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Wordzee! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by MAG Interactive. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - MAG Interactive, with the latest current version being 1.158.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 24595 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Wordzee! App

How does it Work?

You can train your brain as you make words, play with friends, and compete in different word games and word game modes in new Wordzee.

Show off your puzzle solving, spelling, and anagram word skills as you search for the best scoring word combination in this exciting, free, new, word game.

Wordzee is a new twist in word puzzle, anagram, and crossword games! It is free to play, and there are so many new words to make and ways to play!

Roll your word tiles like dice, build words and play them on the board to get the highest score as you connect with friends in thrilling matches. Play classic matches in order to try and win against other players by building the biggest word score and making a Wordzee! Can you fill all of the rows on the board with words of the correct length to get a huge Wordzee point boost to your score?


Your new word puzzle game playing experience starts here! Start a new game with friends or family members who love word puzzles, dice games, and crossword puzzles.

Or you can start a classic match with a new opponent.

Shuffle the word tiles to find the highest scoring word on the board and play your move. Then it’s time for your opponent to try and find their best word to play. Why not start another game with a friend while they are playing!


Choose an instant game so you can play Wordzee in a quick game mode. Make words from the anagrams and play your tiles to get high scores with no waiting between rounds


Flex your word finding muscles in Journeys. Specially themed rounds let you explore and play your way to the top of the word map. Can your anagram and word puzzle skills get your word brain moving enough so you can complete the journey?

Play the High Score challenge and build the highest scoring words in a round to win exciting rewards. Play your best words to take your word puzzle game skills to the next level.

Can you make it to the top in the Showdown mode? Supersized tile values let you build huge scores against Kevin the Wordzee mascot. Use your word puzzle skills and play to win!

Totaliser lets you build your score the more you play. The game is to carry on playing great words to get high scores, build totals, and win rewards!


Show off your word game style and skills as you unlock special letter tiles like the cute teddy bear, sushi, or watermelon

Special seasonal tiles mean your word games always look good

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Wordzee has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously. We’ve made word games, puzzle games and fun social games on mobile for 10 years. Download Wordzee now!

Good Times!

Additional Information:

The Wordzee game is free to play. In-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

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  • On Dec 09}

    Great Game, but…

    Great game, but it needs a timer. And yes, I would pay to have the ads removed.

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    Top Reviews

    • By + Zeus +

      Fun but includes harassment

      This is a super fun game but there is no way to block the creepy people from messaging and toying with you. I had one user send me at least fifty invites and wouldn't leave me alone. I would definitely NOT let my child play this. It's just not safe for that reason. But a responsible adult over 18, sure. If you don't mind being harassed every so often. I sent this person's profile number to their support but apparently, you have to take screenshots of the conversations they send you for anything to be done about it. So take pictures before the game is over or you’ll have to accept another game with them to prove it. Edit: Thank you for the response! That helps so much. Changed to a 5 star review.

    • By Mor69064

      Very enjoyable but with one recommendation.

      I enjoy this game very much! It moves quickly if you only have a little time to play and there are a variety of games you can play. My one recommendation is that each player be give the same letters in the same order. What we do with the letters after they are presented makes the game more fun. If I see a better use of the letters presented or I recognize a word that my opponent does not see or vice versa, I think it would make the game even more fun to play. There’s been times in the game where I’ve been way ahead only to see my opponent win because they were given better letters and I was given on a high point value challenge, which can be frustrating at times.

    • By Vdmoonlight31

      Like this game one complaint

      This game is great I love it and enjoy it. However I have a small complaint I think there should be an option of what language for words you can use for example as someone using American words or vice verses it be nice to be able to see what’s an actually word. Since sometimes players play words that aren’t found in an English American dictionary. I have run into this issue a few times and use my own dictionary to see if it is. I think that might help people get ahead and win if the playing field is even and don’t have language issues or spelling issues.

