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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-19
  • New version: 1.0.14
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars


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Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Nordcurrent UAB. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nordcurrent UAB, with the latest current version being 1.0.14 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 10135 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars App

How does it Work?

Become the trendsetter in a modern world of fashion influencers. Compete with other players across the globe and show them who has the best taste in this glamorous dress-up game!

Do you like stylish clothing? Do you get excited about extravagant accessories or stunningly beautiful makeup and hair combinations? Then you're in for a fashionable treat! Go on a shopping spree, and expand your wardrobe with the most exquisite clothing and luxurious bags, hats, shoes, and jewelry. Choose the perfect hairstyle and makeup, mix and match from millions of different clothing combinations, and find the most stylish look for your avatar!

Dress up to style a unique look for glamorous events and compete with other fashionistas. Vote for their looks, climb the leaderboard and your socialite ladder, and become the most stylish and trendsetting influencer. It's time to take the fashion world by storm!

This dress-up fashion game features:

• An ever-expanding collection of beautiful clothes and stylish accessories

• A vast selection of makeup and hairstyles

• Numerous fashion events to participate in, where You can win exclusive rewards

• Roasting or praising other players' looks

• The chance to become a trendsetter and set the new rules of the game

It's stylish, it's glamorous, and it's FREE.

Start your best dress-up adventure and join the glamorous world of fashion!

7 Contributions

  • On May 01}

    Levelling up

    Im at level 45 , and its not levelling up any further this past week . Why ? ???

  • On Jan 22}

    Selling/swapping clothes

    I love the game. It would be great if we could sell clothes that we never use, even if it’s at a lower price. I also wouldn’t mind swapping items, even if it means paying a small penalty.

    Please give us more opportunities to earn or buy diamonds with virtual cash.

  • On Dec 15}


    I agree with the suggestions post on July 30.
    I’m so addicted to this game that I actually spend money which is becoming a problem.

    Maybe there could be more opportunity to win diamonds?

    I play design home and they give you diamonds daily for logging in. Maybe we could implement this in the game? Surely everyone would much appreciate it!

    And why isn’t there an option to convert my cash to diamonds? I have MORE than enough cash and getting diamonds is so hard....

    Other than that I love the game! Maybe more events to win clothing pieces. I absolutely love winning the clothing!!

    Maybe separate the players into a “group” and whoever gets the top rated look that day can win either diamonds or a clothing item??

  • On Oct 31}

    So enjoyable!

    I love 💕this game. It brings out the fashionista side of me for sure. I enjoy following others and getting fashion tips I haven't thought about. Fashion creation is at an all time high. I could play this game for hours. It is truly enjoyable. Playing dress up never felt so good. I highly recommend. Enjoy!

  • On Aug 04}


    I absolutely loveeeeeeee this game its so awesome. But I don't think everyone gets a fair chance because the prices are too high, they aren't enough resources to gain enough diamonds. Why is it that every time while submitting you have to wear something new? We should be able to send gifts to friends and also search by friends. Just suggestions

  • On Jul 30}


    How do we use the perfume and what if any part does in play in increasing scores.

  • On Jul 30}


    I really enjoy playing this game, however, I wish a couple of things:
    There needs to be a ‘Start Over’ option when dressing
    We should be able to sell back some wardrobe items, or make exchanges
    When voting, we should know the title of the Event
    We should be able to look up friends
    We should be given more diamonds or adjust those high prices!!!
    Why do we have to wait so long for scores to come back?

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    Top Reviews

    • By fguhhfss

      BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

      This is literally the best game ever me and my sister play all the time I just got 100 gems for doing something and it’s like so great and I think are you guys that are like watching my review should really try this game because it’ll give you about 3000 for a fresh start and will give you I forgot how much gems but it’s a lot and I think you should try it and then you can hit vote and you can help which one can you get a ticket the ticket is for when you submit look it takes away a ticket and once you have about one you got to go vote four times sometimes when you vote you get gems money it’s just a great game. THANKS POCKET STYLER!!!!!!

    • By work it queen

      The Best game ever

      I have had this game not even for a day and I love it is amazing game I love voting on other people and I love doing quiet because it’s so fun to dress up myself and dress on my avatar because I make it look summary Wintory and I know we be lots of people and I got so many of these kind of game this is probably my favorite game ever made but I’ve had that you could start on person doing the persons make that and it’s just so much fun I now or in 27 hang in this game and it’s a Nazing it’s amazing but still I don’t have any friends but I follow like 13 or 14 people

    • By char char happy

      Good game

      The game is good but there are these little things I don’t really know how to explain them they are things where you click on on the peoples faces avatar faces and once you do all of them you have to wait a few hours some minutes and a few seconds to do them again and you have wait and I think it’s good but just that’s the problem of it so if you don’t like to wait and you just want to keep designing this would not get the game for you. But if you have a busy life and the only play this a little bit this will be a good game for you and you get a Lotta gifts at the beginning. Makers of the game if you’re reading this can you please make it to where you can either have more task or more of the avatar faces to click on. Just please make this game so you can style more because it’s called pocket styler and you can barely style and should be styling and lot because a pocket styler means where are you go you style and you like to style a play a lot so you should make it to where we can start styling more avatars please take my suggestion into consideration on what would make this game better but it is still a pretty great game.

