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Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game


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Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Nordcurrent UAB. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nordcurrent UAB, with the latest current version being 13.0.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 192621 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game App

How does it Work?

Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world in this FREE addictive time-management game!

With a wide choice of unique locations and restaurants, from Desserts and Fast Food to Indian and Chinese cuisines, you will be able to practice your skills in a variety of settings and cooking techniques. Use hundreds of delicious ingredients to cook the best quality dishes. Try all the possible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers. Decorate your restaurants to attract more clients. Make your own freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes, to make your customers’ experience more personal and memorable – just like in real life! Upgrade your kitchen and produce an even greater variety of dishes.

Oh, and did we say that this game is as addictive and as engrossing as fever? Have fun cooking and don’t forget to share your delicious meals with your friends on Facebook!


• Thousands of delicious dishes to cook using hundreds best quality ingredients

• Huge choice of world famous cuisines

• More than a 1000 levels to complete

• Hundreds and hundreds of upgrades for your kitchen appliances and interior


Cooking Fever requires access to the internet in order to play. The game uses a small amount of data for features like our daily rewards, restoring lost game progress, tournaments, challenges, and other gameplay improvements.

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Top Reviews

  • By Allison Fink

    Great game but.

    To be honest, this is one of my favorite games on my iPad and it’s really fun. And one thing I love about is that your get too cook and it’s a challenge. But when I unlock a new restaurant I get so excited but it cost lots of money. And some times you have to redo levels, so if you do get this game you will have to work harder. And remember you will have to redo levels sometimes and stuff. But I love that in the game at a certain level you get the automatic cook machine this is really helpful if a lot of the times you have like a lot of customers, I think it’s way more faster when you have Max upgrade for the hotdogs or burgers. I would highly recommend and I think you really should get it when you have your gems. Save up because this is really helpful if you like to play the game a lot and you like really wanna do you like upgrades and you wanna unlock new places so far before I had it I didn’t have a lot of money but now I have a bunch because the machine. This game has so much stuff and I’m really happy because it doesn’t have a bunch of ads and it’s really realistic to bunch of like real life. But I feel like the cupcakes should be like you can spend money on them like for the upgrades because the germs and stuff I don’t think so. This is my review and I really really like the games please get it if you have a chance.

  • By MsJackson41

    Be patient

    For the first time ever, I played the casino twice in one day (12hrs apart) and got 15 gems each time. This game is highly addictive. I played it obsessively for awhile but when they started with the ads after every level, I fell back. So then I started closing the app out after every level which I thought would become annoying but it’s 2nd nature now. Another tip that works great for me, I don’t open a new restaurant until I’ve collected 300 gems. It takes time, but it’s so worth it when you can breeze through and make all of the upgrades and purchases you want immediately!! Just save about 100 gems at least for levels 20-30 so that you can purchase whatever automatic cooking machine is available. They’re usually worth it. A good website for tips and tricks is noodle arcade (google it). Just type in cooking fever and you’ll learn all kinds of stuff! The best restaurants to boost your XP points are Sirtaki Tavervna (1300XP points on level 40) Hell’s Kitchen (1100XP points on level 40) and the Sandwich Shop (1100 points on level 40). This is the only game I play on my phone now since candy crush became too difficult at level 2000+ but I love this! Hope this helps... happy gaming!!

  • By Rslipp

    Great game, but gems are hard to come by

    I enjoy this game but once you get to a far enough experience level, gems (necessary for making upgrades to complete levels) are harder to get, as more and more experience becomes necessary. Also, when the game has a promotion, the likelihood of winning gems in the “casino” lessens. These are all tactics the game developers use to try and get you to make in app purchases. $10 for 125 gems will only get you so far, when many of the necessary upgrades can cost 10-20 gems (Pizzeria) and new restaurants cost 25-50 gems. It can get very costly when this needs to be done over and over again to make progress. The only other option is to replay levels over and over again to gain experience. Additionally, some levels (Chinese restaurant), customers stop coming even if none have been lost because certain upgrades have not been purchased. Still a four star because it’s fun and the best time management game out there, but definitely designed to get you to pay, a lot. Get your wallets ready. Edit: I haven’t won a single gem since giving this a four start review - 5 days. So I’m going to edit to 5 stars and see what happens.

