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Ultimate Golf!


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Ultimate Golf! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Miniclip.com. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Miniclip.com, with the latest current version being 3.3.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 52152 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Ultimate Golf! App

How does it Work?

Tee-off in this fantastic free golf game for real courses, real-time multiplayer duels, tournaments and our unique Golf Royale mode!

In Ultimate Golf! it's a race to the pin: no waiting for the opponent to take their shot.

Like a true pro golfer, perfect your swing, to drive, chip and putt from an endless variety of lies on the fairway and greens. Avoid the rough and bunkers in this amazing, realistic, 3D golf simulation.

Clash with golfers from around the world or challenge your friends, family and Facebook buddies.

Win golf bags from your challenges and unlock a huge range of clubs and balls to improve your game.

Featuring real golf courses from Wolf Creek Golf Club, Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club, Fairmont Banff Springs and Harbour Town Golf Links for a world golf tour in stunning 3D.

Play either head-to-head or join international championships like The Spirit to beat your Golf rivals.

Play every day to move up the timed leaderboards and rank up from Amateur to the Pro Leagues. Rack-up trophies to unlock the highest tours and maximise your winnings.

Your golf bag is full of all the tools you'll need to dominate the fairways and greens — driver, wood, long iron, short iron, wedge, rough iron, sand wedge and putter. Make sure to upgrade your clubs and play with the best ball like a real golf master.

Key features:

* Real-time, synchronous play

* Unique Golf Royale mode — race to the pin vs up to 20 players

* Professional golf equipment — kit yourself out like a Golf king

* Real Golf courses from Wolf Creek Golf Club, Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club, Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course and Harbour Town Golf Links

* Console-level, stunning 3D graphics

* Realistic physics for a perfect Golf simulation

A network connection is required to play this game

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    It’s a slap in the face to everyone who contributes to a real wiki.
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    Where can I find actual information on the specifics of the game?

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    Top Reviews

    • By RecklessGolfer

      A Must Have Game!

      If you played “Clash” this will feel just like that. Plenty of quick tournaments to jump right in. Great head-to-head mode. This game will let you play at your own pace and there’s no waiting for other players. This is NOT “pay to win”, you can play for your gears. Yes you can buy stuff but that will not let you win. Play smart and learn how the ball release will help. After a few days of playing you will get better gears I promise. Only thing I would like to see change is the “bag” opening timer. Would love to see timer get reduce as you level up. That might make me play more. Give this game a shot and there’s no need to buy stuff...it’s a perk not a “pay to win” you still have to play against me “LeftyGolfer” lol. Update, server can be unstable at times and force an early release. Be careful not to lose too much money in “Head to Head” mode. 4Ktour will cost a ton after a few fail. Join tournament and quick tournament to earn money and gears. Gold Bag will slow your progress 8 hr to open

    • By Jmansuy

      Great golf game!

      First, ignore those who are complaining about pay to play. I haven’t spent a nickel and I got to level 5 in a matter of days. You just have to be smart with your coins. Hint: don’t bet coins you can’t afford to lose! My rule of thumb is to only play a level when I have at least 3x the entry fee, and this rule has served me well in this game as well as Golf Clash. Speaking of Golf Clash, this game is very similar in gameplay but I **LOVE** that it is way more realistic. I have actually played Wolf Creek and Harbor Town in RL, so it’s really neat to play in this game. I also love the simultaneous play since it makes the game move along faster. The thing that gets me is that in this game, like in Golf Clash, it’s way too much of a penalty to hit it in the rough and it’s way too easy to sink putts. This is essentially a game of greens in regulation, and then closest to pin tiebreakers. Some have commented about heating up the phone: YES! This needs to be fixed. My iPhone 11 gets HOT after just a little bit of play. I would also love to see a mode where you could play multiple hole duels... like choose between 1 hole, 3 hole, 9 hole, and 18 hole. It would also be cool if somehow you could play a course in sequence. I’d love to play Harbor Town 1-18 for example. I still give the game 5 stars because it has blended the elements of what I like about Golf Clash with WGT. I’m excited to see how it evolves over time with updates and improvements.

    • By Unkle-Fester

      Flawless Execution!

      This the most well developed, tested and deployed app/game I have ever used. So many apps today are riddled with bugs, memory leaks and crashes but not Ultimate Golf!! The network connectivity forgiveness is absolutely amazing. I have never before seen a game that can refresh its online connection so fast that it is almost like it never happened. The graphics are fantastic with physics that are realistic but forgiving at the same time. Although there are in app purchases, this is not a “pay to play” game. You can earn more than enough prizes and upgrades to stay competitive. My gratitude and appreciation goes our to the developers who coded this game! It’s clear that you care about your product and have actually tried and tested what you have created. Cheers! Adding...would love to see the other golfer badges semi transparent on greens. Obstructing visibility at pin.

    • By fix and broken8

      Beautiful graphics and the game is amazing.

