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Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells


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Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zynga Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zynga Inc., with the latest current version being 34.1.713 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 119795 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

It’s time to experience the magic and wonder of Harry Potter like never before! Prepare to cast spells, outsmart challenges, and celebrate the whimsy of the Wizarding World while becoming enchanted by incredible magical Match-3 matching puzzles for your mobile device! Prove your Match-3 skill by beating levels to upgrade and unlock new spells and magic abilities which will aid your quest to conquer more difficult Match-3 puzzles. Get a chance to upgrade your spells as you prepare for the magically mischievous Match-3 challenges ahead.

As you progress in your Match-3 adventure, unlock classic moments from the films, including Harry, Ron and Hermione toppling trolls, Fred & George playing pranks, and Hagrid taking care of his magical creatures at Hogwarts! Learn more about the wonders of the Wizarding World and Hogwarts as you collect magical creatures that will aid your Match-3 puzzle solving! So get ready to ‘swish and flick’ your way to a magical journey of your very own in a whimsical Match-3 game!

o Solve Match-3 challenges featuring the original Wizarding World characters from the Harry Potter films! Develop your magic skills by progressing through innovative Match-3 puzzle play where you’ll master Spells and enjoy an endless array of Daily Events that continue to delight and surprise even very adept Match-3 puzzle experts.

o Level-up Your Abilities: Earn experience points throughout the game to increase your level, unlock rewards and gain magic abilities that assist you in overcoming each new Match-3 puzzle.

o Unlock & Upgrade Spells: Use Spells to beat Match-3 puzzles by obliterating obstacles and removing hazards. For example, cast Wingardium Leviosa to move objects out of your way.

o Celebrate the Magic of Harry Potter: As you solve imaginative Match-3 puzzles, celebrate the most memorable moments from the Harry Potter stories. Along the way, the Daily Prophet will keep you up to date with Harry, Ron and Hermione as they progress on their epic journey at Hogwarts!

o Amass Glorious Collections: As you progress in your Match-3 mastery, you'll be ever gaining a collection of marvelous Wizarding World creatures that aid you in solving challenging Match-3 puzzles. Work on your collection and receive a marvelous creature that will deliver benefits that directly assist you as you solve challenging Match-3 puzzles.

o Enjoy Daily Events: Take part in new and exciting events every day! Celebrate characters’ Birthdays, and upgrade spells as you witness a multitude of magical Harry Potter moments!


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Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service, found at https://www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service

The game is free to play, however in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency.

WIZARDING WORLD, HARRY POTTER Publishing Rights © J.K. Rowling. HARRY POTTER: PUZZLES & SPELLS, PORTKEY GAMES, WIZARDING WORLD and HARRY POTTER characters, names and related indicia © and ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s21) © and ™ Zynga Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Top Reviews

  • By Thisislexi2

    Great but there are downsides

    This game is great fun. I love the leagues. It adds a whole new level of competition to the game. They've done a great job cracking down on the teams who were cheating, which I'm very thankful for. I think my biggest gripe is with the special creatures. When you complete puzzles, you have a choice to pick a special creature to help you. They come out with these new special limited time creatures and feature them for a whole month. It's hard enough that I have 3 creatures that have 5/6 cards needed to complete them, but now with the special creatures every month all my new cards go toward that creature. I've been playing this since it came out and I still haven't unlocked all the basic creatures. Who actually thinks I'm going to unlock the special creature in 1 month? It's impossible and a way to get money from us. Cool it down on the special creatures and allow us to get all our other creatures please! I'm tired of saving up all my cards until the end of month and opening them at the same time. I'm not patient enough for that

  • By pokbwuslandh

    Great Time Killer

    Great game with a lot of creativity, but I believe there are some features that could be tweaked for a better experience. My biggest suggestion is the unlimited lives when you log in. I like to play at night and my league has a set time they usually activate our challenge. That is when I want to use my unlimited lives since it’s a timely occurrence. Throughout the day, I am fine with just giving my normal levels a go, and then waiting till my lives refill. If being able to activate our unlimited rewards whenever we want, I think that’d be great even if they expire after 24 hours so you can’t stack them. Also, the price of power ups is a little high with gold being so hard to collect without paying. I know games like this need to make money but I would more willingly make a purchase if I felt like the gold was worth it, but right now you can only buy a few power ups, extra turns for a high cost. Overall, great game. Just needs some adjustments.

