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Word Domination


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Word Domination is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by MAG Interactive. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - MAG Interactive, with the latest current version being 1.17.6 which was officially released on 2021-06-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 40927 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Word Domination App

How does it Work?

Play Word Domination - an exciting twist on a classic word game!

Word Domination is a fast paced, addictive real-time word game. No more waiting for your opponent to make a move!

Live matches allow you to see the tiles being played while you plan your next move. Word Domination also delivers a twist, adding an extra layer of strategy with over 45 collectable boosters to give you an edge over your opponent.

In addition to the fast-paced live game mode, we’ve made it even easier to play with friends!

You’ll no longer have to wait for friends to be online to start a match with Friendly games. Begin simultaneous games with multiple friends and respond in your own time. With up to 72hrs between moves, you’ll still play live-matches and master tournaments while you wait.

As if that’s not enough, Word Domination keeps delivering even more!

Sharpen your skills, and earn rewards with our regular themed solo modes. Challenge our mascot Tiler and his army of bots in one-on-one matches that are sure to challenge and even surprise you.

Word Domination … it’s not your average word game!


* EXCITING MATCHES: A casual crossword game with a twist! It’s easy to play, but delivers a challenge.

* BOOSTED GAMEPLAY : Collect over 45 boosters with special features that give you an edge.

* THE BEST OF THE BEST: Real-Time games with players from around the world, Casual classic games with friends, and the always challenging Solo-Modes against bots!

* SEASONAL TOURNAMENTS & EVENTS : Challenge yourself with something new every time you open the game!


Love Word Domination?

We now offer a VIP subscription package! Become a VIP and play even more with double the energy bar and half the recharge time. Achieve laser focus by avoiding advertising distractions with Ad Blocker. Add flair to the game with the exclusive golden deluxe tile rack.

Try out VIP today with our FREE 3-day trial!

After the trial ends, the subscription will auto renew at $4.99 a month. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

If you don’t choose to purchase a subscription, you can simply continue playing Word Domination for free.

For more information, please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at http://www.maginteractive.com/MAG_Privacy.html.

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2 Contributions

  • On Mar 08}


    PLEASE LET THE PEOPLE THAT LEAVE THE GAME LOSE AND END IT- I’m a VIP MEMBER AND HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS. As soon as someone leaves the game it should be over and THEY LOSE - Jesus

  • On Nov 06}

    Annoying Boosters

    I love the game but I think mire varied tournaments and games should be added as they are getting boring.
    Secondly, why don't you allow me to use my gems for other stories? I keep on collecting more and more storybooks and have nothing to do with all my gems.
    There are certain boosters I find really annoying. The "spy" one - RECEIVE ALL UNUSED BOOSTERS OF YOUR OPPONENT. I refuse to play with someone who uses that underhanded card. The steal a tile and block all boosters is horrible too.

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    Top Reviews

    • By Plumeria2310

      Love this game but...

      I’ve been playing this game for a few months now and there was no complications until recently. Pictures are disfigured when changing a profile picture. Just a few minutes ago I was in a match and some weird glitch happen where the words that me and the opponent made disappeared and those letters appeared on the line of the other letters I didn’t use. There are other times I play and when the player isn’t putting out a word I know it takes a minute — 1 minute to make a word per round and somehow they seem to have more time than me and no boosters were used in the game and this is when they’re time is running out and it stays in that ticking mode for another minute or two as much as I didn’t want to lose the match I had to resign. Please fix this ASAP. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • By JPPSS peep

      Yes, it’s fun, but......

      Like many others have commented, this is a fun game. I enjoy playing but have a couple of pet peeves. When boosters are purchased with gems or earned by meeting challenges, there should be a method whereby you were able to buy or pick from a group you do not have. I have been waiting awhile now to get new ones; and even though I only have half of the boosters, the ones I usually draw from the 9 blank ones, or go to purchase from the three choices offered, are the same ones I already have. The other complaint I have about the game is the determination of who starts first. I believe that the player who starts first is at a disadvantage most of the time. When I start first I often lose the game, and vice versa. That would be okay if you only had to go first every other game, but I have often played 6 games in a row, and had to go first on 5 of the 6. Surely this can be fixed in order to alternate. Last thing, I tend to agree with some of the other reviews that some aspects seem fixed. In tournaments, I can get to seven or so wins, and then bam, bam, bam - three losses. If it only happened once or twice I could buy that it was coincidental, but when it happens over and over? I don’t think so. Same thing with the “random” tile selections. All in all, still a super fun game to play, I just think some tweaks are in order.