      I still give it five stars because of the graphics and the amazing game for which you all have produced you have an amazing product here. My biggest concern an issue is that when all the slots of golf bags or full after winning a match and if you continue to keep playing even after you win you actually lose in reality. Because of the golf bags that has already accumulated in the full slot after you have won a game...cannot store the golf bags you have won after that match you actually lose those golf bags if the slots are all filled. Are y’all working on that or is that something that all of us players had to deal with and live with losing our golf bags that we have won but in reality loss golf bags because they cannot be stored or saved after winning a match.☹️🙁☹️🙁☹️🙁

    • By Catawba Claw

      Solid game, but will get expensive!

      Good game but it would help if you had more shot/club information and though not unique to this golf game it’s expensive. All golf games seem to be at least slightly more expensive then other games as a whole. In the real world it’s expensive so it being a game of affluence in life it makes sense that it has a higher amount of real cash in the gaming world. It’s pretty easy game to understand even without out practical knowledge of the game of golf itself but most likely won’t be of much interest to those without at least a passing interest to the real game. Compared to other golf games hitting the ball the right way, at least to me, is easier but more detailed shot distance and club distance would be helpful. I really have no actual complaints about the game just slight issues that you see in any game where you need to hit or shoot something with a certain amount of accuracy. It’s easier to play than other golf games, the issues with distance and accuracy will probably lessen with repeated play and it has above average replay ability. And the key issues with most free to play games is in app purchases which are slightly more expensive then other non golf games and competitive with most golf games.

    • By Jfizzle3434

      $0 spent, maxed out trophies

      So, I have had the game since July (4 months now) and I have reached Tour Pro III and 2940 trophies without spending a dime on the game. So it is possible but it’s a very challenging feat. That a good thing in my book. There have been issues with bots and there is also a major advantage for people who are willing to shell out real money for better attributes in golf balls and upgraded clubs but I am proof it is possible to beat the pay to win strategies lol. The upgrade bags and balls are a bit pricey in my opinion but I am stubborn about spending money on mobile games. Just me. Over all, it is a fun and very addicting game. If they can get rid of bots some how that would be great. The most recent update seemed to help. I got my last 300 trophies in tour 8 over the weekend and had a pretty good win percentage as well. I was getting winnable games more often then I had before. I didn’t know they were bots, I just thought there were some hardcore pros playing at that level haha. For those of you complaining about P2W, get good scrubs it’s possible lol, jk. Good game over all.

    • By Rock N Soul

      Very fun. Great graphics. One major gripe.

      The level of detail is definitely matched by the entertainment. This game is easy to play, offers wonderful opportunities for competition, and, if played wisely does not require any real money. Patience and practice, much like real golf, will yield fantastic results. Tournament play is exciting, but only once you’ve accrued enough coins and good clubs. Eager to try playing with friends which could be even more fun. While you can’t use/change clubs in certain situations is frustrating, it forces one to really decide whether to take chances, so, again, like real golf, there’s a lot of risk vs reward. My gripe....developers, please.... while playing a particular course (Banff Springs, Chateau Whistler) the controls are consistently wonky and it is extremely hard to hit an “Ultimate Shot” and if that weren’t bad enough, shots are released consistently late. Putting on these courses also seems to release very differently. Seems very much like a glitch is happening on these courses only. If not, there should be a way to tell that certain controls or courses are going to be harder to use. Please update to fix inconsistencies in swinging, ie : glitches in Canada courses I love the addition of Hallowed Hills, Jasper, and London GC. Keep adding cool course like that. It breaks up the monotony of having to play the same 8 or so holes per level. Love the playful puns for tourneys, too. London Golfing was a classic!

    • By Jrtrio

      Nope, not accurate

      No matter who makes the golf game they never get it right. A wedge, even in the hands of a beginner, will NOT roll 60 feet past the hole if it is hit anywhere near normal. Courses are built with the normal winds FOR THE SEASON you are playing in. No hole will have a 10mph wind in your face off the yee and at your back on the very next shot. You also don’t let the player choose their clubs. I’d NEVER use a wedge in the fringe. Or a wedge in the rough. Especially in short rough from 170yds out. Maybe talk with the PGA Pro that runs these famous courses and LEARN what even a beginner player knows: physics are in play. Hitting out of a bunker is different than rough. So, the balls will act differently when struck perfect and another way when hit thin or fat. If your player nails it perfectly then give them the spin it deserves. Hit it incorrectly then let it run or shanked. Have your coders actually go out with the Pro who runs their local course. You’d be AMAZED at how much these guys love to talk about golf and love to teach. Try it. THEN you’ll see more “wish i could give it more than 5 stars. As it is, three is all i can honestly give.

