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Poker Heat: Texas Holdem Poker


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Poker Heat: Texas Holdem Poker is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Playtika LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Playtika LTD, with the latest current version being 4.45.2 which was officially released on 2021-04-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 80389 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Poker Heat: Texas Holdem Poker App

How does it Work?

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Exciting Content

Get into online casino of poker heat as a true poker king and discover nine different stadiums with their own poker style and mood! Start at the Newbie Court, advance through Victory Cage and move on to the Ring of Honor - for the true poker pro! Enjoy player statistics, hand strength info, amazing animations and so much more! Find special deals at the Chips Store to buy chips instantly for a cheap price!

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Install the latest Texas Holdem poker game, brought to you by the creators of the WSOP official online game (World Series of Poker).

This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.

Poker Heat – can you feel it?

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Top Reviews

  • By PaigeWins4

    Great fun but customer service doesn’t help when you have problems.

    I love the app, lots of fun. My only problem is that a week ago I won a hand with a full house, 3 aces, 2 nines. The pot was over 11 million. The other player called my all-in and I won but the money never went to me. It went to nobody. I contacted the company and gave all of the details. I was on WiFi and have no problems with my WiFi at all. I heard back from customer service and they asked if I was on WiFi and other questions I had already answered in my original message. I responded and answered everything again. About five days later I received a response that told me my WiFi must have dropped for a second or two, which I do not believe, and they did not offer me the over 11 million I had won. They gave me a link which gave me 5 million, less than half of what I had won. I think the customer service should have given me my full winnings and not made excuses about WiFi and only give me less than half of what I had won. Just be wary of this kind of thing as a player, that customer service doesn’t do the right thing.

  • By horsebs

    So rigged it’s actually funny

    This game is on the same level as a Ponzi scheme at best and flat out stealing at worst. Never, and I repeat never spend a dime with this company in any way shape or form because it’s so rigged, you will lose everything you put into it. I promise. Anyone below level 18 can’t lose and after that you will be drained of all money by rigged, set up hands played by Fake “guest” players. It’s so rigged it’s actually hilarious. You would think they would try to hide it a little better but they don’t. It so obvious, it becomes absurd. My hope it that people thinking about playing this game take this to heart, this company goes bankrupt and the people in charge end up in prison where they belong. You have all been warned and every word I said is the absolute truth. Please stay away and pass the word along to others so that they don’t end up in a similar situation. Please please please.

  • By ArmyMom44


    I see that every time I get to Master 1, I get on a losing streak then I fall all the way back down to Legend sometimes even Expert. Now, I just left the game, I had 33, called the raise, flopped 3,4, 10 non suited. I go all in and he has AA and guess what? Ace hits on the river but when I do the same thing, I get beat out every time!!! Yesterday, same thing! Flopped two pair, raise and a bot calls with not even a pair and rivers a straight. I’m not buying any more chips because I think this is ploy to make people do so!! I also get the cards the person to the left of me just had or if the previous hand flop was 886, I have nothing then next deal, I get 8-6. Or I have have K4, nothing then next hand flops KK4!!! And I never flush but every other hand is suited!!! Don’t tell me about algorithms because it’s BS! I’m not a beginner so I know better!!!

  • By Jajaja333

    Rigged to spend!! No advertising.

    Games rigged to make you spend. I did great before spending ! However, wanted to play higher limit tables. To do well, I have to lose all the money I purchased. You then all of a sudden, straights, flushes, full houses & four of kinds. Then boom, losing streak conveniently during a contest. “They’ll spend to keep going... Especially if they spent before!” Not first game to do this. Algorithm is painfully obvious. Also, loves to give big hands to beginners to entice them. Don’t spend & have fun! Be patient. No advertising nice, but they have to get paid somehow. Spending algorithm is the key! Also game does not add winnings properly & screen button malfunctions. (Not being able to fold) Have to wait for timer to run out.

