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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-12
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Idle Ferry Tycoon


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Idle Ferry Tycoon is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Tap2Play LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Tap2Play LLC, with the latest current version being 1.16 which was officially released on 2021-07-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2982 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Idle Ferry Tycoon App

How does it Work?

Download this fun Idle Tycoon game and start making easy money!

It’s FREE and works OFFLINE!

Have you ever wondered how ferry business works? Want to make good money and mine some gold just playing idle games? Become a legendary manager and business tycoon by running your ferry station and helping people to reach their destinations in this idle simulator game!

Start with a small ferry station equipped with several boats and turn it into a global profitable business. Take care of your passengers - all of them need to cross the river and feel safe and sound on board. Develop your own strategy to promote the network of your vehicles and offer the best cargo services in the city. Expand your business: upgrade your station to equip it well for ferrying people, goods, cargo transportation and even mining resources of the territory. Make smart decisions, grow your business and be your own boss. It’s so simple but highly fascinating!

Idle Ferry Tycoon is an idle clicker game, which is easy to play but hard to master. It’s a challenging business simulator for smart people who love adventure, earning money and have the ambition to become a successful business tycoon.

Choose your strategy and become a successful manager and super rich capitalist quick and easy

Enjoy this simple tap game and build the best water transport empire in the world

Dive into the sea of opportunities the best idle game offers for you:

- Build and manage your own ferry station. It’s easy and free!

- Develop the strategy to promote your water transport services. And win the hearts of millions of passengers!

- Invest in new buildings, ferries, mines, stations and boats to make huge profit. Think like a millionaire, act like a capitalist!

- Be the best manager for your crew. Build your team and run it to success!

- Go globally - explore new islands, tap and place more ferries on the map! The world waits for its heroes!

- Send your ships into unknown terrain for more gold and treasures and increase your miners’ motivation. A new adventure awaits!

- Enjoy simple gameplay and pleasant design. Build up your idle empire and have fun!

Why to choose IDLE Ferry Tycoon?

- Best idle clicker game with lots of levels and challenges

- Unique business for a true money tycoon

- Noble mission to help people and become their heroes

- Free and easy business simulator

- Global map with islands for mining and earning money

- Experienced crew and talented Admirals

- Various ferry stations, water transport, and buildings

- Lots of bonuses and rewards to get more idle money and gold!

This Tycoon game - not like the other idle games! Still don’t believe it? Start playing now for free and

see for yourself!

Tap. Earn money. Have fun!

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Top Reviews

  • By hunter-06

    I hate videos

    It’s a good game but the only thing is that to upgrade things to another level I have to watch a lot of videos like two just to upgrade one thing.

  • By grassygonzlez


    Yes I started playing when I saw the add and deleted the game that had the add it was clash runner or something like that and I love it but I’m still not good

  • By ColtPlayz45

    Great game, but…

    There are too much improve for free ads and every 3/5 times the improve for free does not even work. But other than those things, the game is great!

  • By icouldnt think of a name123

    Great game

    This is a fun game and it can help pass some time but there are a few more ads than in most other games, but overall it’s a really fun game.

  • By fat mommy2727

    The ads

    This game would be good if it didn’t force you to watch ads. Once you upgrade your things enough it says “free” as a free upgrade if you watch an ad. I didn’t want the free uograde so I went in airplane mode to get the upgrade with money. But it was still there. I even refreshed. Not gone. So could you please give the option to do it with money, because it happens every 3 upgrades, and is very annoying.

  • By Tebowmiller

    Forced Ads

    It’s a great idle game with a lot of potential as well. I understand randomly watching ads after doing something but forcing someone to watch ads in order to upgrade most of your stuff is unbelievably overbearing. Make forced ads show in a different way, not to upgrade your boats and planes 🙄 frustrating.

  • By Stanley2268

    Good game

    Its a good game sad i cant open settings but not a big deal however i finished 2 area after level 26 and have to wait til i hit lvl 41 to unlock the third area im not getting enough xp to get there without waiting with my phone on the game til next week and i cant do that plz fix it other than that its a good game

  • By Review writer \_("_)_/

    Few things

    It’s a good game to pass time but I’m stuck when it comes to progress because the game wants me to watch an ad in order to do any sort of upgrades. Really takes the fun away when you’re forced to watch ads to upgrade

  • By Theedge883

    Not quite good

    Seems pretty unfinished. I maxed out the third island the first couple days and there was no more progression. It looks like coins can be used to upgrade islands but there doesn’t appear to be any way to collect those coins. It’s not broken, it’s just not finished.

  • By AmKaEm1990


    I can’t click the video buttons to improve anything or to increase the money I receive from being away or getting the clouds. The rest of the game is nice.

  • By dark evilness :/

    Why so many ads?

    I have been addicted to this game since I have gotten it yesterday. The gameplay and graphics are very nice to me, but there is one problem-too many ads! Most of the ads repeat (which I don’t mind too much), and are very, very glitchy. They take so long to load, and that uses a lot of time. All in all, ads make me upset with this game.

  • By Doctor_HooLock

    Too many watch ads to improve

    I love time wasting idle games like this but I HATE that so many of the items can only be improved by watching an adult. It’s not even optional to just pay for it, you HAVE to watch the ads to advance in the game and it’s so annoying! And I’d pay to remove the need for ads if it wasn’t freaking $10!

  • By Cklemetson50397422


    If you like watching ads every three times you upgrade a boat or every level you upgrade. This game is the one for you! I was excited when I saw the game and downloaded right away. I understand you need ads to make profit but really? You want your consumer to enjoy the game not ads.

  • By Annoyed273638282

    It’s fun but intrusive ads

    Way too many intrusive ads. Even if you don’t click claim x2 you’re still stuck watching an ad. Along with the ads that just pop up while you’re playing. I wouldn’t mind spending 1.99 to get rid of ads like most games, but 10$ is outrageous.

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