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High Heels!


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High Heels! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zynga Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zynga Inc., with the latest current version being 2.2.5 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 256544 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the High Heels! App

How does it Work?

Get ready for the best high heels game EVER! This shoe game is fun, this runway is epic, this shoe race is for baddies! The taller your heels are, the easier it will be to escape from the walls. A different obstacle awaits you at each parkour! There are rails on the roof where you have to spread your legs and slide, walls to jump, a stick to balance and a huge podium waiting for you at the end of the road.

Don’t forget! You need to pick as many as high heels on the road so you can walk on the final podium! Walking on the heels will make you feel like a QUEEN! Everyone loves to look perfect and these heels will let you shine like a star! There are many different shoe options in the game! Shiny heels, colorful heels, boot heels, rainbow heels, and even heels with wings! So just put them on and POP OFF! As you should like a queen…

MAKEOVER YOUR CHARACTER! You'll feel like a designer in this shoe race. Among the dozens of different accessories you can buy in the store, there are buckles, necklaces, puppies in a bag, angel wings. And most importantly, you can find designer heels with very different models and colors to suit your style!

You can get many fancy accessories to take your stylish shoe game to the next level! A full makeover! You can get fancy bags, angel heels, bracelets, devil & angel crowns, and even a rabbit tail! You’ll love them all and we bet you will not take them off ever again!

This is your red carpet! Make your best walk and drive the crowd CRAZY!

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Top Reviews

  • By Mrs_Mae Mae

    Please read!

    Okay so I kept getting adds for this app and I finally said fine let's try this out and wow I am pleased! This game is really addictive and fun! All the characters are really cool and I like that there is plus size and slim and queer characters! I also love that you guys included Doja Cat! But seriously I love this game! Now there is a lot of adds but I mean you can't really blame them for that because it's the only way to make money off of the game so yeah. I also think the graphics and the drawing of the characters could be a bit better but that's okay cause they all have a cool design! Small suggestion maybe since you guys have a dog poking out pf a bag you could make a cat doing the same thing? Oh and the splits omg it gets me all the time! I also like that this game is very child friendly like for example the ads are very clean (I personally have not gotten a inappropriate ad) and the characters are pretty clean unless you don't like crop tops and mini skirts! Another small suggestion could you guys make the levels a little harder and maybe add a few new obstacles in the levels? Okay well to wrap this review up I would like to say that this game is amazing and you should buy it! XOXO

  • By Wrestlercutie

    Reading this would be appreciated!

    Alright so this game has came popular so I decided to try it. And I actually don’t regret it. So the game is simple and I've actually have got pretty good at it. So basically you have heels and you collect more by “walking through them”, and you use your heels to go through bricks, and there is other obstacles and I don’t really know how to explain them(sorry!) but my opinion on this game is that it’s good and definitely worth it. People say that there’s “so many adds” but that’s how they make money off of the game so I can’t blame them. And it’s also clean, no non children friendly adds which is good! I also have a bit of a problem with the graphics.. they aren’t very good and it looks like they were just trying to get the job done fast. The graphics could be worked on but it’s not that bad of a game. the challenges are really easy for me and there isn’t that much of them and I really like doing them so if your fine with it, could you please add more challenges, and make them harder? Okay so that is basically just me kind of complaining about the glitches of this game but yeah. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!!❤️❤️💖

  • By jaxxica cat

    Better than I thought

    So I kept getting ads for this on Snapchat. If I’m completely honest, I thought the game looked stupid. After like 5000 ads for the game I decided “fine, I guess I’ll try this and see if it’s worth it”. I actually like the game a lot, the ads make it look dumb but the game itself is quite fun. I like that you can unlock things as you play. The game itself isn’t very difficult but it is slightly challenging if you aren’t good at it. I believe the other reviews here are kinda over dramatic and perhaps made by the developers, but I suppose if it makes them happy then that’s okay. I do have a tip though, so there will be an option to get the amount of coins or whatever that you would get by default, or get extra if you watch an ad. The thing is, either way you will get an ad so you might as well just get some extra cash and sit through the ad anyway. I wouldn’t be too mad at the developers though, this is quite common amongst mobile games. The animation isn’t like that great, but there are at least different characters and other visuals stuff to unlock. Overall, this game is fun, relaxing, yet still engaging. Thank you for reading, hope this helped! ♥︎♡

  • By carly9987

    Best game ever

    So one day I was just sitting on my phone watching TikTok and I came across this video of this girl playing a game called “high heels” I had never heard of that game before but since someone else was playing it and it looked so fun I just had to see what it was about so I downloaded it but just before I could start playing it my mom came in and told me to take out the trash before I can do anything else I was so mad😒but I had to do it anyway so I went outside and took out the nasty trash but when I got inside I realized something.....my toe was GONE!!!! I was so scared I blacked out for 15 minutes and was rushed to the ER I remember the place from me breaking my neck back in 09 but anyway my mom came into the hospital room and handed me my phone because my boyfriend Zachary had texted me but all I could think about was that game so I grabbed my phone and started playing high heels and just like a miracle from God my toe was back and I could walk again I jumped up and started doing the holy hop. I had almost seen the pearly gates but thanks to this game I wasn’t gonna be gone too soon High heels saved my life and it can do the same for you.😢🙂😁

