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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-17
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Drive Thru 3D


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Drive Thru 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zynga Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zynga Inc., with the latest current version being 2.97 which was officially released on 2021-03-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 17770 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Drive Thru 3D App

How does it Work?

Craving for fast food? We're open!

Take the order, prepare the most delicious fast food in town and serve it to the customer.

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  • On Mar 08}

    More ad time than play time!

    Agree, way to many ads…when you spend more time watching ads than actually playing, it deters people from playing. I’m out…

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    Top Reviews

    • By Guava Juice BIGGEST FAN #1

      Good game, please fix the ads

      Hi, I really like this game but there are too many ads. I would willing pay 2.99 for no ads instead of have so many pop up. Not to mention you get marked down for speed when you have to wait for the ad to stop. I like the celebrity idea but you shouldn’t have to go back to the main menu after every costumer. I also feel like there should be some type of Karen in the game as well just to add some✨spice✨but other than that it’s a good game

    • By nevertake my nick name917253

      Pretty Fun

      This game is pretty fun hope to see more updates in the future since I already got all the foods/Property’s in two days. I have one problem with the employee of the day one of the quest is to buy a color scheme but I already have all the color schemes so can ya fix this and also the same problem with the challenge buying recipes I already have all the recipes so pls fix it | again this game is really fun hope to see more foods and more property’s and events.

    • By lavender_corn💜

      Love the game but some issues

      So in the game there is a square with a game on it but sometimes it gets in the way when you are taking the order and making the food, but you can’t take it away. There are celebrities but when I go to order it doesn’t work the camera just goes around wasting the time you get. But all that, I love this game and I think you would love it to so I rate this 5 stars even though the stuff I said needs to be changed

    • By Ms. Chubby Cheeks

      Fun game

      No idea what people complaining about but I absolutely love the game, I hope for more updates. I just downloaded the game today but it would be nice to maybe make other foods like hotdogs, pizza, salads, tacos etc etc etc, you can do sooooo much with a game like this one.... the opportunity is forever. Maybe you’ve already added that stuff and I just hadn’t reached that level but anyway the game is very fun if I could give it 10 stars I would

    • By 𝔽𝕚𝕒

      Great game, but there’s a problem

      Okay so this game is really great! It stands out from the rest of the games like this out there. There aren’t a ridiculous amount of ads and it’s really fun. However, making change in this game is super confusing. Why are they paying thousands of dollars for a fast food meal? And your commas are in the wrong area and the number of zeros is incorrect. Like, for example: 104,000 is written as 104,00. You guys totally lost me there and unfortunately, that’s why I had to delete the app. Maybe I’ll re-download when making change is less confusing and the number glitches are taken care of. But it’s a really good concept! Good job! 😊

    • By Johnson2461

      It’s ok but way to many ads!

      Ok so this game is really fun but there are too many ads. Cuz like after every order there is an ad. I mean I like the game and all but... it’s just too many ads I say but other than that it’s amazing litterly that is why I only gave it 4 stars cuz really I want to give it 4 and a half cuz I love this game so even if there are still a lot of ads, then I am still gonna keep the game cuz like I said I love this game! A NOTE So if you can’t give the change it is easy I’m sure you have seen all the ads that say it is really hard it’s actually not. It says it right on the cash register. Trust me it’s right there at the bottom.

    • By purple dolphin789

      Just a few problems.

      I liked this game a lot, but it’s really easy to get everything. Also another thing is when I want to do the celebrities, after watching the ad it doesn’t work. So it makes me skip it and I don’t get to do the celebrity to get extra money. It shows the timer, but it gets stuck and doesn’t show me what I’m doing. It moves the camera from side to side and makes me skip. That’s all of the problems I’ve noticed, besides how many ads there are. Thank you for reading this review and please fix this glitch and the multiple ads.

    • By AlineG2010

      Fun, but lots of really inappropriate and weird ads 😬

      So I downloaded this app a week ago and it’s really fun but I unlocked the things really fast so could you add more things to it, also there are way too many adds and some are very weird and this is coming from a 11 yr old. So there’s lots of ads about laser hair removal to me it’s annoying on weird. There’s also some games for a scan thing where you can scan thround the animated person and look at inappropriate things because the guy playing in the ad is getting so close the the girls things,also about the food every time I want to put the meat or tomato I have to watch one of those weird ads so if you could take that out that would be great too. So yeah those are all my things I wanted to share so if reading thanks for taking your time reading this

    • By Tiffany123!