    • By Word Cat


      I love this game I would give it five stars except for a couple of little things. I’ve been playing this game for quite a while I was already playing when you switch things around and now you get card packs to get tiles. I have been waiting a very long time to get the dragon egg tile and the spell book tile. I have not been able to get anything for the wand for the spell book or the sword for the dragon egg. I have bought several card packs but still don’t have it I need to get either of those tiles. It’s not gonna stop me from playing the game the game is great. My other little pet peeve is the daily challenge. First you got a tile when you did seven days in a row which is good for a start to get people interested. The next one was for 30 days which I think is perfect every 30 days to get a new tile but once I finish the 30 days I found that I have to go another 150 days to get another tile that’s crazy every 30 days would be perfect. If you fix those little things my review would go up to the fifth star because I think this is a fabulous game

    • By Mzbhavin/safiregrl

      Fun, challenging, but ads ruin it

      Fun, challenging, and addictive. Have been enjoying playing this game for a couple of weeks now. Find it challenging in trying to get a Wordzee!, where u try and fill all the slots. They have multiple daily challenges. Some you have to pay for with tickets, but a couple are free, you just have to wait a couple of hrs. to advance to next level, or you can unlock with gems. Your choice. At least they do give u a couple of challenges free. Now for the negative, the ADS!! As much as I do enjoy this game the ads are the one thing that will make this game take a back seat. After every game there is an ad. It used to be that after a few seconds you can skip it, but lately there is a "learn more" on top right hand corner and you can’t skip it. The ads are too long. Maybe do ads after every 2 to 3 games. Better yet, have a paid version of this game at a reasonable price to remove ads altogether. If not for the amount and length of the ads this would be a 5 star game.

    • By louisaclink

      ADD a tap to see DEFINITION FEATURE:)

      I absolutely love this game and I love the aesthetic! Soooo cute! My number 1 complaint would be that I wish there was a feature where if you tap on the word you are able to see the definition! They have this feature in words with friends app and I think it’s amazing. It allows you to learn more while you play! PLEASE PLEASE add it🙏🏼 My second suggestion is that they offer more ways to access the new tiles, tickets, and gems? It seems like there are limited ways to get those and seems like I have to wait a long time to finally get the tiles I want! Maybe more purchasing options as well? Lastly, the ads do not really bother me too much, but I would absolutely pay $2-$5 to play the game with no ads. They offer this option in other games and I would be willing to pay a small amount in order to access the game without ads. Other than those suggestions....I absolutely LOVE this game. My favorite game in the app store! Good job!


      Good game!

      Wordzee! Is a really fun game and you can use your brain to basically come up with as many, and as big, of words as you can. The one thing I don’t like about it, though, and the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is because whenever I play an instant game, the other person comes up with a simple word and it gives them a score over 50 on the first round. So you basically have to get a wordzee if you want to beat them. And it only happens with the instant game. Whenever I play an actual game where I have to wait for them to play, they get around the same scores that I get based on the row they put it in. I don’t know if this is a glitch, or if I’m the only one experiencing this and I’m just bad at the game, but it is really annoying. My brother even helped me with words a couple times and he thought it was really annoying too that they get such big scores for such simple words.

    • By Mathlion8

      Annoyed with “Improvements”

      Considering I loved this game, I feel bad giving it this review. But my love for it is in the past due to the last few “updates”. First, removing the old look was something I found annoying, but I could get past. Second, the sketchiness of the “daily” activities with me already apparently completing some before I even played or having it not be possible to complete some at all was really really annoying, but again I could get past it because I still liked the game. However, three strikes you’re out. With the VERY recent removal of of the Showdown, AND ALL MY GAME DATA, I refuse to try to keep playing. That was the only reason I still went in daily. That was the only part I played AT ALL! I’m a completionist by nature and I wanted to collect and finish all the tasks, but you easily deleted my ALMOST 300 GAMES and took away the only thing I was going for. I know I play to many games, so thank you for making it so easy to give up a game I was hooked on. I’ve updated my review because I realize I still do like playing the game occasionally, just not daily. And I got a wonderful response from the game creators...

