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Boggle With Friends: Word Game


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Boggle With Friends: Word Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zynga Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zynga Inc., with the latest current version being 17.36 which was officially released on 2021-06-04. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 34473 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Boggle With Friends: Word Game App

How does it Work?

** Welcome Word Streak players! Word Streak is now Boggle With Friends!**

Bring the fun of family game night with you on the go with the Boggle With Friends game. This new take on the classic board game from Hasbro is loaded with fun new modes, daily challenges, and puzzling twists! Challenge your friends, family, or new opponents to spell out the most words before the clock runs out in two minutes!

Want to boost your word search game? Train on your own in solo play against the Coach to test your word skills in a three-round match of wits. Got a competitive streak? Compete in live head-to-head tournaments and lightning fast single round tournaments to show off your puzzle solving skills and earn rewards along the way.

Join the fun and download Boggle With Friends today!


It all starts here! Challenge an opponent to three rounds of fun to see who can find the most words, score the most points and emerge victorious.


Brand new challenges are updated daily, as well as weekly. Play to win sweet rewards!


Test and improve your word smarts in solo mode! Challenge yourself against the Coach in three rounds which get harder as you move up.


Go head-to-head with friends, family and new opponents in live tournaments and advance through lightning rounds with lots of bonus tiles!


Win a daily bonus with prizes and power-ups! Play each day to get better rewards.


Play anytime, anywhere, even offline 24/7.


Choose your language and start a game in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, and English.

Download Boggle With Friends for a word search experience you can’t put down!

Additional Information

The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

BOGGLE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

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Top Reviews

  • By NKarigaca

    Very enjoyable game!

    1st review below. 2: One problem: when I finish a third rounds and want a rematch, the game keeps showing up with "done" rather than "play". I have to go back to a completed game on the top line to play. It's annoying. Otherwise, I still love the game. The game has really become a significant part of my life, one of the ways I unwind, keep my brain active, engage with words, which I love, and interact daily with some family members. This version has continued improvements other versions have made. A few minor problems remain, but nothing frustrating except for the fact that the words in the "chat" are almost too small to read if one uses an iPad mini, as I do. (COULD THE FONT BE MADE LARGER, PLEASE?) Other minor problems: 1. Sometimes when I tap on a game someone sent me, I get a white screen (maybe for chatting) instead of the game itself. When this happens, I try a few more times, and I always get the game eventually. 2. Occasionally, when I finish with a game and try to start another, the lower right box keep saying "done" instead of "play". 3. Sometimes when scores are over 100, the score is just given as 1.. instead of the full number. 4. Before I got to my number 2 point, the words I was typing went underneath the keyboard, so I can't see what I'm typing unless I stop and pull up the screen, which won't stay up unless my finger is holding it up. This has always happened when I've tried to comment.

  • By yoochews

    Make it tolerable

    The negatives that are detailed in thousands of reviews are largely true. That aside, some things can be done to minimize the distractions and irritations. Obviously, playing with your device muted is a must. Regarding the long wait times while ads run, I’ve come to just close the game immediately after playing a round, then open it right up again and the ads are gone. The only exceptions are “Daily Matches.” If you want your 3 coins, you’ll have to endure the interruptions. Lastly, I play with the one free power up and I only want to play against others who do the same. So, if it’s clear that someone plays a different game, block them. It’s a quick fix, and you don’t have to take a loss. (Not that I mind losing, so long as it’s due to a difference in ability). The exception to “not taking the loss” is when your opponent is playing nicely, then zaps you with 145 words in the last round. Not much you can do about that except be glad you’re not so much of a superficial person that you would do the same thing to make your record in a game look more impressive. Well, of course don’t let it happen twice - employ the block.

  • By Jnazzal

    Please fix freezing problem/extremely slow game

    Until about a month ago this was one of my favorite games, fast, challenging, and really fun and I consider myself to be a great player. Then, all of a sudden, for no reason that I can determine, the letters started to freeze and made the game so slow that it is now impossible to play it anymore. Every once in a while I go back in to see if the problem has been fixed, but unfortunately it has not yet. I would have deleted the app and started afresh but I’m afraid 😦 I would lose all the points that I have accumulated so far, and I don’t want to do that. Every time there’s an “update” I go back in to see if this problem has been fixed but until today it has not. Other timed games I play, like “solitaire” for example, don’t have this “freezing” problem, only “Boggle”, so it is the app itself which needs fixing. It would be really great if you could fix this as soon as possible so I can continue to play this game that I love, and then I would definitely give it ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you for your help in fixing this defect.