  • By Tawanna from boston

    Bad customer support but fun to learn how to play

    I never knew how to play poker and this game taught me. Your supposed to get 100,000 chips when a friend you refer and I contacted customer support and they told me I received the money even when I told them it was from someone else and they didn't respond back to fix the issue. So, ignoring people is good customer service??? And, it took them like a week to even respond. You can tell that the automation is made for you to think that you will win the next hand when you wait to join a table and you see the hand you could have used. So, next time you play you can think you'll have a perfect hand. It's smart but, I'm not stupid boo... lol Good to learn how to play and I've learned all the hands and when not to play a hand. So, this was good prep. To go to casinos and hit the tables with confidence. Response to developer: why would I up the ratings to 5 when I never received the coins and you guys never responded back. And, I stopped playing the game after week bc you guys were so rude. Give me my coins I worked hard to get friends to join and then I will.. Thanks

  • By shedster44

    Thought it was different

    I just saw THREE FULL HOUSES IN ONLY TWO HANDS. I tied the first hand with another guy with a full house, then lost to a full house the next hand...UNREAL. When I first started playing this game, it appeared to be different and closer to realistic than the other poker games I have played. It’s still a little better than most and there is much I like about it, but it’s definitely not as realistic of a game as I first thought. Im sure it’s fun for most people, but I personally don’t like to see a flush or full house EVERY SINGLE round I play. I just played SEVEN hands, 5 players, and saw THREE FLUSHES and TWO FULL HOUSES in only seven hands. Is that really fun for people to play? Im probably just getting old, but it’s not that much fun to me. Also, it “appears” to me, “almost” every time I play, there is one hot player at each table. Now, there are times when the winning does get spread around the table which is a lot more fun. But usually, in my experience, there’s ONE seat/player that repeatedly gets the “one card they need” or “ONE card better” to win a very high percentage of hands dealt.

  • By mike a.s

    Altight game the more ya bet the unrealistic it is🤔

    Game has a few bugs and always want you yo buy something. Players are somewhat friendly on the most part. If you like to play poker this game may be good for you! I have liked since i know how to bypass most spam. Give it a try and do not get to greedy😊👍🏻 but game seems odd on higher stake tables😤 i have not gotten so many 4 of a kinds and bad beats in poker rooms! Still fun😊 but in real life play the cards are not like these! I cannot count the times my full houses were beat by 4 of a kind! Good time killer while waiting to do something else👍🏻 way to many ways to get ur real money, plus bonuses have decreased immensely. Still fun tho!But i do not like how they push u to buy chips. If im going to spend cash, i will go to my local poker room. Still am playing after 2 yrs, expert level is tough to keep. Smaller tables i think are better! God Bless😊👋🏻😱 One year after my words above, game, its a game to make you spend $! Simple as that👎🏻

  • By Scottishlass2000

    Haven’t fixed fold option

    I’ve written a review before. This is an outstanding game which is why I gave it four stars. However, there is a glitch in the game where there are points were you can’t fold a hand. You should be able to fold it any point in a poker game. Instead you have to wait for your turn to time out. This is irritating and slows the game down. Update: It seems their fixes make everything worse. They still haven’t fixed the above and now it constantly loses connection, times you out before you even get your turn to bet, you have to wait until a player times out even though they probably left the table on the last hand. When you leave the table to join another one you end up at the same table. This could be a good game but the above things plus being automatically folded when you have a good hand is especially frustrating.

  • By KDash g

    I used to love this game, but.....

    It's really a huge shame to allow loyal players to purchase packages that they don't get or once they do get them, they get stuck with robots every time, that just bleed you dry.... It's really quite annoying.. ALOT of my friends play this AND spend alot of money to play in the bigger games, with the rare chance of getting really people to play against, most of the time it's just bots! if the robot situation doesnt get better, then we are all going to delete the app... It's really very unfair to have the advantage on the one game in the gambling world, that the house SHOULD not have an advantage on... Not to mention the robots know what you have every single time... I spend alot of money to play, which I have never done with any other addicting app, but I really enjoy playing poker.. But I can't stand buying chips and immediately after I get in even a smaller game and boom, robots take it all! Please fix this! It's one thing to have them in the game to keep games going but it's another to cheat you out of real money!! And the wheel spins! Holy crap, you can't hardly EVER get a good spin! It's so Fricken ridiculous...