  • By hgragg8

    Great! But you need to work on it

    I really like it, I do! But there are some things you need to work on, say, have you ever thought of making the gems easier to get? Or making upgrades less expensive? I bet you thought of a few things, but I would think there’s much you haven’t thought of! Like making it easier to finish a lvl with all three stars, a way to do this is making the ppl have more patience, or you could make the lvls more interesting, a way to do this is making the patience faster or slower going down depending on the gender or order, say a hotdog and a coke, that would make it faster, a coke would be a little slower, a burger and a coke would be a little faster than a hotdog and a coke, a hotdog alone would be slow, and a burger would be a little faster, girls would have less patience than boys to add on more! To be honest, I really hope you try to add one of these, and I hope it comes trough to work! It has always been my dream for the developers to reply and or see my comment, and a add on to that dream would be for them to add it! I think my ideas would make more ppl try it, share it, or like it more! Please and thank you! 😄😁

  • By t_powu3a_[h

    Awesome but GEMS

    This is personally my favorite cooking time management game. Whenever I come back home I click on this game and play for hours. It’s also not totally impossible to pass levels, unlike other cooking games which require you to have a certain amount of customers to win, and that they don’t give you! And I really like the visuals and sound effects on this game. However, one annoying thing about this game is GEMS! I wish there could be other ways to add gems, like watching ads or getting 3 stars on a level. It’s also so annoying when I want to buy restaurants but then have to use my gems for upgrades instead (they make upgrades way too expensive, most of the upgrades require gems)! But for people who are impatient for me, you can earn gems by playing the last level of a restaurant over and over again, which I love to do with the fast food court. You can also earn 2 gems after checking in for 7 days, and 2 gems for each day after the 7th day. However, I DON’T recommend the casino unless you have a lot of money! I’ve tried it before many times by spending many coins and have only gained gems 1-2 times. Overall, besides the problems with gems and upgrades, this game is really fun and addicting! Even though gems are an annoyance, I still really enjoy playing this game!

  • By Peytie puppy

    Lose the ads or give more for it

    Been playing this game for about a decade now on my old iPad so I don’t have an issue with gems like most people do. I have over 500 of them at the moment and able to buy all the upgrades in a new restaurant right away, even the wait times for interior upgrades. You need about 700 gems for each restaurant so if you don’t have enough in the bank, just be patient. It’s a fun game anyway. I have 3 restaurants that earn at least. 1450 XP every game so it doesn’t take me long to level up and collect more gems. I got a new iPad for my kid and downloaded this game fresh. I soon realized that the XP you get in each restaurant is tied to your XP level, as well. My gourmet restaurant in my old iPad earns at least 1200 XP but in the new profile, it only earns 250. Huge difference! The XP should be tied to the type of restaurant and not the game level. As with gems, I used to get 45 gems in the casino back when this game was new. Now, you can only get 15 every 12 hours. Since I have about. 15 million coins now, how about putting an automatic spin on the casino so you don’t have to tap every single spin? Also, if you force the ads to us, at least give a gem for it, not 200 coins. You’re already making money out of these ads so let your players enjoy it.

  • By huluwatx

    Great game but takes long time to collect gems

    I just completed this game by earning all levels with 3 stars on all 26 restaurants in six months without spending any money. The game is fun to play and levels are easy to pass once you do your upgrades. The developer is right, you can play this game without spend any money, all you need is time and be patient (I mean during the days collect gems and also play same levels over and over again) Here is my tips to get gems. You can earn 2x15 gems from casino everyday (12 hours apart), Plus daily sign in. The restaurant I highly recommend to play over and over again is Corn dog Van on island. This restaurant is very relax to play (no pricey automated machine) and takes 3 minutes to finish level 40, but give you about 1040 XPs each time (need upgrade food price, tips and extra clients to max). So if you play 10 times, it will give you 7 gems every 30 minutes by level up. I collect at least 50 gems every day by doing above. The reason I give a 4 star is the upgrade are too pricey. Gems take long time to get. Also some “challenge” levels makes me a little frustrated. Overall this is a great game, fun to play, hope more restaurants are coming out soon.

