has a mini game you can play a bit. It’s best review only has about one sentence that is positive. I’m just disappointed. If you can pay to remove ads then do it. But otherwise this isn’t even a game. Don’t do it. Don’t download this game. You won’t even know of it’s worth paying to remove ads because you can’t even do one “job” without being hit with at least 6 ads. Thanks for reading this. -Dexcom

  • By Earthling10000

    Almost perfect

    Firstly, I am a paid user. I paid to remove the ads almost immediately. I did so out of respect for offering an option like this in lieu of a membership that removes ads. It is a fun game and I am willing to pay the price of a fast food burger to remove the ads. Beyond that, the game needs a few updates: 1) You need to explain in detail the algorithm for accuracy, or fix it. I have made perfect carvings that come out as 87%. This game really does very little, so it should get the one thing it does completely right. 2) The spray painting tool gets stuck in the corners (using iPhone 7 Plus) and will no move at all leaving the painting process incomplete. Ideally, the tool needs to be able to be moved and aimed first, and then sprayed (a two step process). It also needs a scale for the spectrum of the spray. A small brush tool would be awesome too, even if implemented as an extra step, but that is non-critical. 3) The carving tools need left and right hand right triangle tools - without it some objectives are not possible. 4.) There needs to be an option to skip the stencil step. 5.) need to be able to save the items. There are many awesome enhancements I can see to this game; however, these items are more critical to the general value of the current gameplay. Despite all of this, I love it and it was $3 well spent.

  • By Beany1810

    More option

    The only reason this doesn't have five stars is thay you can do only one thing in this game with no objectives whatsoever. Yes, you do get ingame currency for how accurate your carved out piece is, but you can't use it. It's just there piling up. It's a good game for when you're bored or have some free time. I totally get it that you have to pay to remove the ads, but the ads keep popping up too fast, and blocking my view most of the time. A simple solution though is shutting of the internet options on my phone. But that would mean no notifications from my social networks. Anyways, if it had more options. Maybe by unlocking them with all the ingame currency that's piling up. A few would be: choosing from what you would want to chisel away from, like wood, silver or a golden block instead of just random; unlocking more colors and paterns; different difficulty levels; different sizes of chissels; other backgrounds instead of random; an option to just chisel away whatever you like. Like creating something yourself, and you get to spray it and choose which patern to use. I really hope you take these suggestions in consideration. It's a good game that keeps me busy at times, and i know the gamefile might be larger if certain features were added. But it would be worth the space.

  • By HeadmasterSnape

    Fun but has some issues

    I like this game more than I thought I would. However, I don’t like that the game automatically corrects jagged edges and cleans up lines before the sanding phase. It makes the other chisels pointless since you don’t need to be precise because the game will fix it for you. I was carving the screw and intentionally carved a nail instead, leaving off the spiked points, and when the sanding phase started, the points were added to the carving for me. I did the same thing when carving the light bulb. I intentionally neglected to carve the ribbed details where the light bulb screws in, and when I reached the sanding phase, the detail was added for me. I’d prefer it if what we carved was what we sanded, otherwise there’s no point in trying so hard in the carving phase. I’d also like it if we could change the angle of the chisel. Some of the things were expected to carve, have angles that are impossible to reach because we can’t rotate the chisel. I noticed some of the reviews mentioned the limited paint colors and the issue with the spray paint being difficult to use for detail and this is true, but personally it doesn’t bother me.

  • By Rasa2008

    Great game! But...

    This game is amazing. When I first saw it, I was expecting those other games that are impossible to lose (such as pimp my car, water marbling, etc). I ignored it the first time I saw it. After some days, I accidentally clicked it and saw the reviews. It seemed good, so I downloaded it. When I started, I LOVED it. It is really fun and there is a chance to lose. I kept playing. I saw some glitches such as money glitches, and there was nothing special in the background to make it more attractive. Luckily, they updated it. Which I’m really proud of, not many of these types of games get these updates. But then, there’s the updated that ruined it. The update that make you easily get accuracy 100% and perfects easily. It literally CHANGES the way I carved it. For example, if I accidentally cut off a part of the model, when I get to sponging, it comes back and it looks perfect. I really do not like it. I loved this game since it challenges me (I still love it, but not as much as now), but now, they just made it very easy. Honestly, I would 100% recommend this to my friends. It is a great game, thanks.

  • By Gabyismymom

    Fun and addicting, I highly recommend it!