  • By -%sunnie%-

    Cheat programs

    The graphics are the best I have seen in a card game however, there are so many different cheat program that it appears 1/5 people playing has one. This takes the fun out of playing. This is a game I have always excelled at. Any other Holdem game I play I have tons of money. Not so with poker heat. It feel like if I do well for very long I am but on a list that All I get are crappy cards or I get a good hand just to be beat my 1 for ex I have 2 pair 8 and Queen someone else will have 8 and kind or queens and 9s. The cards are definitely not random ask anyone who plays poker heat. The sad part is first time player get a bad taste right up from because million dollar players go the the newbie tables and bully the little ones till they fold or quit. In about the specialty games why is it they can be one buy in and I get a little money and I’ll come back and I can’t play because you’ve raised the buy in it’s like you’re trying to keep people out of the rooms are good in and you do this all the time and it’s not fair to anyone I think you can get more people willing to pay you money if you were fair and got rid of the cheats!

  • By LeaveAMessage


    Well, where do we start?! First off, if you’re looking for a “real play” style of game play, this is not it! It’s horrible to say the least. If you actually pay attention, it almost seems the same 15 cards are being replayed in the hands (5 players, 5 play cards) It’s actually interesting to see your winning hand come out on the flop! Or the player to your left & right end up with the hand you just won with. Lol... 4 of a kind is so common it’s ridiculous. Got a boat? Be careful, 8 out of 10 times the other player has that 4th Ace, King & so on. Hell, I’ve never played a single hold’em game holding a Ace/King (any dual face card at that) and it never come out on the flop! I mean it truly NEVER happens!! No lie. This app is setup like no other & what I mentioned above happens on a regular besides the all around bad beats... The rating on 4.8 is completely false. However, the graphics are awesome & there is some cool people that actually play the game. Oh, don’t bother trying to get ahold of anyone ether... Lol. Hopefully this gets posted.

  • By Turk_SoCool

    Highly disappointed

    Updated review again: you have told me twice to contact customer support. I already said I did. They didn’t care that I had over 300 tickets for a contest that was guaranteed 1 in 50 win. I didn’t win. Customer support didn’t care. Therefore this game is a SHAM. I don’t recommend it. I won’t spend money anymore. It should be deleted by all. It is set up for you to lose. In response to the developer: I did contact the support team. They shrugged me off saying that if I did not receive the 10 million, I must not have won it. So I had 300 tickets where 1 in 50 were advertised to win, and I didn’t get the 10 million. The game is a SHAM. I don’t spend money on it anymore. Will be deleting the app next time I clear off my unused apps. Still recommend the no one uses this app. And it’s sad, because at one point I like it. Poker heat runs good promos. One promo, go all in and win tickets, went like this. I played in a room where when you go all in you get 10 tickets. It was advertised 1 in 50 win 10 million. I went all in at least 30 times. That’s 300 tickets. I did t win. Sure, it’s. It guaranteed. But with 300 tickets and a 1 in 50 chance to win? I’m done wasting money here and I recommend no one spends money here ever.

  • By Zuko917

    Stay away from this “game”

    I typically don’t write reviews. If I really liked something I’ll go out of my way to acknowledge it. If I really hated something I just walk away. This however I cannot walk away from. Before i get into the game issues let’s talk about customer service. I bought a chips package because it was on sale and I was out of chips. The sale was 675,000 chips for 4.99. I was given 475,00. I thought I bought the wrong thing and I figured I have plenty of time to kill today and bought another. Same thing. That’s 400,000 chips. I have emailed four times about this issue and gotten zero response back. This happened over a week and a half ago! Let’s talk about the game itself. It lags but only during high stakes hands? Seems convenient. It takes forever to find a room of people who aren’t just pressing buttons and know how to play. The daily spin wheel is a complete joke. This game was designed to be the ultimate scam and in that it succeeds, incredibly well. Stay away. There are plenty of better options if you want to play poker.

  • By MrsDarryCurtis

    Don’t waste your time!

    I am deleting this app. This game is a joke! It is obviously rigged. Nothing is random about the deal. There are no options to control tables or table settings. Too many idiots ruin this game for the people who really want to play. You can’t enjoy the game when one of those fools going “all in” on every hand or betting a ridiculously high amount so that everyone folds and they win every time is at the table. It can sometimes take several table changes before you can find one with people who actually want to play the game. This would not be such a problem if players had the ability to create tables or boot players like that. Also, the ranking system is a joke. You must play non-stop to keep your ranking up, and sometimes that’s not enough because no matter what cards you’re dealt, you’ll lose every time, making it impossible to maintain your ranking. Too much chaos within this game to enjoy it! The real players need more control. Anyone who wastes real dollars on this game is the biggest idiot of all.

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