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WordBrain: classic word puzzle


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WordBrain: classic word puzzle is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by MAG Interactive. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - MAG Interactive, with the latest current version being 1.43.3 which was officially released on 2021-07-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 119856 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the WordBrain: classic word puzzle App

How does it Work?

WordBrain is a free word puzzle for all ages. Our game combines the best parts of word scramble and crossword games. Connect the tiles and transform random letters into words. If you do it in the correct order, you can move on to the next level!

- WordBrain keeps your mind sharp with thousands of challenging levels

- Train your brain as you play!

- WordBrain is available in 15 languages. For all you multilingual Brainiacs out there, you can play word puzzles in every language you know!

- Play daily word search puzzles to keep the streak going!

WordBrain starts easy, but becomes challenging fast! As you progress through the game, chances are you will meet your match. Don’t panic — when the time comes, remember this…

1. There are no unsolvable levels (trust us, we built this baby, we know it inside and out).

2. You can use hints! Tap on the lightbulb for a little help.

WordBrain has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously.

Good Times!

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Top Reviews

  • By JCGamer18

    Please Continue with Current Puzzle Writer

    I love this game especially the themed events except they were getting fairly formulated & clear that the puzzle writer was “phoning it in” - words in the same places & using limited vocabulary. However, about a month ago there was a very noticeable change to the themed puzzles - whoever is writing them is AWESOME! They’re now challenging with different configurations & an expanded vocabulary - it seems the writer also takes the time to put in letters that can spell different words (brush & shrub) to make it even more challenging! And there's a new “all letters for one word level” similar to the daily puzzle but again much more challenging! Please have this writer work on the daily puzzle too as it seems like after 75 days the “big word” starts repeating. Please keep going in the direction of the last month for ALL puzzles as the themed puzzles - they’ve been so much fun!

  • By rondelagua

    Suddenly too many ads

    This is an engaging game, one that I play almost every day. All games/levels are solvable with increasing difficulty as levels are reached. At Minotaur level word difficulty and complexity increases dramatically. I don’t mind sitting through the ads to gain free hints. I’ve gathered well over 600 by doing so, even having made purchases from some of them. BUT...something changed a few weeks ago and now there are constant ads. Every time you form the first word (maybe second) of a level an ad pops up and I often see no way to skip it. Sometimes they’re short and you can close them out after a few seconds or so; while inconvenient to the rhythm, I can deal with that. But too often you’re stuck with a 30 second ad, often for something I have no interest in. And if you restart the game you have to go through the same crapola again and again. I had to watch some Empires and Galaxies ad or some such thing four times! in just a few minutes! Mid game even more of these unwanted ads pop up so there is constant interruption. This will make me stop playing the game. Which means I’ll no longer watch the ads I choose to for hints and won’t be looking at any of those products. Change this!!

  • By sdghrdnmcvjlg g


    This app is very fun and addicting. There are many levels, and it’s very fun with the Events like the New Year Event and the Christmas Event; among others. It does seem like a lot of adds, but it doesn't bother me. You can buy more hints, but I do wish they were cheaper. Also, I’ve recently gotten to the harder levels, and I seemingly run out of hints, and I know other people who have the same problem. It would be great if you got a hint from the Puzzle of the Day, or every time you complete a regular puzzle instead of only getting them on Events. If would also be great if you had achievements, like 15 hints for getting a 50 day streak in Puzzle of the Day. All in all, it’s a great game. I also wish that on an iPad, the screen would be able to turn sideways. Please respond!

  • By Polly5931

    Problem with free hints

    The App Store shows only reviews 1 yr, 2 yrs old. Why not recent reviews? No comments on the special Events or the Daily Challenges. Love this game, love the special Event easy puzzles that give free hints, love the daily challenge even if I lost my streak (2019) going to Europe and back. (I thought I had timed it right) I am piling up my hints for the upper levels for when I get there. I am so glad the problem with hints for ads got fixed. I now have over 1000 hints and am saving them up for the upper levels. I like that when I have solved a word, it stays there so I don’t have to rely on notes so much. (For the daily challenge I still need the notes until the day’s puzzle is solved. ) the daily challenge keeps me occupied so I seldom do anything on the “real” levels! The

  • By Spikefromthepast


    I just started playing and really enjoy this game. I wish you could earn more hints, as I find I need to use them more as the puzzles get bigger. I also wish you didn’t have to complete 20 games before getting some extra hints. Other than that I really enjoy playing. My one complaint is that when I first started playing you could get two free hints a day by playing a video. Those seem to have gone away, and Now you only get a hint by completely 20 levels, and as you progress further into the game if obviously gets much more challenging. I have bought hints once , when they were on sale, but I don’t normally spend money on games. Why did these free hints go away?

