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Graveyard Keeper


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Graveyard Keeper is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by tinyBuild LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - tinyBuild LLC, with the latest current version being 1.129 which was officially released on 2019-07-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 276 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 2.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Graveyard Keeper App

How does it Work?

Graveyard Keeper is the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of all time. Build and manage your own graveyard, and expand into other ventures, while finding shortcuts to cut costs. Use all the resources you can find. After all, this is a game about the spirit of capitalism, and doing whatever it takes to build a thriving business. And it’s also a love story.

- Face ethical dilemmas. Do you really want to spend money on that proper burger meat for the witch-burning festival, when you have so many resources lying around?

- Gather valuable materials and craft new items. Expand your Graveyard into a thriving business. Help yourself -- gather the valuable resources scattered across the surrounding areas, and explore what this land has to offer.

- Quests and corpses. These dead bodies don't need all those organs, do they? Why not grind them up and sell them to the local butcher? Or you can go on proper quests, you roleplayer.

- Explore mysterious dungeons. No medieval game would be complete without those! Take a trip into the unknown, and find discover new alchemy ingredients -- which may or may not poison a whole bunch of nearby villagers.

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Top Reviews

  • By jonodale

    Great game!

    Love the game and its quirkinesses-better and more open ended than Stardew valley, IMHO (which I also love). A couple of things for the developers to note: 1. The controls have two issues. First, they offer too much range of motion, so it’s difficult to travel in a straight line or with any precision (not a big deal, bu could be better). Second, and worse, there is a delay in responsiveness when you hit something, like a crafting table, which takes half a second or so for the controller to reactivate. This means that some operations, like putting blocks of stone on the stone table, are not as quick or smooth as they could be. 2. I have not seen any crashes - at all - in playing for 2 days (I am just about to do the gold star sculpture quest for The Bishop), but if you exit the game in the middle of a day and it unloads (or restarts), you will lose your progress for the day. 3. The crafting and technology system is complex, which makes knowing what you need in the technology tree unnecessarily difficult. For example, you often need two technologies unlocked to do something, like the skill to quarry marble and then to sculpt it. I know this is more realistic, but I often have to consult a website to know what is what! Other than that, great fun and highly recommended. Is worth more than the current 2.9 rating.

  • By PurplePinappleTX

    Great Game and only buy if you have a NEWER iOS Device

    I finished the game in about 50 hours and it was a fun and relaxing ride! I played on an iPad Pro and had no problems at all. I did try using a controller and it crashed almost immediately so don’t use a controller. This game definitely has the SDV vibe and I actually enjoyed it more because of the story progression. This game is all about quests, grinding to complete quests, crafting and then more crafting. Farming, mining, dungeons, and exploring. I really enjoyed it and hope they keep making games like this.

  • By bonerswild

    Working fine for me...

    I wanted to wait a bit to make sure I didn’t speak too soon, I gave it almost a week. I played quite a few hours on it and saved probably 25 times and it hasn’t crashed yet. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and I do take extremely good care of it, although I don’t necessarily know if that matters. Just throwing it out there in case people want to know why it’s not crashing for me... As far as the gameplay goes, I am really enjoying it, except for the controls..... They are as close to garbage as you can get in the mobile gaming world.... Why they didn’t include some customization options to help with them, I’m not sure? In my opinion, the controls in Stardew Valley are the way to go for this style of game.... So, not that the developer is gonna actually change the control scheme, but if I’m wrong and he reads reviews; FIX the CONTROLS!!

  • By Affekerl


    GK is my favorite mobile game by far, but that is in spite of some pretty awful issues. I’m playing on an iPhone SE and the game crashes about once every three times I try to save. It also crashes often if I go to another app or more rarely, during the middle of the game. I lose roughly 20% of the text of conversations, because there’s another window blocking the right side of the text window. There are also probably a dozen congregants stuck near the door of my church. It seems that the developers have given up on this platform, as the last update was 10 months ago. The other platforms received the Stranger Sins dlc in late 2019, but from what I’ve seen, there’s no expected release date for iOS. It’s definitely worth your time, just a little disappointing.

  • By Norbit how you doin?

    I wish santa can fix it

    The game itself is wonderful and exciting. The moment i start playing i know i like the game and i fell in love. But everything thats too good cant be true and there it was, the game crush before i knew it my tears start to pour done. It broke my heart and i thought i finally found the game that i really like. I hope you guys back there could fix the problem. Not all heroes wear capes and costume you know that right.

  • By TexasGal69

    Makes Me Sad

    Was so excited to see this game for iPad after having it on Xbox and Steam... Love the game but sad because when I go to sleep in the game, it crashes... so it hasn’t even saved my gameplay and I have to start a new game every time. I pay $10 for this game and it doesn’t even save.... PLS fix. 5 stars when you fix this issue. The only other complaint is the controls. Would rather much just have touch controls. Virtual joystick just isn’t good in this game. The save feature is most important at this time tho.

