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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-28
  • New version: 1.2.0011621
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Baseball Clash: Real-time game


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Baseball Clash: Real-time game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers -, with the latest current version being 1.2.0011621 which was officially released on 2021-06-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 18927 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Baseball Clash: Real-time game App

How does it Work?

A new enjoyable multiplayer baseball game!

Enjoy thrilling mind games against your opponent!

▶ Fast Matchmaking & Quick Games!

Single tap for multiplayer matchmaking and start the game!

Don't wait to finish all 9 innings. Play only 1 inning of fierce competition!

▶ Simple Controls!

Choose your location, select your pitch, and throw!

Wait for the throw and tap to hit!

Wow! Didn't know multiplayer baseball was this easy!

▶ Easy & Solid Gameplay!

Takes less than 1 minute to learn to play!

Remains challenging even after a full day of gameplay!

Practice makes perfect. Get the perfect timing and master the mental game of baseball!

▶ Enter Higher Leagues!

Collect trophies and join higher leagues!

Better players await at higher levels of play!

Maybe you'll enter the MLB or even the WBC someday!

▶ Unique & Charming Players!

Burrito shop owner? Insurance Salesman?

Remarkable skills presented by players of diverse backgrounds!

Collect unique players to create your very own dream team!

▶ Convenient & Fun Baseball for All!

You like baseball? I like baseball too!

Experience a baseball game enjoyable for everyone!

**Notice regarting Service Transfer**

Neowiz, Inc. has decided to transfer Baseball Clash service to Miniclip SA. for providing better service and improving customer service. Please refer our Facebook page( for details.

**Notice regarding real-time matchmaking**

League play matches players of the same league together in real-time.

However, if real-time players aren't available to match, players will be matched with a player-like computer instead.

Such computers play at a similar level to players of each league.

We are doing our best to make sure they are well balanced in regards to difficulty, making sure games are not too easy nor too difficult.

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Top Reviews

  • By C_murph13

    Phenomenal Game but still has room for improvement

    Overall this game is extremely fun and addicting. I love how hitting in the higher leagues takes a ton of skill in terms of pitch selection and timing. The pitching is also extremely fun. My biggest issue with the game are the fielding animations. At times a base runner could be at the next base and the throw is extremely late and the runner will be called out. At times the fielder turns around and tags the other side of the base that the runner is heading towards and they’re safe. With smoother fielding animations it would make this game far less infuriating. I also think the base running mechanics need some work. In the end Baseball Clash is a great game but with a few updates it could be one of the best baseball game apps of all time!

  • By RaysUp23

    A Game unlike any other

    The simple mechanics really work smooth and the game moves briskly. The pitch and batter controls work well, and fielding is smooth (bit too many errors for my taste though). It is entertaining and challenging and I almost always feel like “one more game”. Best game mechanics I have seen in an app. Many nice touches that show when a player is hot and what his (or her) speed is when on bases. The players are not MLB players though, more like a softball league in the neighborhood. You play against other players online, and the game is only one inning (unless it is tied). While this speeds up the game, it leaves me wanting more. No tutorial that I have seen, and I am still not sure how to use every feature. No way to edit players names and numbers, and I would love to use RP and PH (relief pitchers and pinch hitters). I would also love a feature to play longer games, maybe 6 innings in a league setting with a larger roster. Even if we paid to unlock it, I would take advantage of that. All in all, a very good game. Just can’t call it a great game...yet?

  • By Redfive84

    Great PvP Baseball game that needs polishing

    Baseball Clash is a great addition to the “clash” genre. The animations of the players, the diverse themes of the stadiums are excellently executed. All the baseball players look like they are straight out of a Disney/Pixar movie. Each one is even given their own unique backstory. Plus the fact there is no cost to a match (as in, say, Golf Clash) is soooo nice. It makes loses not so painful especially as you go up against so strong rosters. However there is some technical issues that need addressing. I’ve come across a couple glitches. They are rare though. In field players will sometimes lock up when the scoop up a grounder instead of throwing to the base of your choosing. Sometimes caught pop flys won’t be called out especially if the ball is caught at the last second. The game seems to have trouble deciding if the ball hit the ground or was caught even if it was visually an out. Besides all this Baseball Clash is a great game and has potential to grow and get better and better!

  • By Jaymanzor

    Not really multiplayer

    What people don’t understand is YOU ARE NOT PLAYING AGAINST PEOPLE. You are playing against bots. Computer controlled AI. Yea it says you are playing against someone with a name but all they are doing is using the name of a real player, using that players lineup, and you are playing against that persons team. They are not controlled by an actual player. Nobody is cheating because you aren’t playing against a person. The computer looks at your team compared to the opponents and decides whether you win or lose based on the team that is better. Why else is it that sometimes a perfect hit right down the middle results in an infield fly or a grounder that goes right to an infield player for an easy out? Why is it that sometimes that happens three times in a row? It’s because you AREN’T supposed to win. The first time they are up, no matter where you throw the ball, if it’s out of the strike zone they NEVER swing and if its anywhere in the strike zone they rip it for a double. The match is decided before you actually start playing. If you want to win and reach a higher level, you better be willing to pay. “Skill” doesn’t exist in this game.

