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Gun Gang


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Gun Gang is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zynga Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zynga Inc., with the latest current version being 1.76 which was officially released on 2021-07-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 56213 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Gun Gang App

How does it Work?

Get ready for this epic gang runner race! Remember - TOGETHER WE STAND!

Start running by yourself, shoot 3D obstactles and collect other shooters on your way, grow your crowd and get a massive shooting gang! No rush! Move forward and lead your Gun Gang through the obstacle course. Plan your strategy on the run and clash as many as possible!

Gun Gang 3D is the best survival game; gun shooting, running, fighting all excitement in one game. Show your friends how far you've gone in this epic survival game! Dodge wrecking balls, trash containers, sand piles, and all kinds of obstacles, and be sure to cross the finish line with a huuuuge gang!


Get your shooters in line, they use their snipers to help you reach the end gate. Now it’s time to pull the trigger! For the survival of your people, shoot down the robbers in the ultimate battle, and don't let them escape with the helicopter!


◉ CLASH friends as then join you

◉ SHOOT obstacles in the crowd

◉ CRUSH gold bars

◉ LOAD your guns

◉ FIGHT against robbers

◉ SHOOT 'em all!


◉ Free and easy to play

◉ Gang warfare free city game

◉ Incredible amount of unique levels

◉ Dangerous obstacles and full of roadblocks

◉ Aesthetically pleasing 3D games graphics

◉ Smooth as butter game controls

◉ Sniper 3D experience, Joyful bullet hell and explosions and gun shotting

◉ Lots of rewards and gifts

Do you have crazy sniper 3D tactics and the courage to make your gang win all the races and battles?!

Download Gun Gang now and show them how you rule the city!

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Top Reviews

  • By Pkerr100

    Finally they got it right!

    I’m in about my 5th download and it looks like the creators have finally got it right. It used to be that you couldn’t get past level 50 or so because you didn’t have enough power or the blockades had a number to high to blast through, in addition, in order to get more power you had to have thousands and thousands of points in order to upgrade. Now all you need is 1000 or 5000 points for the entirety of the game. I’m at level 90 now with no sign of stopping. With the amount of upgrades I have now I can even blast through rocks and obstacles. It’s almost too easy. But I’d rather have it this way then the other way. Nice job by the developers to listen to the problems that people were having. I have had no problems with the game crashing I have an iPhone.

  • By Mamacjc

    Needs some improvement

    Updated: 5 stars! The developers listened, and it’s not so hard to level up now!! Original review::I really enjoy the gameplay. However, I am now on a level that I am unable to get more than 5 coins at a time (15 if I watch the video). I need 4,000 coins for the next upgrade. It would be nice if I could watch a video at the beginning and increase my fire power for 30 seconds or start with 5 guys or something like that, because I really enjoy the game but I am quitting until something is improved.

  • By CTAcuaTec

    Good game to relieve a little stress... But

    Game is really fun I like it definitely good to kill a little bit a time when you’re bored over relieve a little bit of stress mowing down the little blocks and gaining the new fighters is actually pretty cool but, I paid the fee to get rid of the ads so no random ads play but I still have the ad banners at the bottom of my screen so I don’t know if the purchase is actually working properly I’m hoping the developer can reply and let me know if I’m doing something wrong

  • By Rick D

    Great idea but too buggy and unfair ads

    So first, this is a really fun game, easy to understand and easy to play for a minute or an hour. It would get five stars.... Except first, as so many other reviews have said, it crashes at the end of a run. That’s not terrible at lower levels, because it’s fun to replay the run and win again. As you get up in levels it’s extremely frustrating to get to the end of a run (with all the BS that entails, see below) and then have the app crash. Again. And again. Second, the ads. Playing a game for free implies that you will watch some ads, and I don’t have a problem with that basic arrangement. It’s totally fair for this game to offer three times the reward if you watch an ad at the end of the run. But I seriously resent being forced to watch an ad after every run, some of which are 15 seconds or longer. It’s quite possible that you will spend more time watching ads than playing. It’s all about choices: this developer chooses to run ads that interfere with the game, and I choose to delete the game.

  • By Riverboat Slim

    You can only go so far......

    Like many others, I enjoy this game. However, like most others have noted, you will reach a point where you simply can not progress, unless you have the patience of a Buddhist monk. You will be confronted with a round where it is impossible to progress beyond the first barricade, and will therefore only earn you 5 coins (15 if you watch an ad) per each new attempt. However, since you’ll need about 10,000 coins to upgrade your weapon, you can do the math and see how futile the game becomes. I’ve learned to simply delete the app when I hit this impossible level, reinstall it, and start from scratch again.....until I hit the impossible roadblock and delete the app again, reinstall it, etc.

  • By Taris

    Fun game, but...

    This game is fun and easy to play but unfortunately you get to a point in the levels where you simply cannot go any further. Your guy is too weak to break through the blocks and you don’t have enough coins to power up your rate of fire or firepower. You’re simply stuck. I’ve deleted this game 3 times so I could start over because it is fun, and every time I get into the mid 50s and I simply cannot go any further. Also, the ads! Seriously, give it a rest. As someone else stated I expect some ads in a free to play game and the ad for triple coins is worth it, but if I decline to watch an ad for triple coins and then you force me to watch an ad before starting the next level it’s quite frustrating. Play at your own risk

  • By Only nickname l3ft

    Designed to fail you

    Obviously a free game will include paid promotions. This game runs ads after every run in addition to any winnings bonus you wish to sacrifice 30 seconds of your life for. That’s not my biggest problem. High levels crash at the end of the run. Still not my biggest problem. Once you reach a certain level the game gets exponentially more difficult, with character upgrades in the tens and hundreds of thousands. At a certain point you won’t be able to get half way through a run and only make a few hundred in coins, which you can multiply by watching a video. The amount of coins you will need will likely result in hundreds of adds watched just to upgrade your character, which will result in the same process again. It’s designed for you to fail so the developers make money with excessive paid promotions. That’s a delete from me buddy.

