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Words With Friends 2 Word Game


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Words With Friends 2 Word Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zynga Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zynga Inc., with the latest current version being 16.60.3 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 599190 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Words With Friends 2 Word Game App

How does it Work?

ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR MOBILE WORD GAMES is better and smarter than ever before! Unscramble letters, train your brain and indulge in a plethora of word games and puzzles in Words With Friends 2! Connect with loved ones, expand your vocabulary, and show off your spelling bee skills as you search for the highest scoring word in this beloved classic free word game. May the Best Friend Win.™


► The word games showdown starts here. Challenge your friends and family members to play, or use Smart Match to find your perfect opponent. Unscramble and search for the highest scoring words on the board and fill in the crossword style puzzle!


► Play your best words to complete daily, weekend, and weekly goals to earn keys and unlock exclusive collectible rewards with Rewards Pass! With a new theme every 6 weeks, there is always something new and exciting to collect! Climb the rewards track and collect them all!


► The brain train is moving at full speed! Check out Quick Play, the new home for competitive minigames such as Duels! Tap on over to the Events tab to learn more.


► Play against themed WordMaster characters to test and improve your spelling, vocabulary and word skills in this word puzzle ladder. Stay sharp, because as you move up, the WordMasters will get tougher to beat.


► Collaborative meets competitive gameplay in this new, multiplayer fast team mode. Play on a team of 5 players, and face off in a match to play your best words and be the fastest to score the most points!


► Do you love crossword puzzles? Do anagrams get your brain wheels turning? Unscramble and challenge your brain by playing solo in this easy-to-play, limited time text twist mini-game.


► Show off your word game persona and play words with flair through Stickers, Tile Styles and Profile Frames! You can now also equip Widgets to stay updated with your ongoing matches and favorite events!


Play Words With Friends 2 without third party ads between moves if you previously purchased either Words With Friends Pro or no third-party ads in the original Words With Friends on any mobile device. Be sure to login with Facebook or the email account you used to make the previous purchase to continue to play without third party ads between moves.

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Play one of the most fun, social word puzzles on mobile! Download Words With Friends 2 today!

The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

Words With Friends also offers subscriptions to provide you with an ads free experience for uninterrupted game play. A 30 Day purchase will be applied to your iTunes account at the end of the free trial or on confirmation. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. For more information, see our Terms of Service: https://www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service and Privacy Policy: https://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy

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Top Reviews

  • By CaptainAmerica86

    Words With Friends 2 game

    Great game to play with friends and all that if you’re a word game player type of person and all that... and I love playing the game with my friends and all that...but one game I am having a message popping up saying “Oops! Something went wrong!” And then it takes me back to the main menu where all my other friends are that I play against and everything is normal on the games I play with them...but it’s just one friend that I have been playing with and we’ve been playing against each other on a game on words with friends and all that and I messaged them on Facebook messenger if they’ve been getting the same message as I am getting and they said yes to the something went wrong message and then I asked them if they got the same message on any of their other friends games... and they said “no...just our game” and all that and I would appreciate it if someone could please help me and tell me how to get rid of the “Oops! Something went wrong!” Message on my iPhone and iPad for the words with friends 2 app and all that please. Has anyone else ever encountered with the same problem as I am having here and asking for help on here?

  • By fillinger52

    Christine Harris’ words with friends 2 review

    I enjoy most aspects of the game such as the variety of events, the ability to earn points, stars, etc, and the competition. I don’t enjoy the glitches from time to time that not even updating the app improves. These are things like taking away games when playing duels, not being able to find the quick start games with just using the plus button, not being able to play a game in rivers as it never comes up oh and who cares about the back button. I love free trades and all the plays left especially at the end of the game but the best move is not always the best move although it is 90% of the time so well worth it. What I still dislike about it the most are all the men who are trying to use a free game app as a dating service, they are annoying, constantly trying to chat when you want to play and sometimes rude. They are predictable in that they are always widows, have one child-usually a girl, and either work in over seas oil rigs or in the military. I have heard from some of the ladies that they have been asked for money and or preloaded cards. Keep adding new ways to earn points and take off some. With duels who needs the the old timed games. Also, even though I contact you with issues I get no feedback or corrections. I’ve had the same number of original words for over eight years and it never changes. And there are a couple other things not even worth mentioning.

