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Merge Farm!


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Merge Farm! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zynga Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zynga Inc., with the latest current version being 3.1.3 which was officially released on 2021-04-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 7112 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Merge Farm! App

How does it Work?

Welcome to the world of Merge Farm! the newest farming and merge game from Gram Games.

Merge Farm! isn’t your average farming game. Use merging mechanics to achieve your task to grow your farm, and harvest delicious fruits and veggies.

Plant tons of crops across your farm and merge those crops to grow bigger plants that produce more fruit and veggies! Take your massive harvest and sell them to grow your farm even further! What are you waiting for, let’s start merging your farm!

Merge Farm! Features:

Plant & Merge Crops:

• Plant crops of varying types on your field, as they become available.

• Merge similar crops, and they will grow or upgrade, providing a larger harvest.

• The bigger your plants, the more fruit and vegetables they will produce.

Manage Your Farm

• Farming is endless, which means you’ll need to manage your farm daily.

• Choose where to plant crops, place animals, and more.

• Decorate by placing garden gnomes, tractors and more around the farm.

Harvest Like a Farmer

• As all good farmers know, it takes time for crops to produce delicious fruit.

• You can harvest crops whenever, but keep an eye out for the orders from your traveling merchant at the top of the screen.

• Fill those orders to make money, buy more crops and grow your farm.

Think you can merge and harvest crops to build up your farm? Keep merging your crops to discover new forms and upgrades, and see how great your farm can grow.

Download Merge Farm! today and start farming!

Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at

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Top Reviews

  • By PaulDelaware

    Repetitive after awhile

    I guess all merge games are basically repetitive, but on this one, the better you get at playing the game the more limited the game makes you. At low levels it’s fun. Planning your expansions and filling orders. I’ve been playing less than 2 months, and I’m now level 49, fully expanded, with 300 million coins and nothing to spend them on. Now the game consists of making bread and juice, feeding animals and earning coins by selling your items. If I can’t spend 300mil, what is my incentive to have 500mil? I also play another farming/town game where there’s always plenty to do. I’ve been playing that game for over 5 years with no end in sight. Always busy. I can’t imagine playing Merge Farm for anywhere near that long. You’d have ridiculous amounts of coins building up for no reason. Please add some interesting things to do with our coins once we earn them.

  • By Shefgirl21

    Game is colorful and relaxing!

    I have not made an in-app purchase and i am level 12 with over 200,000 coins in less than a month. By far one of the most played games on my phone. The merge is worth the wait on this one. When you first start out, it helps you along by teaching you to merge the crops which you become comfortable with in no time. You end up learning that you can merge your buildings as well, and leveling up is fairly easy with filling orders. Building wealth is pretty easy too. The game generates offers that allow you to fill them based on what you have. You don’t go long stretches without being able to fill an order. This game is one of my fave because I do NOT have to spend in-app money if I don’t want and my game has progressed just fine. It is tempting but the game play is not hindered in anyway if I don’t make in app purchases.

  • By StrawberryDaiqueri

    Fun Game

    It’s a great game, I’ve had it for over a year and still play it from time to time. But it really needs more content. I’ve had it so long that the only thing there is to look forward to is unlocking new crops. Still fun but maybe you could add more stations?? Like you can make bread, juice, eggs, etc, why not add more to those possibilities? You unlock them all fairly quickly and then after that there isn’t much to look forward to. But other than that, gameplay is great and so are the instore purchase options, I did buy a couple upgrades. ^^ Looking forward to future updates!!

  • By Paris Ry'Ann

    I love this game but I have some suggestions

    After you purchase all the squares on the farm even when you still have levels to reach, the farm can only be so big. Since there is currently 30 levels the farm needs to accommodate at least two crops on the farm going up to level 30, 4 machines for the juices/bread maker & 2 pens for the animals each. Please give more spaces on the farm and also the highest level should be more than 30. You created this game to be addicting and I absolutely love it but I will have to delete the game with in the next two weeks if there isn’t More spaces on the farm and more levels for different crops. You could even add more juice types and more bread types (ex: banana bread, blueberry muffins, pickles (maybe this one is on level 22-30) , apple/strawberry juice, watermelon/strawberry juice) I have about 8 million dollars because I have two of each crop at the highest level, 6 juice machines at level 5 which is the highest level, 4 bread makers at level 5 which is the highest level, 2 cow pens at level 5 which is the highest level, and 2 chicken pen at level 5 which is the height level. I have purchased all of the spaces on hr farm. I am on level 21 and it’s only 30 levels so far. I see there is ponds that can be purchased. How about you have fish we can catch to add to foods to be sold to the customers? I love this game please add more levels with more crops, more spaces on the farm, and more uses out of the juice machine and bread maker.