      Please read! ♥︎

      I guess it’s alright! I been trying games left and right to find something to tame my time, I’m a school girl who has a average amount of privileges. I’m mostly free and I barely have any school and I’ve tried a lot of stuff. This game is good bit it’s new and need a lot of improvement. I was a bit addicted when I just started. It’s fun, u get to make change, order and make food Some things did bother me, I’m the type of person who absolutely NEEDS good sounds or bg music and this game is as silent as a mouse. Also the customer only would order one type of food, it’s confusing (real life ppl would order like a burger, fries and soda but this game ppl order, burger, C. Burger, bacon burger; or lemonade and soda) like they order just one category :/ But overall it’s alright, ik it’s new and it need some slight improvement

    • By SharkSnake21

      Too many ads

      The game is a fun concept and I don’t mind the low graphics. The issue I have with this game is that there are way too many ads. As a free game, I would understand if the creators wanted to put an ad after every level. Instead however, the ads are added in the middle of the levels, and it’s not just’s multiple ads. The ads come in after every action. Example, I was working on a celebrity round. The order was 2 cheeseburgers, one soda and two cartons of fries. The level played out like this: prep burger *ad* prep other burger *ad* prep soda *ad* prep fries *ad* prep other fries *ad* receive payment/give change *ad* cue next level. Again, it’s a fun game, but there are SOOO many ads, thus interruptions throughout the game.😕

    • By onikatanyamarajismymother


      I kinda feel like y’all could care less about this game. The graphics are horrible. The animations are terrible. And overall the game could be way better. Gave it three cause it’s not THAT bad but it’s 2.5😗. Somethings that would make the game.. better: ~ You should add the speaker / Order person. This one is simple. You should give people the option to turn on there mics (right when they get in the game), if they turn them on you would have the speaker thing where they order. (You should have different voices for the people in the drive threw/ the people ordering). They would be able to here you, . ~ You should add real meals. For example if someone drove up and wanted a cheeseburger, you would ask is they wanted the meal or just the burger. If they wanted the meal, you would ask for the size: large, medium or small, along with the sauce and drink ~ Should be able to hire employees. (The person playing would would be the manager etc.) ~ You should have an indoor seating/ eating area. They should also be able to order from this area. (Basically like a McDonald’s) ~ Better graphics ~ Wayyy better animations

    • By slsptstdu do f

      Game is fun but I’m about to delete because of this

      This game is very fun and stands out from any other game but there are SOOOOO many ads. I would be somewhat fine with the ads if you got an ad after each order, but there is always a 10 to 30 second unskipable ad that pops up while your in the middle of making an order. There are 1 to 3 adds per order and it is SOOOO annoying. Also around 90% of the ads will bring you to the App Store when it says “CLICK HERE TO PLAY!”. Please make adds pop up less because I’m about to delete this game because I can’t play it because an ad pop up every 30 seconds.

    • By Love the game, but frustrated

      Unplayable clogged with ads

      This game would be fun to play. Problem is the frequency of ads is waaaaayyy over acceptable. I understand that ads come with free gameplay. But in this game it’s way over the top. Most games it’s like this: play and complete a “round” then endure one ad. That’s acceptable. But in this game it goes like this: to start a new round, wathoand ad. Get order from customer, ad, make one item, ad,additional items, adapter each one, serve to customer, ad, customer pays, ad, new options,ad, get an option, ad for each, plus more then a new round. You get a customer that has 4 or 5 items, you will have to endure at least 9 or 10 ads before you get to the next round. This is not acceptable. Another issue. Mini ads pop in over the gameplay area making it impossible to continue without restart the game first and no x on the ad to close it. This needs to be fixed now.


      Could be better

      Hi. Sorry for giving this 3 stars, but that is what it deserves. This game is pretty fun, but it’s so laggy. A lot of my friends say it’s the phone not the app but that is no true I’ve used multiple electronics and it all was the same so laggy. It takes 3 to 4 seconds for the game to response to you tapping on something. I can’t really recommend this game cause it’s very laggy. But it’s still new so I can’t go off on this game yet. Luckily there are not many adds as I thought there would be, which is good If you don’t mind the lag and are fine with adds then this game could be for you. So if there is any other news I will edit my review and put it in. So if you do download this game get ready for some lag and adds. Also at least try to have fun .😁

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