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Car Restoration 3D


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Car Restoration 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zynga Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zynga Inc., with the latest current version being 3.6 which was officially released on 2021-03-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 36317 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Car Restoration 3D App

How does it Work?

Breathe new life into old cars!

Cars aren't built to last forever, and restoration can make them look and run like new. Buy a rusty wreck, transform it into a nice vehicle and sell it for a better price! You will be working on collectibles sooner than you think. Clean the body of the car, change tires, do plenty of bodywork and have fun using tools like grinders, paint guns and torque wrenches!


• Smooth gameplay

• Amazing graphics

• Realistic physics

• Plenty of cars!

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Top Reviews

  • By houseofwillies

    Constantly getting kicked out of the game! With nice note for the devs!

    I kind of got clickbaited into this because the drive feature is coming soon. Also it was SUPER fun until I got to the purple car. This level makes me so frustrated because whenever I get to the washing part the game freezes and kick me out of the game. It also kick me out of the game frequently. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!! I have also seen a lot of complaints about the game not being realistic and then they hate on the devs because of it. To that I have only one thing to say. It’s a game, it was made to entertain you when your bored, not to make you mad! If you are getting frustrated about the game not being good enough for you just delete it, don’t hate on the devs for it!

  • By PIGGY_LOVER_728


    I love this game because it is very fun to play even though uts pixelated graphics but its got this charm in it that makes it fun to play,I think it will be funner for it to have more cars to restore because it makes you wonder what cars will be next because i did it and im doing a loop,Also im static for the drive the cars update It will be cool if they added more cars that you can customize and drive (when the update comes).Over all I recommend playing this but be aware that there is a loop of the cars you customize and i think it never ends.

  • By Poopi3boy

    stupid game

    got to a billion in sales, and was 3 cars away before it said the next cars were all locked and i was stuck, other than that, the game also lacked in just common sense. i don’t work on cars but i know the people that made this game most likely have never seen a car (there’s a part where u spray paint a window) or let alone worked on one. The games only focus is to make you watch two ads everytime you finish a car, and there isn’t any customization, it’s a frustrating experience. do not download. DO NOT DOWNLOAD YOU WILL REGRET IT.

  • By bestganesaregoodgames

    Good but not perfect

    I’ve been playing the game for a while now and that last dude bro like who cares if you can wash the inside it’s a FREE mobile game I’m addictive to the game prob the best car game I’ve played in a while on mobile I just want the drive feature in the new update because that’s why I got the game but I still love this game and prob my favorite on mobile that I’ve seen so all this your breaking fisicts thing needs to stop that’s really my review and pls get back to me on the driving thing 🙂

  • By papa chungis

    I have not had a problem with this game

    I’m not a game developer or anything and I know that I’m making to sound like I am but I really love this game. I like the way the vibration is not to aggressive and doesn’t make a lot of sound so it’s perfect for me. Because I don’t like sounds and if I have a baby in my hand she don’t cry like she usually dose. And this game is really calming at night

  • By gameing car

    Best game ever

    This game is one of the funest games ever and you should definitely get this game . One thing that is bad is that there are few cars that you can own and some cars that I restored I really liked but I could not have them. Also when will we be able to drive the cars in the add there was a car driving around?

  • By なかなか近い

    Not a masterpiece, but playable

    After playing on and off for a few days when I’m bored I can say with confidence this is a okay game. The game itself has little to offer in the way of gameplay, however it was advertised as such and I wasn’t expecting to load up a free version of Mechanic Simulator 2018. I enjoy my time playing the game, the graphics aren’t great by any measure, but they have a certain charm that makes them enjoyable to look at. I saw some reviews stating that the game does not accurately reflect a real car restoration; however, it’s a free mobile game so what do you expect? While some improvements are definitely needed in my opinion such as the addition of primer before painting and maybe changing the laser to a welder, until that day comes, I’ll enjoy playing this simple but entertaining little app.

