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Blob Runner 3D


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Blob Runner 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zynga Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zynga Inc., with the latest current version being 2.8.3 which was officially released on 2021-07-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 110055 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Blob Runner 3D App

How does it Work?

Are you ready for a super fun run race? Blob will be your favorite runner of all times!

Your goal is easy - Watch out for the obstacles, push them off and collect all jellies to become a GIANT blob!

If you can’t escape from the deadly obstacles and lose a limb, or a few, don’t worry! Our friendly jelly can continue the running for you, no rush, just clash all jelly particles and sculpt your Blob from stracth!

Remember, the price pool at the end will be determined by your ability to get your Blob bigger. Get bigger, stronger and super jelly to collect special rewards! We may also have some surprises as you slide on the roof :)

Wait! Did we mention you can also make over your Blob with super cool hats and plenty of color matching skins?! Join this epic race and show your unique style by customizing your Blob Runner :)

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Top Reviews

  • By Salma the Reviwer

    Great game love it super fun

    I love this game so much but let me say the pros and cons first pros first you can play this game offline even without WiFi next you can unlock skins and hats and save your gem/money I forgot what it is called there is lots of levels it is super fun it’s like you are doing a obstacle course now the cons it is so annoying when I play offline and I unlock skins but I have to watch a ad and when I am offline I don’t get to unlock those skins or the hats next a lot of time I unlock skins and hats I have to watch ads and it is so annoying overall it is a fun game I recommend

  • By bella rosey 8

    Love it, and not that many adds!

    I think that this would be a great app if you like adds! When you finish a level, you can choose if you want to watch an ad to get 3x what you hit or 1, or get 3, 4, 5, or 10 times the gems you got without the ad. I am having a blast with this game, and it is probably unlimited levels! The people that made this game deserve a lot of thank you’s. Those of you who want a game that is unlimited, this is the game for you. You can skip the level with an ad if you die, or do that level over again. Thank you creators!

  • By TeamWerid

    I Recommend Very Much!!

    I Started Playing this Game a Few Months ago And it Went Well! I was Playing it Nonstop, Til l already Beat the Game l had all the Colors to The Blob, Hats, and l Still have a Lots of Gems Left Over. But it Didn’t Let me Stop Playing The Game! But all l Ask if you can Make More Colors to The Blobs and Hats, If you Can’t It still Would Be For me A 5 Star ⭐️ Rating l Adore This Game Very Much And l Still Play It To This Day! I would Also Like to Say l would recommend This Game! PS Your Doing Great 👍 I Love All of Your Work And Very Impressed By Your Game!

  • By kjamessal

    5 ideas to make the game better

    1 🥩 meat grinder🕹 this is how it would fit in the game, there’s a duck and jump option, whatever one it is ground or sky, its a duck or jump option, if you time it right you wont lose some of your jelly. 2nd 🏎 racing mini game🚥 this is how it would fit in the game, you race five other players there is bot and player mode, you race to get gems and hats that haven’t been added to the game, you can crash your car but if do you will lose the game and have to have a five minute break. 3rd 🐈 pets 🐩 there is different types of pets in the game these are the starter pets .jelly dog, space cat , alien bird , these pets are use to gather gems that the end and keep you alive when your at the end. 4th 🐜 small power up🦋 you turn small with this power up there is different types of bugs you can ride them but if you ride them for too long they will get mad, you will have to jump from bug to bug with this power up sadly this only last for 15 seconds. 5th 🎃 holiday game pass skins 🐣 when its the holidays or close there is a game pass that can give you holiday skins for Christmas the most common one is the gingerbread man. how this works is there is a chest that you can open with a key, you get five keys exactly, when you open it you get skins and hats for the theme of the holiday. Dev if your reading this, please add one of these to your game

