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Diamond Diaries Saga


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Diamond Diaries Saga is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by King. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - King, with the latest current version being which was officially released on 2021-07-02. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1460 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Diamond Diaries Saga App

How does it Work?

Download the new Diamond Diaries Saga, a brand new puzzle linker game from King, the creators of Candy Crush Saga.

Create precious items of jewelry by linking 3 or more charms of the same color and complete the goal before you run out of moves!

Travel to exotic cities with tons of fun, challenging levels and exciting new game modes.

Enjoy a sparkling new way to connect beautiful charms in this exciting puzzle adventure!

Easily sync the game between devices and access full game features when connected to the internet

Take on this epic saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

By downloading this app on your mobile you are agreeing to our terms of service; http://king.com/termsAndConditions

Diamond Diaries Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

If you need help or support, you will find helpful and extensive FAQs in our in-game Help Center. Just click tap the settings button and choose the "i" to find it. You can also share opinions, take part in contests and meet other members of the Diamond Diaries Saga Community https://community.king.com/en/diamond-diaries-saga

Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at https://king.com/privacyPolicy. If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to https://soporto.king.com/

Visit https://www.diamonddiariesgame.com to discover our game guides and a wealth of tips & tricks to satisfy any 24 carat cravings!

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Top Reviews

  • By Mighty Thumbs

    Disagree with whiners

    I have tested so many matching games. I must say this is by far my favorite one, in my opinion the best King game, very well done! 👏 In every other matching game I hit a “wall” around level 50 or 70 like everyone else is complaining about, but in this game I don’t. Currently I am on level 249, playing for just over a week, I haven’t spent a single cent yet. I also barely use any boosters which I also accumulated plenty of. It does become challenging, otherwise where is the fun. But I still am able to pass the levels and it feels rewarding. The design, sound and animations are beautiful. The travel through cities concept is awesome, very clever. It is also crucial which bonus you choose for each city. Please keep up this wonderful work with many more levels to come. Thank you!

  • By Britney Connelly

    Great game

    I’m just beginning my quest and I’m enjoying it thus far. I love the design of this game. I like how the journey begins with a letter from the main character’s aunt and how we keep finding new tidbits of information along the way. One issue I’m finding is that past level twelve, it’s extremely difficult to collect three stars per level. I enjoy a great challenge, but on most levels, collecting three stars is nearly impossible, although the levels are easily winnable, just not with three stars. My only other suggestion is to come up with an update with more ways to collect boosters along the journey. Otherwise, this is a wonderful game. Keep the great ideas coming.

  • By karenyschell

    Loved the game before the update

    I have really enjoyed this game. It is one that I have stuck with longer than other games. When I first started playing the game, I didn’t have to pay for the 5 pieces of gold. I had a choice to buy 20 pieces or tap for 5 pieces. I am more apt to purchase things from an app if the developers are willing to give in return. So when they stopped letting me tap for gold, I almost quit the game. Lastly is the trophies. I work hard to get my trophy to #5, but then if I leave the game when I need to sleep or work then all my hard work is taken away. I have to start at ground zero. I wish you would allow us to keep the trophies we have worked hard for and not penalize us for leaving the game for awhile. And please bring back the piggy bank tapping.

  • By Shorty shoots

    No diamonds again

    ok getting to keep my diamonds and getting patterns but not the rewards for making then WOW YOU ALMOST GOT IT BUT PLEASE KEEP TRYING LETS NOT LOSE THE DIAMOND SAVINGS AND PATTERNS LET JUST GET THE REWARDS BACK AND YOU WILL HAVE DONE IT THEN ALL WILL HAVE SMILES I REALLY DO ENJOY THE GAME SO PLEASE MAKE IT ALL WORK TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME THANK YOU.!!.....I posted this problem almost a month ago that you fixed the problem with the last update and now it’s doing it again second time now all the diamonds I have collected are all lost no new patterns again either what happened now , I really enjoy the new game but really wish you could fixes all the issues once and for all . Thank you. Please fix the problem it’s starting to get a bit annoying....

  • By Miss Bunny Swan

    Love this game, hate update

    I’m on level 944 and about 50 levels ago I had a glitch so I had to update. Now after updating there’s this infuriating trophy stuff (for when you’re winning levels). Also, there’s tons of black people now. Between levels, between projects, black people, black people everywhere. Ridiculous how King has sold out to multiculturalism and added all this time wasting “muh black people” stuff. I’m black! It’s just weird, way weird and I’m sick of seeing this black dude with stupid shoes between every friggen level!!

  • By Greedy greedy gameloft

    Fun at first

    The game is cool similar to other linking games with a few twists and turns. There are some frustrating aspects to the game. The first is the movement of the balls doesn’t always seem to make sense in what would happen in the real world. I do not know if this is just an intended aspect or bad design, but it is frustrating to expect a ball or two to drop only to have them seeming defy gravity or shift over and other balls to move down. The second problem is the difficulty of the higher level, for me that means the mid 100’s. I do not mind a level being difficult, but it seems like if the initial ball drop is not in the players favor then the level becomes next to impossible. The last thing that is seriously annoying are the birds. Sometimes I am leaving the power ups alone to be used later, and the dam birds set them off to zero effect. Annoying, annoying, annoying.

