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This page is a stub. You can help Wiki by Expanding it. is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers -, with the latest current version being 2.16.1 which was officially released on 2021-04-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 162056 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the App

How does it Work?

The browser game phenomenon comes to iOS!

Play online with players around the world as you try to become the biggest cell of them all!

Control your tiny cell and eat other players to grow larger! But watch out: players bigger than you will be trying to make you their lunch. Survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell in the game!

With new controls developed especially for touchscreens, offers the same addictive gameplay that millions have already enjoyed on PC. Play online in free-for-all action and use splitting, shrinking and dodging tactics to catch other players - or avoid them! Use a variety of special secret skins with the right username!

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Top Reviews

  • By FreshPlayz

    Awesome game but one thing

    So i played this game everyday but i have stuff to share i have tips everyone wants to have a skin when they play but you go and go to free and you get 3 Skins or more but want a cooler skin okay you need to have no skin and name yourself Snay or Nasa or earth mars Mexico united kingdom Germany USA DOGE Woobs get dead kid snay gang and a lot more but i want to know about Marco what is Marco players and Duo takeover all thous things are unknown to me so please tell ME PLZ AND STOP TEAMING I’M TRYING TO TEAM BUT I can’t TEAM but i need to tell about mass mass are little circles that are colored in when you eat one you get big and they are people that when you feed they feed same thing someone feeds and i give mass back and those green stuff are viruses when your big you feed it and then when someone bigger than a virus turns in to tiny pieces too big means you eat the virus some people are the same size as the virus Stay still on the virus so feed the still guy that’s all i wanted to tell you so have a happy easter🌸🌷🌹so bye

  • By rating meeeeee

    Okay, please consider these suggestion. Thanks.

    Honestly, I’ll start off by saying you really tried on this game. You took a chance, and risked with it. Most people like playing PVP games, so I think this is genius. Truthfully, I love the common function. You don’t have to make updates, all you have to do is program the game properly to be able to switch seasons, or you could also just keep it on one, but program the game where it is able to change once you have collected all of the rewards. Although I have had some lagging issues, they are understandable, and anyone else who might be dealing with this issue, all you have to do is disconnect your WiFi connection. I’ve found many skins that I enjoy, I wish you could take a picture and pay a decent amount of DNA for it. Although, you could also add giveaways that you could join, on a particular day and or time. May I ask a question, why do you have it where some people can shoot bunches of mass at once, but however other people can only shoot out about 1-2 pieces at a time? I was wondering about that, mainly because it really bothers me that some can do that, but others can’t. Also, I am glad the game is secure, whenever you start exploring software, and data of the game it kicks you out. Thank you for reading all of this, please respond and consider my few suggestions, I’m sorry if I sounded rude or discontent in any way. Thanks. Sincerely, Unknown.

  • By dhejvxgjd

    Would have said 5 stars

    This game is good. Its hard and I keep on losing quickly but I think that that’s more my problem than the game’s problem. The only real issue is that people keep on using completely invisible skins and it’s driving me crazy. YOU CANNOT SEE THEM AT ALL. I know they’re real because they keep eating me and I know it’s not just a glitch on my phone because I looked it up and a lot of other people are mad about this too. Please please please fix this. Edit: As you can see, I changed this to five stars. The invisible skin issue has apparently been fixed which I am very happy about. Only one problem left: ads. They keep popping up after I start a round, so I can’t see anything and by the time the ad is over, someone has eaten me. This happens almost every other round. Which is very very annoying.

  • By lyh813

    The lag and glitches and crashes need to be fixed

    For some reason when Im on and off to a great start with a good team mate and everything yay 1st place and all but ur team mate accidentally Kills u and u rejoin in the middle of the game a ad comes on u get mad cause others kill u while ur afk forced to watch an ad then for me all the sudden ur rejoin button doesn’t work everything’s just frozen u have to slide up to fix it but ur not in a party so when u come back u lost everything ur in a whole new different server that got me triggered and then rush when u play rush mode ur doing great then u die and then after u die ur split button just suddenly doesn’t work neither does ur feed button so now u have to slide up again and then u lose everything I get so mad when those things happen please try to fix that

