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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-21
  • New version: 3.0.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Airplane Chefs - Cooking Game


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Airplane Chefs - Cooking Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Nordcurrent UAB. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nordcurrent UAB, with the latest current version being 3.0.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 11482 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Airplane Chefs - Cooking Game App

How does it Work?

Take Cooking Fever to new heights with Airplane Chefs! Cook delicious meals and desserts and serve them on the commercial flights in this FREE highly addictive time-management cooking game!

Let your dreams take a flight and experience a fast-paced cooking game like never before. With a tap of your finger, step aboard a delicious journey around the globe on which you'll learn about famous foods from the world's greatest cities. From sunshiny Sydney to foggy London, from exotic Singapore to urban New York, master new cooking techniques from each location to serve up top-quality comfort foods to your passengers. Elevate your cooking skills to new heights and feel like you are in a real plane with fun and unique time management mechanics!

Help your guests feel at home with various upgrades to transform your galley into the best one yet and get the finest quality ingredients for making truly luxurious meals. Fly high, cook fast and reach the top! The sky's the limit!

This fun cooking game features:

•  Addictive time-management gameplay

•  Hundreds of fun levels

•  A vast variety of decorations and upgrades

•  Unique game setting: travel around the world and sharpen your cooking skills

•  Mouth-watering burgers, steaks, sandwiches, and other tasty meals to prepare

• One of the best time management experience in free cooking games with upcoming free updates

Join in for an ultimate Cooking Fever experience with Airplane Chefs in an addictive, fun, and absolutely FREE cooking game!

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Top Reviews

  • By App avenger

    Addictively Fun - hard to avoid spending real money

    Fun games with good graphics. Food items could be a little more spread out on the cart to avoid dragging incorrect items you don’t need. The game does grant gems for achievements and for watching videos however you shouldn’t need them to upgrade items after a point of progress. This is where the spending of real money can happen. I’ve spent more than would like to admit and half of that was to speed up game progress or to continue playing after running out of gas aka lives so that’s on me but I have to take a star off because more upgrades that you 100% need to progress should be solely based on coins and not require gems unless you are upgrading earlier than you should. At level 50 all upgrades should be coin based as you have beat the city and are just on a vanity plight to achieve 3 stars on each level. Great game, addictive fun, but let’s reward players more and remove and/or reduce gems on upgrades. It’s fun enough where players like me who rarely buy gems won’t mind to play around round of lives immediately which should have a coin option as well.

  • By Lemonhedges

    Small spaces

    Love cooking fever, by far my favorite game, so when this came out I had to try it. Overall I love it great ideas and put together as I would expect from nordcurrent. Feels like cooking fever. Great job. Fast paced slowly works up each level to multi tasking meals and delivery options. You can play it with out gasoline, however your limited to maybe five times a day. Unless you want to spend money. I like that CF I could play whenever o wanted and this one is limited takes the excitement away. Also my biggest complaint is the bubbles over the passengers heads with the food orders is so very small you can nearly see it to fill the orders. Can you guys please make it bigger? Also most of the time when dragging food to the customer it glitches and won’t deliver items. I feel it’s because the bubbles are to small. If this was fixed I might spend money on the game. I don’t have a problem paying for a great experience Nd this game has all the potential if the correct some things. Worth. Try I am hanging in there to see what you do with it. Soooo much potential! Good job guys I like the new stuff.

  • By Sunny2247

    Cooking fever steals your wallet

    I LOVE Cooking Fever, and I REALLY love this game as well, but in order for you to really progress in the game you have to spend gems, and to get any real amount of gems you have to spend money. Almost EVERY upgrade costs coins AND gems. And I’ve unlocked 5 airports so far so I’ve pumped probably $50 into this game. It’s a bit absurd for them to be charging this much when you can go to the store and buy a game for your console for the same amount. I don’t mind spending SOME money on my web based games bc I play very few console based games. I don’t want to drop this game but unless they start offering some REAL promos of note to pick up gems and stock up ( and yes...I bought on the V-Day promo), I will be forced to do so. This is a shame bc this game is A LOT of fun and it’s a great way to have taken the Cooking Fever concept to “another level.” If you like time management, particularly cooking based games, DEFINITELY give it a try, but be forewarned.

  • By Bunnygirl754

    Great game… however

    Ok so I just downloaded this game yesterday, VERY ADDICTING!! I loVE the graphics, and how similar it is to cooking fever but there’s more freedom in what you do and it’s more fun. I love how detailed all the food are and I just love being a “flight attendant” Howveer. Like how some of the other reviews say. The fuel is a big problem. I personally haven’t run out because I’m always passing the levels, but I do see how the levels are costing more and more fuel to run. I feel like there should be a better way of earning fuel, so far I can only see that you can buy it, or earn it by completing levels, therefore the loophole, if you don’t complete the levels and you can’t pass, then your out of fuel and you can’t earn the fuel without passing levels. And you have to wait a while to get more. I wish that this game was like cooking fever where you don’t have to pay anything to play the levels. Other then that I think it’s great!