  • By jredkai

    Played for hours and lost my save cuz of crash

    The game has tons of potential! I was stoked to play this game today, it’s lots of fun, however I lost all of my progress due to a random crash...not cool 😢. Graveyard Keeper also works with an mfi controller, it’s a little iffy but makes movement much more bearable, the onscreen joystick stays in one spot so sometimes when I want to move my graveyard keeper my thumb just taps screen and misses joystick. Anyway, I hope to see new updates and fixes soon. Keep up the good work developers!!!

  • By

    Needs Some Work...

    I love this game! The mechanics are good, the controls are simple, and it has a lot of challenges in it that are fun to pass. If I could change a couple of things, it would have to be the quests you have and the crashes. If I try to go for a couple in-game days without sleep, the game starts to lag and then crash. It is so annoying to have that happen. So maybe an auto save at midnight? I know the idea is to sleep each day at least once but sometimes I don’t need to. Also, about the quests... it is REALLY frustrating when I don’t remember what the lighthouse guy wants and then I have to walk all the way there to see it! I would love there to be a quest list in the inventory area and something in the top right that shows the current quest you’re tracking? Other than that, great game!

  • By Person1004

    Crashes.... they are killing me

    I bought this game without looking at the reviews, and I really should have. Crashes all the time after I sleep. I might be able to get past maybe one sleep cycle, but after that, it always crashes. I love the aspect of this game, and I want to play it soo much, but something needs to be done. It was updated 5 months ago, Developers, I get you want to make new games, but is there any chance you can fix this one? I don’t want to feel cheated out of my money because you guys won’t fix the game. I think we all want this game to be amazing, but if you won’t fix it... well, there’s going to be a lot of problems.

  • By bbbnastay

    I love graveyard keeper but they need to fix a few things

    I love graveyard keeper I played it on the Xbox with then dlc and now I’m playing on my phone but I’ve noticed that there is a lots of issues with the the phone like I can’t use a remote without my game crashing which blows and I can’t finish my church cause the stained glass won’t let you place it down so if they can fix some of those issues and more it would be a better game

  • By Jinsing129

    I Love this game....Do not Buy It!

    I absolutely love this game, it’s just the right mix of collecting and building and progression that really makes me love a game. However due to major game crashing bugs that will never be fixed on IOS as far as I can tell, I would not recommend on this platform. About every third or forth time you try to save, the game crashes, losing in progress since the last save. I kept going because, once again, I love this game, but now, it sometimes won’t let me save even once. So it’s truly become a waste of time and energy trying to progress. I’m playing on an iPhone 6s+ if that matters. Buy it on Steam or Console if you want a less broken experience.

  • By Eeik5150

    Love this game but one HUGE issue

    This game is like a morally ambiguous Stardew Valley. And I mean that with all the gravitas a comparison like that should warrant. My ONLY issue (and why this is not a 4-5 star review) is that when going to bed, and sometimes when the game goes to write the save file *crash*. All that progress from the previous save? *poof*. Some times it’s back to back, sometimes it can be six or more saves between. Hopefully today’s update fixes it. If so, this review will be redone. As for a suggestion: make the on-screen joystick optional and add in the tap to move/hold to keep moving mechanics that SDV has.

  • By Jack the Nipper!

    Awesome Game...if it weren’t for the crashing

    I loved this game on Xbox, so i was thrilled to see it on IOS...installation and starting the Game was no problem, the quality of graphics sounds is nice. I agree, the controlling is a bit hard getting used to, especially the stick which like to not work after an action. But this is ok, what makes me give out 2 Stars instead of 4-5 is that the game crashes when u try to save...this is unacceptable. I will move up to 4 when it’s fixed, 5 u will get when u fix the Controls..overall is an awesome game what gives u hours of gameplay.... Update: After the last Update what should fix the crashes....well lets say it made it even worse...what a shame.....crashes all over...i did all the old tricks, don’t have any other app running in background, soft reset the ipad...enough space etc...nothin...come on your job..i pad almost 13 bucks for star to it is fixed...

  • By PartitionedSpace

    Lack of saves and crashes make it unplayable

    Graveyard keeper is a fun little game, something like a Stardew Valley mixed with an idle clicker and a dark sense of humor. It would be a 4 or 5 star game. But it falls victim to the same issue a number of PC/console games do. It doesn’t allow manual saves, doesn’t auto save and only saves when you sleep. If you leave the app and iOS closes it you’ll lose all your progress. Worse, on my device (iPad 2018) it often crashes while sleeping. Sometimes after it saves (a minor nuisance)... sometimes before. I’ve lost progress so many times the game has just become unplayable. The last update was a year or so ago so I’m not holding out much hope on a fix. If that happens I’ll be happy to update the review. For now, I’ll stick to playing on PC.

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