  • By bathbombs960231

    So hard to advance

    This game, overall, is so much fun. But I’m about to delete it. I’m not that far into the game and I’m like 17,000 away from the next upgrade. There is literally no way to get passed the current level without more upgrades. There is no option to go back and play previous levels where you earn more for beating the level, so I’m stuck spending hours playing the same ten seconds of the current level, over and over and over and OVER getting less than 200 each time I beat it, IF I want to watch the ad every time. That is not fun. The upgrades get way too expensive way too quickly. It’s disproportionate to how quickly the difficulty of the levels increase. One simple update to either slow the cost increase of the upgrades or slow the increase of level difficulty would take this from a 2 to a 5 Star for me.

  • By KimC416

    Limited progression

    This game has a great concept and was enjoyable to play when I needed to kill some time for a few minutes. One of the downfalls is that I get to a certain level and cannot progress past the first column. I was able to reach an upgrade after many attempts to gain coins (30 coins each time I tried the level) but as soon as I selected the upgrade, the columns also became higher which defeated the purpose of even getting the upgrade. And now the next upgrade is 26k coins away so there’s no way I’d be able to get that since 30 is the most I can possibly get at a time. There needs to be an option to replay previous levels or watch ads for a large amount of coins to help continue progressing through the game. I won’t be playing this anymore unless that issue is resolved.

  • By Lucky parson

    This game is super disappointing...

    The game is fun until you realize that the bullets barely do any damage and every new additions fires at 1/2 the speed of your upgrade. For me my fire power is 11 but the bullets only do 6 damage. Also I think it’s like level 53 or something that I can’t pass with out more upgrades and it’s annoying since the upgrades are so expensive and I can’t even make that money because I can’t get pass the first barrier and when I do I can’t even break a weaker barrier because of two reason. One being the issue of the low fire damage I previously mentioned and two is because the space between the first barrier and second is not long enough to activate the second member gained. This is extremely frustrating because I would need to play the same five second and watch ads to get about 15-30 coins and then make about 7000 coins for the next upgrade. For those reasons I and deleting this game. I put up with its wanky mechanism for too long. I wish the creators weren’t greedy people because this game had potential to be a fun way to pass time during this quarantine.

  • By KASH_42

    It looked fun

    I don’t normally write reviews, but one really bothered me! I had seen this game several times and I was trying to find for a while because it looked really fun to play! Obviously I finally found and started playing, but I have uninstalled it after less than 30 mins of play because of the ridiculous amount of ads! At the end of each level you have the option to watch an ad for more coins, but even if you opt not to watch the ad for more coins you still get an ad before the next level! And, even if you watch the ad for more coins, you will also get ads before the next level. The levels are fairly short, and the amount of ad time that have to sit through is often longer than the time it takes to clear a level! Of course if you really love the game you can spend real money to remove the ads. Not worth it in my opinion. I would not recommend this game to anyone unless you don’t mind the ads or if you are ok with paying to remove all the ads.

  • By nebula omega

    Absolutely greedy company don’t download

    I don’t write a lot of reviews, honestly I think it’s something I’m coming In to with age, but I absolutely had to say something about this garbage company. I’ve played my fair share of ad-ridden voodoo-Esque games and usually i get annoyed by ads like everyone else and choose to delete it. But once in a blue moon I get the idea in my head that I like a game and wouldn’t mind playing it every once and agai while I’m on the toilet. This of course is when I actually pay for the game. Well that exactly where the problems with this game begin in my opinion. I don’t like games with a million ads , but I get it . These people wanna make a few bucks so they put ads in the game. But even after paying for the ad free version of the game YOU STILL HAVE TO WATCH ADS! Want a new gun to actually have any chance of getting past level 50? Watch a 30 second ad. Want a new skin to wear ? Watch an ad. Want to play the daily challenge? Watch an ad. This is after paying for the game?!!!? That’s ridiculous. I’ve never seen such an obvious greed driven model in my life and i urge any one reading this to not only not pay for this game( as I wish I hadn’t) but to go ahead and not even download it for free. He’ll leave a negative review just for fun. This kind of game shouldn’t be allowed to exist. 0/5 stars if you really ask me

  • By Just-wanna-play

    Waaay too many ads

    This game maker is way to greedy. Each 20 second round is followed by a 30 second ad. In addition you can’t get anywhere without the ads because the amount of gold won isn’t nearly enough. Developers, don’t be so greedy. We understand ads but now a days there are so many types. Don’t make us spend more time watching ads than we do playing the game. It’s a recipie for failure. Show flash ads. 10-15 second ads and at level up show the 30 second ad. If you insist on using the 30 second ad give players the option to cancel after 10 seconds. No need to be greedy. Because your current way, you get nothing; at least from me. I play a lot of games with ads. This one hasn’t caught up to the times and wastes players’ time. Lots of other games out there that have perfected the ad vs play time ratio. Good idea, needs better execution. Uninstalling due to too many ads.

  • By ssdf_32

    Too many advertisements

    15 to 20 second level, watch a 20 to 30 second Advertisement. This is what happens when I play levels. the game forces me to watch an ad longer than the actual level. There are also banner ads displayed in case you’re not already tired of being forced to watch an ad to move to the next level. When the lvl is over, there is an immediate selection to watch an ad to triple your money. After waiting a couple Seconds, the actual option to select your money appears. This is just another way the game pushes ads at you. Money does not appear to be worth much. I’ve played a couple levels and I’m already having to wait for my money to build in order to upgrade. All this means is that I have to watch more ads to play the game.

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