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Hello Neighbor


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Hello Neighbor is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by tinyBuild LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - tinyBuild LLC, with the latest current version being 2.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-01. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 96441 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Hello Neighbor App

How does it Work?

*Supported Devices: iPhone 6s, iPad 5 (2017), iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and everything newer. iPod Touches are not supported*

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There'll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

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Top Reviews

  • By Apryl's iPad

    Good but act three basement is impossible!

    So, I completed act 3, which was very confusing and taunting by the way, and I got the keycard, took away the chair, and removed the boards, and got into the basement. The part when the shadow man comes across the hallway is brutally teasing me. He does not come until I go IN the hallway, then he appears and jump-scares me! It’s ANNOYING! Those things you must fix. I mean it. There’s also a bug where I am on the train tracks at the front of the house, and the neighbor sees me, right? He can’t get me, so he continuously tries to hop up to me. Then he throws a tomato, and I get teleported to the ground! Please fix this. Also, In the fear school mini-game, this might be a bit of a change for a finished game, but I was thinking, maybe you could place the school bell rings a little bit further apart. I had to go during the free roaming and DODGE MANNEQUINS all the way to the door at the end. And maybe put less mannequins in fear school? Thanks for reading. Goodbye. This is (name censored) signing off. What?! How did this review get on who’s your: crazy Christmas? It was supposed to be a hello nieghbor review. Well, to hello nieghbor, I love this game!

  • By user (;

    Allowing more access to the game and levels

    This game is famous and cool but it could have more access to the game I would like it if you could play the full game with out buying it because there are not a lot of people that have much money and I don’t think it would be a bad idea if there were a free full game on the next season of the game but all I want is to make it better because I don’t have that much much me and it is mostly because I don’t know why a free game has in app purchases when it is free I just want something to make things better but for the most part this game is awesome and interesting and fun and amazing it’s the best of most games well in the top rate rope of games like bendy and the ink Machine and five nights at freddys and g mod and the only reason I’m righting this review is because it wouldn’t be fair if everyone had this game and the other people did not have the full game and there just dying to try it and that can’t it’s not because I don’t like the game I just think everyone would be happy if the full game would free but they love the game creep it up and I’ll be back with another review 👍👍✌️

  • By Boonsause

    It’s fun probably not worth 15 dollars

    **Edit: Please fix the room with the red key switch in Act 3. It is impossible to get the red key in any legit way/without glitches. YouTubers can’t even do it. 15 dollars is too much. BUT for those who did buy it...it’s more fun to Not do the shortcuts... for example, in Act 2 (if you try a few times) you can run into a crate and glitch-jump very high to go over the fence at the very start. Or especially in act three where you can just throw a shoe at the key cage switch or melt the ice with the just hot water. For the longest time I didn’t even know about the rifle, the phonographs, and freezing the globe because of the shortcuts. I know there is only bug fix updates now but it would have helped to have more clues pointing towards the correct steps. I never would figure out the mannequins and cake around the table if it wasn’t for the internet. On one hand, I do like how there is multiple ways to complete the Acts...but those shortcuts make it way easier. Lastly, it is too hard to control the trolley right. Thanks for reading👍

  • By Geoff and Lisa

    Hello neighbor is awesome

    So even though it said that It was available on the iPad mini 2 And it wasn’t It’s an amazing game even though I had to get my computer out and I can’t play whenever I want because my mom is at work on the computer because of her working from home privilege I can only play it at night but hello neighbor is an amazing game I love the designs and the neighbor of course it’s so cool being able to like go through this world where The cops don’t get called on you when you break into houses but it’s an amazing game even though it was expensive and I couldn’t afford it in embarrassed fully asked my dad to buy it he was cool with it it is a fun game and I like that there’s good jump scares. It’s a fun game it’s not like a real real horror game and I like that it’s easy for everyone and 10+ because my mom and dad were in allowed me to play it if It wasn’t it is a very cool experience and I love all the games even the pre-outfit was super good I love this game and I cannot wait to finish it!😃

  • By gamerboy207


    This game will go down in history. I have a steam copy of the game on my computer but would like to share my thoughts on my iPhone. All of these reviews saying “expensive!” And “waste of money!” Are absolutely bogus. I do believe it is a bit of a waste of money on a mobile game or a iPhone game but 99% of these reviews obviously haven’t played the pc version of the game. It’s much more fun, easier to control, no ads, no paying for more content ect.. The game on Steam gives you full access to everything ever included in Hello Neighbor. You get the full game. This iPhone version is definitely a waste of money if you’re going to buy the game on a computer. So please, if you have a windows computer at your home, download Steam and buy hello neighbor from there, it’s MUCH easier to use all around and much more to do. Such as adding mods, creating mods, exploring more of the Hello Neighbor universe and much much more. Bye!

