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Pyramid Solitaire Saga


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Pyramid Solitaire Saga is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by King. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - King, with the latest current version being which was officially released on 2021-07-01. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 34310 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Pyramid Solitaire Saga App

How does it Work?

Pyramid Solitaire Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga!

Deal with the magic!

Challenge awaits you in this magical Solitaire game.

Join Helena and her loyal companion Kingsley on their journey to reveal the wonders of the Ancient World.

Find the clues by catching the Scarabs hidden beneath the Cards. You can match a Card that is one greater or lower than the one on your deck.

Catch the running Scarabs and uncover clues to help you on your journey and reveal the long-hidden treasures and magic of the Ancients.

Complete each episode to reveal a hidden treasure and transport to magical new worlds on a quest to reignite Khepri's prophecy.

Explore the lost places of the world where epic adventures await you in The Hidden Tomb, The Emerald Dream and beyond!

Take on this Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score! 

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga features:

• Experience a new way of playing Solitaire with rich and exotic graphics set in Ancient Times

• Transport to magical new worlds with Helena the Treasure Hunter and Kingsley the cunning gerbil

• Powerful boosters to help with challenging levels

• Journey through exciting levels to unlock boosters and hidden treasures!

• Easy and fun to play, challenging to master 

• Hundreds of adventurous levels to complete – more to come!

• Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!

• Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet

• Available to play on mobile and tablet devices

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Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Pyramid Solitaire Saga!

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Top Reviews

  • By Sara84333

    Room for improvement

    I have been playing this game for a couple years now and on level 743. It is an addictive game but really disappointing how there are no chances to earn gold instead of buying gold. It makes the difficult levels super frustrating . As well as the special bonus when you check in three days, that’s a joke. When it finally does work, 9 times out of ten it’s a poor power up instead of something that can help you. I am in high hopes that the creator reads this review and considers adding ways to earn gold. Even with downloading your sponsors games would be efficient. Wonder if I will even get a reply to this review.

  • By kimmicans4

    Motivational & Challenging

    Love to sit down after a stressful day of work and play this game! It is a fun & challenging puzzle using numbers to match. I love the positive motivation you hear when you find consistent matches. It is very satisfying to complete the puzzle and move to the next step. I run a business in a very high demanding environment. I must make quick decisions that give me the best results that is best for my end user and my clientele. This game is fun & challenging while continuing to fine tune my thinking skills even in relaxation from a tough day. It is relaxing & works my a different way than my what my job demands. Love it!!!!


    Love the game! But......

    Have to say that this is a very good game. It seems that people start winning their levels around the same time since being stuck on one for 50 plus games. That’s ok, because I love a challenge! Just have a question about the most current update which is 102. I’m on level 1573. This level before you even start takes your lives away. I had 5 to begin with. It’ll take 2 away, you play one then it’ll take your last 2. Can you please fix this glitch otherwise I’ll be stuck indefinitely? P.S. keep the levels coming!!!:)

  • By 60xy


    Agree with previous reviewer. All these games requires you to pay money to beat the level that you have worked so deligently and strategically for and boy you just need a couple more chips to finish. On the other hand it’s extremely challenging n you need strategy. I paid for 3 jokers and it automatically put one of the 3 next to the deck. I lost it cuz the card I played was a winner!!! I didn’t need it cuz I ALREADY HAD A JOKER IN PLACE AT THE DECK AREA. I didn’t Like that it took that one joker n I never used it. Put the stuff I buy in the Joker, Sphinx or 7 card at the bottom area. BABY YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THE RIDE!!!

  • By Nana Pam


    Love this game! I’ve had it for a long time! A few years, at least! I bought this app! Played it every day! Then COVID came and you allowed a free play mode! Play as much as you wanted! Well, my app stopped working, and I thought maybe there was an overload of players or something! Well, I still can’t play! I try to open that app, and it just shuts down! I’m afraid to delete the app, and reinstall it, I don’t want to lose 3-4 years of playing! I was in the 700’s pathway! If I delete it, can it resume where I left off, or will it start me at #1 again? Please help! Lol

  • By Sammyt97

    Love it now.

    I gave up playing this game quite some time ago because I felt like it was way too hard to ever get anywhere. Just for kicks I recently opened it up again to play a hand or two and saw all the changes the game has and I have to say I love this game. It’s challenging but it’s rewarding where you get bonuses without having to spend money. I still spend money but not as much as I would have if they didn’t have the bonus rounds that they do. Keep up the good work I love the game.