  • By Gabi98769876

    Long-time fan with a couple of complaints

    I’ve seen Boggle morph over the years through several versions. It’s one of my favorite online pastimes. I’m enjoying the current format, with a couple of exceptions. In the group tournament program, there is often a waiting period before the game begins once the player slots are filled - a glitch which did not occur in the previous versions. The second issue, which has persisted throughout all the formats, is in the letter touch function. I have to make a conscious effort to touch the letters very lightly when I’m spelling out my words. Even then, I often have to repeat the spell-touching when the letters don’t register which costs me time. And I don’t have this issue when I’m texting. It’s rather frustrating during the heat of competition. Not that I’m losing sleep over it - but an improvement in this department would make for a smoother, fairer game. Otherwise, it meets the mark. Thanks for the free and easy access to tickets and coins. If I had to pay, I wouldn’t play!

  • By BillHorvath

    Fun with Flaws

    The game itself plays well; most of the problems are in the infrastructure that surrounds it. The delay waiting to see scores is annoying: rather than just showing your score and your opponent’s, you have to wait while the score display spins through every number between 0 and your respective scores. Every time that happens is five seconds of your life you’ll never get back. What’s infinitely worse is the messaging/chat system. It’s broken down by game (rather than by opponent), so if you have more than one game going against one opponent, you can have multiple conversations going as well, meaning you have to flip back and forth between games and check chat in each one to remember what you’ve said. Even better, no chat history is preserved across games; each game is a fresh slate. That’s great if you want to conceal evidence, but not so helpful if you’re trying to remember what you said to someone last week. WWF’s messaging solution is far superior.

  • By Silvrwood

    Recent downgrades

    When I first started playing this game over a year ago I would have given it 4 stars: perfect except for a bug that prevented daily rewards from being enabled some days and then cleared the bonus for not picking up the daily reward, the daily challenge sending me right back into the daily challenge upon finishing, and rarely the game eating my bonuses by crashing upon starting a round but not refunding the used bonuses. While the game has proven more stable in the last 2 or 3 revisions, developers also added a feature which drops my rating to 3 stars. The game now has extremely distracting sound effects and pop-up visuals in the corner of the screen. Visual data design dictates that motion draws the eye, and the eye should not be drawn away from the board in a game that is time-limited and requires focus. Nor should the sound disrupt one's concentration. The developers should instead add a subtle color change to the whole board to notify players that the game is ending soon, thereby accommodating players who have different hearing abilities without distracting players. The great aspects of this game are that between daily challenges, challenging other players, and tournaments, I can play as much or as little as I want, alone or with others. Aside from the aforementioned, the game is appealingly designed.

  • By tomdert

    Decent game

    I have been playing for several years and find that the game has much to keep it I interesting including the tournaments and daily challenge and new bonuses. However it is riddled with bugs which is very frustrating. The daily challenges do not keep track of rankings despite continued promises. The bonuses are not working and the tournaments sometimes fault out for no good reason. Fix the bugs and it would be an awesome game. Don’t fix them and I will likely give up on the game. The new tournament format is terrible. Too few options and actually fewer rewards despite promises of increased rewards. Also daily challenge still does not track rankings. There has been improvement on faulting out on tournaments but still occurs. Update: Continue to be very disappointed with the tournament play options. Also again the daily challenge does not keep track of rankings the way the older version still does. Getting less and less to keep the interest. The bonus board is pretty much a waste with providing more coins than are really needed rather than give tickets and power plays which are much more useful. Seems developers are more interested in making money than keeping the game interesting.

  • By maryjf45

    Pretty good

    I have played this game for many years, it’s one of only 2 or 3 that I’ve kept and played daily. But it can be annoying and frustrating at times, and this review is the only place to complain. The gameplay is great (except for the annoying sounds, but I turn the volume off) in the regular game. The tournaments have always been an exercise in patience. It is hard to get people together in real time, with varying internet connections, but I’d rather play the computer than wait endlessly for other people to join. And less people are joining because of the waiting. It’s so close to being great that it’s sad. And of course it does freeze in the tournaments. I wish the developers would revisit this. Maybe even make a new tournament with only the regular power ups. Another complaint, and the one that brings me here today, is the daily rewards are weirdly stingy. Now, you don’t want to give out too much, but 1 coin? Or tickets? And the past 4 times, they have not given me the Mega Bonus. That’s about once a month. If you’re not going to give it, don’t promise it! That’s just insulting.

  • By Ravrach

    Sounds in Game and Ads Won’t Turn Off

    First, it would be great if the app had a settings tab which would enable contact with Zynga. Sadly, their app help doesn’t offer that either. I enjoy this app for the most part. The recent addition of sounds in the power up emoji is awful. I don’t even want these emoji, but I have no choice. They pop in regardless. I now have to turn my sound off on my phone to play, because there is no option to turn these sounds off. Worse is the sound on the ads, to say nothing of the increase in ads and their expanding length. Even with my phone ringer off, the ad sound comes in at full blast. Scary at best, and at worst, it wakes up my partner. Now I have to turn the sound all the way down - even though the ringer is off - and it seems that doing this for one ad isn’t enough. I have to do it on more than one ad for the absence of sound to take. Wake up, Zynga. Not everyone wants to be bombarded with noise when they play. Make an option for no sound, please. Thanks. My rating would be higher save these issues.