  • By poooooooooooooiiooiytgkooop

    To the maker

    Hi I love your game And almost all my friends have it when I go to there house they are all like I wish this game was online and so if u could make it so u have friends u you can race and usernames to send friend invites to or something Me and my friends would love that! Also I love the challenges but I did all of them in like to seconds lol so Ik u might not know what a new challenge could be so I came up with a few for you! 😊 you could do one where you walk past some of the items like spread out some of the items in like the hella punch bundle or in the Billie eyelash bundle btw I think those names are so funny 🤣 but yeah so like have her accessories and heels and then at the end you get to dance at the top with her if u get to the top and then at the end of that have the hella punch ad thing pop up or which ever challenge it was so yeah pls think about it and I already did the upgrade think omg I luv it too much I kinda stop playing for a min Bc it kinda got boring to me but omg the update made me instead of scrolling on tiktok at 3am I’m playing high heels at 3am lmfaoo so good choice on the update thank you for reading this 😁

  • By CrazyCat776

    An Escape From My Terrible Life

    My days go as follows: wake up at 3pm, eat, play games, watch some tiktok, sleep. I NEVER deviate from that schedule. Until today. Today, I woke up thinking it was a normal day. I thought all I was going to do today was the usual. Oh boy, was I wrong. Tonight, whilst I was scrolling through tiktok at 3am, I came across an advertisement for a mobile game. But this wasn’t any normal game, no, it was something much more than that. I soon realized that this game was NOTHING like what I usually see on tiktok. This game was High Heels. I became intrigued as to what this game’s premise was. The game’s premise is to walk in high heels, but the higher they get, the easier it is for you to avoid obstacles. I was flabbergasted. How could a game I found on tiktok have such a good premise? I immediately installed it. I then played for about 30 minutes and I was at a loss for words. The beautiful graphics, the difficulty in the levels, and just the game itself changed my life for the better. I thank the developers, and anyone else who worked on this game. You have given me a reason to live. Thank you, High Heels.

  • By morguemedium

    gave me my life back!

    I am a person who suffers from immense chronic pain. So naturally, I was having a horrible day as usual. because of my chronic bone marrow deficiency, I had broken both wrists and my hip that day. I hadn't had my coffee and truly felt that the world was out to get me. My ovaries were throbbing and I was compulsively pulling my hair out, when I saw an ad for the game on TikTok. I was instantly intrigued and drawn to it with a force I haven't felt in many years. I downloaded it instantly. Ever since I started playing this game my bones have stopped breaking, my spine has stopped crackling, I no longer experience temporary blindness. This game has given me the ability to enjoy how truly magical life is. This game gave me my life back in a way I have never experienced before, and likely will never experience again. since downloading this game I have been able to get out of bed each day with a positive outlook. I've adopted three parakeets and I got engaged, I'll because of the light and love this game instilled in me. God bless high heels!

  • By Aunjolie Reyes

    Important please read

    I enjoy this game truly I like how it comes with many characters but sometimes I can get adds right after I play and when I wanna unlock a new character it won’t let me because it says ad unavailable also this game is not for 4+ since pride month just passed their was lots of rainbow flags and pride shirts people wore but 4+ is way to young to understand that and all the characters are skinny I think somewhere in that game they tried to tell people about beauty You don’t need heels to show that you should try adding sports shoes because high heels are a stereotype thing also….my bad all of the women like I said are skinny so I think you should add some characters that can be more bigger and I think all the games were people are fat is that one game where they run and have to eat healthy food to get smaller but that’s sad and I think if you put these type of characters in the game it will make them feel better thanks you for listening and have a good day

  • By Genie@

    Very fun but a few issues

    So this game is really fun but their are a few problems. First, this problem is a big one that has been identified once you start playing it… THE ADDS!!!! There are to much of them! Pretty much after every level an add. I understand this is to make money but please, please, please, make the adds come after like 3 to 4 levels!! And the next reason is, so this was the first game I had on my phone and this problem just started to occur and it never did before, it is that while I am in the middle of a level a small black box pops up on screen and it says “open failed” I have no clue why this has happened but maybe check it out. And lastly, this only occurs a little bit like every few levels and it is that sometimes when I am on the ice I can’t go forward and my character gets stuck. They still have the walking motion, but it looks like they are trying to walk with an invisible wall in front of them. Well that is all that I have to say about High Heels, but if you are looking for a new game to pass the time and overall just entertain yourself, this is the best one!! Oh and I could never forget to say that I LOVE that all the characters are different and very inclusive and cool!Thank you! (Sorry for the long review)

  • By Da_UltamiteCatlover

    Great game! But..