  • By NerdyMomtality

    Favorite match-3 I’ve found so far

    I love that making a cube is a move you can do. The Potterverse references, clubs, character bonuses, & bonus "classes" are great! I hope more get added as we move through the years. The Gameplay is simple but the levels are challenging. Suggestions: Need more stars &/or trophies awarded based off points or more ways to earn them. (For Ex: clearing the board should have more benefits as far as points go. I shouldn't have to clear the board 5 times & still lose on a level that requires 6 books to be gathered.) Also, it would be nice if we could save the power ups earned from the clear gems. Maybe set an option to “use now” or “use later” and then set a 3 move save limit before it’s automatically activated or disappears or something? I keep setting up for a specific move just to have a fanged frisbee blow up all my pieces. It’s so frustrating (but not a deal breaker).

  • By Kay@1234

    Wants me to update but already is

    Loved the game until it popped up saying update now then it brings me to the App Store where it says open so it’s literally in a vicious cycle where I can’t even play bc it wants me to update to the new version but it’s already that version. I went into my settings on my phone to see if that would do anything, no pending updates so as of right now and I even restarted my phone. So as of now it’s basically a negative star rating Update: After getting ridiculously mad over the game the team helped restore my progress and all things back in order. I really appreciate the help that they were able to get it all restored after I was told it wouldn’t be possible to restore and they got it all back on track. I really like the game and the help they provided!

  • By Dfiles

    Fun game but Daily Club Puzzle issue & TOO MANY DUPLICATES!!!!!

    Firstly the game is very fun. Love Harry Potter. I enjoy the magic spells. Secondly, the have creatures you can unlock by getting certain cards you can only get after beating eight levels. Then you only get 3 random cards and you need 8 to unlock a creature. I have about 6 or 7 creatures I can unlock now and I’ve only been able to unlock 2 after getting to level 517. All I ever get now is DUPLICATES! They even have limited time creatures. How am I supposed to unlock anything if all I get is duplicates. Stop making the duplicates populate so much. Give us a chance to unlock other creatures then just the first two. Please! Thirdly, the daily puzzle. The daily puzzle can only be started by leaders or mvps. There always seems to be the issue of someone starting the puzzle to late or to early, an unconvenient time. I think a simple solution, that every other puzzle game with daily puzzles I ever played has done, should be that the game automatically starts the ‘Daily Puzzle’ for the day maybe at midnight or 6 am. The the ‘Daily puzzle me lasts ‘All Day’ until 11:59 pm. Then everyone will have a chance to play it. No more complaints about puzzle starting to late or to early because it won’t be one or two person’s responsibility to start it. A ‘Daily Puzzle’ should be available ‘All Day’ not just 6 hours. This game could be great, buts it’s just ok right because of these simple issues just being overlooked. Please fix.

  • By Elisa Reed

    Great game, get rid of the spiders

    Overall, this game is great. I normally get bored of other match 3 type games, seeing as they’re not interesting enough or at some point they’re the same thing over and over, but this game does a great job of keeping it new and interesting. What it doesn’t do a great job of? Oh my god the spiders. When the event hit me this week, I thought I could probably make it through the week, seeing as my arachnophobia is only mild and I’m generally fine with spiders as long as they don’t come near me or touch me. However, I was wrong. The spiders were too much for me, and I think I’ll have to sit this week out if this game legitimately causes me this much stress. According to other friends who play the game, the spiders make a reappearance later in the game, and at that point I don’t know what I’ll do. I also have many friends who are arachnophobic and play the game, and their arachnophobia is much worse than mine.I would like to make a request for the spiders to be eliminated, made less realistic, or at least add an option in the settings to replace them with harmless stand-ins. I would love to keep playing this game, I really would, but a game shouldn’t cause me this much stress.