    • By BlueJV

      Pretty fun... although

      I like it. The concept is cool. Quick gameplay for a quick fix. Timed games, so no waiting for days for your next turn. The power up cards are a nice addition to add some interest and strategy. Fun to see what cards other players just used. Might be nice if there were some added text to tell you what card was just played besides just the picture of the card. But you can click on the player’s used card and read the description. Also would be nice to add a true chat feature so you can text in real time with opponents but also keeping the pre-chosen phrases. Would love to see a ranking system to see how you stack up with everyone else too. Maybe the tournament winner gets a special prize along with the coins, like unlimited energy for a period of time? My little issue is that you’re forced to use energy when playing games unless you’re playing a tournament or with friends. Haven’t figured out how to start a game with a friend on your friends list too. You’re rewarded with coins to buy power-ups when you win, but not rewarded with any extra energy. So basically you’re kind of forced to play with other people if you wanna play for a while. Which is fine but a bit frustrating for me cuz sometimes I just want to play solo with AI and not deplete anything. But all in all pretty cool twist on the classic word game.

    • By Loretta Balogun

      It’s Real Fun but .....

      This game is real fun but I have observed a few things that are really frustrating. Today I played with an opponent named KAT #4032. As the game started, I played first and was expecting her to play and I saw that her Internet was fluctuating, as a result the screen appeared frozen and she could not complete her session within her time. Then it was my turn to play again and I did. The same thing happened to her again, meaning she had missed playing twice and had no points. Suddenly, I noticed 3 of my alphabets disappear and I had to play with the remaining 4; at the same time 19 points were recorded for her (without playing). This was a mystery, I could not understand it; I can understand if my letters were locked (although this can be frustrating too, but at least it’s part of the game.) I have read some reviews stating that some players cheat or manipulate the game; I still can’t understand how this is possible and I think the developers need to do something about this. I read one review where it was suggested that evidence of the cheaters should be provided and that’s why I provided the known details of this player. This is a very good and enjoyable game something should be done to stop this type of incidents.

    • By Mr&Mrs.DollarShaveClubFans

      Fun but has issues

      I enjoy the Solo Mode games. So when I complete a game and win my prizes, jewels and a tile, I’m pretty happy about it. Last night, I completed the Solo Mode and never received my Tile. Unhappy about that. Also, I’ve noticed sometimes it freezes and seems locked up. Then I’m forced to wait 12-14 hrs to lay again or use 20 jewels. Not cool. Another issue I’ve noticed is that there seems to be some cheating going on. I had a special glowing tile, it was taken and played..but it wasn’t the tile I had. It was switched to another letter. The reason I noticed this is because my opponent had NO glowing tiles. Seemed a little shady to me. It’s a great game and I’ve enjoyed playing for a couple years now but the errors are becoming more and more pronounced. It’s aggravating to get into a game and an issue like that arises. But I want the Tile I earned. I’ve emailed Support but haven’t heard back. If problem is remedied I’ll consider higher grade. *************************************************** I am writing to amend my 2 star review to a 4 star review. My issue was resolved in a timely manner. Thank you Tech Support for answering my questions. I do enjoy this game and play quite often. Hope you have continued success with MAG game.

    • By AmandaKayyy :]


      This game is super addicting but what game isn’t. The concept is cool I that you can play 4 different ways with the regular random game, a game with your friends, a tournament game, and play the challenge game with Santa and his reindeer. The only thing that gets annoying is that the game allows people to leave without finishing the game. Especially since we have to use points on the random games, we don’t get those points back. If I could change anything about it, I would have the person resigning to take double the hit. So in addition to using their energy to start the game they would use the energy for the person they are abandoning so that the person they leave doesn’t have to waste energy on a perfectly good game that wasn’t fully played out. Then it might make people stick it out even if they aren’t happy with the way the game is going and don’t want to loose double energy for the game. Or some consequence for the party that leaves and reimburse some energy on the party that stays. Something to thing about.

