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Vegas Downtown Slots & Words


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Vegas Downtown Slots & Words is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Playtika LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Playtika LTD, with the latest current version being 4.50 which was officially released on 2021-07-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 15279 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Vegas Downtown Slots & Words App

How does it Work?

Downtown Las Vegas Strip Casinos - Vegas Slots Edition

From The creators of Caesars Casino and Slotomania Slots – the leading 777 slot machines and casino games in the VEGAS WORLD, deliver an innovative Vegas Slots and word game experience! Inspired from Las Vegas strip casinos, Downtown Vegas Slots Casino combines fast-paced slots action with a word game craze! Shocking casino prizes are driving people WILD on the Las Vegas Strip.

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People on the Vegas Strip are going wild for word games! As you spin the games in our Vegas slots app, you’ll collect word tiles for a scrabble-like game with a ‘Viva Las Vegas' twist. Solve word games and create classic words with your tiles to win amazing rewards like coins and bonus spins on any 777 slot machines. Play our fast-paced slots, fill your word board and hit the jackpot! It’s a world-renowned Vegas casino experience you don’t want to miss!

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Just as the famous Vegas casino saying goes, “If you see it once, you’ll never be the same again”. Playing Vegas Slots and Words is like being at the classic Vegas casino hotels during their glory days, like Caesars Slots or the Flamingo, but with a new word game addition to boost the thrills!


This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.

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Top Reviews

  • By Admiral johnny G

    Thank you

    Thank you for the free coinage. This act of kindness will give my dear wife and I something to do while quarantined with this “Corona killer cold”. Y’all have helped countless people have something to do during these trying times. Since we are playing with your fun money would ya, could ya, reprogram your phone slots to win a little more often? While we are on lock down could y’all figure a way to give us “ players cards”???? On lock down I cannot go to the casino and get my own players points card. I sure would like a players points card of my very own. Thank you in advance.

  • By Winner from Cedar Hill

    Fun but costly..

    Really enjoy playing with a different spin to it...mixture of slots and scrabble BUT.... I spend lots of money and then get 1 letter...are you kidding me I have spend millions and then pop 1 tile or 2 tiles... we should never get less than 3.. and throw in the occasional golden tile... some of the challenges we need a gold tile but the only way to get one is to buy it. And to makes things even worse after I play the last word for the current board I lose all my tiles... so I definitely do not purchase anything unless I still need at least 5 words... I should be able to keep any letters left at the end of a round and get an additional 7 letters at the start of a new board. I just spent money to finish my board and join the journey... well, once again .the challenges will require buying tiles to get a 1000 point word... my last board asked for a golden word..I can’t find a definition of “golden word” ... purchased tiles to have some golden but still wasn’t able to get the mystery golden word... I have loved this game but it is time to play out my coins and delete the game.... it would not be the first time I pressed the delete button..

  • By richardchsv

    They’re ignoring a bug (in their favor) on an entire line of slots on iOS

    I’m kind of frustrated as I’ve reported this over the past 3 months and they’ve essentially been reducing the chances given to players to re-spin bonus rounds on Cash and they deny that it happens and there isn’t anything erroneous, but I’m pretty sure the facts support me on this as I’ve consistently reproduced this across multiple iPhones and iPads. For slots similar to Rapid Cash 2 and Wu Xing Wheels, where you get 4x chances to get a bonus amount (initial)(respin1)(respin2) (respin3) The problem is respin2 and respin3 are always identical. This has occurred 100% of the time over the past 3 months. This essentially means they only gave you 3 instead of 4 spins. This bug is not present in any other platform. The payouts of each slot is calculated (I assume, but I could be wrong) by standard methods that account for it working the way it is supposed to. The house can publish any rule it wants to - but it must abide by the rules they decide to publish. They’re not allowed to publish one thing, and do another. I contacted customer support multiple times. They say they don’t see anything that’s wrong. Can people send them tickets letting them know they’ve been reducing our chances to win in their favor by 25% on these slots? While it’s just coins, this really is just frustrating a playtika game is falling this far short. Compensation and restitution is due.

  • By cemetery Lover

    I like it but.....

    First let me say I rarely buy any packages as my thought is if I am going to spend actual money I would rather go to a real casino where I have a chance to win actual money back. With that said they have various challenges and such but the ‘goals’ are sometimes unattainable. Today in the daily quest one of the goals is to win $3.3B coins. My current balance is less than $1B but my goal is to win over 3x that amount. Really?! Then you have to bet high amounts to obtain ‘legendary’ cards. Good luck! You win everything but. I understand they want you to spend $$$ as that is how they make theirs but if you are going to pay ‘for free’ expect to just play for fun and not to compete for the big prizes.