  • By Blondah

    New Fast Games and Solo Challenge

    I normally do quite well in solo challenge. It used to be my favorite game in Words with Friends. However,The last two times I’ve gotten to the last character to play to end the challenge for the last box, it’s cost all the coins I’ve earned from watching ads before I even start. When I buy the swap, I get even worse letters than I had before. One particular game with “Gaia” has been the worst. Gaia has all the best letters each hand, and even if I use my coins to swap each hand, I get the same letters I just had or worse! Once I got all vowels! I’ve played her at least 7 times and lost every game! And the same happens with the other challenges. Plus, they play words I’ve never heard of, and I taught English at the college level and high school levels. The Fast Game I play is the one where you play one other player in 45(?) seconds each play. If the other player doesn’t play, then you sit in “WAITING” mode forever! If you choose to cancel out of the game after waiting several minutes, you forfeit your points, and lose the game even though the other player has no points! Ugh! I’ve been playing this game since it came out, and I enjoy these challenges more than the regular games with friends. I still enjoy playing with “friends,” and will continue to play, but I’m rather annoyed by the solo challenge and the fast play.

  • By Nica1980

    I love this game but...

    I have been playing this game for a few years now but I did take a break because of the overwhelming amount of men trying to pick you up. I play Everyday and sometimes for a couple of hours at a time. I enjoy most of the features and hope it just keeps getting better. I really wanted to give it four stars some things are nerve wracking with this game. The first is that when I go to watch a 30 second video to accumulate coins half the time it doesn’t work and keeps saying that it’s loading for a whole day. Please fix that. I also wish these videos gave at least 5 coins at a time but that’s not a big deal and is just my opinion. The other thing is that I continue to get game requests from men with a fake profiles. As stated in so many other reviews if you don’t chat and go to hangouts or other dating like websites they stop playing. Then that game will take up a game spot for 10+ days unless I resign which then messes up my stats. There has to be a way to work around this. Overall I love this game it’s my favorite of all time. I hope that it keeps improving and look forward to any new features. P.S I played a player a few days ago that had rainbow tiles. I asked her several times how she had the option for that style but she completely ignored me. I’m wondering is that something you would have to buy cause I would LOVE that.

  • By Ari_Z12

    Good App, But Uneven Support Outside of English

    This is my favorite Scrabble-type mobile game and is popular with everyone I know for providing a quality experience. One feature I particularly liked was the ability to see the definition and a link to a dictionary entry for most words played when the game is set to English. This feature is something that sets the app apart from playing the traditional board game, and when combined with other gameplay improvements, it definitely makes the app better than the tediousness that sometimes is experienced when playing Scrabble by hand. What keeps this from being 5 stars for me is that not all words when the game is set to English have an associated definition or dictionary entry (will say something like “definition unavailable”), which makes it confusing how the developers chose what words make the cut for being playable. It also takes away from the learning aspect the app provides in being able to expand your vocabulary when an unusual word with no definition is played (e.g. Qi). I play equally in two languages, and the dictionary feature is absent altogether in the second language I play in (Portuguese). I would imagine it probably is only present in English, and would be glad to see it improved and expanded to other languages in the future.

  • By jokael2

    Fun game, but full of scammers

    There has to be some way to vet out these scammers who begin unsolicited conversations with women. They are relentless and annoying, and they have the same script. I don’t believe most of them are native English speakers based on their canned conversations and poor game-playing. After I accepted several challenges (I hoped they were due to being ‘smart matched’ with someone), 3 different men all started similar conversations with me ‘hello dear’ or using my name in another one. Then in 2 of them it led almost immediately to ‘where are you from’ and in one straight to ‘so, are you married?’ In one where I didn’t answer his repeated ‘hellos’, he finally said ‘so you don’t chat?’ I answered that and told him hello, but I was leery of chatting due to being asked those questions. He said he understood. Then next question was ‘so, where are you from?’ That’s when I looked up words with friends trolls, and found that this is a thing where ppl have actually been scammed. I don’t know what the answer is except to never say yes to a game or maybe just never open conversations with people I don’t know, but in the past I was able to say ‘good game’ or ‘nice word’ without worrying someone was going to try to solicit money from me. I love the game itself, so this stinks.

