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  • Last Updated: 2018-12-03
  • New version: 2.1
  • File size: 160.99 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

POLY ART: Coloring Puzzle Game


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POLY ART: Coloring Puzzle Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Tap2Play LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Tap2Play LLC, with the latest current version being 2.1 which was officially released on 2018-12-03. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 24490 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the POLY ART: Coloring Puzzle Game App

How does it Work?

POLY ART is a brain training puzzle game that allows you to arrange a collection of polygonal puzzle pieces and create fantastic images!

Escape from the everyday routine and sharpen your mind with this brand new puzzle game.

• Anti-stress activity

• Lots of colorful puzzles

• New puzzles are added regularly

Terms of Use: http://tap2play.me/polyart/terms/

Privacy Policy: http://tap2play.me/polyart/privacy/

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Top Reviews

  • By Aertymis


    I have spent countless hours on this game- the designs are beautiful, and since the developers are always adding new challenges, it’s nearly impossible to run out of things to do (even if you don’t pay the monthly subscription). If you do run out of free challenges, I love that the app gives players the option to watch an ad and unlock designs previously unobtainable except through payment- it’s a great way to allow customers to access the content and still get the revenue. Again, there is an amazing mix of beautifully crafted and colored art pieces to choose from, and the game is really well crafted. For someone like me who struggles with art, I feel like I’m actually creating something! Two thumbs up!

  • By SilkStocking

    Challenging or easy.

    I’m hooked on this app! I can chose complicated or simple puzzles. How about including World Travel (geishas and kimonos especially). What are butterflies doing in “ocean”; how about Gardens, National Parks, Famous Art, Famous People, add more landscapes. This should give you some ideas. Also, instead of weekly or monthly subscriptions (I feel like I’m rushing all the time) how about a subscription that would be the free puzzles to try and then purchase add-ins of 25, 50 or 100 pictures without a monthly fee? No need to give up the existing subscriptions just a new one for people who are busy and don’t get alot of time. This would be better for parents as well. Sets could be easy for kids or mixed for adults.

  • By jenejeiakjejndbeiqoqjej

    Need to improve tutorial

    When I downloaded there was a flamingo and said premium I clicked a button wondering where the free pictures where don't worry I can't buy anything in app purchases then some how the free pictures appeared I click the bear and was confused even after the tutorial I was thinking where was the outline and how do I move the pieces I didnt no I had to hold it till the out line appeared because I didn't see the outline so the tutorial i think has to be more specific it's very fun tho Also why do u reply to everyone sorta the same way

  • By Batman Kittyface

    Good, just a few minor complaints

    This is actually a really well-made game. I see a lot of people complaining about how it makes you “pay to play”, but I really don’t see any issues with just watching ads to unlock the pictures you want. Unlike with most other colouring apps, you really don’t have to pay to use this one. There are a couple things I have to point out: First of all, I do agree with another reviewer who complained about puzzles which have “pieces” that are just clumps made of multiple pieces instead of individual pieces. This makes the puzzle a lot less fun to solve, and a lot less rewarding. Perhaps puzzles could have “easy” and “hard” options, with easy being the piece clumps and hard being individual pieces, or you could just do away with the piece clumps altogether as I don’t think people would miss them. Also, I’m not sure how many people experienced this, but the “Wild Nature” set seems to be broken for me. Upon not completing a picture in the set before the day ended, the picture was permanently locked (I couldn’t open it to complete it), and no new pictures would unlock. This is disappointing as I’d really like to be able to see the rest of this collection! Other than those minor complaints, I think this is a great app, and if those two things got fixed I would easily rate it 5 stars.


    Free Trial

    Okay. I now know how to cancel free trial. It WAS NOT developers fault, but my ignorance. That being said, still wish it weren’t so expensive. Love doing this stuff, but not able to justify expense. Great job. Great idea. Not great cost. Will continue with free stuff. Gave it four stars only because of cost. App itself and pictures are five stars. First posting: Trying free trial, but it is not clear how to cancel. It just says to go to account settings AFTER you purchase to turn it off. That is not a FREE trial to me if you have to purchase a month BEFORE you can stop it from charging. Otherwise it is a great app, but have done 75% of all puzzles in two days. Not interested in paying monthly when almost through all they have.