  • By Trs117

    Needs work

    Overall the graphics and gameplay is great. I’ve enjoyed pitching and hitting. They claim it is real time, but I feel like I am playing bots all the time or the other team is cheating. My players never dive, but the opposing players will dive halfway across the field to stop my grounder. It’s impossible to very your pitching strategy because, regardless, they will hit your pitch. They never swing at balls, even if they are slightly outside the strike zone. I’ve seen some questionable strikes called, that were on the line for the “other player” but I’ve never gotten a strike called that is on the line. Overall, this game is fun, but it seems to favor the opposing player, I feel like I may have played a real player here and there, but the vast majority of my games are against bots. It can be pretty frustrating when you are up by 4 or 5 and magically everyone single pitch you throw gets hit and you lose, even when the opposing player hits it on top of the bat and is slow it somehow hits it perfectly, yet I hit a ball square, with almost perfect timing and it doesn’t even leave the infield. Cmon, don’t make it so obvious.

  • By Hooligan 1969

    Really great game...but

    Wonderful game, very addictive. Couple things come to mind obviously pretty glitchy game but I’ve come to not mind it so much anymore. Doesn’t feel like your playing another person since the teams you face are basically the same as yours. Possibly because the amount of cards you can get. Would love to see more player cards added. One thing that drives me crazy is the trophy system. Can anyone explain the trophy system? Up around the 1800 trophy area, I’ll strikeout every batter and get a no hitter and win, and only get +21 trophy’s. Then I’ll lose by one run and get -38 trophies. Sometimes It will be a close game and I’ll come out and win and only get +26 trophies. Or I’ll lose and get -28 trophies. Wish the trophy system would be explained on how the amount is affected, if there is anything that actually effects them. Batting can get annoying when you swing with perfect timing, right in the middle of the bat with a high rated player and it barely goes past the pitcher. Seems to happen all the time. Aside from that it’s a wonderful game, very fun to play. I love it.

  • By lawmann750

    SMH anymore

    Not sure if my previous review was removed because last time I wanted to edit my review I was able to when I tapped the review button. Too shorten it; I've written to the developers the past couple of days. This game is getting worse the longer I play. Started out at 5 stars but can only give it three now. Getting more and more glitchy, coins are not being added properly, extending how long it takes to make progress. I don't see anymore room for advancement, as all players and stadiums have been unlocked. The rewards are so minuscule it's impossible to improve your players in a fair amount of time. And of course that's by design to keep us spending. I understand the developer has to make money, but return on investment is nowhere near what it ought to be. I just can't further justify dropping money on this game, especially since I'm seeing I'm getting shorted more and more. Sad!!! Was the best baseball game I've played here. Even stopped playing Tap Sports MLB for this game. Guess it's getting near time to uninstall and keep it moving.

  • By No one speciaaaal

    Could be great, but….

    Mechanically, this is one of the best (mobile) baseball games I have played. Unfortunately, it is plagued with bugs. The “slow motion foul ball” sequence gets very old fast. It is never a fair ball, so the anticipation is pointless. Randomly, the whole game will just skip a batter/pitch/out/etc, and give your opponent runs or outs when no gameplay sequence has even happened…On defense, infielders will randomly miss the runners, even though the sequence shows the ball in glove, and swipe is made well before the offensive player slides (with the exception of one player who has a special ability to evade defense after special criteria is met. ) Leveling up the higher tier players is way too slow (even if you spend real money). Game needs more depth. Also, auto batting needs to be upgraded, and swing timing needs to be calibrated. When you know you swing perfectly, it will say too slow or too fast….With a few changes/upgrades, this could easily be a 5 star game. To be continued…

  • By Cur the Unfair

    A fun game, but…

    I’ve been playing this game for about a month. It’s been a fun, if buggy ride. The concept behind the game is great. You really get the baseball experience without all the advertising crud you get with so many other games. Advertising, or constantly nagging to buy is absent. It makes you aware that you have choices without stopping the game every 20 seconds to ask you to buy something. I wish other developers would learn how annoying that is. On the flip side, there is work to be done. Watching your player catch a fly ball (an out) instead have it treated like a ground ball and having runners advance is very frustrating. Watching your runners advance like snails over salt, while watching opposing runner approach the sound barrier, can be aggravating. The most frustrating feature is swinging the bat. A full 30% (or more) of your swings don’t register, i.e. the pitch is thrown, you wait for your moment, tap the screen, and…nothing. Your batter stands there in front of the perfect pitch that you have timed PERFECTLY, and nothing. That can be…off-putting. However, despite its flaws, this is a fun game to play. I would recommend it to anyone, and if you are looking for something fun and engaging, this is one. And if the developers fix the above listed flaws, this will be around well into the future. BTW, I don’t play or watch baseball, but enjoyed this game.