  • By terrrifffica

    Words with Friends

    I love to play this game to relax; however, this game frustrate me instead. The achievement system is not reliable. I finished level 20 and should have to 21. In my profile still shows me as level 20. I am now working to earn level 22. It’s very frustrating when one works hard to achieve a level and your system takes away. In different device it’s shows correct level 21, but in this device I am using it shows level 20. I delete the app and reloaded the app and is still showing my image with a 20. Also, there are too many words that are allowed which aren’t really words. When I look for definition there is none. This game allows foreign language words when I am playing in English. I understand that there are some foreign words that have been adopted and integrated into English language and are acceptable to use, but the words I see are definable not in common use. I wish the developers would take the time to read the reviews. I read a few and they all have the same issues in common. Please read the reviews! You ask for a rating, but you don’t read the reviews. This a great game to play, but you need to fix all the glitches. We are all telling you the problems. Listen to us .

  • By Kathleen BB


    Great game improvement over regular WWF ,more fun, interesting and challenging. Buggy! Buggy! Buggy! Buggy‼️ I play daily both on my iPhone and iPad. When I started playing WWF2, there were a few incidents per month, where I had to re-boot my iPhone10. Whenever they come out with a new update, the game will crash consistently 2-4 x’s per week prior; progressively worsening to daily until you update. Then crashing is less, but still somewhat buggy after. I updated to the Winter Wonderland last week on my iPad. The first day it crashed completely and would not clear with re-booting,(times 6). I had to completely re-install the game and lost all my stored credits, history and advancements. Understandably, I have been dragging my feet about updating my iphone10 to this Winter Wonderland version, yet the game crashes several times daily and yesterday I was cheated out of 18 coins from the watch the ads binge they offer you when you claim the daily bonus! There is no avenue to contact them to report problems. Most of the problems occur when the ads play, the screen can freeze, turn dark, or the logo just spins. Hint, hint, ever pushing for you to pay for the no-ad upgrade which is expensive.

  • By Starcourt Mall

    This is a great game but....

    So I only gave this 3 stars because the app has a few problems. Otherwise it’s a pretty good game! I love that you can play games with tons of different people and that there are the solo challenges! But there are a few problems that get in the way. 1) There are ads after EVERY SINGLE TURN YOU TAKE. There is only one exception of this: the solo challenges. 2) sometimes I don’t even get my games when it’s my turn! I’ve had to lose countless games because it never came up that it was my turn! That i found was very annoying, and the only way that I’ve figured out how to find those games is if you log out and then log back in again. And every time you log out, even if it’s just for a second, you get all of these new player notifications, like it didn’t even realize you had been gone for a second. 3) sometimes, it says it’s my turn and then I can’t even play. It won’t let me click on games sometimes, I’ve tried reloading my app several times, and it never worked! And finally 4) the time limit on games. I think personally this is pretty annoying, you have like 10-12 days or something to play your turn, or you lose! I’m not trying to spend every day on this app! I’ve got other things to do, and sometimes I won’t come on the app for a week or more! But overall I do like the concept, but if those few things could get fixed, then I definitely would highly recommend this game. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

  • By Mimidddddvvvvvv123123123

    Apple Pencil with iOS14 Update

    I always play Words with Friends 2 with my Apple Pencil on my iPad. I use it to scroll through the game and move tiles. However, With the new update to iOS 14, the app will not allow me to use the pencil to grab tiles once I open a game. Instead, now the pencil just scribbles all over the game board and there is no option to turn this off. I don’t need to scribble on a scrabble game board, it’s not a coloring page. It is pointless. So far, all other apps I’ve opened work fine with the pencil. Please fix to still allow the pencil to also be used to play the game by scrolling and grabbing tiles, not just as a drawing tool. Other issues I have is if you use a Word Radar and then leave that board, when you return the game closes the “radar” and then makes you “buy” another radar. They didn’t use to do this and it seems petty. Also, I like that that they allow you to change the game tile within each individual game. However, in one of my games it keeps reverting to this one game tile that I hate. Even though I have changed both my universal default tile and the individual game tile, every time I open the individual game it reverts back to this other tile that I can’t stand. It is annoying. I love WWF but constant little glitches happen enough to where I felt I needed to say something here.

  • By Raesing.

