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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-25
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Totally Reliable Delivery


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Totally Reliable Delivery is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by tinyBuild LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - tinyBuild LLC, with the latest current version being 1.3.6 which was officially released on 2021-07-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 7176 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Totally Reliable Delivery App

How does it Work?

*Supported Devices: iPhone 6S/SE, iPad (2017), iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and everything newer.*

Buckle up your back brace and fire up the delivery truck, it's time to deliver! Join up to three of your friends and haphazardly get the job done in an interactive sandbox world. Delivery attempted, that's a Totally Reliable Delivery Service guarantee!


- Single Campaign and Online Multiplayer: Go it alone to ensure the safety of your deliveries, or join your friends and put your teamwork to the test.

- Controlled Noodly Chaos: Unpredictable ragdoll physics meets snappy platforming. Sprint, leap, dive, and grapple with ease, but collide with something and you'll be knocked out cold!

- A World of Distractions: Take a break from deliveries and play around! The world is chock full of toys, vehicles, and machines that can be used for work or play.

- Ragtag Crew: Customize your blue-collar workers and get your rear into gear, it's time to deliver!

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Top Reviews

  • By glhrugrlunigrsehusgrehliu

    I LOVE THIS GAME! but, a few suggestions DEV PLZ READ

    So, to be honest, I don’t wanna rate this game five stars. It doesn’t deserve it. It deserves 500 STARS!!! this game is amazing, and there’s nothing wrong with it. So far, I haven’t found any bugs. Could you make more DLCs? This game is so good, I don’t care if I spend a ridiculous amount of money on it. And also, I’d like it if you could get ALL VEHICLES at garage. Hot air balloon, jetski, plane, all of it. And also, I’d like an inventory. This would save when you rejoin and it would be things like loose items, parachutes, (aka: umbrellas) and the hammer at the golden ruins. And btw, one question, IS IT THORS HAMMER? plz say yes, lol but really this could also hold things like pvp weapons, sleds, and all kinds of stuff. Speaking of pvp: plz add more multiplayer support. I like playing multiplayer, but it’s SO LAGGY for other players! Also, could vehicles have some more handles to hold for other players? And PLZ FIX THE MULTIPLAYER LAG SERIOUSLY!!! So, also, this isn’t a suggestion, I just thought I’d say it: good job with this game! It’s stupid, but tons of people LOVE stupid games! Some of the best games are stupid. And I love this game! you did a good job, making ALL OF THIS. keep up the good work! Edit: also, plz ad more deliveries for the DLCs! Edit AGAIN: can you add a chat and more emotes? That’s literally all lol- WAIT WHAT? YOU STOPPED WORKING ON THE GAME? is this true? Plz continue it. It’s an amazing game!

  • By chairisfair

    I love the game

    It's a great game but a bit hard because the fish level where you are suppost to drop the fish at the restraint is a bit hard and the helicopter delivery but the controls are a bit lame it's kind of like fall guys but I highly recommend that you should play this game with your freinds because you can solve the helecopter delivery I will tell you how to first of all you have to tell your friend to come in the game then u grab the controls of the helecopter and tell your friend to hold the red bucket and hold on the the sides the u can drive up the building and deliver the the red bucket but be sure to tell your friend at the top of the building give the bucket to be and do the same with the fish use the helecopter. See team work makes your dream work! Bye now a word from my sister Olivia! Hi it's me Olivia you should play this game that's all I wanted to say now bac' to my brother issac! It's me issac again the boy who helped you with the fish and helecopter delivery so bye! Oh and please please please I beg you to fix the lags it's boring without your freinds because the lags are annoying and the your freinds don't even want to play anymore so bye! This review was from Austin and Olivia!

  • By Lando08🤖😸🤖

    This game is great!!!! DEVS READ THIS

    I love this game. The fact that this game is getting bad reviews is crazy. I have played this game on and off. I got it and I gust played it then I deleted it but I keep combing back to it. So I got the full game (not the DLC yet) and I really liked it. It does get boring after a long time but so does among us. And this game is GLITCH FILLED and I love it there is a glitch where you could jump up walls and I use it all the time. This is a really good game and I hope that this game because as popular as among us. Even for just a second. But there is one thing. It is the online mode. It is to laggy and it is way to bad in some severs please fixe this. I know that it is not my internet because a lot of people have had this problem so please make the lag a bit better. Other than that the game is not to laggy, no game breaking glitches. You did really well with this and I hope that you make more like this. I hear that people think that this game is fat shaming. Well I don’t think it is. And I like that you have down town free so you can try the game than you can bye the full game if you like it. Devs if you read this I really hope that you done fix any of the glitches (but the game breaking ones). And what is that bear for. It is super big.