  • By Ølivia🖤

    my opinion...𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑𝑏𝑟𝑎𝑖𝑛

    I have been playing wordbrain since November of 2017. It’s extremely addicting once you get to the harder levels. And when I say hard, I mean, hard. These levels have you racking your brain. So you may think, “oh. I guess I should use a hint.” Well, you don’t have many. Hints are expensive, and I’m not spending $5 on 15 hints. What I DO like is that every time you change brains, you get hints. Basically in this game you start off in a snail brain, and theres a number of levels in there. As you progress you get a mermaid brain, unicorn, and even alien. These all have levels in them. But once you progress from snail to frog, you get 7 or so hints. This makes the game easier and makes me want to level up more, knowing my hard work will pay off when I get to harder levels. Ads are a big thing in this game. I don’t like finishing a level and getting 2 ads. And they aren’t those 4 second ads, either. You get those rarely. The most common ads are the 25-30 second ones. And they are 1 or 2 after each level. And if you have been trying the level for a while, halfway though an ad pops up! But that’s my opinion on wordbrain. I hope a developer will respond because I’d love to discuss an issues I’ve been having where I watch a video for a hint and I do not receive it. Please fix this!!!

  • By Highway35

    Great game, but...

    I started this game 2 years ago, and liked it instantly. I played it until I almost finished all the platforms and then an update occurred and I suddenly had more levels to complete. I finished all the levels and waited for another update so I could play it some more. But that’s when the game took a downturn for me. With the latest level there are so many ads you can’t enjoy the game. Every time I reset the puzzle, I get an ad of 15 to 30 seconds. Every time I let my screen go to sleep and wake it up, I get another ad. Even if I play constantly for a few minutes, my game will be interrupted by an ad. Some of the ads can be canceled at the end by clicking on an X in the upper corner, but sometimes there is no X and you have to figure out where to click to get out of the ad. And still another ad requires you to make a selection in the ad. Even though I really like the game and the improvements made to it, I will be deleting it and hope that when I receive additional levels of the game on Wordbrain 2, it does not have the increased number of ads in it.

  • By PianoSue

    Fun game, but getting repetitive

    I’m enjoying this game, but feel there could be a couple of improvements that would make it more fun and fulfilling. As the levels increase, I expected the hidden words to increase in difficulty, too, but they haven’t. They are still pretty basic vocabulary words, with quite a bit of repetition (I swear SLIPPERS is every 5th puzzle!) I think the scrambling has gotten more complex as levels have proceeded, but not the words themselves. The "star bonus" words are especially simple and repetitive (TIN is always an option if those letters are in the puzzle). What advantage is there to earning those stars, anyway? How about a free hint if a player finds all 10 words? I wish that players could skip to higher levels on their own and try those puzzles instead of working their way up, as sometimes 20 puzzles per level is too many. I wish the game would give a free hint after every 5 puzzles solved instead of 3 hints after solving 20.

  • By frustrated_by_ads

    Constant ads killed this game

    I have been a long time player of this game (over 2 years). It has helped pass the time on my relatively short train commute. However, the recent changes that give you a 30 second ad (i.e Angry Birds), that takes over the screen and audio after virtually every game action has rendered the game unplayable. I would play this game while listening to a podcast. After each 30 second video ad i would have to navigate over to the podcast to relaunch, then back to the game to solve a word, then have to sit through another 30 video ad for Angry Birds, then back to the podcast player to resume playback, then back to the game, and over and over again in a non-stop loop of back and forth between the game and podcast player. I get it that the game makers want you to pay them to make the ads go away but just keep this in mind when you decide to get started with this game. You may play for a while without the constant ad interruptions, but eventually you will be faced with only 2 options, either: a) pay them to make the ads go away temporarily, or b) quit the game entirely because the way it is now, with the constant ad interruptions, it is not an enjoyable way to pass the time.

