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Merge Town!


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Merge Town! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zynga Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zynga Inc., with the latest current version being 4.0.1 which was officially released on 2021-05-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 28245 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Merge Town! App

How does it Work?

Ever wanted to be Mayor? Ever wanted to run a town, develop the land, and see a metropolis grow? Well, look no further than Merge Town!, the newest title from Gram Games. The concept of the game is simple - you have a plot of land, and it’s your job to turn it into a town. Every so often, you’ll be gifted with a house. Each house can be merged with other houses of the same variety to form a bigger home. Every house built on the land will earn you money - the bigger the home, the more you will earn. The more you earn, the more houses you can purchase, and the more you can push the clock to develop faster. Use your spoils to discover new homes, and to expand into all new towns.

You have a singular goal: make your towns the best they can be. The bar at the top of the screen measures development - Merge buildings to earn XP and level up. Higher levels will unlock more space in your plot for you to develop, which will only allow you to develop your town to even further greatness. Once you develop into new towns, keep an eye on all your land, ensuring that you’re merging and developing to your full potential.

Merge, build, and develop your very own towns with Merge Town!

Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at

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Top Reviews

  • By floridapuppies


    Ive had this game for a day and I'm Already at level 16 for Greenland and level 11 for sunsetland, and I'm super excited about unlocking Winterland!I love how many different buildings you can unlock and I also love how I will come back from playing another game and both worlds will be full of boxes and I can open them and keep playing!And I get so excited when I discover a new building!most of the reviews will complain about the ads but they really don't bother me!I love everything about this game and I would love if you kept making updates! (a cool feature is you could press and hold to speed up the boxes and another cool thing is that you could spend in-game currency to get box upgrades instead of using real money!)THIS GAME IS MY FAVORITE GAME!

  • By Ezera Catt

    Great! A Question and A Caution

    This is a great app! It looks boring if your watching someone else play it, but is really interesting to play your self. Q: I've been wondering about the different towns. You get the second one at level 8 and now I'm at level 29, but I still only have 2 towns. Is there only gonna be 2 of them, or does it just take longer the second time? C: There are a lot of adds. You can pay to not have them for $2 or just turn of wifi and LTE and get no adds for free. I do it the free way, if the add can't load, yah can't see it. All together I think it's a great app. If I could I'd give it a 4.5 star rating, but I'm to lazy to figure that out so I'll round up to 5!

  • By Courtney&Leah

    From A Earlier User

    When I was playing this game, it didn’t have many ads. Maybe when you downloaded it matters. I got this game once about 2 years ago and decided to see if the responses were good for me to download it again. I see that the ads are a problem. I just wanted to say ignore the ads. What I do is I multi task. Like when ads come on, I would draw for a bit. I hope you and aome other players can do the same thing during the ads. Not just drawing, anything they want to do. ;)

  • By skinnpuppy

    super addicting

    wow this is such a fantastic app. it seriously scratches that OCD itch! the ads were super annoying, but this game was so totally worth the 5$ to remove ads. (and I don't usually pay for these things... but it was pretty well worth it... $3 would have been a nicer number tho. 😑) I like that the developers are still working on new areas now and then... the updates are nice. I can't really describe this game... it is basically just what it looks like. but it's SO. MUCH. FUN. I can't really explain it. if you know about "merge games", it is basically that. with houses. but there is NO BS. it is straight to the point, not convoluted AT ALL ("merge farm" for example, is SUPER convoluted). I love it. if you are not familiar with "merge games", then all I can say is give this one a try. you won't think you'll like it until you try it, I swear (that was me). sometimes the ads you play to get bonuses, will not play. which is annoying because that is the only way to get the bonus. that, and it needs a bit more "end game" if you know what I mean... maybe it just needs more areas to mess with. it just needs a LITTLE more SOMETHING, if you know what I mean.... other then that? it's pretty much great! I love the simplicity.

  • By ItzCocoZxra

    To many problems

    I play it everyday but one thing is how you can buy things. No problem I love buying them it speeds up the process. But every time I tap it a ad pops up and after the ad goes away I can’t buy anything because my land is full! This happens every time I tap it so I can never buy anything as I said it makes the process so much slower. Also I love you get more than one land and you can tap them on the right side it’s just that I think you don’t get another land until you are done with the first because you pay so much attention to the same land do you never get to play the other land. I’ve played both but I have so much stuff on the default land that I only ever play that I downloaded this game this I think two days ago and at first like the first four hours I had it the ads did not pop up but after they did and it’s with both lands when I buy stuff so If this was the only problem I would give it four star but it’s not! The other problem is the slots sometimes you run out like I said but the main thing is if your not paying attention then you keep taping it and you notice you keep taping and it just says full if I made the game I would make It vibrate this is not a big problem but a problem

  • By good but need levels


    I like it but there’s lotta ads and and it’s timed of boring sometimes because because there’s no levels there is just the one thing and when you get to a new level you have to start all over again it be better if you just start on the same level in a different thing like when you have the houses and then go to the beach I had to start all over again which was kind of sad and I think that maybe like in the dragons there to be a camp in different levels that you can go to that level one level two and level III because when you’re doing it now it’s kind of just like you just do it over and over again and there’s really not that much new exciting stuff and you think that you can learn it so that’s what I think about the damage there but maybe there could be something yeah and maybe to be a little bit more entertaining so thanks for making it

  • By Yoshinaruto

    Remove forced video ads

    I don’t mind banner ads, nor do I mind video ads if I’m getting something for it. The thing that kills this game and shows he greed of the company is having a video ad pop up if you go to the menu or switch islands. You can get rid of these with an in app purchase but we shouldn’t have to pay to remove something that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Note to devs: if you remove the forced video ads, you’ll actually make MORE revenue. These ads are too intrusive for anyone to continue playing the game for more than a day, and because of this no one is seeing your banner ads or optional video ads because so many people give up playing the game. Idle Balls and Make It Rain have this exact same issue. 5 Star game otherwise.

