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Golf Battle


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Golf Battle is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers -, with the latest current version being 1.22.0 which was officially released on 2021-06-03. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 239940 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Golf Battle App

How does it Work?

The ultimate multiplayer mini golf battle!

Challenge real players from around the world and putt your way to the top!

Get your friends, beat them in 1v1 or play with up to 6 Facebook friends at the same time.

Fun & intuitive gameplay, super easy controls

Blast your rivals off the course! Beat your friends in a Mini Golf Battle!

Play with your friends on more than 120+ mini golf courses in this super exciting multiplayer PvP golf game.

- Play together with up to 6 friends or players from all over the world!

- Beat your friends in a multiplayer mini golf battle & win bragging rights!

- Play golf on the same course as your friends and watch them in real time

- Show off impressive golf clubs & customized balls to your friends!

The perfect Golf Game for Casual Players

Enjoy a friendly round of mini golf while you wait, on a rainy day or whenever you need to kill some time. Visit beautiful courses around the world & play against golfers in real-time online multiplayer matches!

- Collect and upgrade awesome golf clubs and cool customized balls

- Show off your amazing trick shots in the Lucky Shot Challenge & win great prizes

- Huge slides, big jumps or wild rivers: Experience obstacles you’ve never seen on a real minigolf course.

- Play & level up to unlock cool new content!

Come on in & join the minigolf party!


- Innovative multiplayer gameplay. Exciting games with up to 6 players.

- Challenge real players from across the world and clash on the mini golf course in real-time

- Play with your friends. Just with 1, or up to 6 all together!

- Relax, take aim and putt in classic mode!

- Simple, intuitive controls. Fun, addicting gameplay. Entertainment for Kids & Adults.

- Awesome 3d graphics.

- Win prizes & powerful golf gear.

- Unlock & upgrade your clubs.

- Level up and progress through 120+ holes, mini golf courses and levels.

Multiplayer Golf battle

Pine Forest

Extreme Mini Golf action from start to end. A clean green awaits you in the Pine Forest. Expect straight Mini Golf action from start to end.

Rocky Mountains

Like Golf in the desert, but it's actually golfing in the Rocky Mountains! Dangerous sand pits and moving objects stand between you and victory, be aware!

Snow Valley

Are you the next King of Mini Golf? Put on the ice crown and enjoy some cold levels featuring water, ice and other crazy stuff that guarantees your hands will not be freezing while holding the club!

Mayan Jungle

Water, trees and a lot of green - Take a swing at the Mayan Jungle and explore countless options to master the levels in this minigolf jungle.

Windy Cliffs

Gushing springs, a lot of wind and beautiful levels await you in Windy Cliffs. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Windy Cliffs will test your golf swing. Mother Nature wants to join the mini golf party, better be prepared.

Invite your friends to short and exciting multiplayer golf rounds and determine who is the golf king!

Download this awesome pvp mini golf battle on mobile – get Golf Battle NOW!

With Golf Battle, you experience a never seen before multiplayer extravaganza on a miniature golf course against real opponents or friends!

This game needs an internet connection to play

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Top Reviews

  • By Andrew Beamon01

    Get Good

    Most of the people that give this game bad reviews are complaining about how they can’t level up and how it’s pay to win. This game is not a pay to win game I haven’t spent a dime and I’ve gotten a bunch of vip clubs and balls just by saving up gems. Also you don’t even need good clubs to get to the higher levels you can get all the way to the top with basic clubs, it’s not that hard. The clubs won’t automatically make you 10 times better you have to actually get better. This is an amazing game because it’s NOT pay to win, and if you think it is you’re just not a good player and don’t know enough about the game. Also there are no ads and only a small amount of glitches, so I think there is little to complain about. One thing I would like to see in the future is maybe a more competitive mode where you can play against people at your level, because to get high on the leaderboards now it’s more of how much you play as opposed to how good you actually are. Overall, I think Miniclip did a great job with this game.

  • By ahd ekxb e

    Make ranking up certain clubs easier !!!

    This gam is great! It’s so fun and I rarely get bored of it. The game play is great. A lot of the prizes in chests are great. Overall this game is easily a 4/5. I would def. recommend it to anyone who plays games on their phone. However, there are some things that make this game not so great. Please make it easier to rank up specific clubs. It’s so stupid that the only way to rank them up is to get the club you want in a random chest. You need way to many gems to do it any other way. I understand you can’t make it too easy, but there should be a way to target a specific club. Say you play the windy cliffs level, the chest you get should contain some sort of windy cliff club level up. It shouldn’t contain a club for a different course. If that would be too easy then make it so you have to finish 1st, 2nd, etc. to get the club from the level you played. Just do something to be able to rank up a specific club. Even if it’s spending a lot of gems or coins. The duplicates are annoying as well. ESP when I open a high tier chest and get a duplicate. If not getting duplicates would result in everyone unlocking everything, then make it harder to get chests. There are so many ways this game could be better.

