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Bake a Cake Puzzles & Recipes


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Bake a Cake Puzzles & Recipes is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Nordcurrent UAB. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nordcurrent UAB, with the latest current version being 1.7.5 which was officially released on 2020-12-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4917 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Bake a Cake Puzzles & Recipes App

How does it Work?

Welcome to Bake a Cake! Embark on a delicious journey and open your own dessert shops around the globe in this colorful and fun match-3 puzzle game.

Get ready to travel the world with a tip of your finger as you beat colorful match-3 levels! Show your designer skills and decorate various dessert shops to your liking. Unlock real recipes by matching delicious ingredients and discover the baker inside you. It's time to Bake a Cake in this FREE addictive and fun match-3 puzzle adventure!

The game features:

• Enjoy unique yet simple gameplay. Easy and fun to play but hard to master!

• Decorate each dessert shop the way you like

• Travel the world by beating addicting match-3 puzzles

• Unlock simple, delicious step-by-step recipes with photos and cook them at home!

• Match through hundreds of fun puzzles

• Enjoy regular updates: you'll never run out of new adventures!

Bake a Cake is a FREE to play game, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

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Top Reviews

  • By Slow56

    Excellent graphics

    Appreciate the fine detail in the graphics, more sophisticated then others that appear childish. It’s a combination of strategy and luck in various combinations as you play. To developers, lose the jellyfish & bubbles. They don’t fit the bakery theme and are too difficult to be anything but frustratingly annoying. Also, find a faster way to collect sales coins.

  • By materri1-

    Great game

    This is my new favorite game. Fun puzzles, very beatable levels. I’m on level 504. I would of given it 5 stars but whomever replies to the comments is not very friendly when asked a question. Apparently we are already supposed to know the answer when we ask. Hurry up and open the 5 th bakery already.

  • By Bearcub118

    This is not a game for me

    I think that this is a okay game. If you do like this game I do understand it is just not a game for me and most of my friends that have played it. I think that this game would be better if it did not focus on the mini game more than the actual bakery itself. It is more a puzzle game than a bakery game because their isn’t any process of the actual baking only the puzzle mini game. Also the only reason I got this game was because it said in another app that if I installed this app, Bake a Cake, It would give me 5000 coins and it didn’t even work. In conclusion this was not a fun experience for me.

  • By Sooky23

    Cute and Fun

    This game is cute and I like its idea. It could be a lot better. First it needs the option to skip at the end of the level that you win. I hate having to wait for it to add up all my points and coins. Secondly it should allow us to decorate the store a lot more: wall paper, flooring, main cake displays, etc. a lot of the options are old and outdated. Make a modern choice available. Lastly it should allow us to choose which cake we wish to put on display as we buy new cake stands.

  • By CoolCats1005

    It was fun but...

    I started playing the game and it really liked it but when i opened the game for the second time since just downloading it, this red arrow was pointing to the corner of the screen and it wont let me tap anything. Ive tried tapping the arrow and the place where it’s pointing but it still stays there. I’ve even tried deleting and re-downloading the game but it’s still frozen in that spot. I’m only on level 4 and I would love to keep playing. Please fix this!!!

  • By mzgat

    Game hasn’t been updated or levels added in 7 months

    I have been playing this game for a while and it was my favorite, but the developers have not released new levels in over 7 months. They cater to new players and have lots of events but what’s the point of playing when you have to play the same levels you already beat because they don’t want to add more levels

  • By Snobaby2

    Fun Games BUT Developer Greed Is The Only Winners!

    Games by this company are usually more enjoyable to play and not as cheesy as some of the others. This game is fun to play and can make time fly by UNTIL you hit a dreaded level like I am on now Level 199 and I cannot get through it no matter how I play it. I am getting really frustrated and find myself not playing as often because it gets boring and I have not moved off this level and it has been about three weeks now. I wish there was a way that every so often you could skip a level like this one, but then the developers would not be as rich!!! I am usually very good on these games and if I cannot get past this level something is up and it is “buy your way out of the impossible level!” One of the other cooking games by this company has gotten ridiculous. You cannot upgrade anything not appliances or food because EVERYTHING requires GEMS and the only way to get these gems......BUY THEM WITH YOUR OWN MONEY and if you can’t upgrade, you can’t play! It used to be that you paid for upgrades with the funds you get from passing levels but developer greed wins out again. It is a shame because like I said, these games are fun to play but I can’t afford them and will be forced to remove them.

