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  • Last Updated: 2020-02-18
  • New version: 2.1
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Idle Civilization: Civ Builder


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Idle Civilization: Civ Builder is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Tap2Play LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Tap2Play LLC, with the latest current version being 2.1 which was officially released on 2020-02-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2171 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Idle Civilization: Civ Builder App

How does it Work?

Become the greatest tycoon in this civilization simulator! Build your own empires, manage your citizens and get idle profit from it.

Have you ever dreamed of having a tiny world inside your phone? Try this build civilization game and make your dream come true! Idle Civilization is a real-world simulation game with an idle nation of tiny, happy humans who live their lives, smile, produce resources, and... help you build your own civilization!

From now on, the destiny of human evolution is in your hands! Create civilization, make the right choices and guide your people to greatness!

Discover new lands and idle islands, create new human civilizations, upgrade landmark buildings, become a millionaire and conquer the world!

Play the game and go through all the stages of civilization building. Earn pearls and make upgrades to expand and strengthen your idle empire.

Game Features:

• Captivating civilization simulator

• 13 ancient empires, medieval kingdoms, and modern nations: Cro-Magnons, Egyptians, Indians, Aztecs, Vikings, Romans, Chinese, Arabs, French, Venetians, British, Russians, and Americans

• Different people and animals in every location

• Casual and easy tapping gameplay with prestige system

• Famous architecture – keep clicking to unlock all buildings and become a landmark tycoon!

• Powerful boosters to speed-up progress

• Earn pearls and upgrade even when you’re offline!

• One super magical bird – tap on it to earn an extra bonus!

If you like civilization simulator games, you will enjoy this idle clicker! Here, you can enjoy all the adventures of a good simulation game and feel the immense pleasure of creating your own civilization and managing the idle world.

This incremental game is one of the best clicking games with prestige and upgrades, which means you’ll never get bored while playing it. Idle Civilization stands out among other idle clickers thanks to its rich graphics and fascinating history-based gameplay – so much fun for all fans of civ builder games.

Build your own civilization and seize the chance to become a billionaire tycoon by ruling the most powerful empire the Earth has ever seen!

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Top Reviews

  • By DerpDooper641

    Sounds Pretty Good to Me!

    Even though I haven’t played the game yet, the reviews are what the user is usually looking for to see what the other users/players think of the game to get feedback. In my opinion, this game looks pretty cool. Also, I love the design of the characters in the game. I want to try this out and see if I end up deleting the game after a week, or if I keep it for a lot longer than expected.

  • By it wont let me play the game

    I can’t play this game

    I try to play the game but then there is just a pink screen and then it takes me out of the app and I can’t play it’s not working for me so if you can fix the bug that would be a big thanks to the creators so please fix the bug I can’t play.

  • By ChicagoBears666

    Recently Updated

    Game keeps crashing after I open it.

  • By JosephDuuude

    Stellar Idle Game

    Idle Civilization does the genre of idle clicker games very well. Most of the traditional “grinding” of the game is done while its running in the back ground and you check in the upgrade things. There are minor bugs but they are rare and don’t affect gameplay much. Like with all idle games the ads are extremely woven throughout the gameplay but aren’t as oppressive as they are in many other games, however I don’t appreciate having to watch one every time I upgrade a building 5 times (which you in turn do 4 times to every building other than the guys). The game also only lasts for about a week or even less if you check the game on the hour. All in all it’s a fun time-waster game and I’m hoping they add in a new civilization soon.

  • By Sararz

    Fun, but not much more.

    This game had me pulled in, and even though in the end it wasn’t what I thought it was, I still had a great time playing it for a few days until I reached the end. My original thought was you take 1 society, upgrade and advance them. That’s not what happened. It’s actually you take several civilizations SPOILER: Cro-magnons, Egyptians, Indiana, Aztecs, etc. No more spoilers: And make them the best they could be by upgrading houses for more people and production, and buildings for multipliers. The ads are so frequent, and to progress the game you have to watch them. Not even being hyperbolic, once a building reaches lvl 5, you watch an ad to let you upgrade it more. But it’s worked in that every ad is worth it, and honestly, I don’t mind them. Overall good game, but could use some work with the mechanics.

  • By riverB0nes

    Good game

    One issue I have found is that when I’m not on the app my level doesn’t increase I have been on 23 for the past few days and only see and increase to 24 when I’m actually playing. This kinda takes away from the point of an idle game? Other than that I have loved the game and hope the devs can fix the issue!

  • By Pleasantly Surprised in Fort Collins

    It’s ok

    It’s not the worst idle game I’ve played - the x2 bonus is one of the lowest I’ve seen (ad for 5mis of x2 production - another ad to add 15min...). The most frustrating part is how the level ups work - I’m not sure what the requirements are, but some levels won’t start until you’ve hit certain upgrades, or time, or something that isn’t’s a real turn off.

  • By Nonamesworkingonthis

    Ads take forever to load

    It’s a fun game but irritating when you’re waiting five minutes for an ad to pop up for you to watch. If you exit the screen you miss out on the rewards the ad gives; especially the time-away reward. To miss out on 1.3 T all because an ad doesn’t load...wth

  • By Vorric


    Thought it was pretty cool till I finished the French level. I also noticed that people were having game issues. You got a pretty good game though. I wish well. I however am headed to new idle territory because this is the second game I managed to stumble on to that dead ended until they completed more levels.

  • By Hailstorm258

    Good Idea

    I like the game and the idea. The one thing I would change is you should be able to click anywhere on the screen to make the people go faster. Following them around with your finger gets difficult and boring. That would be the big reason I would get rid of this app.

  • By Danifro


    When it seemed like the ads were optional for boosts, I played and mostly ignored them but clicked a few for fast upgrades. The ways to watch them were everywhere and a little annoying, but I could just tap to move past without watching if I wanted... till I couldn’t and it loaded an ad without prompting. Immediately uninstalled. You have enough options in game to get boosts by watching ads without forcing users to watch them randomly too. Fun game without that stupidity.

  • By Humanoid231

    Used to be good

    Very recently the game heavily increased its use of ads. Every two level ups is an ad, along with a random pop-up here and there. This is just too much as the game is already heavily ad based in terms of boosting your progression (bringing leader out / bird, storms, etc). Going back to the old ad rate would be great, it’s just a little too much and this game does not strike me as one of those cheap, ad-ridden, apps.

  • By AnasMomasaurus

    Fun for a day

    I downloaded the game and really enjoyed it. But the ads were making it completely unplayable. I purchased the remove ads upgrade and it was so much fun! But now I’ve reached the end of the game and it’s been less than 24 hours. I wish I hadn’t spent the money to remove ads if I was only going to be able to play for a day.

  • By Dhrekkin

    Ads are required to progress

    A true mark of a good game is if it forces you to watch ads to generate revenue or if it merely offers ads as an option for things like boosts in the game. This game is one of the former. Ads are required to progress multiple times through every stage. I stopped counting after 30 *required* ads just to get through stage 1. I endured for a couple days but after being stuck on level 23 on a completed Egyptian map and realizing no matter how much money I made my level progress bar wasn’t going up because I wasn’t watching more ads, I called it quits

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