  • By Aragon6290

    Vegas words

    It’s a good game and it’s fun but it seems everything is geared towards the people they let win a lot cause those missions win 600,000,000 or more 3 times just isn’t very likely for someone who only has 150,000 coins so that is ridiculous the missions should be based on something different and sometimes it takes forever to get more letters like days even and the cards I can’t even tell you how to acquire those it’s supposed to be by playing but I hardly ever see any. So it could be better but other than that I do like the game and find it fun to play,and how long it takes to gain a lvl you is a bit outrageous if I play my coins everyday it could take me a week to go up 2 or 3 percent anyways thanks for the game just modify those things for a 5 star or some for a 4 star

  • By Tessa40602


    One of my favorite slots and aside from breaking a piggy bank once I have been able to win consistently and I don’t always complete the challenges in Words because I’m impatient and don’t like to toss tiles if at all possible as it takes too long to earn them. The inconsistency comes with earning tiles. I’ll fill the meter, go play words, come back to game, spin twice and meter is full again. Other times it takes up to ten spins to increase 1%. (Same bet). Finally, the other big frustration is that they keep raising the bet level required. I play Emerald Isles and it isn’t fun if you can’t trigger with 4. You have no chances in the tournaments and rarely get emerald respins. It has to be fun for me to spend money. There is potential here, but some stuff needs to get better. Oh, and quit trying to tie me to Facebook. I want nothing to do with that app and I don’t want notifications of when to collect. The pop up every time I change games is infuriating. I play when I feel like it and don’t need reminders.

  • By Mtn Hermitress

    Great slots until you need Support.

    I would have rated this app 4-5 stars for entertainment but my emails to customer support have been completely ignored other than the automated message acknowledging my email. Until the customer support improves, I won’t choose to spend any money on in-app purchases. I hope they fix their issue because the slots are great. After complaining about the lack of support from Support, my Bonus Bonanza winnings have been the least amount on the wheel almost every single time. I used to get great Bonanza Bonuses but for about the last 6 weeks it’s almost never above 15,000,000. What are the odds that I’d get the lowest amount on the wheel every single time for weeks? At this point, I feel like if there was an error for a purchase, I’d just be out the money because they would not respond. So I cannot and will not spend anymore money on this game.

  • By Max531961

    Ugh...just ugh.

    I have been playing Vegas Downtown Slots for years. It i used to be one of the slots games that kept your attention and actually was a lot of fun. But no more. When they made the change to Vegas Words, you had the option to either continue “as is” or play the Scrabble-like game they offered. Then they changed that to having to mandatorily play the Scrabble-like game, with no way to option-out. When playing the word game, you never got the letters you needed to win unless you bought letters. That took all the fun out of it, in addition to having a dictionary that did not recognize everyday, ordinary words. It got to be a chore to play and, after having it on my iPad for years, I just now deleted the game. I will not return to it unless given the option to not have to play the word game. You lost a long-time user of your app and I do not think I am alone.

  • By Karin. 1957


    Well, I decided not to play this game anymore. Been off of it for months. But left it installed, tried playing it again today and it’s a real matter how much you try it doesn’t matter....I’ve even tried new accounts hoping it would pay. And it doesn’t...where customer service is about is really really laughable...they don’t respond, the don’t care to respond if your having a problem. They don’t pay there bonuses amount other things.....Money, money, money that’s all they care about. I tried and tried and tried to get them to respond to me and they refused.....or they will tell you the machines are like regular slots, they have no control when and where the pay off. I even had proof of a slot not paying off and screenshot it and sent it to these ppl and they still do nothing......and they still tell you the same thing..... Real laughable.....I. Know for a fact what goes on..........there customer service use to be great...not anymore........Now they will respond if you give them a good review and they see 4 or 5 stars... I don’t understand how they can have a 4.6 rating and review.....I’ve had this app for years. Will stop playing it again. ITS WORSE IF YOU BUY COINS...... NOT WORTH IT TO PLAY THIS APP!!!!! Thank you.......