  • By RaZoR_Wulf227

    Great game!

    So hey!, this is one of the best open world/ whatever genre of game this is but I have a little problem, okay yes the full game is only 4.99 but I'm currently at a status where I can't buy anything an with only one parent in the house it makes it difficult to even ask to buy something since every 2 weeks the bills need to be paid and you might ask "why not ask the week before?" well said parent also doesn't trust the app store or anything matter of fact enough to put their card on the internet because of hackers, scammers etc. But now it's getting to the point where I can't even order things online because right now we're quarantined in our city/town so we don't go out. So I have an question to ask, is it possible that you could just give us like half of another city to explore and a few more deliveries for people who don't have the full game and I understand if you think that this is to much that I'm asking for and you won't do it and I completely understand so it's your choice.

  • By dhfggdbudcjg


    I like the game is just that I wish we can I have a backpack or you can put things in and hot bar where you can click click it and then you’ll swipe between the thing you’re holding and the thing in your inventory like a umbrella if you’re using one of the airplanes to make stunts you can jump off and use like a umbrella or maybe a parachute in for delivery you would have an inventory but you cannot switch between like the plane mission we have to fight from the building and then safely you can switch between that but you can’t switch between like like an umbrella or something like a chair or I am anything like in haunt like if you’re trying to deliver package but the helicopters going to fast I wish you can just like him go above the sky limit like I like having enough time where you can just go on you Mentary and click the item that you want a new switch off and you can do it successfully

  • By exra.gamer

    Best mobile game ever

    I love this game. I got it on the ps4 and on ios and it is absolutely amazing how you fit this game on mobile! I had downloaded the beta through test flight but wasn't able to experience to full game because of the pay wall, but after getting the full version, this is actually a good pay wall. It would make me feel scummy if I got this game and could play all of it without paying! It's just absolutely amazing how you got all the assets and the entire map inside this game! Sure, the graphics and framerate are decreased, but that's a fair enough trade off for how amazing this is. All that I wish is that you didn't need the full version to play online, but that's okay. This game is a must have because of the incredible map and the super fun game play! 10/10 because this is a step towards the future of gaming!

  • By lolwutoo

    Good concept, but controls and physics can be clunky.

    To start of this review on a positive note, the concept is GREAT. Trying to deliver packages quickly and safely can be fun with your friends. Multiplayer can be a little slow, but other than that it’ pretty fun. On physics, i can’t say the same. The whole game feels like your on ice, the vehicles are so slippery to the point where walking is more effective then actually using vehicles. Also, missions. My favorite is Fragile Deliveries since you can take your time. But on Standard Deliveries, it’s much more time based. Red Hot Rushes are very annoying and probably my least favorite. You have to carry a heavy crate, run for a minute or so, and sometimes you don’t make it because the crate is so hard to move. If you all make a second game, add more new types and don’t make them all time-based. And the final complaint is paying money for the full version. I’m fine with the DLCs. TinyBuild does like to do this often, so i’m not surprised. Also, the package machine can break at times and not start a mission. Personally i rate it 3.8 stars. Good game, but can be clunky and pressuring at times.

  • By ,cftghncxasfhjyvvg

    It’s a great game but...

    This game is so fun and it has so much potential! Me and my friend always have so much fun playing together. But besides the fact that it’s a truly awesome game, there are issues as well. Me and my friend always play over the phone so the obviously the internet wouldn’t be strong. Whenever she joins me (or I join her) it’s so laggy neither one of us can move. This issue also happens in multiplayer when you do quick join. The second issue is that the game IS NOT free. (Well it technically is free without the full experience.) I did buy the full game including the DLCs, and I have to admit I’m glad I did. If you don’t buy the full game you’re going to find yourself bored super fast, since there are boundaries that force you to buy the full game is you want to pass them. Overall the main issue is lag, but it’s still a very good game! If you do plan do buy this game then be prepared to either buy the full game for $5.00 or get very bored. Suggestions for the game developers: Maybe make an easier way to get to Cyber Funk? Whenever I want to go up there I have to take a plane/hot air balloon.

  • By Cora Crane

    Great Game! But a few problems. DEVS READ THIS

    Sooooo I just got this game yesterday and I’ve already done all of the deliveries in the regular version (No DLCs or Full game things) and it got boring doing absolutely nothing but flying around with the fire extinguisher and jumping on the house trampoline. So then I tried to get a DLC or the Full Game. But when I tried to go to the shop, it didn’t work. I tried and tried and tried but it didn’t work. I can get in-app purchases but it still wouldn’t work. Could you maybe look into this? Thank you! Also, about the deliveries, There are 3 different types of deliveries, Fragile, Standard, And Red Hot Rush. Standard and Red Hot rush are basically the same. On the first delivery, I didn’t know how to work the controls very well, so I got a bronze. I was pretty upset about that because I was new and didn’t have total knowledge of the controls. Later, after I did some more deliveries, I tried it again, and I got a silver. I mean, how do you expect a NEW PLAYER to do it in LESS THEN 7 SECONDS???? Just, maybe make it a bit easier for new players. Thanks! Bye!

