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  • Last Updated: 2018-08-24
  • New version: 6.000
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Paint Hit: Color Blast


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Paint Hit: Color Blast is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by MAG Interactive. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - MAG Interactive, with the latest current version being 6.000 which was officially released on 2018-08-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1457 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Paint Hit: Color Blast App

How does it Work?

* 100's of levels

* Challenge the bosses. Can you master their quirks?

* Great audio to help you get in the zone

* Messy painting fun

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Top Reviews

  • By hales797

    Fun game, some small bugs tho

    I love the game and the challenges it has. The music is very relaxing and fitting for the game as well. The adds to keep playing are very handy. Although sometimes you can't close an add when it's done playing? Sometimes the game lags as well causing me to mess up. It could be my internet connection or the game itself. Either way I love the game!

  • By Cloud-dia🌞🌸


    This game is perfect for when your bored when you want a rush and when your in need of a distraction when I play I am so involved have fun and lose track of time when I’m passing levels oh and the game also gives great compliments on all your achievements.

  • By lucero 11

    Great game

    I think this game is great!!! I totally recommend it if you are up for a bit of a challenge. I’m still figuring things out for this game but so far it’s extremely fun!! If you do get it I hope you like this app and enjoy!

  • By Hkluver4life


    Yes there’s a lot of ads but this game is honestly so amazing. It’s addicting and you can’t even really get mad when you mess up because the music is so calming. 10/10 would highly recommend.

  • By Pand lu


    I love this game it is the best the music 🎵 makes me fill like I can do this !!! But the only thing I don’t like is that if you hit continue a bunching times it will not let you do it again but I would totally git this game❤️❤️❤️🥰.

  • By Jumper 74

    The are copying a game!!!

    So far I am enjoying the game. On helix jump people said there were a lot of problems. I wrote my own review explaining to them how to avoid a whole bunch of ads. I have not seen many people comment about the ads but I say there are to many ads. I also think they should be a bit more creative with the game. It has the same object as Twisty Arrow. I don’t know which one came out first but I am pretty sure it is Twisty Arrow. This game may be colorful but don’t be fooled when they say this is original.

  • By Echo_yToast


    I really like this game. My friend and I both play it, and it’s really addictive. I just updated today though, and now it runs much less smoothly. The game lags unlike before and it makes it almost impossible to get past levels.

  • By chanel610

    It’s good but there is a problem

    I enjoy playing this game but it gives me a problem because every time a go into the game it will be on the loading screen and it will never load. The only way for me to play when this happens is when I delete the game and download it again so I have to restart everything and lose all of my data. I have already done this three times and this problem always happens. Hopefully this problem will get fixed so I won’t loose my data and I can keep playing the game

  • By Neils954

    Don’t download the new update.!.!

    I sure wish I didn’t update it.,, y’all said you made it a little easier but the only noticeable thing I’ve seen is now the ads are way more frequently and they last 8-10 seconds on half of them instead of 5 seconds.. but as far as making it easier then I’ve sure Definitely not noticed any improvement as far as it being even a little bit easier... but games ok fun but is really hard when you make around level 20’s,, it’s just plain ole hard lol

  • By !!Kat60!!

    Level 45 Glitches

    This is my favorite game, but level 45 glitches after level 8 and won’t let me advance any further. There are also a lot of ads. I paid to have them removed yet have to watch ads to keep playing if I make a mistake on a level. They’re really obnoxious ads that are unnecessarily long to watch. Otherwise great game, but please fix the glitch so I can keep playing!

  • By RachelxLouise

    Full of Ads

    While the game itself is fun to play, there are a ton of intrusive ads. They last like 15 seconds before you can get an X button to close them, and then they make it hard to actually hit the button. Some of the ads will even bring up the App Store page to download the app, and I don’t think that’s okay. I will be uninstalling.

  • By Dotcondon

    Way too many ads

    I understand free apps means advertising - but for something that has “cool music to get in you the zone” and then immediately after you pass a level you get cheap ads really defeats the purpose of the chill game. Banner ads are fine, ads to help you beat levels are fine - but the rest were obnoxious. Graphics and music was good.

  • By Ladikay

    Love this game..

    ..but it doesn’t keep up with my passed levels. I’ve gotten as far as level 30. Then I come back to play a few days later and I’m back level at 27 again. This now has happened three times and I’m about done. I’ve passed levels up to 30. Why doesn’t the game keep this saved?

  • By Electroglyde


    You cannot pay your way out of ads. The model here is of network television. They need a cable version. The game is great enough for someone to pay for tokens or coins or SOMETHING other than the wasted minutes in a hectic day the game forces you to spend watching thirtysecond spots if you fub a shot and want to continue without starting the whole level again. I have deleted the game. Who has the time for this coercive nonsense and this level of unapologetic developer tyranny?

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