    Ok so I love this game, it has its pros and its cons, and I wanna make this review as fast as I can. So first off is not the ads, but the age rating. “4+” now what’s wrong with that? So I’m almost 10 and I got this and it says 4+, though it has some inappropriate characters. I mean, some of them show a lot of skin…Second is then the ads, but not how much they are, now there have been fewer ads, some weird some okay, some I like. But now there’s like this thing from a new update that u can get 2x-5x the amount of diamonds. When I try to do this, it says, “Ads not available now!” This annoys me. 3rd is that I have so many diamonds and I’m almost to lvl 300. Now before I couldn’t do anything with those diamonds cause with the keys now the biggest prize is just 55 diamonds. “HoRrAy” but then challenges were added, thank god. This isn’t the complaint. The complaint is that u need to add more heels and accessories. Please? I understand if u don’t but it’s FINE. Although it’s great and all I lost a lot of interest in this game, because it’s just the same levels over and over again, and each time I play, I just, hope to have that one obstacle where u skate on ice. It’s really fun :3 I rate this game 4.7 Keep up the good work! 💐Cat💐

  • By Miranda Tula

    Fun, but some issues

    Dear High Heels Developers, I have some good comments, but some issues too. Let me start with the good comments. This game is great, and appropriate for little kids! I love the creativity added to the characters, heels, and items! The ads are also appropriate for little kids, which I love too! Now, let me get to the issues I have. So, today I went into High Heels because I was kinda bored. I loaded in, and started playing. Suddenly, every few seconds on my screen, it started to glitch. I exited out the tab, and tried again. This time when I loaded in, in the middle of the level, my screen blacked out, and it brought me back to the Home Screen of my device. This isn’t me or my device because I had at least 1 tab open, and my device was updated. Also, this game didn’t have to be updated either. I tried again, and it did the same thing, over, and over. I stopped at the 5th time to write this review of this issue. Other than that, everything else is awesome and appropriate for 4 yr olds+. I hope you can fix this issue, so I can play this game again! Thanks and have a great day/afternoon/night! Bye! ✌️

  • By Unicorn-gal


    This game is great! But, it needs some improvements...1. Every time I get to a certain point in the game it freezes up then I can get and add on high heels 2. They should unlock some of the other people in the beginning because I have been playing for weeks and can’t get more. Ughhhhhh!! 3. In the first rounds you do it the same corses over and over. But look past all that, the concept of the game is to walk around with high heels on and collect more so you will be really tall if you get a certain height you win and get diamonds. You walk up the stairs and if you make it up to 6x you get diamonds. It sounds very easy but...... there is a twist there are big orange blocks that take away high heels so you have to try to avoid them or go to the shortest point. I really recommend it, it’s so fun. If the would fix the problems rollic’s game high heels would BLOW UP!!!! I’ve talked to other people about it and we have the same problems so I would love if you could update it thanks rollic for letting me share my opinion. I love your games like hair challenge, I also recommend that.

  • By Valdancer

    Please don't ignore this!

    High heels is a great, fun, awesome game! But, like everyone on this EARTH knows, there is always something bad behind the previews that you see when your playing a different game other than high heels. I just bought it a few days ago and it really is fun, but sometimes the hair challenge ad can mess up your game and glitch the level after the hair challenge ad. I do kinda consider it a parkour kind of just like hair challenge. I do recommend if your a mature kid, teen, adult/parent, you should ALWAYS monitor your kids no matter WHAT game they are playing. Because I’ve actually seen some ads that are 100 % TOTALLY inappropriate. I just recommend that the owners wouldn’t put in so many ads. Nobody really likes ads, all it does is get on their nerves. If they have seen the game before or heard of it then they can search it in the App Store, but ads don't really help. Also I do recommend, put some more clothes on the "Hella Punch" deal because it really is not the best example to young children who might be playing. the price of Hella punch girl is really expensive. It's like buying Robux or V-Bux from fortnite or roblox. I also do recommend you take out some ads, lower the price on hella punch girl, put some clothes on her. This letter is to the owners/dev's of this game. (And people who are interested in buying it) Thank you for reading!! <3 -God bless you all ;)

  • By the unknouw

    Why,why update!!?

    So first off your game was amazing. But yawls newest update was kind of messed up the game. I’ve tried playing it four times today and I tried multiple times on this four times I was playing and it kept kicking me out of my game out of my phone but I don’t understand so I Like shut it off so I like thought maybe you needed to be updated so then I looked and then I was like oh whatever I already updated it. And then I was thinking there was another game I had trouble with when it updated just like problem I’m having now then it’s the update so yeah. I don’t know if anybody else had trouble but if anybody else has had trouble can you let me know because I would love to fix it so I can play this game again it was like so fun but why do you update why did it have to do this. But if no one else knows it’s fine because it’s just a game and there’s probably games I can find elsewhere and I honestly don’t even have to get a replacement game but it was super cool if anyone does know just maybe you guys can ride with you on it on your experience so much you did I just don’t want to delete it because I’ve done a lot of stuff on there and I almost got everything that I could get. But please let me know if you don’t know but if I don’t find out it’s OK I’ll just delete it and it’s OK thank you I appreciate it have a good day.

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