  • By Minion Mark

    I’d give it five stars if not for these complaints...

    This is a very entertaining app, and although some of the levels are frustratingly difficult, I eventually get past them without spending money on upgrades. That being said, I do have three main complaints that kept me from rating it five stars (and I hope the developers read this): First, I CAN’T STAND the new “Magical Mischief” promotion that allows random players to “prank” me. This game is hard enough without some stranger taking away a power-up in the middle of a puzzle. It’s just extremely annoying. Second, it’s still too hard to collect cards and get new animals. All I ever get are duplicates, and it takes forever to exchange those and possibly get something new. And finally, I wish there was an option to use my gold to buy just one more turn instead of 900 gold for five more (gold being extremely hard to come by). If I had a dollar for every puzzle I’m ONE MOVE away from solving and run out of turns, I could buy the HP franchise. Again, it’s a fun app, but these three things keep me from giving it a perfect rating. Please see what you can do, devs.

  • By Acami_

    End the “pranks”

    I love this game. It is fun and I love that it follows the movies (if not the books). What I HATE are the “pranks”. It isn’t funny to have hard won trophies lost for no reason. It isn’t funny to wait for a creature meter of 65+ to charge up so it can be used at the best time just to lose it and the level as a result. Pranks are not harmful. In a game like this, these so called “pranks” ARE harmful. It isn’t fun and makes me not want to play when this particular event is going on. I had hoped it would only be a one off event. Also, for new players, this is a game designed for new players to boost a team. The more advanced levels are harder to complete but still earn the same number of trophies. This means the low levels earn more trophies faster than the higher levels. Be prepared, if you are on a team, to be kicked out if you get too high. Kicked members out of a club encourages more new players to join and this keep the trophy count high so the club can get those rare pets. Otherwise, this game is really fun.

  • By TaliaJD

    Game is fun

    I actually really enjoyed this game. It is a great stress reliever. I’ve noticed some glitches in previous versions where sometimes the app would freeze and crash mid-puzzle (frustrating because you then lose a life), but that seems largely resolved in the new version. I don’t typically leave reviews for apps, but there’s one point I’ve got a really strong opinion on: I’m really disappointed that in this version, you’ve limited who can start the daily puzzles to club leader or officer again. While it was not perfect with the MVP, it did motivate people to play more regularly. My suggestion would be to make the daily puzzle standard and restart every day automatically (like the subject class puzzles) it could even be for a short period of time like a couple of hours like those special challenges (collect x number of gems in the next 4 hours etc.) it’s just really frustrating to be in a group that is not super active and never get a crack at the daily puzzles as a result.

  • By Libei10

    Fun, but don’t expect to earn more creatures

    The game is highly addictive. You can do every level without power ups, though it might take several tries. I’m over level 900 without spending money on the game. That being said there are issues, and you won’t earn creatures after the ones you get on the first day. Examples of issues include incorrect notifications and puzzle problems. Currently I have 7 notifications on the Events tab and I should have 1. It behaves especially weird when guild puzzles are open. In addition, it’s common for it to take out the wrong color when I do a swap and for puzzles to start with swapping (meaning it doesn’t even start with valid choices). This last thing leads me to believe that while all puzzles are winnable, they are not all winnable every time otherwise there would be no swapping at the beginning. All cards in the packs (even the packs you spend gold on) are duplicates. When you get one away from getting a new one, all the new cards generated from the duplicates turn in will be for a brand new creature that’s just been announced. I don’t see a way to pay for a new one because all the cards I’ve got with gold gave me duplicates so there isn’t really a reason to go after the gold for me. I’d be tempted to spend money to get more pets, but as the game is now, I don’t see a reason to work for or buy gold. It’s a lost opportunity because collecting creatures is something that would hold my interest.

