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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-17
  • New version: 1.0.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Secret Neighbor


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Secret Neighbor is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by tinyBuild LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - tinyBuild LLC, with the latest current version being 1.0.3 which was officially released on 2021-06-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4621 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.1 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Secret Neighbor App

How does it Work?

*Supported Devices: iPhone 8 Plus, Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2015) and everything newer. iPod Touches are not supported

*Requires a stable internet connection

Secret Neighbor is an evergrowing multiplayer Social Horror game set in the Hello Neighbor universe. FREE to download and play!

Your group has one goal - sneak around the house, collecting the keys in order to unlock the basement door. The only problem is - one of you is the Neighbor, a traitor in disguise!


Cooperate with your teammates, stay together or tactically split up, use your perks and abilities, and drop those basement door locks one by one.


Stop the intruders! Use your disguise to gain their trust, set up traps, and dispose of those pesky intruders one by one. Convince your friends someone else is the Neighbor and let the witch hunt begin. Your secret must remain safe!

Join the SECRET Club! Unlock additional perks as part of this renewable subscription. Club membership is not required to access the game.

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    Top Reviews

    • By lilchamp2

      Maybe The Next Among Us?

      Ok, a lot of People won’t agree with me but let me explain. Secret Neighbor is a fun, free, First person 3D game it doesn’t have the best graphics, but it still looks and plays great! It has some downsides like you have to unlock characters but otherwise it’s a very fun game. The controls are very easy to adapt to (for me) and, the controls are also very fluid! Why I say it is the next among us is because it is a game about 6 kids that break into The Neighbor’s house to find out his secrets in his house! But one of them is the Neighbor Disguise. It has the elements of Among us, by being a game about basically a imposter in a group and you have to complete tasks (unlock doors and find keys for secret neighbor) while among us has the crew mates COMPLETELY DEFENSELESS! Secret Neighbor can have the kids fighting back against the neighbor with items or certain classes like Brave or Scout, thats what I hated about among us, you were completely defenseless but in Secret Neighbor, you can fight back! This game fixes a lot of issues I had with among us and it’s a 5/5 for me and would certainly be higher if I could actually go beyond 5!

    • By King PhiI

      Absolutely excellent, but just one tiny suggestion.

      This is my first time writing a review on a game I actually enjoy playing on my free time. This game is well made and the developers did an excellent job. But I'd suggest that you could have a button on the screen, where you would get to have you microphone on or off instead of going into the Setting's each time. All in all, I really enjoy this game and I would definitely recommend this oustanding game to people who haven't played this game. Thanks. Edit: Another Suggestion. Maybe you could bring back the name changer, because I hate being stuck at Player. And, could you make the graphics a bit more better on Mobile. Because it kind of feels like the first time I've played Fortnite on Mobile and it looked too plain. Almost like a child just took a water color and just dabbed it everywhere. Not that I'm complaining, but these are more suggestions I'd like to add to my original review. Again, I would recommend this extraordinary game to new player's. Thanks, for real this time. If there's more I'd like to add, I would. 😊

    • By ahdhfuduf

      It's really fun just fix some things

      I've had the game for almost a week and it's fun and I don't really know how to play with freinds other then custom games but. It is fun there are a few places you need to fix your m some maps in one of them I can get on a locker and then clip to a leg then get into and area without a key card but there aren't to many bugs but I have only had the game for a week so, I haven't seen many. It is also a little hard for me to play because I'm always in games with people who don't realy know how to or don't want to play and it makes it really easy for the neighbor. That's another thing is that he is really over power he needs a nerf like to be a lot slower and also needs a grab cool down because as he get on kid and it finishes it is instant for him to grab another one. I do really like the game though.

    • By noahb29

      Mobile game of the year!

      This game is so perfect and everyone has been waiting and waiting. It finally came out and it’s completely free! The only downside I have is that the graphics aren’t the greatest on the older phones but I’m sure that’s coming down the line because the same happened with hello neighbor mobile and then they upgraded the graphics and made it look perfect! Besides that the game is perfect. Control were pretty easy to get the hang of and I still haven’t run into any glitches. Great job tiny build I knew you could do it! Some of my expectations: Graphics updates. Some minor bug fixes. Possibly in game shop changes including lobby screen changes.

    • By Rey .L

      Pretty cool just some things that maybe could be changed

      I’d say its pretty nice but there are some things i hate like not being able to adjust and move around the controls to different spots because i hate it when i accidentally throw something some other things the buttons are kinda small and also how some things are higher than the kids are and i get it there kids but some things are really tall to see what is inside of them and one thing that i would like if it can be done is that if u can play with a controller would be cool but other than these things the game is pretty cool 👍

    • By EdDragonslayer

      By far best console to mobile game

      I love how you can play on your console and now you can play on the go. Sure the graphics are bad but still it’s very fun also you can play this with an x-box control which makes it 10 time better very good game really recommend. Also it free and it doesn’t have like get a full version purchase you only need to buy the characters which to me is a down fall they are very expensive white the coins that they give you but still the fun to save money to get you favorite character in their game.

