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Pet Rescue Saga


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Pet Rescue Saga is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by King. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - King, with the latest current version being 1.300.21 which was officially released on 2021-06-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 28980 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Pet Rescue Saga App

How does it Work?

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga, King presents Pet Rescue Saga!

Match two or more blocks of the same color to clear the level and save the pets! It’s your job to create matches and free the pets, but remember - moves are limited so plan them carefully. Your puzzle skills will be tested with hours of cube matching fun!

Challenge yourself to this puzzling saga on your own, or play your friends to see who can get the best score!

*** Downloaded over 150 million times! - Thanks to all our fans ***

Pet Rescue Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.


Pet Rescue Saga Features;

• Lovable pets of all varieties - puppies, pandas, piglets and many more!

• Eye-catching graphics and colorful gameplay

• Diamonds, exploding bombs, colorful paint pots, locked animal cages and much more

• Spectacular boosters and bonus rewards unlocked after many levels

• Easy and fun to play, challenging to master

• Hundreds of pet puzzling levels - more added every 2 weeks!

• Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!

• Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet


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Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Pet Rescue Saga!

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    I can't download pet rescue saga anymore.

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    Top Reviews

    • By YouLeftMe4Dead

      5* but one improvement.

      I’ve been playing this game for quite a few years. I’m always waiting for new levels because I can’t go any further. Love everything about this game but maybe one thing you could improve on is not counting your booster towards your move count. It’s a prize and should take away from the 3 moves I have left when I can do it in the 3 plus booster. I’m not saying this needs to be done if I choose to use a booster I’ve purchased but your booster you gain from getting enough points should not go towards your move count. Other games I play do this and it’s nice to beat a level when you know that’s all you need with your moves. Still a loyal fan but some food for thought.

    • By Kimberly169

      earn more gold bars

      I love this game!! It’s addictive. But, I think there needs to be more ways to earn gold bars.. the only way to earn them as you know is on weekends playing “Mystery Mountain” which I honestly look forward to... like a kid waiting on Christmas oh the small things that make us happy. And, not always do you win many gold bars on it.. I know you can buy them but I’m sure like me a lot of people now days can’t afford to. So it would be nice if there was another way to also earn bars.. weather alert you do t earn them.. that’s my only complaint. I’m on level 1357 and enjoy it so very much. Thank you. Kimberly Lee

    • By Wining 01

      May I suggest.

      Really like the game, but if you want to know how to improve it, please don’t let us wait for new levels to open. Sometimes I have to only complete one level a day so that I don’t finish the levels and have to wait 3 or 4 days to continue to the next set of levels. Also when the piggy bank is full and you don’t realize it, the coins should carry over to the next bank. Many times , the money won’t be releases from the piggy bank or a purchase go through. So I wait a day or so, and everything goes through , I just think it is your loss of income and money saved for me.

    • By Melanie P B

      Pet Saga is Enjoyable but...

      Overall, I enjoy the game, I always have more than one city open so I have options to play if I get stuff on a hard level. That way I don’t get frustrated when stuff and have other options for play. Because some levels are extremely hard and take several tries to complete. What is annoying is the piggy bank full of stars that I earned but which the game expects you to pay real money to release ! You win starts, fill the bank and then the bank pops up asking you to pay to release your stars and convert them into money. I wish this would just go away! Where are the options to earn gold bars ? I saw them when I first started playing and now they are gone. I don’t seem to be able to earn gold bars anymore. I can only buy gold bars with real money. So the game changed the rules, gets you used to earning gold bars and using them and now you can only buy them. Ugh !

    • By Aunt Lorrie


      I love pet rescue! I have been playing it for years and it continues to get more challenging. It is a lot of fun. It has gone through a lot of changes, like not having to ask for lives to play, not having to spend money if you choose not to. My big question to the team now is if I am earning gold bars by winning these extra hard levels how does it make since to you that I should have to pay anything to empty my piggy bank? 2.99 or whatever? If i earned it, my gold bar should be free! Some of these levels are very hard and you should get more than a hammer. If I’m getting a gold bar I shouldn’t have to pay for it! Just saying...either I won it or you want me to buy it not both. It is one of my favorite games though!

    • By Pickles & Laila's mom

      Love the game, BUT....

      I am over level 1000 and truly love playing the game. However, when your gold bars are full or when you win the extra hard levels and you don’t cash them in they should be put in another bank to purchase later. The prices should be cheaper for purchase too. I don’t mind spending a little money to keep the game going, but after you buy four boosters you have sunk close to twenty bucks in the game. I play this daily, pleas lower your prices so I may continue to enjoy pet rescue. Lower your prices or increase incentives for the purchases. I don’t dropping 10 bucks a month buying boosters, but come on, developers are wanting you to drop fifty to a hundred bucks a month. That’s just too much for a game.

    • By ThatWordJr

      Issues On Pet Rescue Saga

      Hello. I'm a pretty long time user of King, and I've been noticing one or a few problems I'm having during the gameplay of this app. First of all, I missed the different variety of animals to rescue. Dogs and cats with funny clothing aren't enough for me. Secondly, I keep having the glitch where I can't access any free boosters, or quit a certain level. And whenever I restart the game during episode races, in hopes I come in first place, the race glitches, and I keep losing!! Could you please fix those errors for me? Also the latest update might also have a glitch before trying it out, since I have a higher compatibility than the IOS-9. Still a fun game all the same though.