  • By Ksixternal

    Clone of another game

    Ok, first off this game is much more casual than the originator of this kind of puzzle game, secondly, the original may have much less appeal since it’s a Japanese game and has wacky characters you can recruit and train vs just playing meticulously made puzzles repeatedly till you beat them. This game is not a ripoff of said game, but it’s close to it just by taking the same gameplay and changing it slightly. The game i’m talking about it Yo Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble. Yes, a really wacky name, and the franchise is more aimed towards kids, but their game is fast paced, time and score based, and heavily rewards quick reaction time and skill. This game is more relaxed in nature. On wibble wobble, you merge the matching colors into larger... jewels? That, when comboed with, grant massive amounts of points. Stages in that game are around taking a boss down as well, instead of releasing locked objects or reaching a certain score in a certain amount if turns. If you’re interested in the game i’m talking about. Give it a try, it’s cute, very light hearted, and has some depth to it as well. This is by no means a bad game, but i knocked a couple of stars off for mimicking another game i enjoy so much. Thanks for reading, and happy matching. :)

  • By MamaT71

    My diamonds keep disappearing

    I like this game. I’ve got two complaints however. First, they have the button to keep playing in the same place where you continue, and I’ve lost a lot of gold bars that way on levels I wasn’t even close to winning. Second, the diamonds I’ve earned keep disappearing. I’ll have 200 diamonds at the end of one level, then when I finish the next one, I’ll be at 192. This happens with almost every level, making it close to impossible to get to the next jewelry piece. It wouldn’t be so bad, except I’ve paid a bit of money playing this game. I feel like they shouldn’t do this to players that are actually funding the game. I think I’d have about 200 more pieces than I do if they’d stop stealing my diamonds!

  • By SparklySp

    Fun then frustrating

    I had hoped this wouldn't be another match 3 spin off that had impossible to beat levels but sadly I was right, it is. ☹️ At first, the levels were fun and challenging but beatable even if you had to play it a few times. However, the higher you go the more impossible they become. I've played level 86 at least 10 times now and always come up short. Firstly, you've got 53 obstacles to get the diamond though but only 25 moves. Second, a lot of your strategy in based on hoping you get the right color stones so you can maximize your moves. I've always come up short playing this level even with boosters. I might try a few more times but when a game becomes more frustrating than fun, it gets deleted.

  • By TChamberlain


    Love this game, but there is definitely some room for improvements!!!! If my heat bank is already full, then I win a prize that’s a full heart bank, plus I beat a super hard level and win 3 more hearts... why are you taking those prizes from me? That’s not “FAIR” at all. They should go into a bank to be used later or continue playing, but not to be able to use your winnings at all is NOT right at all. Fix this issue. If the lives are full and you win full lives you just lose them because your bank is already full. Also out of all the help request you send out daily you MIGHT get a life every blue moon, and we all know how long that is.

  • By 01101111000111

    Fun until the game breaks

    I’ve run into a few levels where the gems get stuck on a corner and it’s impossible to get them unstuck. Frustrating but at least when I try the level again I can eventually get past it. Right now stuck on level 138 because all the dolls float out of view. Seems like the game is supposed to follow them but it isn’t, at least not for me. Shouldn’t be possible in a game to lose all view of the objectives. Also the birds can be super frustrating. Some times they are helpful, other times useless, and the worst is when they are counterproductive and set off the power up balls when I’m setting them up for a pay off. Also when I first played this game you could shake your piggy bank to at least get a small amount of gold for free and that feature has been removed. Gold is crazy expensive and there is no way in spending a couple of bucks for few small bonuses every time the bank fills up.

  • By Tinder safety?

    Consistently inconsistent

    This game is a good diversion, and it was pretty easy to get through the earlier levels of the game. However, there is no consistency or logic in how the balls link. Sometimes a large space exists between two balls and it allows you to link them, other times it doesn’t. Similarly, sometimes there is part of a ball between other balls and it links, while other times it doesn’t. And these spaces and balls look exactly the same size. This is frustrating because it is so ridiculously inconsistent, and frequently the inconsistency happens when that move could alter the game in favor of the player. Particularly in the last few moves. Overtly trying to get the player to spend money to continue playing, perhaps? I find that some of the other king games tend to be more predictable and I’d really prefer to lose a level for the umpteenth time under predictable circumstances, instead of because the game allows a link arbitrarily.

  • By OneSassyB

    Why do I continue to waste money on this garbage

    Like most other reviews, the game is fun in the beginning. But, very early on the game is frustrating with impossible tasks and limited moves. The odds are always stacked against you, so it seems. There have been times that the games had to reshuffle two and three times before I even made a move. Ridiculous. And yes, I’ve foolishly wasted more money than I care to think about in this game because after restarting a level four and five times, I finally got far enough that magically the gem was about to drop. So what do I do? Yup, bought gold to get that final last move. Ugh. I’m not going to like the receipt from Apple with all these in app purchases. If i didn’t waste so much on this one I’d surely delete it. But now I feel invested. Anyone reading this beware...and once it gets too challenging delete it before you toss your money to King.

  • By Fed up with lag

    Update failed to work

    4/11 Update: Once again, ran out of levels. 😟 I waited patiently, and I just did the update, which promised new levels When I opened the UPDATED app, it said “More cities coming soon.” What the heck?! Where are the updated levels?! Previously, I gave 5 stars for this game because I LOVE playing it, but I’ve reduced my rating to 2 stars because this is the third time that I’ve run out of levels and waited quite some time for an update. I don’t mind waiting, BUT after waiting and updating, I expect to actually find new levels if that is what the update said it was doing. Back when I loved the game: I enjoy this game so much more than I did Candy Crush. The games are challenging without being frustrating. And I love when Carmen shows up and I can work with a team for prizes. Two suggestions: 1) I’ve run out of levels twice now and have to keep waiting for updates; in the COVID craze, this game has been a welcome diversion - so please divert me! 😂 2) Move the button to buy extra lives. Too many times I have accidentally hit the button to buy more lives just because of the button placement and lost gold that I was saving. That is SUPER annoying!

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