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Matchland Quest


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Matchland Quest is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Nordcurrent UAB. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nordcurrent UAB, with the latest current version being 1.7.1 which was officially released on 2020-11-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2871 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Matchland Quest App

How does it Work?


Take the starring role in an exciting adventure to reclaim the land from the villainous Lord Eavel! Match your way through hundreds of amazing levels by solving puzzles. Meet interesting and fun characters along the way. Switch and match through this epic adventure, plan your moves for bigger and better matching combos, and most importantly - have fun!

The game features:

• Enjoy unique yet simple match-3 gameplay. Easy and fun to play but hard to master

• Play through the story by swapping and matching pieces!

• Participate in various daily and seasonal events

• Experience a story full of gripping quests and memorable characters.

• Match through hundreds of addicting puzzles

• Enjoy regular updates: you'll never run out of fun new adventures!

Matchland Quest is a FREE to play game, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

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Top Reviews

  • By Dawveed@1?

    Best match 3 out there!

    If you like match 3 games but are tired of getting to a certain point and not being able to get any farther without spending real money on a spell or device then try this game. Not to hard but not to easy. Some puzzles are tougher than others but none leave you frustrated. Great graphics and tons of levels. Try it, you'll like it. By far my favorite match 3.

  • By cindazann

    Wonderful skill game

    Amazingly entertaining can get lost playing this game four hours the detail in the game is inviting and the music calming it’s a great way to take break from life. It provides enough choices and diversity there’s always a direction to keep player intrigued and in the game if you want to keep playing without having to make any purchases. Great way to pass extra time

  • By Zeryck9

    This is how to F2P

    Lives restored when you gain a level. Get coins just from playing certain levels. Haven’t seen any ads yet. So far so good. Load times are a bit slow but you get used to it. I’m only level five and I can see myself keeping this game around as I’ve probably played and deleted ten other match-3 games.

  • By Rainbowgirl70


    AWESOME GAME LOVE IT!!!!! I love this game and have been playing it for quite some time. However I’ve been stuck on level 30 for months now. I keep replaying all the buildings scenes modes etc. but I still can’t progress to level 31 for some reason and I have no idea why. This is very frustrating please help!!!!!

  • By mike_mcc

    Love the game but could be better

    Game play is great, story line is great, aquiring coins in game play seems very low compared to quest completion requirements and I think being able to purchase potions like coins and rubies would be helpful. All in all. 5 stars.

  • By coffeelover5

    Great game!

    I play this game all the time. It's the first one ive found that allows you to watch videos to earn back lives every time you run out. They also allow you to make cheap purchases when you win a series of matches that they run for a timed period. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is when the option comes to play matches to open the treasure, it seems they have made it impossible for me to complete it. I play this game a lot. So when I attempt to beat the challenges in a two day period, I give it my all. I feel I am an above average player because this is how I pass a lot of time. The first time this certain challenge came up I beat it, enjoyed it, and was pleased with the rewards. But since then I have failed the last two times it has been made available. I will continue to play the game, make small purchases, but im definitely on the lookout for something new. I feel players who invest a lot of time in the game, and even minimal money, should be able to beat levels after many attempts and not constantly have one move left so i will buy my way out of it.


    Level 13

    It has been my favorite game so far despite the fact you have to play like 30 quest to get to the next level... Also you need COINS to craft things but you can never craft anything due to the fact they give such little coins for completing quests (EXAMPLE TO CRAFT 3500 coins- and mind you there is like 4 things I need to craft there all minimum 1000 so all together it’s like 6000 coins but u can play like 10 quest get up to only 500 max coins ) and you can’t play anymore quest till you craft, 🥴 it doesn’t add up I’m to the point where I might delete due to no coins. Why is it so hard to get coins????

  • By hulsey💕💙

    Great game but some issues

    I love this game but it gets very annoying when I’m playing and it starts flashing plays every where. It’s aggravating when you’re trying to choose what you want to do. Lastly, once you make it so far into the game it’s a stopping point because of the gold and diamonds you must have. Over all though it has minor tweaks that I wish was changed other than that great game!!

  • By ngneer70

    Best match 3 game

    So far is most fun playing match 3 type games. I started playing candy crush as match 3 game which helps with new game strategy play. LOVE the graphics in game best I’ve seen so far. Love the different quests to play. After playing this game I have put C.Crush on standby status. And I have never spent a penny on any games so far. And on lvl 3500+ C Crush. So it’s possible might take a month to pass a lvl but. Doable

  • By Project-Mary

    Love this game, but...

    I play all of my games every day and really enjoy the concept of this one the most. But I am getting frustrated by how long it takes me to get through a level. For example, I’ve played 20 lives in various scenes over the past 24 hours and not succeeded a single time. I like a challenge but I’m about ready to quit.

  • By Grace Thorn

    Good game but I’m stuck on a level I can’t pass

    I’ve been playing this game for at least a year now and I love it. However, the game recently went into a mode that said I need to pass all the sea levels before I can level up in the actual game. This wouldn’t be a major problem if level 9 in the sea world was passable. In level 9 in the sea world, there are 3 tasks to complete that get checked off as you complete them. One of these tasks has two arrows facing opposite directions which I can only assume means that you have to get 15 of these moves to be checked off. You think that would be simple but unfortunately whenever you make a move at all, one of your “lives” for that task is taken away and somehow for some horrible reason, that task is rendered completely uncompleted. Has anyone else encountered this in their game? It’s really frustrating and it makes me feel discouraged. I want to keep playing but how can I if the game won’t let me move forward?

  • By aap172

    Fun at first then too hard

    I’m a super busy person but I like games to relax or calm down. This game was really fun to start, not too easy but didn’t frustrate me to the point where it wasn’t worth my precious time. Now, however, the challenges are impossible, all the quest need soo much money, and the levels provide so little coins. If you’re a busy person like me who doesn’t have hours to devote to the game then don’t bother. This game is to the point where I’m getting no where with the amount of time I can give to it (that’s maybe 30 mins a day). If you’re not looking to spend hours and tons of your own money, download something else because like me it’ll be another game on your phone you don’t play or end up deleting after a couple weeks.

  • By whyCant i send a bad review

    Exceedingly difficult / impossible over time

    The ‘paste’ mode especially feels rigged against winning. As well, in all modes, the pieces shuffle when there are good plays - potentially winning plays - still available. Feels like I’m at a major casino where the house always wins ... and they occasionally dole out a winning hand just to keep you coming back. I stopped purchasing in game a LONG time ago. Will stop watching videos, too, as it waste my time. So sad to have to move into other games.

  • By Zippygirl711

    Not Fun Anymore

    I’ve been playing this one for awhile and really enjoyed it up until about two weeks ago. Apparently, the developers decided it isn’t in their best financial interest to award 24 hours of free play when you complete one of the quests. Example, the map quest. Use to get awarded 24 hours of free play when you completed it within the two day time frame. The last two map quest only gave 9 hours of free play. The key and chest quests were the same but the last time I finished each of these, was only awarded 6 or 8 hours of play. Why was it changed? I am not happy about this change. I enjoyed the game as it was. Not sure I will continue to play. There are too many other Match 3 games available. Good luck.

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