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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-23
  • New version: 1.4.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Golf Strike


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Golf Strike is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers -, with the latest current version being 1.4.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5236 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Golf Strike App

How does it Work?

Challenge real players from around the world and make it to the top!

Play on beautiful courses all over the world against 5 other players in exciting matches!

Super easy controls - but difficult to master!

Fun & intuitive gameplay.

Destroy your rivals while taking part in 1v1 duels and 6 player tournaments.

Get in the hole with the least number of shots and crush your opponents!

Upgrade your Golf gear by collecting amazing new clubs and custom balls!

Play, progress & unlock loads of cool courses.

Come and join the ultimate Golf Strike tournament!


• 6 player real-time tournaments!

• Intuitive controls

• Challenge players from all over the world!

• Collect and improve your ultimate Golf equipment!

• Level up and unlock all courses with increasing stakes!

Download the best pvp sports game on mobile – get Golf Strike NOW!

This game needs an internet connection to play

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  • On Nov 14}

    Don't understand on few occasions I was the winner but you gave it to the opponents is there preferred people's????

    Thanks for your help

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    Top Reviews

    • By thebirdman7

      Great but premature exits are annoying - even after reinstall

      I’ve played about five games, only three of them actually finished. I’m using an iPad Pro and the game seems to stop abruptly on the second or third hole. I was like 5 strokes ahead going to the third hole — two birdies — boom the game ends with no warning. What the heck! The other golf game these guys wrote used to do the same thing.. It’s a real pity because I was having fun but this is really frustrating. I have played other highly interactive multiplayer games with no issues. Update - per recommendation, did reinstall which helped a little but the third game I played exited prematurely. Note, there was no crash, the game merely returned to the default screen after the second hole. My money for the game was gone as was my win as I was in first place. My connection is very fast and I never have any issues with other apps, so I am not sure why it exits as there is no explanation or fanfare — it just quits the game. It would be nice if you didn’t lose your money as I have never lost a game except the three that exited early and took my entry fee with them.

    • By Teetimed

      Potential is there! ‘Connecting’ error is crucial

      This is my first ever review. I’m not going to write an essay because I don’t feel it’s needed. I really enjoy the game play. I have spent as much $ on this game as I do buying a new console game. I just want to say that the ‘Connecting error’ mid match has completely turned me away. I lose over 50% of my games due to this error. If I am able to make it through that, my win percentage would be 75%+. I can’t build my coins up because of the error. I am on fiber internet with no spikes. If you devs think it’s on my side, that’s fair. But you lost a $$ paying customer. Hopefully in the future it’s fixed. Read through other reviews, and will see the same feedback.. Tackle the issue so it can be more enjoyable for us players. Thank you!

    • By JHOW3D

      Fun but connection issues and cheaters kill it.

      This is a great golf game that I love to use on my commute and free time. I’ve actually gotten pretty decent at it after a couple of weeks that I want to play it every day now. Trouble is that the game will disconnect mid-game or even in the middle of the tournament which causes you to lose all of the cash you put in to entering and all of your progress in that game. It’s very frustrating. Now I’m also starting to see some cheaters come into the game too. I just lost a game to someone that scored a -1 shots vs my 3 shots. I wish I could email that off to the developers as this is an impossible score and test another game that’s costing me money. I took two stars off. One for connection issues and one for cheaters.

    • By ryan510510

      “Connecting” error

      Game is actually pretty good and I enjoy it. Good graphics and gameplay is fun. I like the 6 person competition on 3 holes as it adds a little flavor. Weekend tournaments are fun, but The problem I have is the in game currency continues to be lost for the slightest disconnection in service. I’m on fiber so I wouldn’t think it would happen so frequently but 1 out of 6 games. Unfortunately I have lost probably $50,000+ I will probably uninstall soon and see if one of the competitors has a more forgiving system. Still probably worth a download but be warned you will get frustrated.

    • By LFarya

      Connection Drops

      Good fun game but I keep having this issue where a match will randomly drop (not related to my internet). This happens frequently enough (1 out of every 10 matches) that it makes it difficult to progress in the game. Also it’s annoying as heck. I’ll be watching someone shoot their ball and all of a sudden it drops, no freeze, no warning at all, and then just take me back to the main menu where I can instantly start another game. You guys need to incorporate a fix for this. It’s unacceptable. Otherwise fun game.

    • By golfer guy 6969

      Connection issues

      Don’t get me wrong. This game is really fun. I’ve played a few golf games now and this is probably my favorite. But I’m really tired of being in the middle of a game and getting kicked out because of a “connection issue”. This has happened while playing on cellular data and WiFi. It has cost me coins and I’m getting to a point where I can’t play unless I get free coins. I have talked to a few friends who play this game also and the comments are the same- fun game, bad connection issues. Please fix!!!!