  • By fisherj3

    Game boots me out in the middle of a round.

    I would really like to give this review a higher rating them I am. I can not say for sure whether it is the game itself or my internet connection but it is the only game on my phone that this happens to so I am going to have to lean towards it being the game. It is constantly kicking me out of games where it just goes into a loading screen as if I something went wrong. In the middle of game play so the coins that I have built up to play that round are just lost. It doesn’t make sense. It wouldn’t be as bad if it just happened maybe once and a while but it literally happens constantly on my phone. And maybe it’s just my phone but if that’s the case why do no other games do this. Idk? It’s just highly annoying that there is such a bug or something going wrong with the game and my phone and maybe my internet connection. I can not really say because I do not have any personal friends that I am aware of that play it also to ask them what f they are having these issues. Anyway. I hope that they are able to fix the game loading in the middle of playing and losing all the coins that it cost to enter that round for. Ugh. Sincerely Jim

  • By Heisbfwiwbehdk

    Enjoyable but Frustrating

    I will start by saying I really enjoy this game and I like the multi-player feature that allows me to play with my friends but there's a couple issues. First, the game glitches. Sometimes I will be playing a match and then the game will stop working and I will lose any money I used to enter the match. Second, the ways to progress are ridiculous. The only ways to progress are to earn better clubs and upgrade those clubs. The only way to earn clubs, however, is to open chests and get completely random (usually pretty bad) clubs or to buy them with gems from the shop. Thankfully, gems are not ridiculously hard to earn but unless you have a lot of time on your hands to win the weekly tournaments, they're not too common to come by. And the third frustrating feature is that there are only three tiers of courses. I have around 1.5 million coins (which basically aren't worth anything) and the most expensive match I can enter costs 50,000 and yields a max of 100,000. This is frustrating because I've reached a point at which I essentially can no longer advance because even If I earn better clubs, those clubs will not in turn allow me to ascend to some better level. This is also the first game that I've ever reached this point in but I'm sure it happens in lots of these multi-player, tournament/match style games. Overall though, still enjoyable. I look forward to improvements in future updates!

  • By lahov

    Fun on the Surface

    This game is fun at first or once in awhile, but if you really start to play it, you’ll need to be tolerant and patient enough to ignore the way the game is pushing you to pay in order to enjoy it as much as you first did. One of the biggest draws is earning new clubs, balls and sparkly trails however the you could go weeks of winning courses where you get duplicate ones before you see anything of which you don’t have. The customization is half the fun once you’ve regularly played all courses and not earning anything new on lucky shots and won courses over weeks gets frustrating and kind of detaches you from the game - unless you pay money for more lucky shots, gems and chests and even THOSE run the risk of duplicates. Upgrading clubs gives you the edge to go to the advanced courses, because without that edge you’ll lose all your coins quickly (and need to pay for more), but this becomes painstakingly slow as each chest gives you a card for one club and to upgrade them takes upwards of 25 cards at times, and that’s randomly spread out to when that club’s card shows up in a chest again. Basically if you want to really progress with the game, you’ll need to shell out a lot of money OR a major redesign of how these awards are given out with more frequency and less duplication is necessary. Hard to get involved much beyond a surface level, but at least on the surface it’s fun while it lasts.

  • By MommaOfMayhem

    One of my favorites BUT...

    I love this game. My boyfriend and I and Facebook friends play together. When I first started I didn’t realize that the levels cost coins to play until I ran out. :((((( Now I am very careful to save up so I can play one or two matches of the higher levels. The reward system is good with plenty of free chests and stuff. Very addictive to collect the items. My issue right now is the game will kick me out of matches randomly and I lose all my coins. It only seems to do it on the high levels so I have lot A LOT of coins!!! It just did it twice in a row and twice more earlier today on the Mayan level and I see no way to contact anyone to get my coins back! I was in third place on the last hole and the game froze and kicked me out. One match it kicked me on the first hole. I am wondering if it’s hacks because it happened both times when another player messed up really bad, then suddenly the whole match is cancelled and my coins are gone. They need to either make playing matches free and only charge coins for items ....OR.... they need to fix it so if you crash out of a match you get your coins back. Also if I minimize the game for even a second, it gives me a connection error that won’t go away. I have to close and restart the app. Please fix these issues! I LOVE the game!!! Wish I could try out the high levels but they cost too many coins. :(

  • By sethbill

    I’m addicted but it makes me so mad!