    Seriously Considering Deleting

    I’ve been playing WWF for many years; at this point honestly I’m not sure how long but I think since 2010 or 2011 - ever since I’ve had an iPhone I think. I participate in the events, and enjoy the wins of coins and power ups of course. But I’m really tired of the rewards being skimped on every time the game updates. For instance, the master solo challenges; it’s always the case on the hardest level I have all vowels and 1 point letters and the “very hard” master (computer generated of course” has all the high point letters. Also you used to get the gold chest for completing the expert side but now al of a sudden it’s just based on star accumulation when before that was a separate reward. This is really the last straw for me!!! Additionally, the rewards pass has gone from a reward at every level to now every other level. Did you think we don’t notice these things? Listen - I’m never going to buy coins, power ups, or upgrades but we should not be punished because we won’t buy in to the gimmick. Stop skimping and being greedy; you have enough players buying unnecessary fluff who can afford it. I’ve already deleted all my other level based games due to this and decided to keep this one because I thought it was different. Keep up the greedy and you lose me too.

  • By DelBeesu


    There is waaaaaay too much going on in this app. When you open it up, you are bombarded with messages about treasure hunts and mini games and contests, ads, and then when you finally get to the main menu there are always like 3 games that you didn’t agree to play with random strangers that you have to actively go into to tell it to decline in order to remove it. Underneath that there are suggestions for random strangers for you to play. There have been times where I missed that it was my turn in the one game I’m playing for over a day because there’s so much going on that I just couldn’t see our game in the menu and see that it was my turn. Then there are “tips” where the app wants you to know about a feature. Sometimes it’s hints, or a new thing that you can earn points for for whatever, but they are impossible to exit out of without agreeing to do the thing, which is really obnoxious. There have also been times where I’ve been forced to go into some new section of the app that I’m not interested and couldn’t figure out how to get back to the main screen, and has to just close the app and reopen it. This has got to be one of the most overwhelming, obnoxious apps I’ve ever used. The only reason I didn’t delete it immediately is because my friend who I never get to see really wanted to play scrabble, and we used to play in this app when it was new and less insane. I may delete it after this game though.

  • By Caltagm

    Progressively worse

    This game used to be fun. Scrabble is fun. Just by itself. But apparently the geniuses behind WWF2 thought they could make it even better. So they destroyed it. The game is now so crowded with awards and levels and challenges and a ton of crap that it makes playing the game a tedious disaster. There is so much extraneous garbage that it takes 10-20 seconds to load the board every time I switch to the game. I’m not talking about opening it from closed. I’m talking about switching from my email or messaging to the game that is already in progress. Now it even bogs down when I play a word. The whole screen will freeze up for 10-15 seconds before eventually moving on. The game locks up for 15 seconds if my opponent sends me a chat message while I’m playing! And when the game is over and you try to start a new game, you can’t tell if it’s working because there is no response to touching the new game button. So you hit it a couple times and the stupid thing eventually opens four or five new games. It’s frustrating and ridiculous. There should be a way to opt out of all those absurd “gaming” levels and challenges and crap. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It wasn’t and now you’ve broken it. So this time it’s up to you to go make it right. Oh and there should be some way to provide feedback to the developer beyond writing a review.

  • By zerokool23

    Don’t waste money on coins.

    I’ve been playing since 2011 and noticed some things along the way. I’m finally irked enough to write a review. First off, most apps on here have a sole purpose and that is to make money for the developer and it seems to me like they use clever algorithms in order to achieve this with WWF. I always end up with all consonants or all vowels and then use a free swap that I’ve earned (you can purchase them as well) and then get more of the same essentially wasting your free swap. You might say that can happen in real life, but if you’ve played long enough you can almost predict it. I also know there are some games that I will statistically have no chance to win when all of the high value tiles go to your opponent. Again, just a pattern I’ve notice. I’ve also noticed that in the tile bag they always try to keep the consonants and vowels fairly even so I know it’s not random. Then in Quick Play where you need to have a ticket to play I would get glitches that to me seem like they are on purpose. For instance I started a game and could see my opponent already racking up points before the screen finished loading my screen to play. Sometimes I would use a ticket and it would take me back to the beginning screen and I would lose my ticket. I refuse to spend money on this app because I know it’s like playing Vegas. The odds are never in your favor. I still play it, but just know you won’t have a chance it certain games.

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