  • By stephaniegunnison

    Only because of gems.....

    This game is great and I absolutely love playing it, BUT I am seriously reconsidering finding a new cooking game to play. The gems are basically what run this entire game and are EXTREMELY hard to come by. You only get them for logging in every single day(only after a week of doing so daily) and then you only get 2 each day, or by leveling up which can take quite some time depending on your levels and restraint upgrades, or trying your luck at the casino and lastly by buying. Basically you have to buy them. You get TONS of coins upon coins upon coins but can’t do anything with them except play the casino or go towards buying a new restaurant(along with 20-30 gems). There needs to be a way to buy gems with the coins or more ways to earn coins easier. I have bought over 1200 gems during sales when you can buy 300 for $9.99 but it still hasn’t gotten me very far. I have already unlocked two whole other worlds with new restaurants and am still stuck playing the same levels because I don’t have enough gems to level any of my food/kitchen equipment or the interior of my restaurant lobby. Some of the simple upgrades for kitchen stuff take up to 20 gems just to upgrade one level out of three for each ingredient and cooking item. Please seriously consider making some changes to this because I don’t want to stop playing but I will be forced to like my son because of lack of gems. I don’t want to spend cash all the time just to be able to play this.

  • By Kf9012

    First cooking game I downloaded, loved it, but moved on

    This was the first cooking game I downloaded. I loved it when I was playing the food court stage with the burgers and fries. I have since bought the pizza and Chinese restaurants. While I loved this game I’m the beginning, I agree with many others that it simply is too costly to get upgrades on equipment because the amount of gems needed is just too much, and the payoff is not enough. To upgrade your equipment (just to get 2 stars in a higher level) costs coins and 10-15 gems! I liked this game because, unlike some other cooking games (or mobile games in general), it doesn’t supply only a limited amount of lives to play and that you’d have to wait for the lives to replenish. I think that’s why upgrading the equipments, food, and restaurant are so costly, because the developers probably want people to play the levels over and over. I won’t say this game is bad but I will say that this game is not suited for my work lifestyle anymore. I want a game where I do spend effort on each level and revisit each level to earn more currency, but not to the point where I have to play the levels an x amount of times just to earn some measly coins and gems. The payoff is just not worth the time spent. I loved this game but I have moved on to another cooking game.

  • By keylume😜

    Just fine😊

    Don’t get me wrong, this game is amazing! I’ve been playing it for 7 years since I was 5. And it’s an amazing game and all but..... they could make it better. I really don’t like how fast the customer wants something, it’s to fast and I think the time span for them to wait should be longer. I’m only one person working on a restaurant game. I have anger issues and ADHD so I would really like at least one game that was just perfect and fun that doesn’t make me explode with anger🤯😤🌋 lol, but seriously. I constantly have to be doing something and multitasking Bc that’s just how I’m built. So I would love to come back and give the best review ever! If the creator’s of the game would just make small adjustments that would be absolutely amazing! And also a ice-cream station would be great! Like just ice cream and stuff, not any other desserts 🍨. Please please take my suggestions or I’m gonna have to delete this app. Not Bc I’m a sore loser, like I said I have anger issues and I can’t control them very well so when something makes me mad I do things without thinking. So please listen to me! Sorry if this came off as rude or anything! Just gotta tell the truth sometimes even if it’s hard to hear. God loves when we tell the truth, so everybody should do it more. 😊! No hate! 😊🤪 And remember I’m only 12. 😄 Bye! Kaeleigh out ✌️

  • By Brianupton20

    Played for years, NOW you add AD’s!!