    • By ttluv27

      Connection problems

      This is a fun game! However, it has connection problems and I would love if they would give more lightening. You can only play 3 games and then watch ads to get more power and often times I have been cheated out of gems for watching the ads!!!! I watch the ad and then don’t get the extra power to play. It’s also the same with the “bonus” games per day that are free against the computer. The system gets stuck/freezes and the computer doesn’t go, but I’ll have to resign and then wait 12 hours to play again. I also think the games are rigged for you to intentionally loose! The player starting first is at a disadvantage, especially if they are playing against someone with better boosters. There should be a way that it can be altered to so that no person has to go first all three rounds! The tournaments will only allow to win so many times too. Lastly, please remove the boosters that the player already has! What’s the point of being rewarded boosters to help with games when majority of the boosters picked are the ones you already have. I’ve played with players that have boosters that I never even see in my booster pool. Talk about disadvantage!

    • By Jinny75

      Great game...with problems

      Update: seems like glitches are getting worst, not better. Played and game would not recognize any words as valid, including “hi” and “oh”...literally no words, so I could not play. Gets gitchy but I can live with that, technology isn’t perfect. But, there needs to be a way to block people. Jerks who run out the clock (play or don’t play) or just “leave” when they can’t win, just resign. It’s rude and I don’t want to play those people again. Also, too often the letters are ridiculous, 3-4 of the same letter shouldn’t happen so often. AND, no person should go first more than half the time, or close to it. It’s a disadvantage and it isn’t fair to make the same person go first repeatedly. Also, the energy bar should give more than three games, I understand you make money off people getting the paid version, but three games is stingy. Five would be acceptable. Lastly, I don’t get why words like “Cher” and “Johnny” are fine but “June” and “July” etc. aren’t??? Doesn’t make any sense! Has the potential to be the best of the best but isn’t there yet.

    • By Psalmybean

      Pay to win or you lose

      I started playing this game years ago and loved it so much I recommended it to everyone I knew. I left a 5 star review and had nothing bad to say about it. The boosters were a nice little touch and if you played your cards right, for the most part it was a fair fight as most things could be earned for free by just playing. Now, I try to play and 8 out of 10 times I’ll lose because I’m playing an opponent whose paid for top tier boosters. Opponents have double the advantage if they’re playing second or last in the match. Also, The current beach event is glitched when you get to the crab Henry boss. It’s supposed to shuffle the board tiles after every players turn and it doesn’t sometimes. He skips playing a hand which makes it especially difficult when the game keeps giving me unusable letters and vowels. At one point my entire hand was just The letter “ i “ and one “ u “ as every time I’d use any, they’d be replaced with more unusable letters. Not to mention the TW/DW board tiles would always shuffle “randomly” to the CPU’s advantage in their turn like clockwork. This is the 5th time I’ve tried to beat him just this morning, paying to skip the wait time using gems I’ve accumulated from dailies and the pattern happens every single time without fail.

    • By Angel in Thrall

      Doesn’t Recognize Everyday Words

      Don’t bother with this one. Most of the time it doesn’t recognize everyday words like “auto”, for example. Even when you KNOW you have made a valid word, it doesn’t let you “submit” your word, so you get dinged for letting your time run out. You can’t hit “submit” until the thing recognizes your word and the “submit” button lights up. If it doesn’t, you’re screwed. I thought this was a glitch or something the first couple of times it happened, but it’s much more than a “glitch”. It’s either a major flaw, or an intentional design to force you to pay for “helps” in the game. I’ve tried to play simple words like “auto”, as mentioned above, as well as ones like “home”, “zoo”, “plain”, etc. These were all valid spaces, which I added to a pre-existing word that my opponent had made, to create a new word of my own. I made these plays with plenty of time to spare so I didn’t run out of time. However, because the “submit” button refused to light, I couldn’t make the play before my “time ran out”. I’m guessing my opponent must have made some in-app purchases, so the game tilted in his/her favor. It’s a very biased game. If you’re willing to pay, you will win. If you’re not willing to pay, you will lose, regardless of your genuine skill and strategy.

