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Swag and Sorcery


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Swag and Sorcery is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by tinyBuild LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - tinyBuild LLC, with the latest current version being 1.52 which was officially released on 2020-01-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 62 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Swag and Sorcery App

How does it Work?

Welcome to Swag and Sorcery, a new streamlined RPG from the creators of Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper! Build your own fantasy village, train and equip your heroes and send them out to collect Swag!

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Top Reviews

  • By Fdhchjgfgjfdhjgf

    Love the game

    I really like it so far totally worth the price in my opinion. My only tiny suggestion is that you make potions auto equip after they are spent in a dungeon. Thanks for the great game

  • By plongoz

    Decent, some issues.

    Works well on iPhone 6s. Haven’t had any crashes yet, about an hour in. Quite fun, hard to understand some things but the start quests help eventually. Art style is cool and cute, just as the screenshots show. It’s more of an elaborate hero questing game, so far it has quite a bit to do, and I’m only at the first boss. Content hasn’t slowed down yet. For the price, it’s worth it, but that depends on if you like these types of games. It’s a mix town management like Kairosoft (?) games and questing. One HUGE pet peeve, and why I’m rating 4 stars: the prompt asking for “rate the game” causes the game to freeze. So, here I am, rating your game.

  • By CharleyJoe

    Awesome Game But...

    I wish it was easier to stock your heroes health potions and other consumables. It’s very tedious to keep having to stock 2 health potions before each run, and defeats the purpose of farming, since I can’t restock potions before the next run. Hope to see more updates soon!

  • By Headshots4life


    Really enjoying this game! There are some bugs though. I clicked the health potion to read the description and I couldn’t exit the description page and the game did crash on me once on first boot.

  • By read me plzzz

    Big progression stopping bug

    I can not complete the main quest where you use the fire arrow spell. This is because my mama doesn’t get used and lets me use unlimited spells and I think it bugs the game. Helllp

  • By Astyrrean

    Good game that suffers from being rushed

    The overall concept of the game is good and quite fun - you equip heroes and send them on adventures where they more or less fight autonomously. The game however suffers from being rushed and too short. Took me 9hr12min to finish the main story, and the “endless mode” that follows is not really entertaining. Furthermore some features are just half-implemented and clearly missed as bugs in QC. For example, a tooltip mentions refining resources, and refined resources are indeed in-game (a character skill allows to gather them), but the refined resources are not actually used anywhere (or at least not where I could find), nor is it possible to manually refine resources. All in all, a fun little game. There’s better on the App Store, but there’s worse as well.

  • By TableTheDecisive

    Convaluted system disguised as complex

    There is a lot going on here and it does have the feel of a lot of click happy freemium games, but it doesn’t satisfy. You’ll spend most of your time restocking your potions and creating gear you won’t use to fulfill a mission. This is like the mid game grind of Punch Club.

  • By Mr.S2100


    So was having fun until I couldn’t equip my 4th adventure don’t know why tho anyone else??

  • By APK77S

    Nice thoughts but…

    But this game has big problems that prevent me from even trying to finish it. The relaxing option and mood parameter is totally meaningless. The monsters soon became too strong to beat and leveling up my characters did't seem to do any help. Too much ways to spend your money and too less to earn it. All those added up making my characters cannot even finish the first map starting from the tenth quest. And your first weapon is not suitable for sale, so that lessens my money even more. It is a pity that this game could have been much more funnier, but those problems ruined it. 1star for the structure,1 for the visual elements, but definitely not worth $6.99 to play.

  • By InsolentDreams

    Not a bad game but very buggy even with update

    I just updated to the latest version today hoping I wouldn’t be stuck any more. Alas, I am stuck I unlocked the two new dungeons so I have a total of three and they always flash “new” even though I’ve beaten both including the boss about a dozen times each. My characters are basically maxed out, I have 5 star reputation, and I can’t advance in the story or game. Please fix the bugs until they are fixed I don’t recommend the game. Super frustrating.

  • By AkelaSeeonee

    Gear makes no sense

    I just finished the game (it came out two days ago), and the second half of the game is really disappointing. The randomness of characters and stat growth, as well as randomness of items, is bizarre. You level your character but you can also train specific stats....which is really odd. Like if you don’t train stars, you characters will struggle to complete the second tier (recommended levels 5-24) at level 15. If you level stats instead, you can have level 25s beating the 3rd-tier stages (recommended levels 24-50). Gear makes sense at the start, when warrior weapons/armor are made in Smithy, wizard gear is made in Magic Shop, etc. At the end, you’ve got weird guns and orbs in the smithy, and everything is so random that you basically just build a bunch of stuff and hope it makes you character more effective. Also the gameplay is just grindy: Send your heroes off. When they finish send them again. Do this for an hour or so. Craft gear with all the stuff they gathered. Upgrade their gear and sell the rest. Use the excess gold to level/train heroes. Repeat until the game is over. Finish the game in 2 days, having spent most of the time doing something else entirely and just clicking “replay” each time they finish a dungeon. This is the husk of a good game, but man, it’s like this wasn’t even play tested.

  • By Sycks donkey ceck

    I just don’t even

    I don’t even know what I’m playing here, it’s like a freemium idler without in app purchases but it’s $7 but you have to constantly do stuff that’s not fun and takes no strategy, and time doesn’t progress when not in app, not like it would matter anyway. All you do is grind but for no purpose? I don’t even know. There is no skill, no point to loot as it’s so boring and uninteresting and no point to leveling as it doesn’t even improve stats? You don’t even level from grinding you have to manually pay coins to level which ultimately doesn’t do anything other than give you another “level”, no stat improvements. Certain gear you find can’t be equipped unless you train certain stats individually that only level up one point per time but like a weapon will have an insane requirement of a stat and you have to spend ungodly amounts of gold to get to that stat point requirement. Crafting is so pointless and tiresome. There is just zero fun factor here. Just stay away, it looks enticing I know, I bought it, but just don’t, it’s not worth it and no amount of updates will make it better unless every single aspect of the game is reworked from scratch.

  • By RoninMobo

    Fun, but unfinished.

    Game starts of as a fun grind, if that’s your kind of game. However, the game is obviously not finished. You get items you cannot use, skills have the number 1 next to them, but there is not skill 2. Mobile version also lacks sufficient descriptions on some items. Looks like an early access game that the devs pushed out with mount labeling it as such. Dev exhibits this behavior more than once (Graveyard Keeper). tl;dr if you buy this don’t expect a finished game.

  • By sbdicieiwbb

    Poorly Balanced

    Poorly balanced, particularly around when you hire your second hero. There quickly becomes a fight to overcome stronger enemies way beyond your capability, while battling health/stress costs and training/creating gear. Gathering a particular resource at this point becomes impossible when progression in the missions is at a standstill and the only one type of resource spawns first, meaning you can’t white flag something to farm a particular resource to craft better gear.

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