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Deal or No Deal


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Deal or No Deal is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by iwin, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - iwin, Inc., with the latest current version being 6.3 which was officially released on 2021-05-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 36358 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Deal or No Deal App

How does it Work?

Try your luck in finding the $1,000,000 briefcase in the only officially licensed app based on the hit TV game show! The app now awards players with the opportunity to win BIG PRIZES daily. If you beat the Banker, your winnings will be entered into the sweepstakes of your choice which includes prizes like a TV or an iPad.

Do you have what it takes to make the right deal or will you be left with nothing? Test your skills now. One question: Deal or No Deal?

*****by Grams8

“Game is just like the TV game. Makes me just as nervous playing this game as it did when I watched it on tv. Love it!”

*****by Lee Lee C09

“FACT: This game is AWESOME!! Totally freaks me out every time I play and I love it!!!!”

*****by Deedle03

“Very addictive game and fun to play. My kids also love it.”

*****by Pink0413

“I think this game is by far the best game I have ever played on a phone.”

THESE SWEEPSTAKES ARE DEVISED AS NON-GAMBLING PROMOTIONS and are intended solely for entertainment purposes.


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Also note that this game optionally offers a subscription to join ALL ACCESS, which turns off ads and allows unlimited gameplay. If you opt to join the club, a $9.99 purchase will be applied to your iTunes account on confirmation. You can try the pass out for 7 days for free.

Subscriptions will automatically renew each month unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings.

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Top Reviews

  • By JulesJx3

    Are we being scammed?

    Okay, so from my experience i think the cases are definitely randomly generated. I’ve won a $1,000,000 case and a $750,000 one back to back. I have definitely had my hits and misses. The only legitimacy of the game that I question are the prizes.... is the sweepstakes actually real or is it a fake incentive for us to keep playing? Just want to know so I’m not wasting my time on the game. I couldn’t find any reviews or anything about the app online were people have actually claimed their prizes. Thanks! Really fun game though, i love DOND and watch it all the time!

  • By momobear03

    I got my prize!

    This game is actually so fun, and a great way spend some spare time. I am usually never lucky, but I really wanted the rose gold 14k necklace, so I played and got 3 million entry’s in it! When it announced that I won I was soo excited and I couldn’t wait for my prize. It came today and it is so beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much for this, and for all the skeptics, just give it a try I think you’ll soon have the same energy as I! :)

  • By ThatGirl425

    So fun!

    I love this game yeah much this game reminds me of watching TV when I was a kid. When I was sick and at home this was the one thing that why I was excited to get up and watch TV in the morning.! It makes sense I don’t understand why this game is underrated because this game is amazing. Thank you so much for making this game and continue to strive to succeed for this game. I don’t understand why I don’t play this game more often I wish it was free but it’s not!

  • By MJRudegyal88

    Keeps you on your toes!

    I personally love the app, having a competitive spirit and having watched the show countless times this game makes me feel as though i'm on TV playing for a real chance at the money, although I havent won anything yet, its exciting to beat the banker and allow your winnings to be used as entries for certain prizes, couldnt be more pleased . Fingers crossed on winning .

  • By ihc18


    I’m using an iphone 6s. love playing this game but after I play like 4 rounds back to back, it crashes. It’s a problem because you only have like 4 turns to play then you have to wait a certain amount of time for your turns to reload. So when it crashes, you lose a turn without even finishing your round. Honestly I could deal with the crashes if I could pick up where I left off when I get back on the game. As for people saying it’s impossible to win a large amount, I have multiple times. No prizes although I try lol. But it seems random to me, I always look for patterns in the cases and such and haven’t realized any. I usually always have a couple high amounts left on the board. Depends on if you think you have a higher amount than what the banker offers you. Cause really you’re just playing for sweepstake entries so you just have to have a case higher than the banker, or accept an offer higher than your case in order to get entries.

  • By LoriM327

    Very new to this, have questions

    I’ve only started playing with the past few days and I think it’s fun. Although like others have mentioned I’m not sure if it’s random or predetermined. To me, that’s ok cause I use my winnings no matter what to go towards the prizes. Here. Is my problem. I noticed a “cash” prize and stated putting all of my winnings into that. All of a sudden, the cash prize option was gone! Time was not up on it and no one is listed on the winners board, it’s just gone. So, where did all my winning entries go? Disappeared. That doesn’t seem fair. Can’t find anything on the app to give any explanation.