    • By onedillionmollars

      Trust issues

      After playing this a while, I still appreciate the creativity behind it, but I no longer trust this game's RNG. I've had too many important games ruined by bad tile draws and even worse replacements when using one of the powerups that swaps your tiles. If you flip a coin and it doesn't go your way 50% of the time, that's to be expected, right? But if you're betting on the outcome, and the coin comes up in favor of the house 80% of the time when the big money is on the line, you start to suspect that the house is cheating. And that's what I suspect here. The game knows when you're on the verge of hitting a tournament milestone, and that's always when I have the worst luck. If it's not replacing 6 vowels and a consonant with 7 vowels, it's oh so conveniently playing against someone with really great powerups at the ready. Now, I don't want to begrudge the game's powerups themselves, because they're a big part of what makes the game fun and unique. But it gets a little tiring getting through 5 to 8 easy rounds against weak opponents and then "randomly" being pitted against someone really good right when it matters. It makes me question whether I'm playing against real people or bots, because it sure would explain the consistency of the game's outcomes.


      FRUSTRATED! Starting to hate playing this game.

      When I first downloaded this game I was impressed by the concept and how cool it is to play a word game with friends .. HOWEVER, I’ve been playing this game for a few months now and I’m frustrated with the system. ITS Impossible for us players to advance without spending MONEY. Most of us don’t have money to waste on a game that does not like to be fair. The tournaments are nearly impossible to win all the way through ... unless you spend money on GEMS to keep playing you cannot won. I like fair games. The robots are extremely difficult in the tournaments . I’ve been playing for a while and still can’t unlock or win any tiles .. When you get new cards the give you the EXACT same cards OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I still can’t exchange for a new card with all the ones I’ve duplicated because even THAT card is a duplicate OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I’m undownloading as I’ve almost reached my breaking point .players that play often should be recognized and appreciated especially the amount of ads we indure. MORE BOOSTER CARDS ( no duplicates) more ways to win GEMS (for free) and less cheating when it comes to the tournaments and the TILES. Oh and it CRASHES AND CRASHES.. please fix this

    • By GuroVee

      Too many bugs and don’t honor their word

      I’ve emailed twice about an issue of playing a word and the points being accepted when all of a suddden I get the “out of time” warning! My points were then deducted but my letters were not returned to me - I got new letters as if I my word was accepted... now I have issues of starting a game and the game kicks me out and reduces my points as if I resigned from the game! My internet connections were not broken on any of those occasions nor was my WiFi speed slow. I love the word challenges but, because I’m competitive, losing because of technical errors within the software is irritating. Please fix the bugs! In addition to the above, I referred two others to the game with the anticipation of receiving game diamonds and, after a few weeks of back and forth messages, their conclusion was “based on their records” per Ron on the MAG Support Tram that I made no such referrals and that the two people I referred had old accounts … what’s amazing is that the two people I referred only knew of the game because they clicked on my referral link that I sent to them … I can get over the bugs in the game because it’s technology, but lack of integrity is a big issue with me. The fact that it’s just a game and they rather lie and say that I made no such referrals - even though proof was provided - than give out a few game diamonds is too petty and no longer a game I’ll be playing.

    • By tashnaj

      Needs to be fixed

      First off this game is the highlight of my morning, noon and night. It is very addicting and extremely exciting and fun. I don’t have a problem with the boosters that allows crappy players to win nor the ridiculous hand of letters that I get most of the time because even though it’s frustrating, it also makes the game more fun. however, I am convinced that this game is rigged and they choose whomever they want to win when they feel like because I have seen my point say 65 when I put a word and then when I add my boosters it stays at 65 or drops to 47 how is that possible??? I am always watching at the top of my scores to see and this happens too often and sometimes I count my opponents hand and the math clearly doesn’t add up as to why they went from 23 to 605. Also, when I use my gems to get the 48 hr energy, I realize that you people cut it off at 39 hours or 42 hours because you don’t think we are noticing well I notice and that’s a real crappy thing to do. Lastly, it seems as if you choose words from your head and not the dictionary or is it that only some words are allowed? I don’t know if it’s on purpose or just a bug but Please fix these issues ASAP because it would be a shame to delete a game that I love so much.

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