  • By StudioMaslar

    Ads are an integral part of the gameplay

    I purchased several upgrades for this game and the way this game works is if you were to try to merge buildings to create the top tier buildings you need you would have to make millions and millions of merges making it humanly impossible to win without making purchases of higher tier buildings from the shop unfortunately the money comes so slowly that the only way to reasonably get higher tier buildings is to “upgrade” which means to watch an ad. And so after a certain level, even after buying virtually every reasonable upgrade, you must watch ads to progress. It isn’t a viable strategy to upgrade your basic box drops because it would still take millions of them to get the top tier ones you really need. Also the boost that splits the box drop in half on the sunset world is broken since the last update and takes 10 seconds regardless...the game is a very fun concept but they should look more to AdCap for inspiration on how to make money. It’s one thing for people who don’t pay to watch ads but to make ads an integral part of the gameplay is ridiculous.

  • By TradedWard

    One of those games.

    It's one of those games you can check once and a while and feel as if you come back to a lot of progress. The game itself is unbalanced. During the beginning if you tap for a lot of crates you begin to climb higher up. As you get higher it's a progression thing. The 6th building with take the same time as making 2 of the 5th building. So as you progress unlocking newer buildings comes longer and longer. Your best bet is to tap for faster progression and hope for mystery boxes. I also play in airplane mode because the game runs a lot better with no lag vs the insane amount of ads they make you watch. I've unlocked almost everything in the couple months I've had this game. It was sad to see that there were only 2 areas for houses. Other clicker games usually have a couple bonus areas or offer a higher satisfaction in progression.

  • By Fastmandude

    The ads

    So I’ve been playing this game for like a month. I hate it how every time you go to the shop you have to watch an ad. Every time you switch places you have to watch an ad. And when I say have, I mean HAVE to watch an ad. They updated the game a couple of days ago. Any normal person would say they updated it just like any other game. You don’t fool me. There used to be a button when opening a mystery box and it would give you the option to watch the ad or say no. Now the button will only allow you to watch an ad. There is an X at the top. They tricked the people who play this game by changing the button, tricking the person into watching an ad just to make that precious revenue. All and all the game is pretty good. I’m on the Manure (I think it’s called). I just wish they could nerf the ads if you will. That’s why I’m giving this a 2 star

  • By Fartherabraham

    Fun but.... thank GOD for time cheat!!!

    Ok so overall it is a fun game but and good concept. However the rising cost of the crates, vs the amount of income is ridiculous. It gets to the point where it's not worth it to earn or spend money. I just watch ads to get the top three homes I have unlocked. ( note: you can only do this once per day, so once you have watched the three ads you need to advance you phone clock to the next day and you can continue watching more ads to unlock highest level homes, then repeat. Make sure to close app and then reset clock before opening again) with the time cheat you can beat the game in roughly 10-12 hrs of gameplay. With out it.... well you won't live long enough to complete game in fact it would take at least 30 yrs to get half way ( I did the math but don't wont to bore you with the #s)

  • By Lu6Cypher

    Slightly addicted but then...

    I feel that this game is great for people who like the idle gameplay as well as games that allow lots of upgrades. The game gets you hooked with the first couple of upgrades and the fact that you can gain currency even when not playing. It is sort of fast paced with long term progression and a clear goal. But then there is the constant adds integrated into every aspect of the game. There is click bait and commercial game demos and everything you could think of for commercial intergration. "Watch this video to upgrade for free" "You have to watch at least 5 seconds of this commercial to move on to the next page" it gets a bit tiresome sometimes. So in the end I was addicted to the gameplay, then it was counteracted by so many adds that the game constantly lagged until it crashed.

  • By lxxxv

    Watch ads to play.

    I love those little zen games, the ones where you can just fidget with an app without worrying about timers or points or lives. This is set up to be one of them, but it quickly becomes nothing more than an ad-intensive experience. You start off easy enough, get a crate every 10 seconds which gives you a house, which you merge with another house to get a slightly bigger house. Merge two slightly bigger houses to get even bigger house. That's pretty much the entirety of the game, but unless you really are willing to drop cash on the developers for this, you're going to hit a very real issue. Since the starting blocks never increase, each consecutively larger building takes twice as long to make as the previous. Forcing you to spend the in-game currency that your houses have been generating, or die of old age as exponential growth takes over. No problem so far, but opening the buy menu triggers an advert 50% of the time. Menu options should not be gated behind ads. Ads to get bigger houses, ads to get a few 'free' houses, ads to increase the size of those houses, banner ads while you play. Ads while you change town. Ads when you open up the buy menu. Ads when you bring the game back to the foreground. This is more ad than game, and while I'm very tolerant of ads and the need for them in a free-to-play game, this title is over the top.

  • By TLC_936

    Was fun but now it's an ad riddled mess

    I actually liked this game when I started, until I went to the store to buy a building and all these ads pop up or when I go to sunsetland and another ad pops up, etc. Everything you do incites a rush of ads every time. And now that I've updated the game there's glitches galore. The main one I've noticed so far is that when I speed up the crates by watching an ad on Sunsetland, I have to close the game and then reopen it in order for it to work. This takes 2 minutes off of the 8 minutes you have. I've tried to contact app support through Apple, but of course that doesn't work either. Seriously, if you want to get rid of this game, then just do it already and stop putting people through hell with an app that doesn't work. I've also noticed that when I play this game, the battery on my phone doesn't even last an hour. What have you got running in this game that eats up so much battery?

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