    • By Shockingly Pleased


      I’m currently on level 525 and am running into the same two or three glitches over and over. 1) Most frequent is when I attempt to complete a side challenge (The weather ones or whatever), I can only get about half way through the levels. I can complete the level successfully multiple times, but the next level never unlocks. Frustrating but I have learned to just ignore those side quests. 2) However, there is another glitch which is much more rare (thank god) where one of the pets will disappear. Literally just glitch right out of existence. Words cannot describe how frustrating a level becomes because the glitch never happens on a level where I get more pets to make up for the missing one. 3) And for some reason between last night and this morning, my firecrackers are more powerful because previously they wouldn’t explode timed balloons yet now they do. Not the end of the world but definitely ruined the round I was playing when I first found out. Oh well.

    • By Reedear

      Cute idea, but annoyingly hard.

      I love animals and games, so this was a natural choice for me. The game is colorful and cute, with the animals and all the sounds. The levels are easy, most of the time, but there are levels that literally make no sense. I was stuck on a level where I had to get bombs to the ground to break the blocks the pets were stuck on... but I couldn't get the bombs to the ground because the pets are there and I can't move them because of the blocks I needed the bombs to break. I tried clearing the other side, but blocks just kept coming and my moves were quickly running out. After trying this level a bunch of different ways, I just gave up and deleted the game. The game is supposed to be fun and challenge the mind a bit, but this level just didn't make sense. I'll stick to Toy Blast.

    • By Inuyasha32891

      Fun game but a rip off

      Really fun game but every time you turn around it's trying to charge you for something. It gives you quest to complete and promises rewards but when you complete the quest, it expects you to pay to be able to collect the rewards. For example it has you collect stars to fill the piggy bank and each star you get you get a gold bar but yet when you get it filled up, it expects you to pay $2.99 in order to get the gold bars every time. It also hardly gives you any power ups and charges you so many coins in order to buy just one which takes forever to save enough up just for one and the rest must be bought with gold bars which are hardly ever given to you. So that means you have to spend forever on just one harder level. The current level I am on I have went through around 30 some lives already and still stuck on it. I'm fixing to delete the game and would not recommend it to anyone. I only gave it two stars because of the fact that it is a fun game, it is just a major rip off.

    • By OstinatoFreak

      Difficulty is too contrived

      Rather than having puzzles that are difficult because of random chance, the puzzles do too many things that make it seem like the game is just deciding if it wants the user to pass the level or not. The biggest example: you need X number of rescues to pass a level, but sometimes 4 or more turns in a row go by without an animal even appearing, so no matter how good you do, the game rigs it so you can’t pass unless you use special items. Those special items will run out, making the user consider spending money just to pass various levels (same idea as casinos that benefit from gambling addictions). Another example - the blocks that fall down are deliberately inconvenient colors, especially in the beginning of the level. I much prefer puzzle games that aren’t stacking the deck in order to achieve a level of challenge that can be achievable with better design.

    • By Digerati Ohm

      How many hard levels in a row do you need?

      The game gets to a point where it's not enough to have "hard" levels. Now you have to have "very hard" up to "ridiculously hard" levels. Wouldn't be bad if winning was based on skill, but this game, like all King games, is rigged. You may think it's random blocks that fall from the top, but you're fooling yourself. The game is designed to do one thing, make you spend money. So if you're not willing to spend money on power ups, be prepared to get increasingly frustrated until it's no longer fun to play. And another thing, it's called "Pet Rescue" so why are there more and more levels where you have to clear 100% of the blocks? Why? Because it's another way to frustrate you by setting up blocks that can not be cleared. Eventually you'll get a board that can cleared, but that's up to the game and not any skill set.

    • By punker doodle

      Impossible levels

      I was stuck on a level forever and had no power-ups. So I deleted the game and started all over again. I saved all my power-ups for that level and then was able to pass it. Now I am stuck on another level with no power-ups. This level is impossible because the pets end up in crates and you have to try to bring a boing thing down but if you run out of matches you have to use it and the bombs. Long story short, this game is designed so that the only way you can pass a level is by paying real money. I am not going to waste my money, are you kidding me? You should have an update to where you can skip a level every so often. Or the game will keep track of how much you play levels and if you play the same one like 20 times it will let you skip it for free. Come on son!

    • By piper2323

      Con your money

      I downloaded this game a few months ago. I love playing it verses candy crush because they make it impossible to pass certain levels without having to “buy” something. But I turned around and did the same with this game of course. After awhile I would only purchase a certain amount (actual money wise). Well needless to say I wasn’t paying attention to what they actually charged my bank account. If I would buy something for .99 they would charge my account 1.99. At first I thought it was a mistake until it happened again. Today I couldn’t pass a level so of course I bought something for .99 and they charged my account for 1.99, didn’t give me the bomb I purchased and then ended the level I was on. Atleast with candy crush I was never over charged, nor did they boot me out a level and con me of my money. Not even worth one star!

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