  • By leonwhetsell


    I love all the king games I'm almost to a thousand in two candy crush games(not saying much for my life 😏) and I've spent maybe a couple bucks on each game, however I did have to take long breaks in between just from getting so frustrated. I love the challenge and ways I have to use my brain. On this game like that other person spoke of with piggy bank and the using of the joker key always flying away it's somewhat very annoying. That being said I do love the games and really appreciate you for allowing me to play it free as a stay at home mother of two young kids I can't afford things like entertainment for myself 😏😁 but those kids are totally worth it

  • By Dickballs67642

    Ridiculous at higher levels

    The game has gotten a little ridiculous. Even using every booster in my arsenal, it hasn’t helped defeat what should be an easy level. Hundreds of tries, no luck, and it’s simply because the cards refuse to cooperate and at this point, it’s hard to say it’s a coincidence. It’s a level that requires you to clear a single card to even start the game, and to clear that card, you need have to turn over either the card one step higher or lower, and I’ve gone through the entire stack of cards without those necessary cards appearing, and when they do appear, it’s at the end if the deck so one or two moves later, the game is over in less than 60 seconds. It takes time to regenerate lives - unless you pay for more - and the same goes for boosters that can clear a particular card. You can win those, but they are rare. It’s simply not fun anymore, and that’s a shame, because this was my favorite pyramid solitaire. I only come back every few days now, and it’s getting further between, because being stuck on one level for months due to simple game mechanics, isn’t challenging. It’s annoying, especially when you get pop-ups after every defeat encouraging you to buy extra lives and moves.

  • By Dwalouke

    Lost everything

    Update on below. They did get back to me. They were not able to restore any of my power ups collected but did give me enough bars to cover the purchase. They should mention or give people a heads up that if something goes wrong and you have to reload the app. ( even if your backed up on Facebook) you will lose all of your extra power sources. They told me it is wise not to keep too many power ups or you could lose them. Which in my opinion, still is unfair if you have earned them along the way. Then you have to use them even if you don’t need to and is a way for you to have to purchase bars to get more... Have been playing this game for years and loved it. All of a sudden the game didn’t work and I lost everything I purchased. Was backed up on Facebook and with email. All my power ups and everything just gone. Emailed them to restore and haven’t heard a word. Will never play one of their games again!

  • By Coin problems

    Two suggestions

    This is a great game, but two suggestions. One, there should be a bonus of some sort for completing an entire episode. Two, why do you have all those scarabs if they are of NO use? Make it so as you accrue them, you can use them to buy coins, or bonus cards, like wild cards and others. Here’s a third,, I have written about this before. Why does a level kick you off, when you still have moves left? I am on level 1946, and have been for a while. It says you need to get one gold card, and one blue card. I get one or the other, and have moves left, and it knocks me off, with the message I didn’t meet the objective. Example, one blue card left, 5 cards left, and the card I turn over is the card I need to beat the level, and the game ends. This has happened quite a few times. VERY frustrating!!!

  • By Kitten5342

    Good game but....

    I love this game. But it has issues. I am now on level 416 and the degree of difficulty is getting irritating. 😠 You only get five lives and it takes forever for them to fill back up. You can ask for lives, but I have yet to see where you ever get them from anyone. They should have free weekends with unlimited lives. Nothing worse than only getting five games and having to wait so long for the next one. I may have to find another game. Update: The newest update took all of my accumulated “extra cards and other items” away. I earned those, but now have to start over again to accumulate any of them. Clearly, I am NOT happy. I have now reached level 1000.

  • By Cuca 58

    Pyramid solitaire app does not open

    For some reason lately when I want to open the app, it does not. I have turn the phone off but still does not open. I like the game and I been playing for awhile, I do not want to delete the app and install it again because I do not want to lose the worlds I already have passed and the position I am now. Any help? I have an IPhone 8 Plus with the latest updates version. Thanks After I made my previous comment, I uninstalled the game and installed it back again. Now , I am on level 301 and I have won 5 times and it says I did nit accomplished the game. Bought tokens and used them and still does not let me pass. I collected 4 cards and the last blue card does not let me collect. It does not matter the order, does not let me do it.

  • By Jmcap710


    I would have given this game 5 stars. I have been playing it for years and enjoyed it very much as it is addicting. Over the last couple years or so they have made some changes that gave players more opportunity to win free boosters. I saved my boosters for hard levels or reward rounds. BUT also in the last couple of years I noticed that suddenly I would not be able to open the app which forced me to delete it and reinstall. When I logged back in, the game remembered what level I was on and how much gold I had but for some reason wiped out my boosters. Frustrated, I continued to play knowing I’d have the opportunity to stock up again. This happened a few more times and the most recent one, a week or 2 ago, they’ve changed the game and aside from reward rounds there are no longer opportunities to win boosters anymore and again wiped out my inventory. I don’t usually write reviews on games but this is really frustrating for me since I’ve been playing this game for years and am well past level 1000 with none of the boosters I’ve saved unless I pay more $ to this game. I will be looking for a different game to play now.

  • By Merrily18

    Loved the game, no real money needed

    Update: Loved this game, never thought I would stop playing it, but I can’t do it with the new highlighting what cards you should play. It takes all the challenge out of it and took away all the fun. Until there is a way to turn that off I probably won’t play anymore. I can’t begin to understand people complaining about spending actual money to play this game. I am on level 1176 and I have never spent a dime. I just don’t get it. The game is fun. It’s great any time of the day. A few levels have taken me a couple days to pass but I enjoy that part. The only complaint I have is that I lost all of my boosters a couple updates ago and even though I sent an email, I never got them back. No biggie. I play anyway because I enjoy the challenge and slowly earn them back. I love the game. People who are new to this, no money is needed. Just play it as it is.

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