  • By Hootive

    You can get stranded with no recourse

    While I've enjoyed playing this game and have gotten almost 2/3 of the way through the game, I got to a puzzle that literally defies the assertion in the help section of the game that "every level can be solved". I tried every combination possible to get a final word, but there was no way to configure the letters to spell the word "sphere", which I confirmed by spending six hints. I literally gave up and looked on line at a solutions site. Not only is my particular puzzle configured completely differently in the online version, "sphere" is not even one of the words for the solution to that level. I emailed the developer because they have made mistakes before and corrected them, according to the solutions site, but so far no response. And they don't even give you a chance to "buy" your way around a puzzle--surprising, given they can really run up the money when you pay for more hints. Oh well...

  • By rmreed98

    Great game held back by a few major issues

    I’ve played Wordbrain for years, it’s a very fun game overall and I do enjoy it. However, there are two issues with it that really frustrate me. Firstly, the ads are constant and intrusive, sometimes I won’t even be able to close an ad without having to quit and restart the app entirely. However, I understand that ads are just a part of games nowadays. My main issue with Wordbrain is that, as someone who often needs to take flights and move across timezones, I can’t hold a daily challenge streak without it resetting every time I go on a plane. It’s extremely frustrating to spend weeks on keeping up with the daily challenges, only for it to be reset to zero once I arrive in a new time zone. Not sure if it’s a bug or not, but it’s really killed my desire to keep up with the challenges.

  • By MsLCC

    Addictive word game but update ruined

    This is an addictive word game & great fun. But I got to the Minotaur level and with the last update I did on my IPhone with the 11.2.5 patch I could no longer see the puzzle. There were the blanks at the bottom but no letters. So I deleted it, reloaded it and started over from the beginning. Not happy. To add insult to injury the bonus hints wouldn’t accumulate beyond 10. No matter how many levels I go and how many hints it says I’ve added, the hint level stays at 10. I used 2 just to see if that made a difference and it doesn’t. It is stuck. Now I have 8 and they don’t accumulate. So bottom line is, the game is working but is still buggy. Not that the hints are needed at the levels I’m having to do over from the beginning but it’s disappointing. I don’t know if it’s the iPhone update or the app update but they are not compatible. Cannot speak for other devices or platforms.

  • By Mackenzie h r

    Now unplayable. Nonstop ads and shady ad tactics.

    This game was once our family obsession. Had beaten all the levels. Came back after two years, excited to play all the new levels and see all the updates, and it is essentially unplayable. So. Many. Ads. All the time. And with shady, money grubbing tactics. Overriding your mute settings, hidden or no x to close out the ad, misleading buttons in ads, longer ads than gameplay, ads popping up mid-play, just to name a few. At one point in time, I would have gladly paid for an ad-free version, but now there is no way I’m sending them any money. Their advertising tactics and the advertisers they work with are straight up the lowest of the low. So now, not only will I not support the advertisers, but I have no interest in supporting the developers because they have committed to this scammy revenue path. Deleting instead. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time on this app. It’s everything that’s wrong with in-app advertising. You’ll spend more time watching ads than playing, and it wont take long to go from “I should pay for the ad-free pack” to “this is beyond making a living, this is advertising extortion and I refuse to support it.”

  • By Tayjoy22

    They still won’t let me watch a video for a free hint.

    How petty can one get with their hints! I refrain from saying free hint because if you watch a video than you earned the hint; however, I tapped the free hint bar which again it flashed extremely fast but no video played. I continued to select the video bar but no response at all after the flash. Unbelievable! Both WordBrain and WordBrain 2 are about to launch another guessing puzzle game special in about three days I believe, and I am willing to bet you that the payout issue is NOT fixed on the WordBrain because in my recent write up just last week they responded that they know about the issue and is working on it but this issue has been going on FOREVER for as long as I can remember! I think I am going to put there SORRY AS__ in the clouds and just play WordBrain 2. I have yet to have any issues with the people behind WordBrain 2, they got it going on 👍🏽😊👏🏾! Kudos to the people behind WordBrain 2!

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