    So I’m not one to get addicted to games on my phone but for some reason this game just keeps me invested. I’ve never spent any real people money on it and I never will but here’s why. This game crashes so frequently and when it does, if you are in a game, you lose all the coins it cost you to get into that game. For instance, I was playing earlier and the buy in for the round was 8,000 coins with potential to win 16,000. I had roughly 32,000 in my bank. I bought in, played the first hole and was in second, got half way through the second hole and the game crashed and kicked me from the lobby. Thought it could just be a connection error so I tried again and I happened again. I closed the app completely and opened it again, tried a different round where the buy in was 7,000 and it did it again. At this point I’ve lost 23,000 coins and haven’t played a full match. It isn’t my connection as I’m playing on high speed WiFi. This game is just so buggy that it makes it very irritating. So I’ve tried playing a few more games and it keeps crashing. I’m now down to 7,000 coins and I’ve maybe finished 2 whole games. Probably going to delete soon because it is so annoying. This game has so much potential but lacks in the development.

  • By Cartman1120

    Pay to Win

    This game is very much a pay to win game. Do not listen to the highest listed rating. You have to spend coins to get in games, so if you run out of coins you got to buy more or wait an entire day to get barely enough coins to buy you into the first level, and then you have to build back up from there. Oh yeah and don’t lose because then you lose all your coins and could be sent back to the bottom to either wait or spend money to get back to where you were. Next you have a certain amount of chest slots that can be full(5) but can only open 1 at a time. The worst chest has an opening time of 3 hours, so better get waiting. And if you slots are full of the crappy chests and you win a better chest you don’t get to switch them out it just disappears. So you need to spend gems on opening chests if you ever want a better chest. And then the worst chest only contains 3 different cards for about the 100+ golf clubs in the game that you need multiple cards for to upgrade a club to the next level. Which brings up another thing which is how rare you get cards for the same golf club yet when you finally get enough, it increases only one of the clubs stats by one, and you don’t get to choose. Lastly proof that it is pay to win is that if you look at the maps, most of them have a separate quicker short cut that if you have a more powerful club then you could make it.

  • By gluten free

    frustrating... could be so much better.

    gameplay itself is fun... but it is disappointing to only have 2 choices - either pay coins to play 6 random people... sometimes all super awesome players, and other times more relaxed players. you hqve no idea what level or skill you are playing against, so winning and losing coins can be frustrating as a part of that random structure. each hole is timed, very short, which if you are like me and don't enjoy timed games... it takes away from the fun. mini golf is usually a fun leisure paced game, so the time limit totally takes away from the enjoyment. it can also be harder to get better with no true practice mode. you can play for free with friends... but not alone... WHY? I want an untimed, solo mode. You don't level up or get chests, but at least you might have a real chance at getting better. it's hard to improve playing with 6 random and rushing strangers.... and even with friends it is still timed. If there were untimed modes with friends or just a solo untimed "zen" mode - I wouldn't care if the group matches were timed. In fact I get why they are... to keep the pace quick for everyone. But quick is not why I golf... it's to relax. I have tried other golf games on the app store and don't like their courses or gameplay like I do this one. So I'm hopeful they give us a solo zen practice mode as a compromise.

  • By Cris87_

    Please fix entry fees

    The game is good, and I don’t have much problem in that developers incentivize in app purchases, but the fees per game are simply wrong. I put two stars because this may be on purpose to further incentivize in app purchases in expense of customer quality. So, what is wrong? Prizes per fees. Having for example an entry fee of 50,000 and prize of 100,000 makes no sense. As there are 6 players, the prize pool should be nearer to 6x50,000 = 300,000, but it is far from that (I know 100,000 is for the winner only). Winner takes 100,000 and places second and third between 50,000 and 100,000. The rest lose almost everything. In total, the prize pool (in this case) is somewhere around 225,000, making the game keep around 25% of total fees. The difference is so big that this makes the game economy to highly decrease unless people pay for more coins (let’s be honest, free coins are just too low). The proof of this is seen in the # of competitors by course. The higher the fees, the less # of competitors, and this is because the game keeps much more money than what competitors gamble per game. It is natural that most competitors will be stuck on the first levels because of this issue. Please fix this, it is a problem, and I’m sure many of us will end up giving up on this game because we cannot move forward anymore.