  • By BlondieBlue11

    SO frustrating

    I LOVE this game I even play it a school! It is a real challenge to get the red key but even more a challenge to escape the basement! But let’s get to the point, I worked SO HARD to get all this progress and ready for the next act but when I FINALLY escaped the basement this HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE came on to my screen saying I had to buy the full game! I even got my friend into the game with me and we had a blast! And that ended because of the price! I in my opinion am very smart with my money and I would never spend my money on a game that costs 15 DOLLARS that bull crap to me in my opinion it should be free sense we 1 downloaded your game 2 took a chance on your entertainment and 3 took our time to play your game and be devastated! Sorry if I sounded rude but I am really heartbroken that the game has to end for me. It’s up to you to fix this problem and mean MILLIONS of more kids could play sense the full game would be free! Thanks SO much for reading and hopefully I made you have a change of heart. ❤️😁

  • By pineappleNiki04


    So, I’ve been playing act 1 over and over again. The whole reason why I give it 4 starts is because you have to pay a freaking $15 just for act 2, 3, and the finale act. I’m asking my parents for the Hello Neighbor game on my switch, and they want to get it for me. (Even though it’s more expensive). But seriously, why do you have to pay $15. The question still stands. Who would wanna pay that anyway? You also have to pay $15 for Hello Neighbor “Hide n Seek”. That game is a story about how he lost most of his family, and when Aaron pushed Mya off the roof, not knowing it would kill her. Also their mom got killed in a car accident. (As seen in act 1). THAT DOESNT CHANGE THE FACT WHY YOU HAVE TO PAY HALF OF $30 FOR A GAME ON YOUR PHONE. Anyway, the game is super fun. And thrilling. I love it, but I wish that you didn’t have to pay so much. Then, people would play it more giving the creators of this app WAYYYY more money. 🙃

  • By N-bot824756

    It’s good but not the best.

    It is fun to play every once in a while but the overall gameplay is not the best. For starters the mobile controls aren’t the best so getting the game on pc or console would be better but the mobile controls aren’t the worst either. Also the game doesn’t make it too obvious on what you are supposed to do next so it is hard to figure out what you are supposed to do next. Also the basement sections of the game will almost have you pulling your hair out as the lighting is dim and it is kind of a maze in there so it is just annoying to have to navigate through it. Also the size of his house in act 3 is kind of ridiculous as half of the rooms in there don’t have anything to do with getting to the basement. It would be one thing if there were some rooms like that in act one and even act 2 but not act three as it will delay progression a lot more. The rooms are kind of interesting but I could still do without so many of them. Finally, you never understand the story that well even at the end of the game and the game is not a scary as it used to be. They also have more games in the Hello neighbor series such as Hello neighbor hide and seek which is a prequel to hello neighbor which has the same negative qualities as this game and secret neighbor which is an interesting online multiplayer social horror Hello neighbor game which is the only actually hello neighbor game in my opinion. I am giving this game 3 stars for it being OK but not the best.

  • By blaberino

    Wished it was better

    I was so exited when this game which I loved watching you tubers play was available on mobile and also for free. However upon learning the the full game had to be purchased separately and was very expensive I was disappointed. However I was still willing to give act one a try but was again disappointed with all the other issues with the game. Similar to what I have all ready read the controls could definitely use a lot of improvement as it is difficult the activate certain controls most commonly walking as you just get stuck sometimes and the joy stick would not react. The upon learning that the steal series controller work for the game I got really exited as it was much easier to control. However I was again disappointed when I found out that a lot of things were not fleshed out for example not being able to pick up items, open doors or as a matter a fact activate anything with the controller instead having to use the controls on the screen. While I noticed some other problems like some of the tap controls being very unresponsive the previous mentioned issues with the basic and necessary controls made me not want to continue playing. The controls and responsiveness of those controls need a big overhaul, as well as if there is support for the controller, make it full support.

  • By KikiTime

    Expensive and Glitchy.