  • By cleomatic

    It kills time, unless you want to play more than 30 mins or so at once

    Unlike meatworld Boggle, after a year of play, I've concluded that there's just not that much of a variety of words you ever get the opportunity to play in this app. It punishes you for playing "too much" and forces you to buy tickets or coins to keep on playing--or wait it out. I get that they make money off in-app purchases, but you also have to sit through a constant bombardment of ads and there's no option to pay to avoid the ads--some of which force you to click through to the app's download page to get back to playing Boggle. It also watches your web searches and serves up ads by mining your history, often forcing you to click to a web page you've already seen/gotten the info you need. Worst of all, there seems to be no shortage of creepy guys who try and use it as a nerdy dating method, "you're good with making words with your fingers, what else do those fingers do?" I hate it when random strangers get to chat with random strangers they're playing against because this seems to always be where it goes, but at least you can block players. If I didn't have friends who seem to enjoy this app so much, I would love to never see the app version again. And I adore Boggle in the meatworld, so...

  • By kathyp94

    Getting worse

    I used to enjoy this game when it was word streak. I feel that it has gone down hill now that it has turned to Boggle. The ads are incredibly long in the new game, and for some reason, In the new game, the algorithm doesn’t match up players that have similar scores. I have no illusion. I know I’m great at this game, but I enjoy it, and know that word games are good for the brain. But without fail, the game matches me with player that have double and triple and sometimes quadruple my average score. To Their scores are partly because they’re better (I get that) but also because they are clearly using lots of power ups. Many of these scores are completely unrealistic...even for amazing players. I wish they would match up people that want to use a similar amount of “cheats” or none at all. Now onto the power ups. In Word Streak, I also feel like they are charging a lot more (imaginary coins, which build up VERY slowly, or you can buy with REAL money) to play, and use a single power up (which used to be free). They are clearly pushing players to the point that they NEED to actually purchase coins to play this game with any measure of success. Disappointed that they took a good game and ruining it.

  • By Worse has come to worst

    Sooo buggy

    I have been a paid (no ads), near daily player of this game for 10 years now; through numerous name changes and addition of features. I know the additions are meant to keep it exciting with new challenges to keep people playing for ad revenue but holy cow, is it possible to beta test anything? The game is riddled with bugs. I haven’t gone a day without the daily challenge totally freezing at “waiting for x more players.” You’re supposed to be able to play the daily challenge game after game and wrack up tickets and yet for nearly a week now, I get to play 1 game before it gets stuck missing enough players to close out the round. It’s infuriating. I get that I’m not a money maker player: I already bought the ad-free version, I am (not to brag) very good and never have to buy super boosts (I have almost 300 of each banked because I never use them) so my feedback is easily disregarded, but come on...all the extra features and bugs have made the game nearly unplayable and most of us are just here to relax our brain by swiping our finger around. I guess I need to move on to bejeweled or some other mindless nonsense.

  • By TickleMeCthulhu

    Pay to win piece of crap

    I love the core game of Boggle, but I cannot stand the implementation of pay to win. You can never tell what power ups your online opponent is using, so you’re strongly encouraged to use your own. Oh, they give you one for free, but the rest require tokens which, to be fair, you *can* earn without spending a dime, but by now, I’m sure you know how this works. If you play a lot, you’ll run out of those tokens fast, so if you want to keep playing - and you want to keep up with your competition with power ups- you’ll need to throw some cash in to buy more tokens. It’s terrible. How can one hope to beat an otherwise evenly matched player who has a full extra minute of time in their game? I wish there was a league or something where you could play without any power ups. Yeah, your scores won’t top the power-upped leaderboards, but at least you’d know that you were playing on an even field. I don’t know- maybe there should be a way to see what power ups your opponent was using. By doing this, the developer could allow the player to know they’re playing a fair match, and still be just as greedy by strongly encouraging us to use/buy those stupid power ups.

  • By Sogtgvhjvhdsv

    Fun but lots of bugs that gets annoying

    I just upgraded to this version from Word Streak. I love playing the tournaments but ever since I started using this version for tournaments it always freezes my entry where it kept showing me it was still preparing but other players were already playing and I would still be on the entry screen. This happened multiple times until I would just end up quitting and lose my entry tickets. And sometimes it would just stay on the screen forever. Another quirk is after the game ends I used to be able to swipe back to the previous rounds to see what everyone scored but in this version it automatically jumps to the leaderboard (which I don’t care for) and goes back to main menu. Gets annoying. Other than that I do like the new games and challenges it has over Word Streak. But now when I play tournaments I go back to the old version. Update: ok so I’ve just completed a tournament and found that it did not update my power-ups. Do you know how many tournament games I had to play to finally reach completion to earn power-ups? Wasted my time, very aggravating. Would give negative 10 stars if I could. Good bye app!

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