  • By ElCafeDiablo


    This game is absolute garbage from the start. While game play is pretty basic and easy, there are far too many issues with this game to spend time, let alone money on. For starters, base runners who decide to return to a base after realizing they are going to be thrown out take forever to change directions. If you are caught in a pickle, there is next to know chance of getting out of it safely, as they change of direction takes forever. Secondly, the lag in the game is ridiculous. I can’t tell you how many times I have pitched to a batter, the game lagged, and next thing I know my next pitch timer is already down to 1 second, the batter is either already at first base or the game freezes. Which brings me to my next issue. The game freezes so often after I win and lose, that I have to restart the game, only to find that if I did win, I don’t get those trophies and gold baseballs, towards my chests. More on the lag. I have had it numerous times where I’m running to a base and know 100% that I am going to be safe, only for the game to lag, the defense throws the ball to the base I should be standing on, my runner disappears, the defender swipes as if tagging me (only I’m not there anymore) and then the umpire makes the out call. I’ve lost multiple games like this because this very thing has happened at home plate. I could go on and on, but overall, don’t waste your time on this game. At least not until all these issues are fixed.

  • By Shweave

    Bots and cheats

    This game can be fun from time to time. There still is a lot of work to be done to improve this game to make it a little bit more kosher. I still believe there’s plenty of bots that are playing, and there’s cheats in it. I’ve had scores erasered or not count, at some point even my fastest players can’t steal anymore, none of my bats can seem to hit the ball anywhere but directly to somebody or a ground ball right back to the picture, and there’s been several times when the person you’re playing just can’t seem to be anything but perfect. I’ve played several games in the row now where the batter seems to know what a borderline pitch is going to be (ball or strike), causing me not to be able to pitch at all to any effect to win the gamelet alone be competetive. This is pretty ridiculous, amongst many other things that this team needs to put together to fix this game to make it much better. I’m gonna give it a little bit more time because it is still sorta fun from time to time, but there is a ticking clock on if they can get this fixed. If they don’t I would say everyone should delete it and forget about it.

  • By scottsyourdaddy

    Fun at first, till you catch on. Maybe still fun if you don’t notice

    I thought very highly of this game till, started noticing the possibility of bots an/or mechanics in the game that just seem to favor the other player. Was a ton of fun until you realize there’s a lot of issues with catching a ball deep field that’s impossible to throw to home base before the runner gets home. Or the inability to throw to third when you know someone is gonna steal but their speed is so fast that when you throw to second to catch them you can’t throw to third fast enough. I could also go on about the amount of cards it takes for gold players an the cash it costs. I get that’s probably to get people to spend. But I have an did spend just cause I didn’t know it was gonna be that high of a pay wall. Considering dumping this game. But I guess it is fun when your not being random number generated or playing what I’m assuming are bots, because theye appear to be copying my pitching styles and batting line ups an outfielder positions

  • By johnnyBlaze561

    Slightly favored

    This game is enjoyable enough. It’s a bit glitchy however it’s certainly decent to play periodically. The graphics are up to par, the characters are fun.. my only draw back is the more you progress the more this game is skewed to people who pay to play. If you do not pay to play and you 1v1 some who does you will notice: 1) even when you hit the ball square the ball goes no where 2) you will commit errors more frequently than those who pay 3) the opponent you play who pays gets a better ball contact radius. It’s fun enough and the devs do give chest more frequently however it’s frustrating to play an opponent who is a pay player and the odds are in that players favor. Edit: after making this review, the more I’ve played this game the more I’m starting to despise it. It’s not slightly skewed in favor of a person who pays… ITS HEAVILY skewed in favor of a person who pays to play. I do not pay, and will not even more so now. Because of this fact, I commit more errors than hits. My team commits errors on simplest of routine plays. I’ve YET to see a person who pays commit any errors. When I get solid hit according the hitting gauge, the ball goes next to no where. The person I’m playing hits balls way out of the strike zone for home runs and base hits. This game is not fair in the slightest and will soon be deleting.

  • By HeadBroski86

    Great game, but system stats are confusing

    The whole game is based around winning games so you can earn gold trophies. The more trophies you earn, the higher leagues you get promoted to. Here’s the issue I have with the game, I’m now in league 8 which is the 2nd from the top most league, but when I win I only earn about 20 trophies but when I lose I lose anywhere between 30-40 trophies. At that rate you either have to spend lots of money to upgrade players and purchase rare chest, or win about 25 straight games to get the final promotion. I really enjoy the game and it’s probably one of the best baseball games for mobile, but when you lose 40 trophies for a loss and only earn 20 for a win, that’s very lopsided and the game becomes monotonous. After reading other reviews about how they feel the games aren’t fair, and are possibly predetermined, I’m kinda thinking that’s also the case. I will get smoked by a team while throwing great pitches out of the strike zone, yet the team manages to still get hits. Meanwhile they throw fastballs down the middle and after timing it just right I’ll ground out to the infield or have a weak pop up that doesn’t get out of the infield. The game definitely needs work because it has potential.

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