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Go Plane


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Go Plane is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 2.11 which was officially released on 2018-11-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 64039 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Let the missiles approach without touching you and dodge as many as possible to win points!

-Easy to grasp

-Hard to master

-Greatly Addictive

Top Reviews

  • By #myfirstgamereview by AJ

    Awesome But One Minor Problem...

    The sound. There’s none of it. It might just be on my device, (iPhone 6 S) or it could be part of the game. But the exciting, intense feel of the game would be way cooler with explosive sounds when you died or cool rushing-through-the-air sound effects as you were playing. But don’t be disappointed by this. This game looked interesting and right when I got it I was addicted. I highly recommend this game, and the sound problem is only a minor annoyance. (And it may just be on my device)

  • By RoyalMarsh

    Great concept already but needs some work.

    So far it’s really good. I understand that the app is very new, so I wouldn’t expect much out of it yet. I like the concept of different achievements to unlock new planes; however it didn’t take very long to unlock most of the planes. It was extremely easy and I hope in the future an update will be released with planes that pose more of a challenge to unlock. Maybe each plane will come with its own benefits and in game perks. I do like the original game mode with the fever concept. However I do hope in the future that new game modes with new ideas will be implemented, such as an obstacle course mode where one must travel to different waypoints to advance. Though, for a game that just came out in its early stages, it’s a really good start. Just keep building on it because the game seems a little bland right now. So just spice it up a bit!

  • By Blahchickaahola

    Thank me later.

    Put your phone on airplane mode (ironic?). No ads. Also the game is fun for a solid half hour until you realize how much of a waste a time video games really are. But who cares. Right? No one is stopping you so instead of reading this comment why not download the game? You don’t have anything better to do. You’re just continuing to read this review as you’re wasting even more time so at this point you ought to just waste even more time by getting this game. Sold. -Theoczk

  • By Game Master 99

    Could be better

    I like this game a lot, but I think it could be better. I mean, it is a simple game where you fly around and try not to get blown up. Why not take it up a notch? Give the planes some special powers. It is kind of difficult to try to dodge bombs long enough to get a high score. It would be easier and more fun if the planes had their own unique power. Think about it: you would be able to fire back at the missiles, out-fly them, or even just straight out block them. Just make a new update or something where the planes have powers, then more people will play(also, they will play for more time as well).

  • By Angel is my name

    Needs SFX

    It’s a great game. With this game skill is required to play it. I like it because of the game mechanics and the skill that is needed to play it. I also like it because of the variety of planes and skies you can pick and you can choose a fever type. But this game is lacking something, and that something is sound. I wish i could hear the sound of the plane motors or the bombs exploding or trailing me. And if you do decide to add sound effects for the planes and bombs can you vary the sound to the type of plane and bomb. Because i noticed that there is different types of bombs and planes. This would be much appreciated, thank you.

  • By magic00

    Needs more

    Honestly this game is a great time waster. I was pretty annoyed with the ads on the bottom so I decided to spend the extra money to remove them. It’s fun.. for about 10 minutes then you want to play something else. It’s missing so much content that I had to give this game a 3/5 stars for being basic. Sure 12 planes or however many there are is neat but that’s not enough. In fact every plane should have its own power. It should have its own speed and maybe even health. Like this game can be so much better and because it can be so much better it makes the replay value go down which is why I gave it 3/5 stars. Just think of the additions you could make. Add in speed boosts along with the shields. Maybe allow for you to pick up defensive weapons or items to try and go further in score (mines, walls, magnetic repelling discs, smokescreen, flares, etc.) in fact as I am writing this I realized how much better this game can be. Make some more content and I’ll easily leave a higher star review. $3 to rid of ads is a little disappointing when you only play the game for 30 minutes total.

  • By some dude who hates things

    Pretty good, but easy

    This game is hard at first, and learning to play it is part of the fun. but once you’ve fully learned what to do and where to go, the fun levels drop immensely. My high score in that game is 10,945. That’s not hard to earn once you realize fever mode is so easy to obtain. There’s two modes in this game: flying normally (which you will be doing most of the time) or, fever mode flying. Flying normally is just as it sounds, but fever mode is a little more complicated. You have to get a missile to trail your plane for a certain amount of time, and in a certain amount of space. Once you achieve this, your plane becomes invincible and it’s almost like a game of Tron. There’s a trail that appears behind your plane that destroys anything it touches, and it’s quite easy to over use. The games I have usually last for five minutes, and this game isn’t really meant to be played that long for one run. The same gameplay over and over again is what makes this game just a little too boring for me. It’s good to play every once and a while though.

  • By MazelTovCoctail

    Game breaking bug!