    I started playing this game, and it is hard to stop. I would love a short tutorial, with the option to skip, of course. I love the freestyle, free-play mode of the game, but I think it could be more fun with the customer’s orders being a little more specific (if they want a certain painted or etched pattern, material, such as wood, type of wood, or metal, color, etc). I’d enjoy having more colors to paint with, or more controlled paint flow, but other than that, this game is simple, fun, and addicting!! My son actually showed me how to upgrade the chisels and sponges (click on the shopping cart in the corner), and Ive purchased them them all now, (with in-game currency!! 😁) but I’m not sure about how to use them correctly (this is where a tutorial would come in handy). I REALLY like that there’s no in-game purchases, unless you use the in-game currency, so I don’t worry about my credit card being used. Overall, it’s a good time, and worth downloading!

  • By Cyd210

    Fun, but some glitches

    I installed this game last night. It's fun and challenging, but I have a few concerns, one being that I have to post this because there's not a way to contact the developers in the app. There aren't any instructions for starters, so you go in completely blind. It took me a very long time to figure out what the sponge is for, and instead of improving your carving it can completely ruin it with no way of undoing. How much money you actually get also seems to depend more on how much the customer likes the paint job than on accuracy. I got only about half the bid on one, despite 98% accuracy. It is extremely difficult to figure out where to cut down to when not only is the outline white and very hard to see against some woods (I suggest changing it to black), but only one wood and the gold if I remember cut evenly. Most of the time when I get to the edge of the white line in front, the wood is behind it is either outside or has cut down into the outline, which makes 100% accuracy impossible since there's no way to know if you should leave it or keep cutting. And I realize that unlocking new chisels and sponges is dependent on leveling up, but that is broken too. I have done way more than 7 carvings, only 2 or 3 with less than 90% accuracy because of the glitches mentioned above, and I can't get past 7. I have even force closed the app and it's still stuck. Fix these and I might reinstall.

  • By WolfLady74

    Falsely changing results

    The ads made this look interesting so I downloaded it. The painting is annoying because it allows minimal aim making it nearly impossible to get a good multicolor result. As I was doing this I saw an undo button so I hit that think it would either undo the most recent paint layer or all the paint. Nope, it took me all the way back to the beginning of the carving before the one I was on. That was frustrating in itself. However since I had to do this one twice I saw it change my results both times when I went to the sponge stage. It was a clear change since it took me out to a different colored layer of wood meaning it I did some of my work. Both times a sponge was insufficient to go to the layer I was supposed to be at. Both times I had almost nothing outside the lines and when I got to the sponge stage I suddenly had more than I could remove with a sponge. So I’m wondering if this happened every time and was only obvious because of the color change. Why would I keep playing if you’re going to undo my progress?

  • By Sabre💝

    Not so good

    Ok congrats if you’re reading this, because this will probably be the most REAL review. This game was great for about an hour. So excited to get it, the ad demos seemed fun. I really liked these Voodoo games, because they are a great time-passer. But this one was different. The budget must have been low. The people are hideous, and if you get a single inch off line it goes down to a 98% accuracy, therefore you get less money. I don’t understand the joy of buying another sponge or knife, because they do the same thing. The knifes end up being bigger and bulkier, and less easy to cut with. The sponges just keep getting bigger and worse than usual. Now let’s talk about the glitches. THE GLITCHES. The world needs to fix this topic. So the game is overall pretty smooth, but it sometimes it glitches and freezes the screen. In the worst cases I had to double tap out of the game and therefore reset my place having to redo my piece for less money than I wanted to get. So if I click out in the middle of a session, and I rejoin, I immediately get the same pics to carve for less. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Not my day. NOW THE WORST PART IS THE ADS. Every segment of this game is intitled with ads! Next button is an ad. Time passing games are ment to be care free. I’m not gonna spend 5 minutes watching ads. It’s not as bad as those unskipable TLC/ Food Network ads. But STILL. This is not a game I’d invest my time into.

  • By 694928595732

    Fun and Relaxing

    I do enjoy this app. It’s actually kind of relaxing. Although, I do feel like there are too many ads. Sometimes I’ll play and after so many ads pop up, I just quit. It’s not fun anymore. I also wish that there were more features. All you do is carve what the customer asked for and out a design on it. You get cash to buy things with, but I bought everything available in two days. Now I have nothing to do with my cash. I also wish that you could put multiple colors on things. You technically can, but I wish that you could cover certain parts of the wood while you painted so there were straight lines. I also feel like it’s slightly unfair. At the beginning I would get 100% or 99% accuracy on things. But now I get 70% and 80% accuracy on those exact same designs. So either I’m getting worse or the game is unfairly grading. I understand that it should get harder as you go along, but I think harder stencils would be the solution, not unfairly giving someone a 70% even if they didn’t make an my mistakes. Other than that this is fun and I would recommend it. Edit: It’s been a few days, and now I’m really bored with it. Also, it freezes up.

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