  • By Very Angry Mario

    Here’s an honest review.

    Let’s start with the good things about this game. The design is amazing, the gameplay is awesome, the free version is fair and gives me a good taste of the game, while also compelling time to buy the full version. It’s basically perfect, except one thing. The multiplayer is kind of laggy and often crashes. Sometimes it loads forever, or the worlds don’t pop up, or it’s stuck showing that computer background thingy. My brother and I really want to enjoy this game together, and we’re trying our best, but... the lag is alright, but the other stuff prevents us from playing. If possible, could you maybe try to increase the connection strength in multiplayer? (My brother and I are right next to each other, our connections are fine.) thanks, and thanks for this amazing game!

  • By TacoCat_TheBoi

    The game is great but there is one flaw

    Ok let’s get real it’s fun and really is fun I run around with friends making deliveries and trying to stop my friends by destroying the package or making it take longer. And sometimes just playing the game and messing around. But the I quickly realized that the game is not free I mean it is... but after I was done doing most of the missions I realized I could not unlock some vehicles because I ran out of missions and I couldn’t go back and get bronze or silver so I wanted to explore and go and play around with some other stuff. But the game is not really free and I couldn’t get the full version because come on really! So I was sat there not able to ride boats out of things to do. So I invited friends and played around I had fun for about a week the poor connection with friends was not worth it so. One day it will probably get deleted due to lack of content for having to pay for the whole game. But some other games like WorldBox do this because they know there game has an endless amount of content. And plenty to do it is endless fun. But this game you know it won’t be fun forever so it’s not worth it but you really are tempted. But then you forget about it and you just delete due to lack of content. So I hope developers just make the full game free. Not DLC The full game. It would just be more over all fun for the player. I would definitely play it more if so.

  • By BurntPopcorn2009

    Really wished multiplayer worked

    I’ve been searching around the App Store a lot for multiplayer games to play with my sister. When I first started the game, there seemed like a lot of things to do (although later I did find that you have to pay for quite a lot of them) When I first got into the multiplayer world with my sister, it was VERY VERY laggy. It only showed a frame every 3 seconds and it was really hard to play. However, whoever hosted the lobby wasn’t laggy at all and was able to play just fine. We ended up having to look at the person who was the host’s screen in order to see what we were doing. We stopped playing after about 10-20 minutes. It was really frustrating and hard to play. We ended up deleting the game due to this issue. I would appreciate it if you fixed the issue although it doesn’t seem that the developer is working on this game anymore because it says that the last update was 4 months ago.

  • By Khoven.5

    It has potential but...

    This is a great game and very fun when you are playing in the company of others. Me and a friend played this game a while ago (around 3 months to be exact) and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately we found that the connection of the game when played online was heavily flawed and laggy which forced us to delete it the first time. Willing to give it another try after three months, my friend, a new friend, and I decided to get the game again. We were disappointed to find that we couldn’t have any friends join our games because we would somehow be kicked from our own lobbies before the appearance of our friends. We were kicked from the game for some odd reason despite having a standard connection on all ends. We all tried to host a game and have each other join, we even tried switching server locations, yet the same problem still appeared. Otherwise, this is a fun game and I’d like to maximize it by having more available play features and better online systems!

  • By Shuvani19

    Please read before downloading. Or read it even if you have the app.

    so this game was very impressive so far. I just came to come across multiple problems. If I join my friend I am super duper laggy, and if my friend joins me they are super duper laggy. I am asure your aware of this..? I have sawn thousands of reviews complaining about the same problems of mine, so I would like for you to 𝓽𝓻𝔂 to help. Back to saying the problems, so as I was saying the lag and stuff but that’s not it. The full game is very nice add and I think it’s fair but I think everything knows without the full game it’s no fun. The actual fun, is on the full game, and so if that’s the problem not a lot of people will get it because you still have some bugs/issues and you won’t get money. So if they buy it’s basically a “scam” cause they still have the problems, but they paid for the full game and if that happens they can I guess “sue” you but most likely will not. Unless you will fix it. Your ignoring about what the “costumers” are saying and that’s no good creator. You should at least try. Although I’ve seen “some” improvements. Kinda less laggy but I still get kicked out. So what do you say?

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