  • By mattrdunn

    Fun game, but a couple issues

    I’ve been playing this game for a while and it’s a lot of fun, but there’s some things that drive me crazy. 1) this is the main reason I give 1 star and it’s severely impacting me playing the game. You have to pay (coins) for each round right when it starts. Sometimes before the round even starts, the connection will get interrupted and you’ll have paid for a round you never even got to play. Similarly, it might disconnect in the middle of a round and you’ll have wasted your coins. My suggestion would be to subtract the entry fee from whatever winnings you get AT THE END OF THE ROUND. You’d still pay if you voluntarily quit or close the app but you shouldn’t have to pay if you didn’t end up having any chance to win your fee back. 2) the physics of the ramps are ridiculously inconsistent and could definitely be improved. There are many times it’ll shoot your ball really high in the air instead of going the horizontal distance you expect it to. This needs to be made a lot more consistent. It also feels like there will be invisible bumps randomly when the path of your ball never should have been interrupted. It’s highly frustrating to lose just because of a bug. It’s a fun game and I will continue playing it, but it doesn’t feel set up to be fair and clearly wants to you make in-app purchases. I’d give 4 or 5 stars if these issues were addressed in an update.

  • By JL0013

    ATTENTION: Game crashes constantly and the developers don’t care at all

    Let me preface this by saying I am ashamed of myself to have spent as much money as I have on this absolute and total failure of a mobile game. It’s extremely frustrating and feels like a scam, because if this ran smooth it’d be great, but as it stands I’ve probably spent over a hundred bucks stuff in this game over the past couple years and have lost pretty much all of that monetary investment due to constant glitching and crashing while playing the game. It’s gotten to the point where I finally said “Screw it” and deleted this garbage, because it was crashing every single time I played. It’s not a problem on my end either, because my phone gets a great signal and I have unlimited high speed wifi that never has connection issues with any other games I have downloaded. It’s not the fault of anyone who has had the same issues, despite the copy and paste response from the developers some reviewers have gotten. No...this is 100% the fault of whomever designed this and whomever makes “fixes” to this. I left a negative review of this previously, which of course received no response, so I’m here again to tell everyone not to waste time and money downloading and attempting to play this trash game, because it’s a sham and not worth the trouble. My only regret is not deleting this sooner and wasting money on total junk.

  • By Wh1teKn1ght

    A well made game, that runs on Microtransactions.

    So I was watching Markiplier play Golf Around, and wanted to play something similar, and downloaded this game. It plays well, the courses aren’t really complex so far, but they are fun and there are tons of unlockables in the form of better clubs, ball designs, and trail effects. The only problem? All of the unlockable content is gated behind time-locked chests, similar to Castle Crashers. You have 4 chest slots, and you get one for finishing a match. The most basic chest takes 3 hours to unlock, and costs nearly 20 gems to unlock instantly. I played for 20 minutes and capped my chest inventory. This might not be such a big deal normally, I didn’t get this game to grind levels really, but it’s generally impossible to get a hole-in-one with the basic clubs. The power behind the swing is pretty weak, and the ball loses a lot of momentum on each bounce off a wall, so even if you can see the path the ball is supposed to take, it’ll still take at least 3 strokes. I’d really like to see chest times re-balanced, with basic ones being basically free to open, and the more valuable chests taking extra time. As it is, it feels like I’m wasting time playing matches to get the message saying I have no more room for chests, and I can’t really recommend it unless you have the money to blow on gems to open all the chests you get.

  • By ShevchukD

    No money no honey

    The game is fun, but the in-game currency is ridiculous. Entry to play vs. winning the game really small. Unless you are Tiger Woods you probably won’t even be able to play the third map without spending some real money. Forget about the other “leagues” that use literally the same maps but have much higher entry fee for some reason (to give you some perspective, entry fee to the third league is 50,000 coins, so you’ll have to spend $10 if you want just a chance to double this amount if you’ll get the 1st place) Also don’t even start dreaming about better clubs without opening everyone’s favorite loot boxes. The chests you get from winning can’t be gotten ridden off, so you always stuck with basic chests that occupy all 4 storage slots and take 3 hours to open one after another. But probably the scummiest thing in this game is a “lucky shot”, a mode in which you can attempt to make one shot every 24 hours and get some kind of reward if you make it. Sweet on paper, but rewards are really small, UNLESS GUESS WHAT? You have to pay $1.99 for 3 extra shots of course! So if you’ll end up playing this game, for the love of god don’t feed this greedy system. I usually don’t have a problem with a free game that expects you to spend some amount of money or have adds that are removable if you pay, but this is way too far.

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