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Farm Heroes Super Saga


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Farm Heroes Super Saga is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by King. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - King, with the latest current version being which was officially released on 2021-08-05. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 23589 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Farm Heroes Super Saga App

How does it Work?

The Cropsies are back and they're bigger than ever!

Rancid Raccoon is up to his old tricks again. Ruining the harmony of rural life by winning all of the Country Shows and claiming the prize money for his sneaky self. The Farm Heroes know he's cheating and it's up to you to help them defeat him.

Help them in their mission to grow the biggest Super Cropsies, win the Country Show and stop Rancid ruining the fun for everyone.

Move through this Farmtastic Saga while collecting as many Cropsies as you can! You can help Fidget the squirrel gather his nuts, grow some Super Cropsies and meet a host of exciting characters along the way! But be careful, Rancid the Raccoon is trying to stop you and he'll pop up where you least expect him...

Take on this Croptastic Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

Farm Heroes Super Saga features:

• Exciting new Country Show! See who can grow the biggest Cropsie!

• Collect Cropsies in hundreds of amazing new game levels

• Switcher game that is easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master

• Farmtastic game modes and new super sized Cropsies!

• Have the best and biggest Super Cropsies in all the land to win the Country Show!

• A host of new Heroes, but watch out for Rancid Raccoon, he causes mischief where you least expect!

• You can connect to Facebook to compare scores with your friends on leaderboards

• Easily sync the matching game between mobile and tablet devices and unlock the full game features when connected to the internet

Take on Rancid Raccoon in this Croptastic puzzle game and stop his sneaky plans to win the Country Show! Help the Farm Heroes grow the best and biggest Super Cropsie in the land!

Download Farm Heroes Super Saga today and start playing this fun matching game!

Farm Heroes Super Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Visit if you need help!

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Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga. Have fun playing Farm Heroes Super Saga!

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Top Reviews

  • By 62and counting

    I love this game

    Hang in there. I am on level 2008 and I don’t spend a dime. Yes some of those levels were ridiculously hard but my 62 year old behind can do it so can you. It just takes patience and retirement lol have fun and try to keep up...seriously people I am just a ordinary old lady that loves a challenge and will not pay to play I don’t know what levels you guys are on but I am now on 2018 farmers super heroes is the best.....I can’t believe some of you on here why are you ready to sue....because you can’t figure out a game let me repeat a don’t need to spend a dime I have been playing this game for years and never spent a penny along the way they give you everything even got 150 bars now I used them up but that is on me. Stop complaining that you can’t win and think . You are the only one standing in your way of winning a level

  • By Reboot soon

    Fun for All!

    This is a game that one can easily become addicted too. My biggest issue is losing and finding myself spending money so I can move on to the next challenge. But that’s my issue. The only complaint I have is losing my board and having to start over. This happened when I got a new phone. I wish there was an easier way to hold on to a board when one has switched to a new phone or tablet. And yes... I followed the outline given to keep the same board but somehow it still got lost, not once but twice! Maybe we can keep our boards thru email? I had gotten above 200! Other then that... it’s a great game.

  • By excapemaster579432

    Best game ever

    I know that it’s hard to find a app that you enjoy but this one is the one that you will enjoy. 1: there are no adds at all. I know it’s crazy! 2: it’s challenging but fun! 3: there are so many cute plants and I love it when you make them big they just look so cute! 4: sometimes when you finish a village you will like go against this little fox and I love it! 5: I got this game today and I’m on level 22! I absolutely love this game and I can’t wait till you get to play it too!!! Thanks to the creators for making this game!

  • By Adara44sparkle

    Best game

    Hello my name is Adara. I love this game so much! The original candy crush is ok but they need to make it funnier. I play this game almost every day it is so fun! I would definitely recommend this game for little kids. The original is more for grownups and this candy crush is so fun. There is not any glitches and not that many ads, that’s amazing ! It is very fun and you can’t get enough of it! So this game is one of my favorites! I love at the end of each level there is the raccoon that is so hilarious, and the rest of the vegetables are so silly!😋😋😋😋😋

  • By Bruski67

    Farm heroes saga

    I like playing the game,but it keeps making me start at the beginning. I would like to know why? Even when I update it makes me start all over. Love playing this game. Just stuck right now. Need help. So far it has not kicked me out of the game. This game can be played by everyone. Have fun playing this game. I play every day. Would recommend this game to everyone. Would like to see new boosts. Very addicting. Wish we could exchange the coins for the baskets,like we can for the gloves and the watering can.

  • By MistandFog

    It was a good game...

    I used to really enjoy this game, it was fun and challenging and a great way to ignore the football my family was watching. But they have added a lot of unnecessary things, I feel like the game is crowded. One of my least favorite things is that they give you extra moves for however many days you don’t play, it just seems really counterintuitive. They also recently started comparing your scores to other people, you could always see who got the best score on a level, but now they compare specific things with a single person, it really ruins the game. There are quite a few more little things that I don’t care for, but this is already a long review. On a good note, there are few ads and the levels don’t feel like you’re playing the same one over and over. I’m sure anyone who is just getting the game wouldn’t mind the new things because they didn’t know how it used to be, it’s just sad how they are slowly ruining what used to be my favorite game.