    Game is fun, ads can be annoying but are fine. I found a bug that break the game and makes the player unkillable. So, I started a game and as soon as I started I turned on airplane mode (to try and escape the ads). The game played normally until I eventually died around 950 points. The game then presented me with the revive button that usually has me watch an ad, but since airplane mode was on no ad was shown and the plane was revived... but the red “warning circle” didn’t go away, the frame rate dropped really low so it was like slow motion, and no missile would actually detonate when it hit the plane. This effectively makes the player unkillable. I could fly (albeit really slowly) is a straight line and never die. If middle caught up to me they would never detonate and I could potentially just set the phone down and collect infinite points. I’m using an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11.2 on the latest game version.

  • By Subawe

    Overall play

    I issued three stars because of a few different reasons. The game is fun but there are several things that need to be changed for the game to become more enjoyable. First- There is a banner ad that never goes away, and it’s located on the bottom of the screen. On an iPhone 8 the screen is a good size but the banner still blocks gameplay. There are plenty of ad’s after you die, so no need for this additional ad. Second- There are too many freaking advertisements. Some ad’s take 45 seconds to watch! Completely takes the spontaneous play out of it. Third- The actual time spent playing a single game is often less than the time it takes to watch the advertisement. My average game time is about 20 seconds as it’s really not easy to play. Fourth- Game would be better if there was an option to choose a difficulty setting.

  • By Schuylerfg

    Great but update needs work

    I love this game. Unique, entertaining, and just the right amount of challenging. However, the update introduced a lot of new features which need serious work. First off the zoom is all off because now it adjusts to how close you are to objects. This in turn changes the whole feel of the play because your finger movements don’t always do the same thing. Second, the lag is unbearable in most of the game now to the point where I find myself quitting after my first two runs because they always wind up the same. Third, the basic play got a lot more challenging, the missiles come all at once and the screen is more zoomed normally making reaction nearly impossible.

  • By HalerRosy

    Your ad free is a scam

    I really do like the game. Simple controls and fun animations and features. However, the ads make the game almost impossible to play effectively. Almost requiring the user to buy the ad free feature to get anywhere in it. This is not my main complain though. I purchased the ad free feature for 2.99. The ads still come. Imagine my surprise that an ad free purchase, not .99 or 1.99 like apps I’ve had before, does not really mean ad free. No matter what I do, the ads don’t go away. I must shut off all possible connection with the internet to play ad free. I’d either like my money back for paying for nothing, or for the ads to actually stop.

  • By 🅱️rett

    Advertisements are what ruin it

    I believe that this is a great game created by Voodoo. The concept of the game is so simple but so intriguing to play! I’d rate it four stars but this is where the game gets very agitating. Constant ads. I’ve noticed that with Dune, which was created by Voodoo as well. Every other time I finish a challenge or my plane gets destroyed an ad just seems to be thrown at me. I won’t complain that there are ads in other games but this game just throws advertisements any chance they can. In the middle of games banners will appear. After every other round you’ll be forced to watch a video, or play through another app for a minute, or read something through chat fiction apps. So yes- the game is outstanding but ads are an issue. I refuse to spend three dollars to remove simple advertisements.

  • By Inkah Mean

    Was a fun game

    Saw this game on a website. Looked fun. It definitely was and I found myself playing it to pass the time often. Recently, they removed a few bugs and added a few new features to the game. Challenges and options for earning coins has been even more fun and a great addition. The problem now is they’ve added ads and they plague the game. You aren’t able to do anything without first seeing and waiting for the ad. I literally pressed play and had to watch an ad before. You die? You have to watch an ad and most likely will have to watch another before returning back to the game. I understand the need to make profit on the game and wanting to change some things. But to spam ads this aggressively is unnecessary and ruining the joy this game once had.

  • By Nos583

    Too many ads for such a short play through

    The premise of this game is actually very cool but the number of ads makes this such a painful app to play. Learning a new game means I’m going to die. A lot. In this game that’s like less than 10 seconds of playing time. When I die I have to wait 10 sec for the continue timer to end or if I want to continue my run I have to sit through a 30 sec ad. If I let the continue timer run out I can start a new game but after I die again I’m forced to sit through a 30 second commercial. In total I’ve played 20 seconds of this game and sat through 50 seconds of ads/dead time. This is a time sink in the worst possible way. The game could be so much better if they just flipped that ratio around. I’d be happy to watch and sit through ads if I could actually play the game but instead I watched more ads than I played. If I could’ve played more I would’ve considered spending money to remove the ads but given my lack of exposure to the game I couldn’t pull the trigger at $2.99. At 1.99 maybe, at .99 sure but no way was I spending money on a game where I couldn’t even play enough to be interested.

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