    • By crappazappa

      It’s ok…

      While no game Is ever going to capture the realism of any sport, there are a few things that are not anywhere near realistic. Club choices are limited. You can be one freaking inch on the fringe of the green. Guess what club you have to use. Hint. It’s not a putter. The most annoying aspect of this game is the extremely unrealistic effect that wind has on your ball and the 180 degree shifting winds on each hole. Wind doesn’t shift 180 degrees between shots on the same hole anywhere in the world. Also, the wind has a very very unrealistic effect on the ball. A 9-10 mph wind blowing right to left or left to right will move your shot 30-40 yards right or left from the direction it was hit 😂. Not only that, it will change the actual direction that you hit your shot. Up to 90 degrees 😂. A shot hit at the green in a direct line to the green can end up heading 60-90 degrees off to the right or left depending on the wind. That’s some special wind that can actually, at 10 mph, redirect the course of your shot that much 😂

    • By Zac9876

      Simple and solid play, but a touch TOO simple and too much pay to play

      The good: Gameplay is intuitive and simple. I like the layout and the ability to upgrade clubs. The bad: Unable to choose between clubs when hitting from the fringe or rough. There are times I would rather take my chances putting from the fringe, especially in a head to head if I need a tie to go to tiebreaker, but it simply isn’t an option. There are times I would rather hit a different iron form the rough, but again, I get zero choice in picking my club. The ugly: there is no solo pay option, no practice to learn how a new club handles, and no way to earn coins without risking the ones I already have. And if I have the misfortune of playing someone better than me a couple times in a row, then I have to wait hours for a free bag or pay to keep playing. This makes taking a risk to learn how well a club will slice/fade/backspin too much to try out in a match. And this makes the game far less fun than it should.

    • By Jychers 89

      I want to think about Servers when I’m eating

      At least a couple of times per session of playing, during Head to Head match ups, I will get an in game, non pop-upmessage across the screen saying “Waiting for Server”. Sometimes it fixes itself, sometimes I can fix it by closing the app and re opening, although that’s not full proof, and sometimes it just sits there while you watch your opponent on your screen finish the hole. The following happens many times on the earlier matchups as well.... I just saved up enough coin to go for the $1000 match ups and the above happens. My opponent is finishing the hole and it’s been about 30 secs of that message so I close the app and reopen. It connects, says putt for birdie, I putt and we draw. We go to the shoot off and all is well, I line up and I shoot... as my ball is coming to a stop a message pops up saying that “we are unable to connect to the servers etc.” with an okay button. The whole game stops moving, so I press play and takes me to the home screen. Okay, there was an issue, it’s just some time lost but no big dea-... Wait what?! With a big ol middle finger, it TAKES YOUR MONEY from the wager. This issue needs to be fixed immediately. It’s so frustrating and something that we have ZER0 control of on our end.

    • By Bob Hinnant

      Game set up to force you to buy upgrades

      There are a few frustrating aspects of the game. It was fun at first, even dealing with the growing pains of learning. First, there are no instructions or place to go for information as to how to play or to explain ratings or anything about the game. You are on your own. 2nd, it will not allow the player to select a club. For instance, you can’t select a putter on the green fringe or a loftier iron around the green. 3rd, you start to get left behind as players that buy upgrades, have superior equipment. The cost of playing head to head or to enter tournaments rises very quickly and early, before you can earn enough money or coins in the game. Lastly, it feels like things are designed to “sabotage” players at times to drain away in game assets. All of a sudden, putts are missed regardless of accuracy using guides and meters, balls take unnaturally large bounces and the wind effects the ball flight well beyond reality. In frustration, I’ll not play for a few days and when I come back, things are reasonable for just awhile. I might be wrong but the pattern seems pretty consistent.

    • By Indy Texan

      Great game at first but loses it as you keep playing

      I loved this game first few weeks I played it. But as many said you need to pay money to be able to compete against many of the opponents once you get to the 300 level. It’s not a fair playing field when opponent can out drive you due to their club upgrades. Some holes can’t reach par 5 and they can easily to it. Still can compete but best to put all your game cash into short irons so you can beat them in tie breaker. My biggest issue is that the game is starting to crash when playing. Somehow it only crashed during higher level matches and you lose your entry $$$. So this 5* game gets a 3* from me. Hopefully they fix the bugs or time to find new one. Update to 1 star: After writing above review this morning. Game crashed on me again. The bad time is it only crashes when I am playing higher $$ games. Played 4 $1000 games and no issue. Build up to play $4K and it crashes. It game the countdown and I shot and opponent didn’t. Went to end game screen thinking I won and gave the match to them. I am so done with this game. Update: I finally get an email from the developer after who knows how long. I completely forgot about it cus I deleted the game after issue. Asked if I updated new version and “we have resolved some of the issues.” What a joke. Too bad I can’t lower a star

    • By cfr1959


      The game definitely has issues that need to be corrected. I noticed what happens quite often on the green when you’re lined up to make your putt, you are lined up perfectly centered to the hole , (according to the putting aid showing you a green glow and the arrow is dead center of the cup ). you stop the swing meter perfectly center on the arrow and the ball does not even come close to the hole. Especially frustrating when the game is on the line. What is the point of having the putting aid if it’s not accurate. Update! Did not play this game for a while, gave it a rest. Tried again, and the same crap happens. You hit the ball perfectly straight you get this banner that says “ultimate shot”. But your ball misses the green completely. so how is that an ultimate shot? you hit it perfect and a ball goes wherever it wants. And as far as the putting aid goes, green light lights up and you’re lined up perfectly over the cup and you miss the cup by several inches somethings wrong . And also what’s funny, I noticed when you post a review you get this generic response exact wording for every issue that someone complains about. They want to know what they can do to make it better. Well there they’re experts supposedly they should be able to figure it out and make it more accurate. Time to delete!!!

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