  • By crayonjelly

    It’s a great game but, needs some changes

    I like this game a lot but however, there are some annoying glitches and stuff. For example sometimes when I’m 1st place it just decides to stop my whole game just for an add! I think that is the most annoying thing that happens for me, Also the amount of adds in this game in INSANE I can’t get out of one round without an add, What’s even more annoying is that is always the same adds that I have to keep on saying NO I do not want to get this game please leave me alone! Also I don’t like that when you get bigger you get slower cause when I’m at 1st place I can barely even move! I give it 3 stars cause it is good gameplay but not 5 stars cause there needs to be some changes outside of gameplay. EDIT: I have no idea what just happened but a couple days ago the most annoying thing in my opinion just went away, you don’t lag out of the game just for an add! This makes me give it 4 stars. Thank you for making this change even if you didn’t and it’s just not happening for me any more still, I am very happy about this!

  • By Wwiwrm

    Game is good except for macro noobs

    Games good for me except for macro and lag. I have been playing since 2015 I even have the Santa and gingerbread man skin from 2015 Christmas. But agario is so easy to cheat on so when I lost my legit 2015 acc I cheated to get my skins back. After getting this cheat I got the ability to obtain any skin you pay coins with. You still have to pay coins though. I honestly love this game and have invested a ton of money into it215$ definitely more but to lazy to count the deals. Not trying to sound humble but actually I don't know. I've seen the macro noobs channel in my recommended page and it said default macro. Like m8 if u want to do a major update please make it one orang lag. I don't want to have to go out of my way just to get a diff version of an app to play it right. The app shouldn't be that bad to where people have to do that. I still love this game to death though. Also I can't seem to be able to draw a skin of my own which I've seen snay draw a rainbow spong bob and wanted to make that ohh so badly. Other wise I love this game 5 stars if you stop the macro

  • By LimyFilly464761

    A few things to change

    So, once you start playing, you will see at least one player with a fancy name like ⓛÏᗰŸ ᗩᏳΔⓇ. I think these fancy characters should be removed. Second, there is a fast option to send mass very quickly. (This goes with teaming or just a bait) I think somehow you can make a cooldown to send mass mabye like 0.25 second cooldown. But when you hold the button, there will be no cooldown. And then teaming. There should be an anti-teaming system with sending mass and splitting into eachother. Like the website, I think the anti-teaming system but you can’t split into eachother rapidly is another thing to change. 4th, a lot of people are getting like 30,000 mass. So the other players have no chance to even get 1,000 mass. So I think the mass limit should mabye be 3,000-5,000 on the addition of all of your cells. 5th, when you are playing with bots (Botswana, Steam, etc.) they will split automatically even with a small little guy will give them a heck ton of mass. Well that is it to change, I still think you should play this game as it is fun.

  • By tips32

    Cheaters and teamers with nonsense

    So I have been playing for around 3 years but every year I stress delete the game cause it’s not fair people team up on you without being in party they just fire mass in to them randomly and sometimes they team and to get that they will go to extreme measures to do so they will follow them and wait till they can barely not eat the guy and when that the people who have been following them become cruel and feed them every piece of mass they can just cause there’s a chance they will team with them it ruins the fun and this is not rare it happens all the time around 2 times each match. That’s all for teamers now for hackers some have macro a super speed mass shooter that you developer’s deleted and now people look up website’s to do it so they have a huge advantage over normal player’s they almost instantly throw their mass to main target and that makes teaming even worse and I think you should add it back so we won’t be at an unfair advantage and don’t try to patch it cause it won’t work even the most safe games get hacked please do this it would help a lot I will check every week to see if you respond. Please and thank you

  • By Mcpe203

    Not as fun as it could be

    I like the game. I just hate playing with players who are way more experienced than me. I’m level 6, and I’m trying to beat players who are level 60 and above. It’s really frustrating. Then there’s the people who want to team up, and end up getting ridiculously huge because of it. It’s not fair for the players just trying to get by on their own, especially for the tiny guys. (It’s rare you’ll find someone to team up with when your tiny). Finally, it’s so difficult to get big. And once you do get to a decent size, the giant players eat you. It’s like the giant players need their own map when they get big enough, or else they’ll just dominate the whole map without giving others a chance. Overall, not friendly for beginners who aren’t willing to pour hours and hours into this game just to get a chance at getting big. Very demotivating when you constantly get eaten by teamers and players so big you wonder if they even noticed you. Definitely needs a system where people play with others around their own level to give newbies like me a chance without spending money/an absurd amount of time

