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WordBrain 2: Fun word search!


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WordBrain 2: Fun word search! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by MAG Interactive. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - MAG Interactive, with the latest current version being 1.9.35 which was officially released on 2021-07-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1353 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the WordBrain 2: Fun word search! App

How does it Work?

Try out WordBrain 2 - a spin-off of the popular WordBrain, adding a theme to every puzzle!

Find hidden words, swipe your finger over them, and see the puzzle collapse. Complete the levels with themed puzzles and advance from being a simple Word Newbie to a Super Word Mastermind!

The increasing level of difficulty, with themes ranging from Food to Space, will challenge even the toughest Brainiacs out there.

* 100+ unique Themes

* 1130 brain twisting Levels

We aren't promising it's going to be easy, but you'll have fun, and your brain will thank you for the workout!


WordBrain 2 has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously.

Join a global audience of more than 250 million players and check out some of our other chart-topping hit games like Ruzzle, Word Domination or WordBrain!

We really value your feedback, go to Wordbraingame on Facebook and say what's on your mind!

More about MAG Interactive at our homepage

Good Times!

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Top Reviews

  • By Just2w

    Even better than the 1st game, one request to improve it!

    Would be nice to be able to reset progress in the game just to go thru it again as if it’s you’re first time playing. Other than that it’s super fun and challenging at the same time, really awesome to pass time when work is slow, etc. Definitely recommend!

  • By MaryCap1964

    Fashionista Event Disappointing

    The Fashionista Event started today. I’ve been watching the advance notifications looking forward to its start today. But when I opened it up today, it’s showing I’ve missed 2 days, so now I won’t be able to get the maximum points. Poor programming. Updated review: Tech support responded very quickly to my concerns. Thanks!

  • By Janice Hester


    I like to challenge myself without having to use hints. Let your brain just keep formulating words and you will eventually figure the word out. OR, maybe TAKE a BREAK and let your brain REST. Then come back and BAMM, before you realize it, the word appears and IT will BLOW YOUR MIND how it was there the whole time. Got to Love a Challenge. And this challenge can not cause me any harm. LOL

  • By Jerry c Lunsford

    Yesterday’s puzzle was not there

    The puzzle for yesterday’s birthday challenge was not there only the answer squares. Lost the chance for a complete run due to that. Really think that is fair? The update may have corrected the problem but does nit address the fact that now I will not be able to get the maximum hints.

  • By Cat mom57

    Agree with those who write...

    ...that it's a lot of fun! I'm also relieved that it's easier than the original Wordbrain! (I enjoy it, but I cheat too often – I don't have money for hints.) And absolutely! *I hope the creators can make a change so that I can go back a letter and "undo" my mistake without having to start the whole word over from the beginning!* I suspect that the longer the words get, the more I'll ll be wishing that!

  • By sn-sgu


    I play both word brains games and have no problems or concerns except for hints. NONE of my friends play these games so having to send a invites AND get them to download and play will never happen so there is no way for me to ever get hints this way. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem! This method needs to change! I use Facebook for gaming and have plenty of friends who love these games there but no way to utilize this-sad!

  • By wordbrain completist

    Great game but...

    It seems you have no intention of adding new levels other than the seasonal challenges, because years is quite a long time to wait. If that’s the case, just say so, and I’ll quit taking up valuable space on my iPad. The people complaining about ads and hints don’t seem to understand that you have to pay people to make the game. An option to just buy the game would be nice.

  • By #imonisladtime

    Pretty good

    Good game. I love that it has categories instead of just random words. If you don’t like the first one (like me) then try this one and hopefully you will like it. The only problem is that there aren’t enough ways to get hints. The only way to get them is to complete puzzles and fill up the bar. And even then you only get one hint each time. Other than that I think it’s a really good game.

  • By Ducky123d

    Challenge problem

    While I do like this word game yesterday while trying to play the ten year birthday challenge the actual game board did not load. I play it everyday so I can get all the hints allotted for finishing the whole challenge. Now it is saying I didn’t do that day. I will now get less hints. I have never had any problems with this game before. This should be looked at.

  • By Irked at FB

    #*!# ads

    I recently started WB2 after having been a long-time player of WB. I am enjoying the themed puzzles—they stretch my brain using words not usually found in WB (hint!). My only complaint is the ads. I would give the game more stars but EVERY time I complete a puzzle (not just a level but then, too) an ad pops up. EVERY time I come back to the game after taking a break, an ad pops up first. It would be more tolerable if a clue was awarded after each ad, or even after every fifth ad—but no, the only clues I get are in game play or events. I can complete an 8x8 puzzle in WB in the time it takes to do 5 puzzles in WB2 just because of all the ads—even though I X out when I can.

  • By gaoshanaz

    No way to solve = Frustration

    My husband and I have played and enjoyed this game for the past several months. However, for the puzzle, Word Overlord> Collectibles>Level 5, we have tried every option to make the word “POSTERS” to complete the puzzle but are unable to do so. This is extremely frustrating. There’s no way to move on to the next puzzle until it’s solved. We even resorted to a cheat video for that specific puzzle, and while it contains the same words, the letters in the current puzzle are in a different configuration from what is shown in the video from a few years ago. The new letter configuration is impossible to solve. Please fix this.

  • By cjy4

    Frequent double charges

    I love playing this game, but you end up buying a lot of hints, particularly as the difficulty increases. I don’t mind buying the hints - but more often than not, I get double charged. When I ask the games tech people to look into it - I was told I must be buying twice (I’m not, but if I was I would have twice the hints 🤷‍♀️), or it was an Apple problem and contact them for billing. My issue was dismissed without even looking at the possibility they could have a glitch in their game. So - I deleted it, & I don’t recommend it to anyone.

  • By Tayjoy22

    I just complimented them on their honesty on the original WordBrain.

    There is no puzzle to work on the ten year anniversary on day nine, Tuesday, November 17, 2020! Just last month when writing a review on WordBrain, I complimented WordBrain 2 on the original WordBrain which is where they are a kickoff from on how honest they are when payouts are due. So I guess the WordBrain 1 didn’t like that so now WordBrain 2 has cheated on their payouts for the first time! WordBrain 1 has a very long history in cheating on a few other things too and has admitted to knowing the problems but has yet to correct them. Now WordBrain 2 has just cheated on their payout today after finishing their “Back to school” special event which lasted for 18 days. I completed ALL 18 days correctly and the payout was supposed to be 20 free hints. If one completed between 15-17 the reward is 10 hints. My payout was 18 hints instead of 20. They are now jumping on the “Cheat Our Players” ban wagon too just like WordBrain 1 have been doing FOREVER! This is SO Petty of them BOTH! I guess they rather cheat their players than to do the Right Thing and loose their fan base. Also, I used a few unnecessary hints on them misspelling encyclopedia which they had one “C” instead of two! Disappointed ☹️ and Loyal fan👎🏽

  • By Reneeb4

    Collectibles level 5 impossible

    Help! Ive been stuck on level 5 for weeks. There is no way to solve posters with the current configuration. I noticed many others have the same complaint going back a few years and unless I can get past this I’ll have to delete the game. I don’t want to do that. Your reply to tell me to keep trying isn’t helpful. I have been trying for 4 weeks and have racked up over 130 hints watching the ads. If you can’t help me with the steps how to solve this I am going to be forced to delete the puzzle. I also emailed you for help using the address on your website and it t comes back undeliverable, I am beyond frustrated with MAG. How do I send a private message? I’m still stuck and have not figured how to complete the current configuration for posters.

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