  • By jchpink

    Fun, but needs a few tweaks

    I think the game itself is really fun and was built on a great premise. It’s really easy to play and you don’t have to work too hard nor does it take too long to earn your way into the next level. It was really nice to feel like you’re winning so often. However, every time I reached a new level, I felt completely unprepared for the next thing that was thrown my way. I feel like I didn’t have enough time to get comfortable with one task/item before another one was added into the mix. I wish you had to either buy your way into the next level (earn the privilege to use another item) or that the time between levels was a little longer. I just got to the point where it was all just too much and I had to stop playing. All in all, fun and addictive as hell, but needs a few tweaks.

  • By plaintiger

    Fun game

    I’m enjoying this game (I did spring for the $4.99 package that gets rid of ads, gives you permanent double starter seeds, and I think bestows some resources upon you to get you started). Two improvements I’d like to see: it would be nice if when you purchased permanent double starter seeds, that would make the seeds you get from falling leaves into doubles as well, so they could be merged with the seeds you plant. As it is, seeds gotten from falling leaves are of no use to me beyond harvesting them once and then selling them. And my other suggestion would be including an option to lock crops and buildings in place so that I wouldn’t be continually moving them around by accident as I do now. Just a little toggleable padlock icon on each item’s info panel would do the trick nicely. Thanks for a simple and very enjoyable game! Update: i’ve found one other thing that could use fixing: the Daily Challenge claims to offer greater rewards for selling specific things, but in fact, the amounts It offers you are far lower than what you would get if you sold those things individually. Either there’s something about these Daily Challenge transactions that I don’t understand, or they’re a mean-spirited deception in the midst of an otherwise pretty sweet-hearted game.

  • By AyeItsAngel1882

    Ads Have Way too Many Bugs

    I absolutely love this game. Both Merge Dragons and Merge Farm are my top two games to play. But the ads are super glitchy. To start off, even when I have my volume off, the ads that play still play sound. That is extremely annoying, especially as I’m not always in an appropriate setting for an ad about killing little digital Vikings or whatever else. Please fix this. I I also have bug issues involving my music/podcasts which I listen to a lot when I play. I don’t want to have to leave the app every couple of minutes to press the play button over and over again because your app pauses it out of nowhere. And I didn’t have these issues until the latest updates so it’s definitely not on my end. Please fix it or it’ll be a delete and 1 star for me.

  • By Satanisthelord666killme

    Scroll Mechanic Infuriating

    The game is nice, quaint, and pleasing simple. BUT THE FREAKING SCROLL MECHANIC!! Instead of dragging the screen with your finger, the second you even remotely put your finger next to the side of the screen, the screen scrolls automatically. This happens even when you go to get the basket to harvest the produce. So when you click and drag the basket from the bottom left corner, the scroll automatically begins to scroll to the left. And when you try to correct this the screen quickly automatically scrolls to the right so it’s very hard to center the farm area. JUST MAKE IT SO YOU don’t AUTOMATICALLY SCROLL YOU ONLY SCROLL WHEN PLACE YOUR FINGER! AND MAKE IT SO YOU don’t AUTO SCROLL WHEN YOU GRAB THE BASKET?!?!

  • By Eryn Little River

    Love it! But...

    Merge Farm! is a simple, yet fun game. It’s perfect if you want to play for a few minutes or a few hours. With orders to fill and crops, animals, and factories to build and merge together, there is a lot to do without it being overwhelming. I paid to remove ads right away, which also gives you double the harvest every time. It makes the game a little more enjoyable, but if you don’t mind grinding for crops, it isn’t necessary. I love that I can watch ads to speed up harvest times, especially when I’m playing for a longer period of time. The biggest downside I’ve found for this game seems to be a glitch. The daily challenge doesn’t work for me. I have tried multiple times by making the required items, and even when they have green check marks, it doesn’t finish the trade. It’s very frustrating. I have tried on both my iPhone and iPad and neither allows me to do the daily challenge. Please fix this! Otherwise it’s just a tease. I would give the game five stars if this wasn’t an issue.