  • By Ectheion7

    Very addicting game but...

    It has the same catch that Cooking Fever has; in that you can only advance to a certain point before you have to pay actual money to continue. It is very fun don’t mistake me on that part. The menu varieties are interesting and accurate to the regions they’re from. The visual effects are nice such as pouring drinks and varied like disposing of wrappers chopping food etc. They start the game slowly and give you time to figure out how to play and how to advance before it becomes too difficult. I have major reservations about only being able to play it a few times a day without paying. It’s like an arcade game you pay to play. Each level costs a certain amount of fuel for the flight and as the levels grow in number so does the cost of fuel. Once it’s gone you pay real money or have to wait for a long timer to get just one point of fuel. Very annoying. Especially because it is truly fun to play. Please fix the glitch with the pancake try. After you load a plate to serve the pancakes it doesn’t always register my touch because the tray that holds the plates isn’t the right size. It overlaps with customers speech bubbles that show what they want and make it hard to very quickly serve them as is needed in higher levels. I believe it’s in Moscow. Anyway if you are okay with dropping $20 for gems once in a while to allow you to properly upgrade things so you can serve ppl in time then you will be okay playing this game it’s addicting.

  • By Snybor

    The fuel

    I found this game from my favorite YouTuber Ssniperwolf in March 18th and I decided to check it out. I loved it! first. This game was so much fun until I found out about the fuel. I was thinking of deleting it before the fuel happened and now I am probably going to delete it. About what happened with the fuel. So, at first I didn’t need to worry about the fuel. When I started playing more often, nope. But when I unlocked the new airplane it wasn’t a problem. As I was making more progress, it got harder and harder, I kept losing.I didn’t really think that was a problem. But then I realized I had to have fuel for the levels, I didn’t even know that. That might be my fault, but I still don’t know how to earn it. Maybe from completing levels, I don’t know? You have to have like 5 or 10 fuel for some levels. Also, if you don’t have enough fuel for one you can’t do it. Even ones you already did you still have to pay. So, if I go for a 5 fuel one (because I have 9) and lose I can’t do anymore levels! Well, I could pay but I don’t really want to because I might just be wasting my money. But it’s like what?! And I’m probably going to delete it now. But also, it’s kind of stressful to me it least. Overall nice game but please, please work on the fuel because that’s the problem and I might just keep the app or reinstall it. Thanks for listening.

  • By User022116

    Amazing with problems

    This game is so addicting and I would love to play it all the time but there are many issues with it. I really wish I could give this game 5 stars but I cannot. First, the fuel aspect is fine except that it take was too long to accumulate gas. It take 10 minutes for one unit. That means I have to wait over an hour just to get to play one level of the game. And of course you can but more fuel with gems but gems aren’t easy to come buy unless you pay for them. But you can’t even use the gems for fuel because you have to upgrade your plane with gems AND coins. I could understand maybe requiring a gem on the last level of each upgrade but once you move to Sydney’s plane, you have to start using gems on the second upgrade. And I’m okay with paying for things on occasion, but this game requires WAY too much of my money to play. Also, the game sort of glitches when you are trying to serve customers. It doesn’t want to give them what you serve them and you end up wasting time. Again, I have fallen in love with this game but it’s becoming really hard to want to play due to all these issues.

  • By ACSJ81

    It’s so fun but way too expensive.

    Long time Cooking Fever player and love that game even still on occasion. Something that game has that this game REALLY lacks though is a significant daily login bonus that actually helps and increases each day you play. The daily award is ridiculously small compared to the cost of items and upgrades in this game. AND there is no “casino” like function to gamble for gems like Cooking Fever has either. The only way to go all the way in this game is to upgrade the awesome variety of food items, but the cost is extremely high. Coins AND gems are required, and you can’t even buy them in a bundle when you do want to pay money. You have to buy everything separately and at a very high cost. It’s a shame because the game is so much fun, but I want to enjoy more of the fancier upgrades and even though I have put in a pretty good amount of money here and there it’s still not enough and I do feel a little ripped off. They need to be a little more generous if they want to keep me playing.

  • By hcbcgfhyr

    Just one big thing

    I live this game it is really good but very repetitiveAnd I love it I got it one hour ago and I am on level 15 and I’ve been on level 15 for a while which kind of makes me mad because this game is pretty hard I mean putting on the burgers in the oven in the chicken nuggets in the oven and the lemonade in the dispenser in the pillows all those stuff it is just really hard to get to those higher levels so maybe you should let us try to get to those bigger levels I want to say or higher levels because those are really hard to get you I did like 20 deliveries back and front were only 20 deliveries in the front and then maybe five in the back my fingers are hurting my mom is getting mad at me for playing for so long but if you think that I am going to be so happy this is why I gave you guys because I don’t really like how I’ve been playing for an hour and for an hour I’ve been on level fifteen but I love that it has no adds I at least it does not for me

  • By bssyldy

    Do not waste your time.