    • By twa1807

      Could be better

      I really enjoy the challenge of this game but feel like it’s rigged to make you spend money. “Aren’t they all” you say, but this game seems worse than any other I’ve played. I played against the computer the other day and finally worked my way up to the hardest level after spending all the free jewels I earned (cost 20/round) and had 1,000 point lead after my last play and the computer drops a 1,080 point word on me - coincidence? I also can’t figure out how to turn off the adds which are way too frequent. I’m willing to pay a couple of bucks to play ad free but I can’t find the option. It’s a great game in concept. Kinda like Yahtzee meets Scrabble but they have some work to do to improve the player's experience. For now I’m only playing the daily high score which at least is against other humans - I think.

    • By Magoogaloo


      It’s a fun game, cool idea, but I’m tired of being asked to send my email address to “hangout.” I don’t mind conversation, but scammers are ruining the game. I don’t want to be told to ignore it. I don’t want to be told to turn off my chat. I want something done about this because who knows who these people are ensnaring by being “engineers.” Guess what? I’m already MARRIED to one. That doesn’t sound like a better life when I already have it. This game, and reading the reviews of other women who have experienced something similar, just reminds me why women keep being attacked silent- because we’re told to ignore it and just go with the flow. And I’m personally insulted that these scammers think I’d fall for something like this! Like I’d give out actual answers to known security questions. Stupid.

    • By Star Stuff ~

      Scammers have taken over this game

      Scan down these reviews, and see how many women complain of the “creepers.” They are referring to guys with fake photos, targeting women to scam for money later in whatever chat platforms they might succeed in luring them to. They all supposedly work abroad. They are “chemical engineers” and “orthopedic surgeons,” claiming to be from Georgia or Alabama, and are supposedly single parents, missing their (usually one) kid terribly. (I expect they try later to get $ for plane tickets “home.”) They often have 2 first names, their English is awful and their profiles show thousands of game losses. They are scammers. Period. If you complain to the developers, they say they care, but they do NOTHING to stop the flood of these criminals taking over the game. They just tell you how to turn off Chat. They could easily investigate this, & block these players, but they don’t. It’s a great game otherwise, it’s fun & challenging. Sadly, however, the developers have really no integrity. Shame on them to not take this problem seriously.

    • By Ihatethisapp1022


      Normally I NEVER write reviews for things, even for coins or points on games but this app gave me the chills. The game is fun and I love playing it but everyone on there who chats just is creepy. “Where are you from?” “Can we get to know each other better?” All from grown men with weirdly generic name like Richard Williams and such, they are just creepy and I came here to play word games not have grown men trying to find out personal information. And I even got a very strange message from someone asking if I was really me, when I asked what that meant they said they gave me a pet name and missed me..? I had just downloaded the app if not five minutes prior to this encounter. I’ve never in my life left such a bad review or felt so sketched out after playing a game. It genuinely gave me awful vibes and if someone chats with you, it’s better to just ignore it and just focus on your game. I feel absolutely disgusting and just so creeped out, I will be sketched out all night.

    • By Singyourheartout145


      Since you took away Showdown and Blitz, there’s really no point in playing. At least with some of these games a person could win extra diamonds and tickets, but that was taken away as well. The other games a person has to gave tickets to play or the games are so hard can’t get past the levels. I use to like playing, but anymore I’m just not that interested. In order to advance a person has to purchase stuff to play. The games are rigged. When you play an opponent they always win. No opportunity to purchase tickets, because Tatar’s the only way you can play now and the tickets are very scarce. You had a good game, but I feel this developer got a little greedy with the stuff people win, so they took it away and now most everything has to be bought to continue. Finishing up my people I have games with, then moving on. Too many games out there that are more user friendly.

    • By cynnicki

      Instant Game broke for me

      I love this game. Played it a lot. I alway picked instant game. I played someone if they stared a game with me but preferred instant games as I don’t have to wait for them and they don’t have to wait for me. But today it froze. It happened once before. I offloaded the app and reinstalled and it fixed it before. Today it made it worse. There is some game with Josie that says it’s my turn. I have a word their but she doesn’t. It won’t let me resign from the game. Now when I click instant game it opens the game with Josie which is frozen and I can’t delete. So now I can’t play instant games anymore. I have tried deleting the app as that is supposed to deleted everything but that didn’t work. It kept all the info and still won’t let me resign from the game with Josie oe play instant games. So now I will delete the app and have to find a game similar to this.

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