  • By kudos1212

    Hackers, clans, and parties

    The game is very fun, I am not gonna lie. But there are some serious issues that ruin the experience for casuals, who just want to hop into a game and get big. First off is hackers, mostly macro users. Those are people who can spit out mass very fast, and with no cool down time. It makes the game basically unplayable for others who just want to have fun. Secondly, clans. When a clan of around like 10 people are just dominating the server, and usually they have hacks and communication that makes it impossible to kill them, other casuals can’t do anything about it. They just have to deal with it. You could be the biggest in the server, but get killed by some hacking clan that swooped in and cleared everyone else within minutes. Finally, parties. This is a good feature for friends that want to play together, but it is also a way to get clan mates and other dirty hackers to easily join each other and start bullying regular players. I hate it when hackers and clans kill me, unfairly. Please miniclip, if you can fix macro users and clans the that would be great, and I will change my rating to 5 stars.

  • By sjsbgzjzbabzGSGVS

    Good game, but few problems.

    Agario is a very fun and addicting game, I love the graphics and everything, and the best part is the limited time skins, it’s cool to have skins that don’t exist anymore, however there is few problems in the game, I have a brand new IPhone XR and it still sometimes just lags out the game when I have over 5k+ mass, it would be great if that could be fixed, one more problem is Macro Players, If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a hack that was in game few years ago, so basically limited time hack, macro helps people shoot mass 100x faster then regular players like me, it just kinda makes the game unfair for us people, I hope they rather remove macro for everyone or give everyone macro to make it fair, I also have a suggestion that they sound add background music in the game, not really music but just like piano or some sort of sound that entertains people while playing the game, the game itself is very fun, would’ve gave 5 stars if macro gets removed or added again. But the game is super fun and very addicting, I play this game like 5 hours a day everyday, everyone should definitely try it out.

  • By Kryn01

    Good game but several issues

    Pros: Great fast casual game of just eat or get eaten. Anyone can just hop in and play. Most of it is just practice to do reasonably well. The market for skins and boosts is generally logical and I feel mostly reasonable, except for below con, considering the devs need to make money somehow for themselves. You can also earn both from doing the daily challenge and opening potions you earn. Cons: I couldn’t find anything about how exactly potions are earned. What do you have to do that qualifies you for the common 3/7hr potion or the rare random 3 exotic potion? Not sure if survival time or size. Nothing in the limited help file said anything. BIG ONE: you only can hold 3 potions at a time and can’t drop any. If you want to free up space, you need to spend dna which is the rarest of the micro currency. So I only play when I have a space to fill. They would get longer play time from me if there was at least 6 slots. Not spending cash on opening a potion for a random fraction of a skin.

  • By Christopher Bulit

    Needs Work

    The game overall has a very good concept to it. I have just found some issues such as the amount of advertisements you get while playing is insane, whenever someone is very big in a “server”you are playing on it always lags in the beginning and doesn’t allow you to move as it is delayed, and last but not least TEAMING it’s super annoying and I feel like their should be something that at least counters it maybe the bigger you get the less you can split and/or shoot out mass?. I also would like to see a an option as to where players can select different matches although this might cause teaming to be worse it would allow players trapped in a server with a bunch of huge teamers to at least have an option as to where they go. Besides these cons the game is overall pretty good but needs a lot of work still and maybe just maybe LESS ads. Thanks for reading my review.

  • By a person thats nice

    No one can play it but it can be fun when they CAN play it

    One it’s fun buttt it’s very laggy and you can’t even play if your not first then there’s no point in playing people can name themselves bad names and its pointless to play. It’s VERY laggy and sometimes I lag so bad I can’t see anything unless some one pops me. but if someone eats you, you will stand there until you decide to leave and or play again. plus, when you finally get first in the sever with prob just restart and it’s very sad. There’s wayyy toooooo many adds and when you wast your time on watch an add to play again with 300 mass or you speak your coins sometimes you’ll spawn on a virus and die within 2 seconds. It sometimes can be fun but not all the time. Also this has happened a couple times where it very laggy it moves you thing the wrong way. Also, it gets to a point where it’s so laggy it hurts your eyes. But ya. Also, when ever you play, say you do get going and your pretty big. The server will probably reset because there’s not enough people on the server, or it’ll lag you out of the game.

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