    This is a fun game to play, but be aware that the more you progress you will start to have to spend your own money to continue playing. Each level costs fuel to play and it starts off not having to use much fuel which are the easier levels. One you keep progressing the levels get harder but not difficult but you start to also have to use way more fuel to play. You don’t win the levels which means to replay you have to use more fuel for the same level. Once all the fuel is gone you have to wait a very long time just to have 1 fuel to be refilled and you need at least 10 to play which means in order to play you have to spend your own money. It’s disappointing because the game has potential. I am going to delete it because I don’t want to spend my own money to play this game and I see I’m not the only one with this issue. The issue it as I was reading other comments like mine I didn’t see that the developers took any time to even acknowledge it so what makes you think we want to give you money when you don’t even respond to our concern? Fix the issue with the fuel or at least give us a chance to earn fuel without having to spend money, but you don’t care right?

  • By Jessleedc

    3X More Expensive, Crashes Multiple Time A Day

    I love Cooking Fever and was excited to try this game. It’s as fun, fresh and addictive as Cooking Fever (CF) was. There are more elements to each meal that you have to manage making it more exciting and fast-paced, but I feel that’s also a drawback because the “touchable” area of each food component is so small and close together that it’s easy to make mistakes even when you’re being careful. It can also be a strain on the eyes. If you thought earning gems was painstaking in CF, it’s WAY worse in this game. You don’t earn as much coin either. On top of that the Fuel part of it significantly restricts playing time, forcing you to spend money to purchase gems. I really feel Nordcurrent is trying to gouge my wallet, much more so than in CF. The best value gem package offered is also 3x more expensive than CF. Lastly, and this is SUPER annoying, the app crashes on me multiple times a day costing me 10 fuel every time. I’ve reached out to Nordcurrent about it with no real response yet so we’ll see. Overall, I feel this game has more drawbacks than rewards so yeah.. it’s kind of a rip off.

  • By Louise Belch

    Designed for you to spend money, not for your to have fun.

    I’ve played Cooking Fever for years so I decided to try this game. It’s fun at first but as you progress you need “gems” for upgrades. You get 1 gem every 350 smiles, which takes a while, or if you pass one of the goals you’ll get maybe 1-2gems. This isn’t nearly enough for the upgrades that you need to beat higher levels. There is no other way outside of spending your actual money to earn gems unlike on Cooking Fever with the casino where you could spend coins to earn them. Also you don’t get unlimited play like Cooking Fever. They give you 50 units of fuel and the first 15 levels are 5 units and under with the rest are 10 units each to play. It’s annoying. So you can’t play that often to try to earn gems. The game also crashes A LOT while you’re playing and they don’t give you your “fuel” back which makes it even more annoying that they have “fuel” to play in the first place instead of unlimited play. Update: no other apps open and it still crashes and takes your fuel that takes forever to get back! It did it TWO times. In a row so that 20 fuel that I have to wait 2-3 hours to get back after the app crashed. Fuel is STUPID! UPDATE: FOUR TIMES IN A ROW THE GAME CRASHED USING 40 OF THE 50 THEY GIVE US. NO OTHER APPS WERE OPEN. FUEL TO PLAY IS SOOOOOOOO STUPID!!!!!!!!!

  • By swea7erweather

    Fuel requirement is completely outrageous

    After leaving my game alone for 12+ hours, my fuel tank topped off at 50, which allowed me to play 5 levels, which at ~2mins a level is a little more than 10 minutes of gameplay.... I really shouldn’t have to say anything more about that, because that’s absolutely crazy. I’m not even at a super advanced level (as though that would justify the fuel cost per level), I’m on level 16/50 in the second world! This game is fun and well designed, but I simply do not understand when games like this force you to walk away and not keep playing, because this is an app, not an arcade game. I understand paying real money for gems to get upgrades in the game if you want, but I absolutely refuse to pay money every time I want to play the game for more than 10 minutes. Btw, there is an option to watch an ad to get fuel. But each ad only nets you one fuel unit! You would have to watch 10 ads to play ONE 2 minute level of this game. That is not acceptable. I think nordcurrent realllllly missed the mark here in terms of applying pressure to get people to spend money; the cost of what they’re asking is way too high.

  • By rellingson2010

    Running on Empty

    The fuel system completely ruins what would otherwise be a great game. It’s impossible to get into it when it takes a full day to fill up the fuel tank and essentially only 5 plays before it’s empty again. Even with periodic bonus fuel every 5 levels or so, it isn’t enough to keep you going for more than 10 minutes at a time before you’re tapped out. It’s a joke! Additionally, the gems are few and far between and are necessary for most upgrades. The only way to really earn gems is to keep playing, but the lack of fuel prevents you from doing that. One of the things I’ve always loved about Cooking Fever is that you can play continuously and really dedicate yourself to the game, mastering each level by replaying as many times as you want. I don’t understand why Nordcurrent wouldn’t want people to be playing/using the app for longer periods at a time... anyway, I enjoyed the actual game play aspects of Airplane Chefs quite a bit, but ended up deleting the app due to the fuel system. I will definitely be back if changes are made!

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