  • By Utterly Ridiculous Upgrade

    Tech Support

    I noticed in many reviews that a lot of people mentioned $2.99 per week for a subscription. Will you please explain why some people are offered the subscription price of $2.99 per week and mine is offered for $7.99 per week? Also, I just finished the beautiful tiger picture, or so I thought. As Im sure you know, it was a beast to do with too many shards to count that were smaller than a flea. Anyway, it looks like all my pieces have been used...I cant find any more. So, I pressed the hint button and it is showing me a white flashing dot. Thats it...nothing else. I cant find any explanation anywhere what this means? I was hoping the hint button would show me a missing piece as it has done before, but it just shows me the white dot. Please help me understand why after many hours of work that my picture is not showing as finished. It looks like it is? I was already upset because i had to purchase a subscription just to finish my picture. I was in my trial period when i started this tiger and was very close to being done. I went to finish it today, and was unable to unless i bought a subscription. I really like this app a lot, but your prices are outrageous and I cant afford more than a week subscription at this time. Please help me finish my tiger. Thank you,

  • By Jamie Dasenbrock

    Mixed Feelings

    I really enjoy this app! It’s a good stress reliever and I’m really excited to start using the import feature and use the photos from my camera roll. I don’t pay for subscription so I just complete the free ones that I want... so I tend to wish I could do some of the more difficult/complicated ones without having to pay for a subscription but that’s my own choice. My biggest complaint is something I don’t entirely understand.. Whenever I find one/import one that is more difficult/complicated there’s always clusters of pieces already connected. Like a group of pieces that you drag instead of dragging them individually to their place and I wonder why they aren’t separated to make the puzzle more difficult. I had a puzzle that consisted of only these large rounded groups of already connected pieces and I found that it wasn’t nearly as pleasing to finish the puzzle because I didn’t get to drag each individual piece. I guess I just don’t understand why that’s done, it’s a personal preference. Overall I really enjoy this app, I just wish that for some of the puzzles I could actually drag the individual shapes rather than drag already connected groups. It’s not as fun, but I suppose that’s just a personal problem.

  • By Erin.ot

    Enjoyed until recently

    I have really enjoyed this app, until recently. It is a great way for me to unwind after a busy day. I have even used it with my students to improve their visual perceptual skills! However, the last few puzzles I have worked for myself have been extremely frustrating. 2 or 3 of them have had duplicates for every piece, one had pieces that I was not able to pick up unless I searched for a location to tap somewhere up and to the left of them, and several have had overlapping pieces that make it so complicated it’s difficult to finish without using tons of hints. It has been very frustrating and I may have to stop using it with my students as they will not understand these bugs/complications. I hope that this is actually a bug and not something the company has done on purpose.

  • By SpiritWind186

    Needs some tweaking

    This overall is a cool app, but it needs some adjustments. The main problem is THE PRE-MADE SH*T. I see a complex looking one and that’s exciting until I click on it and the pieces are clumped together so 90% percent of it is already made and all I have to do is move a few blocks around and it’s done already. Not fun. The same thing happens when I upload my own photo, and the first time that happened I was legit crossing my fingers and looking like an idiot that it would not be pre-made and I could enjoy a complex puzzle. Guess what? Pre-made! Grrr. Literally all but 4 of the Wild Nature set was pre-made. Sadness. The other thing is not being able to zoom in to a good place in some of the puzzles, so I’m not able to really see what I’m doing unless I zoom in all the way and then I zoom in more, but then as soon as I let go it snaps back to the max zoom level. Last thing is some of the pieces match the color of the backgrounds, blending in so I have no choice but to use up my hints as an X-ray view to find all of them. Please consider updating these three things to make the experience more enjoyable for others.