  • By gannyc1965

    Several Levels too hard without purchases

    Love the game when I can pass the levelsWithout playing weeks on 1 level. I have made some purchases of the Rubys but once these are gone I’m not going to purchase anymore and I’m going to delete the game because it’s getting too hard and I don’t have the money to spend on it. Playing 50 times on one level and not passing it is just not fun. Gets old after a while! There’s other games out there that I can play and not be so complicated!! What happened to the friends that would give you lives? You have to watch a video now. I already watch videos to get rubies and coins. Not fun when you’re on the same level for days!!

  • By misswilliamston

    Better than the creepy Butler-update

    Nordcurrent has the best games! This is a neat game that includes recipes that you can actually make at home. If you fail a level, most often, you will get one quickly so that you can pass it. That weird Butler guy on another game makes you WAIT and WAIT for DAYS before you can pass a level. Just a way to fill the developer’s pockets. Bake a Cake is one of the most pleasurable and charming match games I have found so far! Keep up the great work, Nordcurrent! UPDATE: I’ve deleted this app. And dropped it down to 2 stars. First and foremost...I DON’T NEED A REMINDER EVERY TIME I LOG IN THAT PURCHASES ARE DISABLED! I sent CS a report and heard nothing back. This is truly annoying. Furthermore, when I have to start sitting for DAYS waiting for a good board on one level AND there is CONSISTENTLY only ONE move on the board, it gets boring. Same goes for the stiff characters and “oh, no. Something went wrong”. No it didn’t. The game is now TEAMMATES with the Butler. Maybe they should get married. They make an awesome annoying pair.😑

  • By ceohrenberger

    Frozen Game

    I’ve had the same issue as a few other players where there is a red arrow pointing to the corner of the screen and there is nothing to click on. I’ve also seen a response from a developer saying to contact them within the game by going to options but the problem is that that entire screen is frozen and it is not possible to click on the options menu. It seems as though the arrow wants us to click on something that is not visible on the screen...I’d like to keep playing but there is currently no way for me to continue to play until this issue is resolved.

  • By sugarsbaby1962

    It would have been 5stars but

    It would’ve been five stars but every time I’ve tried to buy something and this is the second time I tried by Jules it never shows up on the game and when I write the the creator of the game I just get the runaround never get stars so I love the game but the writing because of that is two star sorry guys. Also the side games I love buttt I am agree with everybody having to win all three or four games and then if you manage to get all three it is worse and surprise you never win going to take some stars away and then maybe I will leave this Aldine game cause you won’t fix it

  • By AnnRowan

    Super addictive, but... the game is incomplete.

    There doesn’t seem to be enough levels to actually complete building out all of the bakeries. I’m currently maxed out at level 1520, but not yet finished completing the bakery in Beijing. Frustrating. And since there is no way to replay old levels for variety, I’m stuck playing the same dang level over and over again if I want to gain enough coins to complete my building. Oh, and when you do pass the same level again, you get a single gem. Ugh.

  • By nygirl1000

    You never solve the issues

    The people that work in this game do not help you out at all they say they will And see you within three days well it’s been over 5 to 6 months and they still did not answer me they took me off of my level which was in Cairo and then put me back to level one I told him numerous times to put me back into Cairo I told them numerous times to give me everyone of my rubies i’ve told him numerous times that we need neighbors do they know how to do their job in this place no they don’t do they need people that know how to do their job yes they do the game is nice but the people here are very rude and impolite so maybe if I write it on here they will answer my questions

  • By CamiDaDancer

    Overall disappointing, don’t download

    This game is honestly very poorly made. As a person who has taken an interest in baking and cooking, I naturally looked for those types of games. So when I saw this I downloaded it being the fast app downloader I am. When I first started it looked ok at first look but when I started to really look closer, I noticed it was not very well made. I waited a while to delete it because I thought it might get better but sadly it turned for the worst. Eventually I got fed up and deleted it and I would NOT recommend this game to anyone who want a quality game. I hope this is helpful and saves you the time this game wasted of mines.

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