  • By 9231988


    I would love to give this game five stars but due to coming across so many cheaters and zynga not doing crap about them is so upsetting when someone has almost 20,000 trophies in less then 3 days then obviously they are cheating I spend over $100 a week usually more and play many many hours and have not come anywhere near this I can get around 2,000 trophies and I have a 95 win streak and when I see people with a thousand win streak or more and outrageous amount of trophies I report but this person who is making more then any other person and is making the amount of trophies an entire club of 30 makes in a week in just a couple days all by himself and has been making first place every week then somethings up and zynga ain’t doing their job this persons all time record is almost 40,000 trophies it’s so obvious that this person is cheating and zynga does nothing just says they take it seriously and cannot say what actions were or weren’t taken it’s to the point that I won’t be spending my money on this game until zynga bans benny he gets more trophies then others I have reported and were banned and I will keep reporting cheaters I hope everyone else does too mayb then zynga will stop being lazy and actually take us seriously we want a FAIR game zynga and until zynga starts getting actively involved in looking for and banning cheaters then this game will be just that a place where cheaters get away with cheating

  • By Tory Forberger

    Overall good game but does have some downsides

    I love this game, I’ve been playing it for months. But lately I’ve been discouraged to play because I am not able to unlock new magical creatures. When I first started the game I unlocked two pretty quickly, but I am now at level 631 and I have only unlocked 3 animals out of maybe 10. You have to beat 8 levels to get 3 cards, then you reveal the cards and collect them to unlock certain creatures. Each creature requires 5-6 cards to be unlocked. I have received so many duplicates of cards, and if you get 50 duplicates you can redeem them to open one card but even then I get duplicates. I feel that after collecting 50 duplicates you should be guaranteed to get a card that you do not have. I have even spent money trying to pay for the packs and “legendary” card collections, but I still am stuck with the same 3 creatures that I unlocked hundreds of levels ago. I am quite disappointed with this part of the game and I hope they make some improvements soon or else I will most likely delete the game and stop spending money on it. Just my own opinion, but I do believe this to be a fun, entertaining game overall.

  • By Music player 101

    Great game for the first 300 levels

    Game is designed well and really fun for the first 300 or so levels. At around level 400 it becomes intensely frustrating. I’m almost at level 500 but nearly all the boards take over 10 tries to win. So you get stuck in the game and don’t go anywhere without buying special moves. These are too pricey, I’m not spending 1-2 dollars every time I get stuck on a board, especially when practically every board at this level requires you to either spend 20 minutes to beat it or 1-2 dollars. The group leader is over level 1000 so it’s not like I’m about to beat the game. Also the card collection only gives you duplicates after you win your first two pets, and it’s set up so you have to win 80 boards to get a new card. You need 6 for each pet and there are 7 different pets that are available. Short of it it’s okay to have a hard board that’s challenging to beat once in awhile but when it’s every single board the game is no longer fun. Also this has nothing to do with skills because I’m good at match 3 games.

  • By jmmdteacher

    Harry Potter Pranks and Irritation

    So, I have been playing this game for at least 6 months and spent too much money on it for sure, but overall have enjoyed it. That is until they came up with a new feature: for a couple of days at a time, your puzzle wins earn you points to be able to play pranks on other teams. After the first prank event, my team just felt an annoyance from having other teams prank our team every few hours. How irritating. Someone in game development must have decided that the prank event was the best idea ever because suddenly there is a prank event every week. However, the other fun features like the card collecting and new levels have slowed down dramatically. I would like to express to the developers that prank events are annoying because they pit all of the teams against each other. And deciding to have prank events be the only interesting thing or event is just plain lazy. There are loads of different things that could be done, secret items hidden in games, duels, rewards. I always learned as a teacher and parent that punishment doesn’t motivate, positive reinforcement does. Why not try to add a reward event not a punishment one like the prank events?

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