    This game is pretty fun for the majority of it, but to get the 3rd and 4th act, you have to pay $15! I’m not some cheapskate, but I know for a game that doesn’t even end that well and is SO hard shouldn’t make you pay that much money for the other half of the game. And even though I have the right device for this app, It can still be a bit glitchy and sometimes the screen just turns black and I can’t move, and have to restart the game. Now for the pros of this game, I give it a 3 start because it annoys be personally sometimes, but it’s still fun as it is. Basically, there is some creepy man across from your house that is your neighbor. You have to sneak into his house and find out his secrets that he holds. I think only 10+ should play thing game because it contains some little bits of violence, 1 death (maybe more), and your neighbor is just a creep as it is. Kids shouldn’t play this game, because they may get startled by the neighbor. He has the ability to trap you in bear traps, and he knocks you out and throws you back to your lawn if he catches you on his. However, you can unlock the ability to punch, shoot (with a fake gun.) and throw things at the neighbor along with other things. Also, Hello Neighbor only works on some different devices, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work on yours.

  • By Skyman # 13

    What Happened

    To start off, not saying I hate the game, the game is actually a neat concept. But I feel like you changed so much to the game, to the point where it looked like it was rushed. The art style before was great, let get to my point. You did not have to make those changes. I was really hype for this game, when I saw the announcement trailer, I thought it was going to be the best game I have ever played. But then I saw some negative changes, the AI of the neighbor didn’t do what was promise to us. The AI never cuts you off, it would just continuously follow right behind you forever, and you never can escape. When it “,learns from your every move,” the neighbor just put 16 different cameras at one door, he’s really buggy as well. But I did love the idea of the giant house, it freaked me out. What happed to the neighbor throwing chairs out the window to get threw it I thought that was cool. I can’t list everything I want to say, but I hope you read this, not in a negative way, but in a way to go forward in the future for other games you will be making. I love the idea of it, but there were some bad changes. Thank you for reading!!! 🙂

  • By Zickano

    More issues than I thought.

    I loved the concept of the game but honestly I feel like the ball was dropped. The controls are extremely bad at responding that it actually sometimes gets frustrating to just walk. Once the game starts working a little more smoother, other issues start to occur. Items clippings through other objects, your character getting stuck, AI jumping between very smart to drastically dumb. There’s really no consistency with this game. I honestly wish this game to try and get nice updates, because the way it is now, I can get why others are also a bit disappointed with it. Some complain about the graphics. However, I feel like the game is just really stylized and the art style is fairly recognizable(which is good!). I don’t mind the graphics/art style at all. Though at some part it looks like the items/layout is rushed or lazily done. I honestly wish there were more details were added into the game. Heck, I’m honestly fine with an entire remake of it’s done write. They just can’t leave it at it’s current stage. It feels more like a game in Alpha stage than a complete game.

  • By sta-rgirl


    I finished the first act to find out I have to pay for the rest of it... What is the point of listing it as free then? Nowhere does it say that you will have to pay for the rest of the game. I’d be fine if it was included in the description but it’s not? Please change this, it’s quite deceptive and frankly sneaky. The first act was quite uhh... Something. It took me forever to figure out how to break the window of the second floor because I didn’t realize you needed to hold down the button to throw it hard enough. I’m confused about the basement part of Act 1, one door is never even opened? Maybe it’s revisited later but I don’t know... It was very much like running through a maze trying to hide from monsters, nothing made much sense. I didn’t even know that the neighbor was in the basement until he just randomly popped up when I entered that bathroom area after running around for a few minutes. It was entertaining but frustrating as well, I’m disappointed to learn that I can’t play the rest of it and all my work is wasted but you guys have to make money somehow.

  • By Matatattat

    Could have been a 4 or 5

    I downloaded this game on my ipad and loved it, could not get enough of it. But then while playing act three is started getting buggy. First i would fall through floors, randomly die, and get caught when the neighbor was no where in sight. But that all pales to when all if sudden the game crashed and erased my saved game. Now it is a short game and i greatly enjoy it so i wasn't too upset at having to start over, but then I tried to download this game using family sharing onto my son’s ipad. He saw me playing it and was very excited to play it on his own device. Now, ipad 2 mini is clearly listed as a device compatible with this game on the app store. But multiple downloads of this game have proven that this is simply not true. So now I get to deal with a saddened young child who was excited to play this game and doesn’t get to because of what, I don’t even know. The only reason I am even giving this app a 2 and not a 1 is because I intend to keep playing it on my ipad at least. Though, if i lose my saved game again I will promptly delete it and make sure tiny build never sees another dime from me and try to forget that I spent money on an incomplete product.

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