    • By milo147285

      Fun but needs improvement

      I am a fan of Hello Neighbor so I was excited to hear that Secret Neighbor was being ported to mobile. When I first booted up the game I had low expectations because the last Hello Neighbor games on mobile have been serious downgrades compared to the console and computer versions. I feel like I was right to have low expectations when I started playing. There are so many different controls all crammed together on the screen than it was hard to move and look around without activating one of them making it uncomfortable to control. The main reason I gave this game four stars is because it does run smoothly for the most part, doing much better than the previous Hello Neighbor ports. The graphics are alright and the microphone works just fine. I hope in future updates they will rearrange the buttons to make it easier to move around.

    • By TheDemonNinja724

      The game is pretty decent, not the best but still good.

      The game is pretty decent, bad graphics but it is at least still playable. I love how you can get coins in every match you play, and then you can spent it on the characters that you want to get. I like how you can go to the shop in the lobby and grab the skins you want to get that cost around a decent amount of coins. The thing that I like the most is that you can play with your friends or even your siblings. I also like how you can chat with other people with your voice instead of having to type what you want to say in a chat box. I even like that the kids have abilities so they can get though the round much faster. I also even like how if you work together the faster you will get in the basement and unleash all the dark stuff and secrets in the Neighbor’s basement that he is trying to keep a secret.

    • By jacob1cookie

      It has its downside.

      The game is really fun I like talking to people and I love trying to figure out who the neighbors but what I don’t like is bugs glitches and how the game gets so old I mean by that is boring but other than that I love this game I love how you could hire some of the music and lore some of the music so I can listen to more people is that a game distracted I love that you can throw some things at the neighbors I think that’s really really fun and I guess another downside is when you’re the neighbor it’s really hard to walk around and you can glitch through the wall I don’t really like that one time when I was playing I threw something at the neighbor with a glitch and then the neighbors somehow ended up getting me I thought that was very annoying and that was not just one thing time it happened it happened multiple times all in all I love this game!!

    • By LegoFan189

      Pretty good! (edited)

      I would like it if you made it free on computer cause I saw this on the Microsoft store and I could’ve sworn it was free if you pre ordered it… maybe I was thinking about mobile. I also noticed that the game looks a little bit pixelated so if you could fix that then I would be really happy! Also maybe make it a little easier for the children to win cause so far every round I’ve played the neighbor always won. So maybe nerf the neighbor a little? I just think it would be a good idea. One more thing please make it easier to get coins! Cause like everyone is stuck as the bagger and it’s very hard to tell everyone apart because of this! Despite all those flaws the game runs super smoothly and is a blast to play!

    • By Kevin wernek

      Waiting for this game I love it ( and a few bugs)

      I have been waiting for this game to come out and it is SO good! But just a few problems, 1 is that there are some objects that like ladders or starts you go through them, it glitches and then I can’t get to places that I need to go, so I recommend to fix first, 2 is some of the characters are very expensive and grind a lot for so I think you should lower down the prices or make when we win or lose (or something) you get more coins, but yes that is all, I hope this game continues! Love your tiny build! My favorite company!

    • By alexhdez5401

      Great game need better graphics and some other things

      The first time I was playing I was expecting the game to be just like the other mobile hello neighbor games so I didn’t expect high graphics but they could be a lot better also on my first game the controls are a bit like jammed into one place so you accidentally press another button alot but in general great game. My second problem on my first game was the lobby I was put into which was every single player being less than 10 years old playing on their moms phone and none of them talked or said anything just loud background and echoes which takes the best part away from the game which is multiplayer and communication with each other and even in all the other matches I play they are all children it’s like playing by yourself because I have been playing for a couple of days and I don’t think I have been in a match that hasn’t had anyone that is below the age of 10 which is very frustrating when people (or kids in this case) don’t play the game how it’s meant to be played. But after all most of the mobile games are over run by like 5 or 6 year olds so yeah but in general the game is really great and I really liked the pc version and I liked that it got implemented into mobile and like I said before would be much better and about the mic it needs a push to talk option or at least a button to turn on and off instead of going to the settings also the controls need to be smaller I guess idk about that.

    • By Μysty

      Pretty good so far but needs improvements

      Now, I played a few games and if I’m being completely honest it was ok. I know that you guys just brought the game to mobile and obviously every game that just comes out needs improvements so I’ll just create a list of what I would like in the game and I’m sure what a lot of other people would like as well. 1. Customizable controls, I think a great addition to the game would be the ability to customize your HUD layout, the current layout is pretty uncomfortable for me at least. So please let us have the option to customize our controls to the way we like it :) 2. More frames, I think there should be more frames in the game (and maybe graphics settings) to welcome a much more smooth and enjoyable experience. This is all I ask from you guys and I hope you take this into consideration. I hope your game grows and grows to become one of the biggest games on the App Store! Congrats on bringing the game to mobile!

    • By babypandawarrior

      Unexpected changes

      I’ve been watching this game on TV a lot I wanted the game but it was $20 on my pc so I checked if I could get it on my phone I saw that it was on my phone but it was a pre-order I waited till the game came out on mobileI got the game and I was excited to play when I first got into the gameI noticed that the house was a different one I watched on TV so I kept on playing and since I was the neighbor the first time I won since it’s very easy to win if you’re the neighbor then I joined another match confused because I didn’t know that there was a different map and then I saw a different map different from the first one I noticed what it was because I played the original hello neighbor and those are the only two maps and I got pretty upset I don’t know if that was an update or that there are two versions of the game or there were more maps and I didn’t know

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