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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-29
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Startup Panic


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Startup Panic is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by tinyBuild LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - tinyBuild LLC, with the latest current version being 3.14 which was officially released on 2021-04-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 28 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Startup Panic App

How does it Work?

Quit your job and build an exciting startup! Survive the tech bubble, compete with rival CEOs and expand your office from bedroom programmer up to the heights of global corporate sabotage! As long as you don't get hacked... or kidnapped...

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Top Reviews

  • By Andreww3232

    Almost impossible but fun

    Literally all scenarios are designed to negatively impact you greatly if things go wrong. If things go the right way, the effects are small. When a new competitor comes in, you lose almost all users, making it difficult to compete. Motivation decreases like crazy. I have to send employees on very expensive vacation every 3 minutes or so.

  • By MoziMozi

    UI is bad - challenging fun game

    The UI is bad. It is not obvious where the button for the marketing tab is. It is the globe that later appears on the top left. Also the buttons for choosing a recruitment method whether by social media or talent agency is also not obvious. They are the two thin vertical bars that sandwich the graphic. Overall the game is fun but challenging. To win you need to take the $100k loan. Do marketing in Asia India and SE Asia. Do what the investors want. Also don’t bother with training your employees. You need to constantly search for more talented employees. One last thing. I find it odd that when sending employees on vacation there is a good chance they will be kidnapped. What part of the world do the developers love in?

  • By Hemmingjay

    Great but has plenty of aggravation

    I have played this on PC for a month and was happy to buy it here at 1/3 the price(screwing PC players I guess). The UI is a bit more problematic on mobile but it's also faster to start playing anymore convenient for most people. The game itself is very well designed and horribly balanced. I truly believe that they failed to apply proper weight to external testers opinions and instead balanced the game based on internal feedback from people who know how the game is structured internally. The result is very awkward game flow that punishes any deviation from the perfect path. This is FAIRLY realistic and deserves praise, but this is a game and should be fun first and foremost. Especially on mobile. There should be two immediate changes to this version(or all!): 1) add difficulty settings. 2) add option to skip tutorial on second playthrough The game is definitely worth $6 if you have any interest in social media startups or business simulations. Think of it as a much more difficult version of Game Dev Story.

  • By skeithcora

    Poor choice of main menu order

    Old review: I don't know how my sfx and bgm setting suddenly changed to none and even when I crank it up to max, there is still no sound at all Recent review: The update fixed the sound issue but the new game menu is moved to the right screen. I wanted to hit continue since it was the only menu on the right. I unfortunately/accidentally hit new game and removed my save.

  • By cheonsalu

    Great game! But...

    I love this game since watching Raptor’s gameplay of it. I have it on both my iPad 6th gen and iPhone 12. It runs smoothly on both but the downside is, is that the game stops at the Leap Year awards. The screen is just just frozen at that point but the game music does still run. I tried tapping and restarting the app but nothing showed up or changed. Hope this is helpful!

  • By himwksjw

    Blank screen

    Idk if it’s just me but whenever I play for a long period of time my screen just goes blank. I still can can go to all the screens except the office page, plz for the love of god, fix that. I hope this doesn’t just happen to me. But all in all great game

  • By Foobarwhizbang

    Room for improvement

    This game is often fun and has potential to be a great game. The employee motivation aspect can be unbearable - you have to send your employees on vacation so frequently that you almost never have a full staff to work on features. The post mortem piece is a great idea but can be unhelpful, which is frustrating because you’ve just spent thousands of dollars to learn that every trait needed more work and now you have to send your employees on vacation 🙃

  • By adam.iannazzone

    This game has a lot of promise!

    I’m having a really hard time getting past a few years. It would also be nice if the tutorial didn’t pop up every time you started a new game. Looking forward to playing some more, though!

  • By paulierecords

    Game breaking glitch

    If I dont win the LEAF contest it just leaves me in the screen for having lost it. Great game, otherwise. Some things aren’t exactly explained well in the tutorial, but you can’t do much if you cant get past that LEAF loss screen.

  • By shakasanti

    Fun but stuck

    I’m at a point where as the announce the leap winner, the game freezes and I can’t go on.

  • By kiods1

    Fun game concept

    Great game concept, but you lose money so fast you can barely stay afloat.

  • By KiNGz X CrEaToR

    It’s ok

    Has potential but then sets these expectations with unreasonable consequences in a short time period which essentially makes the game unplayable. Unknowingly knocks you down before you can even get on your feet. On pc it may be easier, with quick clicks and shortcuts but this translates terribly on mobile. The consequences for not meeting these extremely high expectations are losing hours of your time that you can never get back. Fun idea, but it really is a waste of time at this point in development. Not memorable or significant in any way, really wish the odds of negative rng events were lowered.

  • By keyt s.

    Has the potential... Needs re-work.

    This game has the potential to be great! But somehow it is unrealistic. If you pay attention to the timeline, you send your workers to vacation every month. Some workers demand for higher pay than those who have more traits than they do. And you will always fail during the hosting the celebrity on your server (despite having all of my features 9 or 10). Needs a lot of re-work but possibly addicting if fixed.

  • By Infuriated buyer

    Pops tar is game breaking

    Can’t even get past the pop star even with all features at almost 10

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