  • By #SlothLover🦥

    Obsessed !!!🤩

    This game is so much fun to play I can’t stop playing it! I play this every day and now I am on level 617 and I got this game like 3 months ago. I love the skins and hats, they are so cute! One thing that makes me take away a star is that at some point the game starts to glitch, for example I would move my blob to the left but it will glitch to the right and it doesn’t let me move for a second then it lets me move again. And that happened about 10 times or so to me in the last couple of weeks and it gets a little annoying but it will only happen when you are deep into game like I am. But it didn’t happen when I first started. A recommendation is that I want more hats and skins to earn, 1.because I already have all off them (and it is getting kinda boring) and 2. It will be nice to have a couple new skins and hats to earn daily. But overall great game! Highly recommend! 🙂

  • By Love Hertel

    its a good game...

    sooooo i was playing and i dont know what the deal with the ads tho, like i was playing and there was and ad AFTER EVERY SINGLE GAME, but thats nit as bad as whats coming up, so when you are trying to multiply your gems with and ad after being flung, you dont get and ad, then when you try and buy 3 more keys, it wont show an ad, same with all other transactions that you have to do with watching an ad, and also to all the other people who are complaining about the ads, you might as well turn your wifi off on the device that you are using because the ads dont do ANYTHING!

  • By stellie g

    I like it

    I really like the game but I think it’s annoying that once you have gotten all the skins with ads it makes you watch ads if your not even getting something it just says claim and then you have to tap it or the game won’t continue. This game is like many other games like hair challenge and bounce big and even that high heels game but I think this one out of all of those other games is easier and I like that you’re a jelly guy! I don’t think this game really needs improvements because it is already great but just keep in mind about the ad thing please!

  • By lucyismypuppysname:)


    This app is a 3/5, I only have a few reasons why. Firstly sometimes when I become huge I get all the gems in the sky, yes halfway through I lagged and froze a little bit, no big deal. But then once I meet up with the 10x board. I get closer to it but instead it glitches and makes me go through the 10x and I end up being in the sky until my blob pops. I just get 30 gems. That’s unfair because I was about to hit the 10x but went through it and instead of getting 500 gems I get 35. Yes I am grateful that you gave me any gems at all, but you gave me the wrong amount. This happened multiple times but I just brushed it off, please fix this. Second problem: The prices. If you want people to play your game then make the prices for hats at least 1M because you’ll be playing for minutes and not even notice you already have 10k gems. I pretty much have everything in the clothing shop except for some skins and hats that you had to get with three ads. Honestly I think this game is too easy, Thank you for your time.

  • By Cat Fath

    Okay...not the best but better than nothing

    I was playing on my iPad normally, but then I wanted to find a different game to play and it looked fun, so I downloaded it. It’s ok, but when I started playing, I was surprised with what I saw. First off, REMOVE THE ADDS! OR AT LEAST MAKE IT SO THAT THEY’RE NOT POPPING UP EVERY TEN SECONDS! Like that’s really annoying. Second of all, I’m not quite blaming the game because it might be my ten-year-old iPad, but it keeps on turning itself off and going back to the home screen. And also, when I get to the end sometimes, like the end of the level and I’m a small blob, instead of letting me fly to the x10, x3, x5, I am a small blob running in place when I’m not standing on anything and its like there’s an invisible barrier blocking me. And it’s like there’s sometimes more add time than game time! Well, I think that this is getting really long so I just wanted to say that I recommend trying it. Ok now I’m going to get back to playing blob runner 3D. Bye!

  • By boom 💥⚡️💥


    This game is sorta fun and all I am giving it is 2 stars, I think they could add a few adjustments to this game so that there is not so many commercials, like if you want to unlock a new skin, then you always have to watch a video! It’s so annoying and if you want to unlock a new hat then guess what! You also have to watch a video to unlock it!!!!, I would NOT recommend this game... but there is another game that I would recommend which is called hay day, and you get to like take care of a farm and it’s so fun, and you can unlock so many animals like pigs, cows, chickens, goats, sheep, horses, bunnies, dogs, cats, squirrels, and more!! And you can also unlock things without having to watch videos!! And there is NO videos in this game at all unless you watch one to get a reward that is like duck tape or diamonds or something and by the way the duck tape is one of the things you use to upgrade your barn and all that, anyways I would TOTALLY recommend this game!!!! It’s so addicting and it’s wayyyyyyy better than this game!!! Plz get hay day!!