    • By Anorii

      Much like covet fashion

      As most styling games in 2021, this gone is kind of a knock off of covet fashion. It’s very fun and refreshing to have new graphics but it really mimics covet. I’d suggest that the events be more detailed in description. The event will have a name but not describe what the look should be. We need a backstory for the challenges. Also, I love the feature in vote where you randomly win diamonds and cash, but after you gain 5 tickets we should still be able to win cash. Since the clothing is so expensive, players should start off with more diamonds. As always, 4C (African American) hair texture doesn’t seem to get much diversity here. Not all of us have short hair. Make it longer! Seems a bit discriminatory actually. In the beginning you start off with 2 small afros..... it’s 2021, black girls are going natural more than ever and for that reason our hair has been much longer and thicker on average. That needs to be represented. Over all, I have fun playing this game.

    • By lala10287

      Too Expensive to play

      Aesthetically, the game is beautifully detailed and designed. However, the game lacks the feasibility to earn enough money to purchase outfits and to enter into clothing contest. You are given a set amount of dollars and gems as a head start but the amount to purchase the clothes ends up taking most of your money and gems, leaving you to settle with using your purchased items to submit. Purchased items score low, which means less money when event results come in. So even if you use purchased item to save money, the results from the events are not enough to continue other contests. Lastly, once your ticket to submit your outfits run out, there’s no other way to gain them back accept to vote on other player’s outfit or purchase. After while, you get tired of voting. Otherwise, I’d continue playing but it’s not worth it I can can’t earn enough money from the contests to purchase more clothes. Maybe making the ticket accrue over time would balance that out. For instance, every 30 minutes or 1 hr you gain a ticket. Overall, it’s a good game that requires some refining in gameplay.

    • By Teteismeek

      Nice game!

      Nice game, and love the little fashion games you can play to create fashion cover magazines, and more, but when it comes to styling it’s a little annoying that you only have a few options to put together styles as the clothes that you really want to use are too expensive to buy, and not having enough diamonds, and especially that little fashion game that you can play to get rewards as well the big reward if you can find the three keys to unlock the chest, never can win that game as you have to continually play over, and over again to see if you’ll get the three keys, I just tap on the gift boxes so far until I get some rewards then stop to keep the rewards I already have because when you think you may find the third key you don’t and you have to use diamonds just to keep the rewards you won, and they need more hairstyle, and makeup options, and it’s annoying that you have to watch an ad every time just use the lipstick, other than that nice game.

    • By pranceswithfoxes

      Waste of time unless you pay

      I really want to like this game. I had it advertised to me while playing super stylist which is another closet styling game. I wanted to like this game but the problem is there is no real way of getting money or gems without spending money. Which considering the economical climate seems very def. I may favor the graphics more with this game. While they have that going for them what they don’t is everything else. They need more opportunities to gain money or gems. In order to an event you need a certain amount but you can’t enter these different events without game money or anything else. In order to get rewards from these events you need to be able to afford to enter the event. It seems like a waste of time compared to other games and I’m going to delete it.

    • By Rello Nasty

      Not bad but could be better.

      The graphics are alright, the interface is fine but this game is too expensive. They start you off with a decent amount of cash and gems, and you’ll get high promo gifts when you start a new event, but the clothing items themselves are pretty expensive. It’d be nice if there were other ways to earn more money or multiply your earnings, even if it’d be watching an ad. But I guess the lack of ads is offset by the costs for game money so I guess I understand. There are quests but those don’t offer a lot of money at all and they take a while to earn since a lot of the events require you to buy something new. And so the search for a fashion game that’s entertaining and functional continues…

    • By Melodyb1

      Too Expensive

      I love playing this game. In fact I play it everyday. But my problem like so many others the clothes are too darn expensive and you have to have like a billion diamonds to offers to complete a nice look. Is it possible to cheapen the price of the clothes or make it where you could use your cash not real money to buy diamonds or vice versa for ex. If I have 4500$ and I want to purchase a sweater that is 700 diamonds and all I have is 350 diamonds I could buy the sweater with the 4500$ that I have or give us a way to win diamonds and cash for free like watching a video. But make it worth or time. I don’t want to watch a video only to get 20 diamonds and the sweater is like 700 diamonds.