    • By L0ngB0y211

      Game Crashes Too Often

      This game is amazing, however - do not download this game if you like to win and are into stats. Unlike Golf Clash, Golf Strike has no support. When you’re playing Golf Clash and the game crashes, you can write into support and they refund you the coins lost from the game crashing. I was going for my 15th straight win in a row and the game crashed on me and took my money. It then showed in my profile that I had a loss under my belt, which is extremely frustrating since the loss was only because the game crashed. I eventually created another account because I didn’t like having a few losses (all due to game crashing). My new account was going good and today the game crashed on me (AGAIN)! Took all my coins and now it looks like I have yet another loss, which effects everything - all of your percentages are no longer accurate since you get penalized for the game crashing. I may try to play this game in the future and hopefully the team at Golf Strike can be more like Golf Clash and at least refund you your money and make things “FAIR.” Fun game - just hate losing and ESPECIALLY when IT’s NOT MY FAULT!!! 😢

    • By IpodManiac1031

      Connecting Errors are Insanely Annoying

      The game itself is fun, but there are a few insanely annoying issues with it: 1.) I keep getting “connecting” message popping up every 2-3 games on my screen even though I have fiber internet and know it’s not my connection. I do not understand why this hasn’t been fixed on mini-clip’s end as it appears to be a server issue that should be able to be patched with an update. 2.) When the above connection error happens, I do NOT get refunded my entry fee, which can be insanely annoying if you’re playing a course that requires a steep fee (I.e. really anything over $100, but primarily $1,000 and more). It’s already so expensive to upgrade your clubs, and now I have to deal with losing money every time mini clip’s server glitches?! 3.) I haven’t found a way to choose the club I want to use for each shot. It will force you to use a particular club, even though it’s very obvious that using your driver shot would be better. I guess I wish the game was a bit more realistic… 4.) There needs to be a better way to get red diamonds other than buying them. I have had my piggy bank ready to be opened for some time now but it requires 800 diamonds and I only have like 450. Why don’t people who score in top 3 get diamonds for winning in addition to coins? Doesn’t make sense since diamonds are obviously an important part of the game. Please fix mini clip! People are not going to spend as much money on this game if it doesn’t work half the time!

    • By Buchla Guy

      Golf Clash is much better

      I have put thousands of dollars into golf clash and golf rival and golf battle and this game is much more boring and hard to control. At the beginning you can just overpower each shot and win against your opponent but after a few games you have to buy the expensive balls or you can’t win. If you land just outside of the green you can’t possibly sink your shot, unlike golf clash or golf rival where it is easily done. There is no finessing in this game. Heck there aren’t even rings when you are aiming so that you can tell how to compensate for wind. Since golf rival at its higher levels treats the player badly I would recommend golf clash over all the golf games. I think the makers of this game also make golf battle and even golf battle is infinitely more fun than this loser game.

    • By Blankendaddy

      Developers couldn’t understand my review

      So I am going to write it again. Poor rating because often while playing the game, connection is lost and you lose the round and the points or money u have bet. The word ‘Connecting’ shows in the middle of the page and your game is over. It happens often. Way too often. The fame is fun when it works. I actually like playing it. But it fails and disconnects far too often. I hope your can u defat and this review. It seems to be similar to many other reviews I have read about the game. Please fix the issues as it could be a great game to play.

    • By Tp3LSU

      Booted from Tourney for no reason, multiple times

      I have now lost $3,000 gold coins from tournaments I begin playing and randomly get booted from during the first hole. Not the second or third, the first one, every time. This has happened four times in the past week and when I contact customer support they blame it on my internet connection. They refused to give me my gold coins back that I continue losing for no apparent reason because they are not liable for this issue and then blame me for it. Your game is so perfect that it can’t ever mess up? How is it always the customers fault when the best support they can give me is someone who has no clue what happened emails me that they guess it was my internet connection. You’re guessing? No, this is a fun game but the lack of respect given to players is ridiculous. Update: I have now been kicked for no reason about 7 times since and their response is to take a screenshot? How do I take a screenshot of the connecting screen as it kicks me back to main menu? What do you think I’m trying to pull here? I’m asking for my free in-game money back, not the keys to Fort Knox. Your game kicks me out randomly and the only help I get is pointing the blame at me? The way you try to shift blame is sad from such a large corporation.

    • By JimJohnMarks

      Same exploit problems as Golf Battle

      Just had a long run around with Miniclip support who INSIST the exploit we see where a losing player blips everyone’s connection so they win the hole (last player still connected) can’t possibly exist. They INSIST if you get disconnected you get your stake money back (you don’t). They INSIST you must have background apps running (I never do) or a flakey network (I don’t, it doesn’t impact anything else at any rate) or need to update your phone, OS, browser, anything they can think of to avoid admitting the game has a giant exploit. So play, just be aware no matter how far you advance you can’t play the higher stakes games because the longest running most successful players will not let you win, if they ever make a mistake on a stroke they’ll just blip the game to ensure they keep their streak. Exact same problem happens with Miniclip’s other golf game: Golf Battle. Interestingly, it doesn’t happen with a single other multi-player real-time game I play or have played. But the problem MUST be on my end, of course.

    • By Schmitty1040


      Connection Error….Connection Error! More than half of my games are lost because of your Connection Error and because of this I lose all my coins? I’ve lost 100’s of thousands of coins because of this issue not to mention how many lucky shot bonuses I’ve gotten but not awarded because of your stupid connection error! It’s not on my end either as my son plays his Xbox games daily and has never lost connection while playing! I spent a lot of money on this game and will not spend another dime until you fix this issue and if possible give me what I’m owed for your connection issue that you took from me! Don’t download this game!!! Just got done reading other reviews and it’s kind of sickening to see that everyone else is having the same Connection Error but the makers still say it’s on our end and not theirs? Get your head out of your butts and fix this issue or find something else to do because you obviously can’t accept blame for shotty connection issues!

    • By JRH0901

      Crash AGAIN!

      Last review I wrote was about the crashing and received their standard response “ try reinstalling the app” I did it both on iPhone and iPad and still crashes !! The real frustrating part is you build up coins and play in a $1000 entry fee round and the game boots you halfway and still lose your coins including the ones you purchased. Of course they say “ if your still experiencing the problem contact the developer with screen shot etc” how many screen shots do they need considering every one is complaining about the same thing. I finally figured it out after their last response on how to fix the problem - DELETE THE APP and move on!

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