  • By Reinheimer

    For the Love of all the is good and Holy..

    I have played the game for quite some time. I have the X4 upgrade and beyond that (which was a paid transaction, not earned) there is little to really strive for. You play crops, merge them, fulfill NPC orders and repeat. The decorations have literally no function but waste harvest room. Why do I need a pond if I am not harvesting fish? Also, as you expand, your farm grows WIDE... but for some dumb *** reason, the developers let the seeds randomly fall on the grid, so crops that take two spots, looking at you trees... shift and require manual shifting to fit more to plant. Really? You can’t snap to a priority grid? The wider the farm, the longer it takes because you need to DRAG everything. Add to that the “daily challenge” hardly grants you big gains. The cost of making the crops almost negates the reward (at least the monetary aspect). At the end of the day, this can be fun! But with little reason to keep going. Maybe friends, useful decorations, crafting of some sort and a MUCH needed NON random seed placement would be nice additions. Until that... it’s just a little bland at the moment. I mean come on you made MergeDragons! Didn’t you?

  • By BelleEvans

    Not enough

    This game seems really interesting, and I’ll admit, it caught me in its web and I played it quite a bit for the first couple days. But then I realized that’s all you do. Nothing really special, just merge all your plants together and pay outrageous amounts for land. Plus the ads are over bearing. If you use one of the watch an ad to get this item for 5 minutes, don’t sell anything to anyone unless you need to because chances are, you’ll be forced to watch an ad and it doesn’t freeze the special that you just barely watched an ad for. Because of the ads, I’m giving this two stars, if they ads weren’t as overwhelming it would be at 3 for a lack of content. I did enjoy playing this game but after doing the same thing for the 5 billionth time with absolutely nothing different, it gets to be too much.

  • By Tainted07

    Please remove the ad bar

    Game turns into a laggy mess because of the ad bar at the top of the screen. I seriously don’t get why so many developers add this feature into their game. I would have played a lot longer, but the game is so laggy now it’s unplayable. Easy solution: get rid of the ad bar, find more ways to incorporate optional video ads. Or even force more pop-up videos if need be since, at the very least, these don’t affect the performance of the game. I don’t mind ads at all, but the ad bar ALWAYS ruins games. I’ve played many other games with the ad bar and they all suffered from the same laggy fate. Give me ads, but I shouldn’t have to pay $5 just to be able to get the opportunity to play the game because of the ad bar. I really liked the concept of this game and wanted to keep enjoying it, but I just can’t recommend it until the game-crippling ad bar is removed. Please consider removing it, or discontinuing this practice in the future.

  • By LeeLeeo46


    Well no landscape mode my preferred way to play a game so I really don’t like that I also don’t like that it gives you a challenge to watch the commercial to level up but no commercial is available no way to expand land to open bakery even though I have the bakery available and the coins to purchase it on my challenges now show I need the bakery except I can’t place the bakery well I thought this game is going to be fine I can see there’s going to be no real way to advance even though I purchase an expansion package save your time and your money there are much better games out there this is the second game from this company that I’m going to be deleting, Will not purchase any more games from this company unless they Make some major improvements to the user experience when you purchase a game yet should have a way to level up and place the items available to place

  • By sandpuppeteer

    Dull and lacking

    Once you buy any upgrade (which is necessary to get rid of the aggressive ads) the game loses any sense of challenge. The only obstacle is those stupid falling leaves which become useless once you get double seeds. You get so much money so fast, you reach a point where you don’t run out at all. There are only 2 animals and 2 building types, both of which you get pretty early on. The types of juices you can make stop pretty early on, too. And make no sense. There’s cucumber juice but not apple or orange. There’s no progression beyond getting new seed types, which even that stops at about level 30. There’s nothing else to with them, beyond the 2 types of bread and 8 really random juice types. The interface is annoying. It keeps sliding around and dropping items in the wrong places. And to top it off, despite being such a simple game, it devours the battery like crazy.

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