    • By Game addict 45 :D

      Forced to make crappy style choices

      I would prob love this game, but they give you limited money and diamonds to create a good style.. in order to earn More money and diamonds you need to submit styles.. the better the styles the more points which gives you more money and diamonds. Here’s the problem.. you’re forced to enter crappy ugly styles because the cost of the good items is way more than what limited funds you have. So by entering a sub par style you get less Money and diamonds!! The prices are insane for one item and a lot of good items you can only buy w diamonds. The rewards you get don’t come close to making up what you had to pay in order to get a good style. You’d have to enter 10 styles to recoup the money you had to spend on one outfit. Some of the challenges I can’t even play because you have to use a certain category of item.. which is fine if every item on the list didn’t cost a boatload of diamonds or money. You can’t earn more until you submit, can’t submit if you don’t have funds. And what’s w taking take up to 5 days for them to give you a score sometimes??.. 5 days? 🤨 It’s Basically pushing you to spend Actual dollars on the game. I just wanted to style and play and vote for others styles... I understand having to earn some one upper tier level items it’s a game but in This game the cost is way too disproportionate to the rewards.

    • By beegood567

      Set Up to spend big bucks

      Revision 1: update to original review. Have been waiting a month for a response from the developer to all the issues. With the exception of system generated notes & 1 asking if the problem still exists (😕), not a peep. So now after spending a small fortune I’m now in a competition. Was doing well until they stopped giving me credit for my outfits. Now I’m down the list. Is someone in Vilnius putting their finger on the scale? As it stands sure looks like this game is highway robbery. This game can be fun but it’s very very expensive. The developers have set it up so that in order to compete you MUST spend money. Where you could possibly double your “take” for your bank the game by watching ads it often doesn’t give you the 2X your due = costs you money. Frequently, your bank doesn’t get credited with cash or gems after playing = costs you money. Forces you to Vote & frequently doesn’t double your vote after watching ads = costs you money. When you stop buying packs, coincidentally your scores start dropping. Like a rock! = costs you money. It’s funny that the “glitches” never work in the players favor. This is not the game for someone who doesn’t know how to control themselves or can’t.

    • By 丂卄卂几3298

      Great Game BUT…..

      This is a great game that I really enjoyed but it is very expensive at the beginning of the game they do give you a lot of dollars and gems but those go so very quickly because of the items being too costly I don’t understand how I am being rated when I am submitting looks and I also feel like I have to put extra on my luxe such as the face gems and perfumes in order to try to boost my rating when I’m being reviewed I don’t understand why everything is so expensive and when you receive any type of prizes or claims why they give you such a small amount if all items are over at least $5000 majority they should give us prizes in the same amount at least to afford one outfit in the game

    • By up at 3am

      Gems are too expensive to play

      The gems are so highly priced for all the clothing that it really turns me off from playing this game, the clothing challenges are all expensive exclusive items for that challenges, the rating system is really weird if you have creativity and aren’t a conformist they don’t want that in this app because anytime you go bold or do something outside the box yo are rated poorly, you must have perfume and a dazzled eye look to get attention in order for the person rating your look to even give you a point, it’s so annoying. The clothing is priced too high to Unattainable to average person that doesn’t want to spend real money to get clothing and get gems and be on the lead of the leaderboard. Unable to be consistent in the game because gems are too high for each challenge so I have to wait till a average challenge style look comes around to even make a little bit of money to even get an clothing item to make the my doll look good. It’s really unfair please listen to this feedback and work with this to make this app a better app.

    • By #LunaThorn

      Great game! But.....

      I honestly am OBSESSED with this game, I play it every day with my sister and it is so great! But as good as it is, I have a few problems with it. First of all, I am constantly stuck between the gigs. Some of the requirements I can't afford! Like this guy with the curly red hair, telling me a requirement is a striped jumpsuit, but I don't own it and it costs like 7000$ bucks, making me look at my 6345$ and groan. Another thing, the duel event that just came out, the first time I did it, everything went as promised, but the second time around, it totally threw me off. I did the 10 votes, making the screen say "Searching for an opponent" and then it sent me to the leaderboard. If that wasn't bad enough, it still took away one of my duel tickets! I then tried again, and the same thing happened, so now I am scared to try again because it might happen again and I'll be left with no tickets at all! For that, I give it 4 stars, and without those flaws I give it 5. In conclusion I just really want you guys to fix these things if you can, I would really appreciate it. Sincerely, Luna's older sister Amber (My phone died and I was just itching to get this fixed so I used her iPad)

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