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Zombiner - Hide and seek


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Zombiner - Hide and seek is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Tap2Play LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Tap2Play LLC, with the latest current version being 3.3.1 which was officially released on 2021-04-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 7356 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Zombiner - Hide and seek App

How does it Work?

Get ready for the most exciting survival game ever!

Get ready for the greatest survival horror game of all time - Zombiner! The world after the zombie apocalypse became a grim place. It all began in a small office where the first infected appeared. First, he turned everyone in the office into zombies. Now, the crowds of zombies are marching through the city and invading every floor, house, street, block, and city.

In this game, you will play for a zombie team, not as a human, as usual. Your goal is to catch as many humans as possible and turn them into zombies. You will be gradually advancing through each floor. Your ultimate goal is to turn everyone into zombies wherever you go!

Put your stamina to the test in the SURVIVAL MODE: your task will be to play for a human and try to survive for a period of time.


- PLAY as a zombie

- CATCH all humans in the location

- GET a zombie crowd

- COLLECT keys

- TAKE OVER all houses, streets, and cities


- Zombie mode — you task is to catch all the humans

- Survival mode — you task is to survive as a human


- Simple and intuitive navigation

- Lots of zombies to choose from

- Two game modes

- You can play offline

- Many different levels

- Fast and fascinating gameplay

Become a zombie, gather a crowd, catch other players!

Please leave your review so that we could make the game even greater for you!

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Top Reviews

  • By spaggetiyogurt


    the gam crashes when i press cobtinue i already downloaded it and it goes⍌⍖⍈⍘⍛⍎⍐⍘⍈⍉

  • By dcooke12

    Great game like no ads

    This is a great game I only played for 3hours but only watched one ad. So great game

  • By rorotl11

    This game is so awesome

    Maybe everyone should play this game

  • By Leak brushed

    Best game ever

    Best game ever it really addictive and fun to play with friends and family

  • By loosy ryian 60911

    Zombie attack

    I like zombies and this game is for me bc I love zombies and I have all skins XD😬

  • By DrtyDwnSth

    I’m so GOOOD

    I’m so good at this game as heck I dare you to fight me

  • By HugoJaxon

    Good game but needs more variety of maps

    I like the game and the concept. It’s fun but just wish there were more variety of maps and character skins. Also what is the point of using diamonds to unlock a location on the map but don’t get to play in that location?

  • By king a da nort

    So many ads

    The game is fine but every level is the same and you have to watch an ad after you do anything. Even if you say you don’t want to watch an ad you still get one anyway.

  • By 🎃👺💀😅🦈🥒

    👌 it’s good but make it better

    So I was playing the game and it’s just to hard it’s dark I can’t see I want that fixed plz fix

  • By Sushi owl


    You earn all of these gems for the lamest skins all White characters no different ethnicity

  • By red so sus 😂

    This is kinda trash

    The game is not online because the ai is terrible and the zombie bots are slow as heck and when I pick to play as a zombie the bots are very slow plz fix the speed cuz I would give it five stars and the ads tho

  • By Supersnivy777

    Honestly awful

    This app visual are pretty lazy there very little variety in characters look I want to see something a little more it’s ok gameplay wise but isn’t anything special

  • By the pig hates ads

    Can’t play😡😡😡

    When I tap on the game I have to wait 15 minutes and then I just shows me the home screen so I dislike this

  • By GANG_beast

    Bad game

    I can’t even load it up with out it crashing I don’t know why but it does

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