  • By Ugly Carrot

    Good Concept But Very Underdeveloped

    I played this game for about 20 minutes so I thought I had enough experience to write a review. This game has a very promising concept, it’s a typical “run and reach the end” game with obstacles. It was fun for about ten minutes but after that it does get a bit boring. I feel like this game does not have enough to it to keep people engaged, for example, you collect gems as you run but there is no place to spend them or do anything with them (hopefully a future update). Another thing is the end “board”, where your character is launched at a target to determine what multiplier of gems you will get. In my time playing, I have never been able to get over a 3x multiplier because they throw nearly impossible obstacles near the end which makes you lose most of your progress. Honestly, I have high hopes for this game but I currently do not think it is worth my time or storage.

  • By BoozerSlug

    The End

    I think I am done with mobile gaming, and this game is the one that broke me. I literally set a timer and I spent 10 seconds on a level that was followed by a 30 second ad. This is not the only game that have had this issue with but I think it’s the same company. When I’m playing a game I would like to have more game time than ad time. On the game itself, it’s a mediocre ripoff of Temple Run with a semi-interesting premise that is cut short (pun intended because your blob guy gets appendices cut off) by 10 second levels with no challenge whatsoever and the controls of the guy are spotty at best. All of these games have a currency (which if you would like to triple or quadruple, guess what?! You can watch another ad!) that is meaningless. I guess the currency and the pointless chest are there to give you a reason to keep going and grinding but they add no value to the experience, and are just another way to sell ad space (which are more games that do they same thing). So, in conclusion, until the quality of mobile games improve there is no point in playing them, don’t waste your time and please don’t spend any money on these cheap, pointless cash grabs.

  • By ChaseBoi2459


    Hello, I was searching for fun games to play when I came across this game and decided to give it a try. As I began play I realized that this game isn’t about getting diamonds because it makes it almost impossible. No matter what, whenever you get more blob, it is just instantly taken away by an unavoidable trap. This is the BIGGEST problem in the game. The boxy thing is the fact that EVERY THING and I mean EVERYTHING that you work hard for takes an ad to get. Say I have been playing for a while and I finally unlock a skin, I need to watch and ad for it, what if I risk the whole game for a hat, I have to watch an ad to get it. This is unacceptable mostly because if you fail and retry you watch an ad. If you finish a level, you watch an ad. And finally, the fact that I work SO hard to collect diamonds and THEY. ARE. USELESS. I have SO many diamonds and can’t use them because “To get this item you must unlock through gameplay”. And then, when I DO unlock it via gameplay I HAVE TO WATCH AN AD. Don’t waste your time with this worthless game. Game devs, if you wish for players to actually enjoy your game... THRN MAKE IT GOOD.

  • By Epic gamer 74

    This game is everything wrong with mobile playing.

    The ads are just too much. The gameplay is too simple and repetitive. This is why no one takes mobile “gaming” seriously. This is the standard of something that could have been great. Games with heart and stories. Interesting new takes on old games. But the possibility of the mobile “gaming” industry coming back from the trash heap of today is slim to none. The reason I called it playing in the title is because if you play these and call yourself a gamer, you are lying to yourself because this is a hollow shell of a game. This has nothing put into it and I suggest you play more games like Sky Trail on mobile, because at least the devs there tried and didn’t just copy a stale genre like these imbeciles and those like these people. Overmonetized, cash grabbing, stale and repetitive games should never be accepted and rewarded with our time. I may never come back to the App Store looking for a game ever again, because my expectations are so low now that I will just keep being dissatisfied.

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