  • By makosmom

    Lynn Iker

    Sorry. Forgot to delete all stars. No online slot game has ever ripped me off more or offered less support. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!! It develops glitches through no fault of yours and will lock you out of your version of the game for no reason. Yesterday I had over one billion points and was at level 295, which is no mean feat on this game. Suddenly it wouldn’t let me in and I was forced to go in through Facebook. I did, but was directed to a version at level one with no points. As many times as I disconnected, I stayed in the same place. When I was finally able to contact help, they told me I had more than one Facebook account. I do not. I have one, which I never log out of. They told me to log out and delete the app and assured me multiple times that I would not lose my points or my status. I did EXACTLY as instructed and IT IS GONE. This game has been my diversion and my solace through a cancer diagnosis, surgery, recovery and now a wait to find out if it has returned. And IT IS GONE!!!!! Years of playing. Large amounts of money. GONE. And not retrievable. Because I followed their instructions. And what happened when I told them that their instructions did not work? THEY WENT SILENT!!!!! BE WARNED! THIS GAME IS FULL OF GLITCHES AND THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS BEYOND INEPT. AND WHEN THEY SCREW YOU OVER, THEY GO SILENT.

  • By Gwenniesays

    Kinda Like but.....

    No doubt it’s a fun game but there are glitches. Like it said I earned tiles and showed me 4 tiles. I pressed the button that takes me to the board only not to have the tiles delivered. I filled up my pot to gain tiles but on two occasions it didn’t deliver. Just continued to spin since I placed it on continuous. This needs work before I can rate it higher. Today it kept going to 250 million bet without choosing max bet. I had 2 billion plus coins. Now down to 365 million. I have spent quite a bit on coin packages because I enjoyed playing. On to another game now. One that doesn’t cheat it’s players. Additional Review: Got invited to try the new Beta update of Vegas Words before its released to the public...I can’t even say I enjoy the new version because every other spin the Playtika Status popup rears its ugly head. I just can’t..... I quit! Addendum: started playing again. Why in the name of all that is holy did i make that mistake? I win more in vegas at the dollar slots than i do at this game. It is a bottomless pit of take, take, take. How do you go thru 1.9 billion, yes that a b and never hit the bonus? Uninstall, here i come!

  • By Wildstar8

    Crooked! Crooked! Crooked!

    UPDATE: In addition to my prior posts, now they send emails with a link to claim free coins - except THE LINK IS DEAD!!! Not once, not twice, but multiple times. It’s intentional! The only links that work on the emails are the ones for posting reviews . . . . So I’m posting this review, because they refuse to pay the promised free coins. App Store, why don’t you investigate these cheaters? Original Post: So . . . . . How is it that they have a "triple xp" day & I spend OVER AN HOUR spinning $1Million every 3-4 seconds (and at some point it changes my bet to $50Million without my knowledge) and I DON'T EARN A SINGLE XP POINT!!!!! Not One!!!!! FOR THE ENTIRE TIME!!!! So they took over $400Million over the hour and DIDN'T PAY OUT A SINGLE POINT!!!!! This is yet another example of how crooked Playtika casino games are! The other Playtika apps, Slotomania and Caesars, are just as bad - they don't pay out what they say they will. Too many stories to tell about these crooks! This is so typical of the Playtika apps! There needs to be an investigation! This company and these apps are so dishonest!!! They need to be banned from the App Store! I'm going back to Bubble Pop casino! It's way more fun, it doesn't cheat, and it pays REAL LIFE PRIZES!!! (Not just points!) And THEY DON'T STEAL ALL YOUR POINTS AT THE END OF THE YEAR the way Playtika apps do. You get to keep all of your points and redeem them for REAL PRIZES!!!

  • By beckaw

    Shame on you

    I’ve had two occurrences in which I had almost 50,000,000 coins. Note, I’ve been playing these slots for several months. They are fun!!!! BUT, recently, they have thrown high roller slots in the middle of regular slots. When playing, I just click the left arrow to go to the next slot. I then click spin. The first time, I was oblivious and last $25 million with one spin. This last time, I was being so careful, I thought. But, you I get excited I’m winning and just click spin, thinking it’s the same bet. And bam, I’ve lost all my money. They have two high roller games. The first, it alerts you before you spin that it’s high roller. But the second does not. I feel this is done on purpose to take all your coins. As of today, I will no longer be playing this app. I have given them way too much money for a shady scheme such as this.

  • By kboy0908


    I’ve been playing these slots for several years and play it almost daily. In the past couple of months I have noticed the winning percentage has dropped dramatically. I’m sure they would say it’s just the odds but I’ve played enough to know that’s not the case. As my coin bank grew larger the winnings have become fewer until it has almost wiped out the $640,000,000 in coins I have amassed from winnings, playing other games to earn coins and through purchases. I guess they want to wipe you out so they can sell you more packages. Expensive ones at that to be able to place the kind of bet required because of the level of play your at which happens as the more you play. When my bankroll is gone which won’t be long at this pace I won’t be playing with this group any longer. I guess this is how they treat their loyal members.

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