  • By sickgamerreviewer69

    Really bugged

    First off, as soon as I finished the first level the game crashed. It then sent me to a car dealership to buy another car. As soon as I try to buy the car the game crashes, so I tried to go to the garage to do the first car again but nope, it crashes again. This really makes the game unplayable and frustrating so please try to fix it as soon as possible. On the plus side, on the level I did play the game did seem fun. It was basic, easy, and at least a little realistic (it’s a free mobile game I don’t expect much) the graphics are not the best but still pleasing to look at.

  • By metallimacrules

    Glitch found? Or maybe it’s just my device.

    Quick three star review... This game has potential with some improvements on the quality of the graphics. I feel like I am playing a game where everything looks like the abstract thought scene in the Disney film Inside Out. Aside from that. There is one glitch going on with the games audio. It keeps cutting out between game screen transitions. Admittedly this could also be my device acting up. But it’s still fairly new and I didn’t have any problems with the games audio as of last week. Love that you can collect some of the cars and modify them for cool factor. But most likely I imagine there’ll be improvements to mod choices their to.

  • By Shane Kisselstein


    This is a terrible game and I played it for 2 minutes and a minute and a half of it was straight ads. If I wanted a game to repair cars for fix them I would get Car Mechanic Sim. This is the worst car restoration game I’ve ever played and would not recommend this to anyone. The car prices are wierd and this is just a big waste of time, the car washing and cleaning physics are disgusting I was washing a car and it was spinning to fast to try to but the soap on and I couldn’t even get the soap off the car. Also you would be better off getting x3 for ever car cause no matter what your going to get a ad. Please fix your whole game and have a huge update for your next update, it will be sad if you don’t because this game has some potential.

  • By CamDaGoat_24

    No Drive Option And Too Many Ads!!!

    I got the game thinking that you could drive the cars and also fix them but when I actually started playing I got a little bored so I went to check out the other features and I found out that you can’t drive. So I asked myself why would it say you could drive before you get it. So why didn’t it just say below the pictures and videos Driving Option Coming Soon. But it is what it is so I just kept playing and still am, so all Im asking is if the game could actually have a drive option. And also there are soooo many ads like it should be named The Ad Game.

  • By DRGFinancial


    Was fun for a little bit. I fixed up all the cars and purchased all the upgradable tools, then there was nothing else to do. Said “coming soon” on everything. I would check in every few days and nothing. About 4-6 weeks after I finished all the cars and purchased all the tools, the developers finally had an update and added more stuff, yippee. Problem was, the update wiped out almost all my cash and removed all my upgraded tools. The developers leave a lot to be desired with the “fixes” they are doing.

  • By prodrifter92368

    What is this the beta version?

    Hi I would like to report some issues. Did you break physics because you can’t paint a window unless it is fake. And When the window is clear I can still wash the interior even though there is window there. Oh and did I mention what is the point of respraying the hood or trunk when it is just dirt on the car I can just wash that off. I learned from a true mechanic that none of this makes sense. Did you run out of ideas because I keep seeing the same car that I already worked on over and over again. Please fix these in one of your updates. Also please add a police car ambulance or fire truck. And also add something where you drive a tow truck and choose what car you want to tow to your shop and restore. Also can you add something to do with the cars in the garage because they were cool at first but now I realized they are pointless.

  • By t0342

    Needs a lot of improvement

    Made over 20 million before I got bored with this game. Bought every car and tool I could. The way this game operates is ridiculous. You don’t use hammers to take of doors. You don’t hose down the interior to clean it. You don’t weld on bumpers and then use a putty knife to remove the slag. Not every single car has only four lug nuts. You don’t hammer a piston back into the engine like you’re framing a house! Who created this game?! Please tell me they have no experience working on vehicles? Seriously if you’re an actual car person, don’t download this game! I gave it a shot, even for free it was terrible!

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