    I have played this game for at least 3 years, I have spent more money than I care to admit. I truly love the game but now after all these years of playing, when you finish a level, you have to sit thru a d@#n AD! WTC! Yes, you get a reward but there is no bypass. I have more coins then I will ever spend so I don’t need the ads or reward. This is a world of instant gratification, I don’t want to have to sit thru an add to move to another level. I really want to continue playing and watching the game grow but I don’t think I can handle the ads. I understand why your need for them for you company but you need to offer another option. Even if I have to pay $4.99 to play the game with out adds from now on, it will be an option. I don’t like have the choice taken from me. Unless there is a bypass that I am unaware of, I don’t think I will be playing much longer. I do appreciate the entertainment all these years up to this point, don’t think I’m ungrateful. I wouldn’t complain about the ads either, if I were a user that never spent real money in the game. Unfortunately, I have invested a good bit of funds to build all the islands. The users like me deserve to play the game AD free, in the least! That is just my humble opinion. lol Thank you!

  • By Bootz22

    Game just wants your money to play

    Honestly I love the game function and overall idea, but it is almost impossible to play without paying for diamonds. As a game pure-it’s who doesn’t spend money on games it is a real bummer. I have been trying to play this game for literally 3 1/2 years and the only way I make progress is getting the daily log in to max so I get 2 diamonds and then just log in for a month without playing then I can upgrade like 2-3 things and beat a few levels then wait to build up diamonds again. Also I get excessive amounts of money which is worthless without diamonds. They have a slots to get diamonds, every so often I spend 10 whole min spending like half my million dollars to maybe get 15-30 diamonds. Which is a joke because the slots is rigged where you will never get the 2-3x diamond only the single and even then it is time consuming and pretty frustrating. Also the addition of the ads you have to watch when you beat a level is pretty unclassy. I don’t mind having ads available to get free stuff but the game just is trying to find more ways to make money and doesn’t really care about the users expirence. Last pet peeve, when you start unlocking a lot of restaurants you have to click each one to collect your money. Why is there not like a collect all button?!!! Like seriously, never trying to make the game more user friendly.

  • By Sylvie Wells

    Gets Annoying Quickly

    I have been playing this game for about 2 months. When you download the game you think that you’ll just be able to hop from restaurant to restaurant and play as you wish. Then you figure out that restaurants cost GEMS. And next you find out that you need those for upgrades too. The ways to acquire gems are by 1) visiting the app every day in row for 9 days and so on. This is hard to remember to do. If you miss a day, you have to wait for 8 or so more days until you get the two gems. 2) Leveling up on experience. This requires you to play levels SO MANY times. You get 7 for that after a certain level. 3) The Casino. It is a rip off if you don’t know that you can only get gems on the 500 coin option RIGHT AFTER collecting your daily coins from the restaurants. You still end up spending between 5,000and 50,000 coins. That is around 5-50 levels worth. A level takes around 3 minutes so that is around 15 to 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of playing just to get the FIFTEEN GEMS. That it is only enough for a low end restaurant or about 3 upgrades. It is so time consuming just to buy upgrades and more restaurants that I was spending more and more time on it, even upwards of 4 hours some days. It got more and more frustrating. It doesn’t bring me joy anymore so I’m deleting it. I’ll find a game that you don’t need to spend so much time on.

  • By Reub619

    Challenges are a rip-off

    The mechanics of this game were very fun and easy to progress while still being challenging, though the rate of gem rewards is very low compared to how quickly it starts requiring them to purchase even small upgrades - I would much prefer if they were tied to stage completion rather than levels. This was a little annoying and stalled my progress for a bit, but I still liked playing. However, the first time I saw a ‘challenge’ pop up that promised a reward of double the entry fee (which was somewhat high for where I was at that point, but not unreasonable), I decided to save up my gems to enter. It quickly became very clear that the challenge was impossible to complete without having multiple gem-costing upgrades, if not every single upgrade for that level, as otherwise you could not hit your coin goal on the upper stages even if every customer left with a full bar. I got all the way to the second-to-last stage before stalling out with no more gems for upgrades or cupcakes, and I had already spent over the amount I would have gotten as a reward. That was a whole lot of progress lost with no way to get it back. Nowhere was this mentioned when paying the coins and gems to enter - these challenges seem to be meant to gouge players for their coins in hopes they will spend more than the reward, or pay for more gems. That frustrated me enough to make me delete the app. I’m going to find a different one that’s not pay-to-play.

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