  • By Bob632

    Good game, terrible graphics

    I’m not particularly triggered when it comes bad graphics, but it looks like I’m playing an ad from “Episode”. This could easily be fixed by bringing back the good ol’ 2004 looking 3-D terrible textured girls. The new ones make me want to gouge my eyes out and bake them at 475 for 8 minutes. Although the people look absolutely awful, The games pretty cool and I want those stemless wine glasses. In conclusion I (and many others) would love if you brought back the old girls. Thank you, xoxo - TacoBellLover69

  • By BillyBob42356

    Great game just needs a nice clean update

    I love deal or no deal and the app is a great copy of the tv version this app just needs a clean update improvements the lady’s walk up from behind the stairs as they do in the show update the host so it’s howie Mandel red flashing lights for when the banker class and flashing lights for when you hit deal and just music from the show there should be like a nice slam when you hit no deal as the game players slam the box closed same with the deal button

  • By DayWonderland


    Lately, it won’t let me claim my double points after watching an ad, or after finding the million dollar case it won’t give me another chance. Other than those annoying glitches, I feel as though I should have won something by now, so I’m not entirely sure if that’s all real. The game itself is fun if you have nothing better to do. You can speed things up, by pressing on the screen if you have an iPhone.

  • By gg0718

    Great game with major downfalls

    First of all, this game was incredibly well made and truly does encompass the beauty of Deal or No Deal. Kudos to the developers of this game as you guys did an incredibly well done. Also, the face that there are real prizes is great. Don’t expect to actually win anything, but it’s a great little touch. However, there are multiple major things. One of them is the adds. They’re in the middle of your game, before and after, and even in your push notifications on your phone! At the bare minimum, remove the ones in the middle of the game and absolutely stop filling my notifications with ads! The second thing is, your amount of games are limited. That’s just ridiculous. At least let people play without the prizes since we all know we aren’t gonna win them anyways. The last thing is, the effects and dialogue is inaccurate. You can lose the lowest prize on the board and get a negative sound effect and knock out the largest prize on the board and everyone is clapping. Howie also needs better dialogues. Overall, great game with major fixes that need to happen

  • By I Rate it NO JOKE


    Ok so when I had this app on my iPhone 6 it worked and I paid the $2.99/month because that’s just $0.10 a day which is cheep but I got my new iPhone 11 it just crashes so I canceled that $2.99 a month subscription if it’s fixed than I will pay that again I can’t even open the app without it crashing Ok now it doesn’t crash I’m giving it 3 stars for now because I don’t know if the actually giveaway prizes but if I find out that they do than I will give it 5 stars and pay the $2.99 again

  • By Paria3

    Too much effort for little to no reward

    I’ve played three tournaments to test out this game and the likelihood of winning. First tournament I played with 404,000 sweepstakes and lost, second I played with 1.2 million sweepstakes and lost and finally the third I played with 40 million sweepstakes and lost. The 40 million I played every single day for a week as many times as it would let me play so that was as much as I got playing from the start of the tournament without doing the monthly subscription of $2.99. I’m leaving this review so people will know how much time and effort you would need to put into this game to actually win. Also I believe only people who pay the $2.99 would have a chance due to the fact they get unlimited plays. This game would be a lot better if 1. You could see at least who has the highest sweepstakes amount during the tournament so you know what you’re aiming to get in entries to stand a chance of winning. 2. The winner was decided based on who has the most entries as this would make me want to pay the $2.99 fee for unlimited plays. This method would also work well with actually being able to see who is in the lead and what you need to beat. Other than that this seems like a lot of effort for a blind competition with no idea how many entries would increase your chances. I thought 40 million was a lot with me winning the million box at least 8 times. Clearly it was not enough by a long shot.

  • By SLICK__T

    Very mad at your glitches!

    I was liking the game and even signed up for the monthly subscription but after a few days of being screwed out of more winnings $ in the drawings I said nope and went to my subscriptions and canceled. So I will try my best to keep my cool and enjoy being screwed out of double winnings and screwed out of putting the million back in play after watching a video to do so and it never does it. Its a random crap shoot for it to work after wasting my time watching a useless ad to get it and it not give it after the video. I won the million and guess what. My double winnings for watching a ad never applied so you better bet I was mad and canceled the subscription. That is a glitch that I just won’t pay a monthly sub for sorry. Fix the stupid glitches that screws out out more winnings and screws us out of putting the million back in play. Its a broken game with that right now. Not paying for glitches that serious when were playing and need them for more drawings in your drawings for stuff. Can’t have glitches like that happening a lot. Not worth my money wasting for a broken award system.

  • By Mandible83

    Constant crashes

    This app has the potential to be a lot of fun. The problem lies in the fact you only get a certain amount of plays per day/hour and when the app crashes you lose that play. Out of the twenty plus times I have tried to play the game I have only played about 4 times. It has crashed right at the start of the game or right in the middle and is incredibly frustrating. The ladies also freeze a lot opening the cases so you often have to double tap the screen to get the game going again. The glitches and crashes need to be fixed in order for me to keep the app

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