  • By GailfromNiles

    Good for brain workout; very glitchy with coins/prizes

    I started this after a brain injury in an accident and it is fun and challenging. Good for passing the time. But very glitchy. At least 1/4 of the time, the challenges with say you won a prize but when you click to collect it, it will just disappear and not give you the prize. The challenges over days for coins also don’t always give you the coins. Just today the game said I earned 250 coins but they were never added to the account. Several times I tried for extra moves at the end of a level and it was deducted twice. When I complained,I had to go back and forth several times and was then told that in the future I needed to screenshot before they could correct a problem. How do you screenshot a disappearance? Am I being asked to screenshot every choice I make outside of moves within a level “just in case”? So yes, fun game. Just buyer beware when it comes to spending any real money on it.

  • By K3V1N4M¥

    Fun time-waster, but be prepared to spend $$

    It’s a fun & challenging game on the lower levels, but the higher levels basically require money to complete unless you want to play the same game for days. I’ve noticed that the best game board is the first board, so try to complete it, otherwise it’ll take a lot more tries. I’ve also noticed that the boards often get down to one move before it ends, so unless you have boosters or gold bars, you need to buy more lives to complete. Again... more $$. I like that their are less purchase options, but you don’t get as big of bang for your buck anymore. I also like that you get a lot more bonus points for cropsie coins have exploded! All in all, it’s a fun, quick game that requires little brain power, but it’s maddening to play the higher lever games for days.

  • By Xinety857

    Go slowly

    I enjoy the game, but it is frustrating when the delay in the game keeps costing me gold bar additional turns that I don't want it to. And, once you click that magic button, the additional turns are automatic and you can't cancel them. I will be moving a piece when the extra turns screen will appear while I swipe. Instead of moving a piece, my swipe clicks the extra turns and I am charged a bunch of gold bars for extra turns that I don't want. It feels unfair and like a "gotcha." Gold bars are hard to earn and the game makes me throw them away. I have complained about this problem before, but since it hasn't changed, I figure it's because King wants it to be that way. Otherwise the game is fun with creative challenges.

  • By TMPM75

    Addictively fun game but needs some fixes

    Overall this is a fun game, and it’s great that they added quests. There are several issues that frustrate, though: the wind feature (having cropsies move in the direction of a swipe) sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t; that badly needs to be fixed. The automatic advancing on paths is extremely annoying—tedious, not fun, to plan around—and chance plays too great a role. And I completely and totally hate the butterflies, not fun to defeat and really the only graphic that does not look professional; all other graphics in the game are really well done. I love the clouds (so much fun to see the thunder!) and making supersized cropsies, would like to see more of both.

  • By Former Loyal


    Feel let down that last 5-6 times won coins did not apply to total so cannot purchase boosters. Like the ability to get watering can booster with watching commercials. Still like game just don’t play as often. This is my go to game. It challenges me without being over the top geek. As a human you have to win occasionally or you give up the game and move on. Hated when Country Show was taken away until Level 11. Don't know where Level 11 is. Need a way to earn "prize." Aug. 2017. So happy they have added a few ways to "earn" prizes. Not bored or tired of game. As above still applies. Continue to enjoy games. Like variety of challenges. Not so hard that my brain feels challenged but not discouraged to quit. Oct 29, 2017. Like some of the improvements, ability to earn prizes. You take them away too fast. Recycle on weekends or holidays or for some other reason. Agree with someone else’s comment that at some levels it takes WAY TOO LONG to move on and is just plain boring not challenging. Do feel you are on positive, fun track.

  • By MamaRojas

    A Lovely Garden with Bugs

    Of all the Match 3 games I’ve played, this is my favorite. The graphics are clever & fun—the levels extra challenging with multiple tasks to achieve in each level. But like every garden I’ve ever been in, there are lots of bugs! The game crashes frequently, especially after purchasing additional lives. The clever “helps” like thunder clouds do not always work to activate characters (especially goat!) or clear the ice blocks needed to win level. Many times I have signed off to return for game to proceed and have had to lose lives or coins as consequence. But, like many things in life, remind yourself it’s just a game and decide whether to play or not.

  • By Maeby.

    Went from fun games to blatant money grab

    In the past this was one of my favorite games. However, I'm now on level 1652, and the last 3+ releases of levels have just been ridiculous. They've taken the game from challenging, to hard, to difficult, to super hard, to absolutely impossible without using 20 boosters. You walk a fine line between making a game challenging and making it impossible to play without spending a ton of money. They have passed that point. whoever is creating the new levels need it take it down a notch. It's beyond ridiculous and looks like nothing but a blatant money grab now. For example, to be expected, in about 20 moves, to open 15 flowers when they are now hidden behind a wall of flowering ivy that you need to match to numerous times next to clear before you can even start on the flowers, AND then break the ice or get rid of the crows that are underneath that mess is literally logistically impossible. They have combined so many difficult challenges together without giving you anywhere near enough moves to come close to accomplishing it that it is absurd. Really disappointing that what was a really fun game has been ruined.

  • By Flacoinohio

    Game Keeps Crashing

    Since the last update the game keeps crashing right when it opens and or even better when I am about to win. Really annoying to have to watch a commercial and then when the commercial ends the game closes and I don't get the bonus gift. I haven't made any purchases because the game crashes when I use a power up. Update. Spent three months on level 325, power up videos don't give gifts, games closes at end of video. Just started level 326 when ever I get on an early roll where I know when I am going to win in the first four or five moves, the games closes every time. Games appear to be cheating, colors change during a move and characters are not always moving in the direction they are swiped. Some move up or down when swiped left or right. Super cronies don't always get credited when making a new square or when a "L" shape is made. Starting to think they don't want my business. The his game not loaded into new iPad.

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