  • By Alekplay


    This app is deceptive at best. Great idea, good execution, nice design, but the monetization is awful. When you first open the app, you’re presented with an option to subscribe for a ridiculous price of $7.99/ week ($415 per year!). This is presented in such a way that you don’t know you’re actually subscribing to something, instead it looks like the button you have to press to start the game. There is a small button in the upper left corner to proceed without paying. This way of displaying the in-app subscription is a direct violation of Apple’s review guidelines, and how it got approved is beyond me. Furthermore, a subscription is a terrible way to monetize an app like this. It just doesn’t work. Instead you should be selling packages of designs, perhaps later on a more reasonably priced all-inclusive subscription. Finally, the pop-up ads start coming in before you even finish your first design. Terrible user experience off the bat. It’s a shame such a good app is wasted by such awful user experience and scam-like monetization techniques.

  • By SS Mike

    Really Glitchy

    App keeps closing on me. When it does stay open it has other issues such as zooming out on its own when I’m zoomed in for the small pieces. Once it zooms out on its own I can zoom back in but can’t scroll left or right to get to portions of the image. I then have to back out of the image and reload it, but when I do I have to watch yet another ad before continuing my work. I’ve been trying to complete the cat now for 3 hours thanks to these glitches. I definitely wouldn’t pay for this app. Speaking of which, I am very cautious of apps that have the model of charging weekly or monthly fees to use it. I tend to delete them immediately as they seem sketchy to begin with, and I don’t trust that my account won’t be charged automatically just by having the app downloaded. Just a few things to consider. Other than that I love the images they have provided for free, would be great if the app worked correctly.

  • By Sunflowers19

    Needs improvements!

    I have been having a lot of fun playing, but I recently watch a ad to get a free picture to play. Only to have the update take it away. I feel that since I spent the time watching, and some what playing the picture it shouldn’t suddenly be reclaimed as a buy only picture. If feel that if I spend the time the picture should be mine no matter what. Also the price is ridiculous. I use to do vector pictures before their were programmed that do it for you in two mins. I would only pay these prices if I knew their weren’t programs that do it for you. One last thing I have the pictures of the elephant holding a bouquet, I get it’s supposed to be a harder picture with all the extra pieces, but I’m annoyed by the fact that I keep having to put 3 green piece to one spot on the puzzle. It really should only have one piece to one space; not multiples.

  • By hola kitty

    Be careful!

    When you open the app for the first time, be cautious and READ before you click start. It’s horribly deceptive. You get 3 free days and then you will be charged $7.99 a week. Luckily I have verification features enabled that allowed me to avoid this and try to find a way to play for free (which is WAY to covertly placed). Once I bypassed that deception, I scrolled through to find a free picture (there aren’t many). As soon as I clicked on it, a video began to play before I could even start the puzzle. Seriously? I didn’t even bother trying a puzzle because first impressions matter. This was already a complete waste of my time, so I didn’t have hope for any improvement if I did keep going. I couldn’t delete this app fast enough. To claim your app is ‘stress reducing’ and then increase users’ stress if they choose to play for free is a terrible idea. But-kudos to you-obviously thousands of people aren’t bothered (or maybe they just haven’t noticed their dwindling bank accounts yet).

  • By LoveBooks726

    Started so well

    I started playing over the summer. Loved it so much I paid for a yearly subscription. New pictures once a week. Lots of great ones. Hours of my time. Then all the sudden, it stopped. About a month later, a massive upgrade to the app. No complaints, loved all the changes. But new pictures still didn’t happen. Then the app changes again. Even better upgrade. I figured they’ll bring back the new pictures soon. Still doesn’t happen. And now I’m bombarded with the ad to remove ads spend $1.99. Ummm hello, I paid for a year subscription. I attempt to contact support. Their response, here’s how you cancel your subscription... wait what? I have over 6 months left in what I paid for... I tried again. This time I got no response at all. I guess I don’t rate because I signed up before they started the weekly charge.....

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