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  • New version: 0.33.0
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Cat Force – PvP Match 3 Skill


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Cat Force – PvP Match 3 Skill is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Playtika LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Playtika LTD, with the latest current version being 0.33.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1407 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Cat Force – PvP Match 3 Skill App

How does it Work?

If you’ve got match 3 skills, we’ll reward you for them!

Forget the other puzzle games you’ve played so far -- Cat Force is the first to recognize your true matching skill with PvP Battlegrounds where you can prove that you’re the best match 3 player in the world!

Unite with the brave Cat Warriors to battle and outsmart your opponents with your skill to become a Legend.


Use your skills to identify the best matches to score extra moves and earn more points. If you win the match, you get to keep your Booster and will be rewarded generously. Beware of the other player’s opportunities – make sure to block them. Capitalize on your opponent's mistakes if they miss a match and make them pay for it!


Earn medals for every match won - the more Medals, the higher the ranking. From Bronze to Grandmaster, climb up the ladder to become a Battlegrounds Legend - there can only be one! Collect exclusive rewards when new leagues are reached.


Unlock and collect powerful Boosters, each with their own special effect, to destroy more Dark Minions. Fill up the Booster meter by matching the same-colored Cat Warriors as the chosen Captain to unleash its attack. Use Boosters to turn the odds to your favor by scoring big point totals to win games!


Compete head to head against other players in real-time. Master your matching skills and put them to the test by battling against the best match 3 players across the world. Different enemies are worth different points, the player who scores the most points win the battle!


Join for fun events: Seasons, Medal Frenzy, Paws of Fury Hunt, Color Blast, and more!

Fight for glory!

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CAT FORCE is a completely FREE game to play, but some items may be purchased.

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Top Reviews

  • By Bts army1217

    I hate writing these but...

    This is a great game all the way through it’s great game play where you have room to make it though the game with out the dire need to buy one of the items in the games shop. Like you can pass if you buy the power up easy but if don’t buy it you gotta play it a few times over to make to the next level though the game play you need stars to level up your cats and you get them though completion of the level so if wanna do it quickly you have to get 3 almost every level but it’s fun I really enjoy the game!!!

  • By Lemur998

    Try this if you love Match 3 games!

    I play a lot of Match 3 games so to find a new one with unique game play is a real treat! The strategy is fun and so far isn’t crazy difficult. The graphics are cute. I haven’t needed to spend money so it’s really free to play. I like that you have the option to watch ads for help but it isn’t over done. I hate the apps that make you watch an ad between every level. Well balanced and extremely fun so I highly recommend this app if you love to try new Match 3 games!

  • By Mgs1GreyFox

    Level 101 Issue Resolved!

    As other users have said, there is supposed to be a tutorial for this level involving the blue potion bottles. But the tutorial will not trigger, which stops your progress completely. Once this is resolved this would be an easy 5 star for me. Love the graphics and the progression and there’s no need so far for micro transactions which is a HUGE plus! UPDATE! Revised to 5 stars

  • By KelleyCakes


    I’ve been on this game non stop for a couple days now & I can’t seem to stop playing it! It’s truly a ton of fun! & to beat all, I kinda h8 cats! Lol .....well I think that might be a bit strong, think I’m just more of a big dog girl @ heart😊 Bottom line though is that this is a good game & it’s well done! Kudos developers, u kinda nailed it on this one! Fellow Gamer & Avid Big Dog Lover😆 🦋Kelley🦋

  • By Seastar8705

    Fun game but has problems

    Good game. Having a fun time but seriously annoyed at how many times it crashes. It has crashed on me after every battle/level. Many times it crashes on me before it actually gets there. I click on a new level and if it finishes loading (which I haven’t found to take too long) it plays great. But it doesn’t always complete the loading before it crashes. And then once the level is finished, it crashes. Found it to be worse in the last few weeks. It might be that my phone is a little older, a 6 plus, but it sounds like this is a problem other people have been having too.

  • By The502entourage

    Great Concept

    The bare bones of this game is solid. It’s your typical match 3 genre (match 3+ of the same color and try to complete the objective in the allotted time.) Am I enjoying myself while playing this game? 100%! But here is my criticism: 1: it takes a horrendous amount of time to level up a single cat. (Yellow cat has 400+ atks before I level it up) 2: rewards are minimum (the only item I seem to receive is gold for leveling and turn vials every once in a while.) 3: What good is gold as a reward if I can’t spend it. 4: the Boost seem to only last for the level you use is on. Nothing carries over to the next level. The only reason I would end up deleting this game would be the difficulty ramps up much quicker than you are able to level up your cats; which I am afraid is going to happen since you might get somewhere between 30-60 atks a match depending on the objective. I just advanced to the 2nd chapter and my cats are all calling for 100s of atk. I hope the developer sees this and makes some improvements in the near future.

  • By AyseofHearts

    Continue not working?

    Great game! I love it and the idea is great, however as soon as I cleared the first world and made it to the second the “continue” button at the end of each level stopped working? I can click Start, Skip, and make matches in that part of the screen- so the issue is not my device- but the continue button will not work, so I need to exit the app and reopen it to move on to the next level. I also haven’t seen the thief’s minigame since reaching the second world. I’m not sure what’s going on with either of those but I love the game as a whole. I hope this gets fixed!

  • By Rsgilbert

    Enjoying it!

    EDIT: Thank you! Deleting and redownloading the app helped my loading problem. I was enjoying playing this game until it stopped loading today. I came to the App Store so I could contact the devs on their website. Unfortunately, when I tried to submit the problem to their help desk a pop up said I could only contact them through the game itself. Oh well, thanks for several hours of fun this past week, I guess!

  • By anjewed

    Special gift?

    Soo today is thanks giving .. and you guys have put a 30 gem reward as a special gift .. my game froze and I lost the gift.. kind of frustrating at a time when most games are pay to play. It’s nice actually receiving things when given. Just a bit let down that I lost that because the game froze in the middle of the offer being given.

  • By Zera213

    Very buggy

    The daily and weekly quest are completely broken. I have 20 hours to defeat 60 enemies. I’ve played through 15 levels since I got the daily quests and no matter how many “enemies” I defeat, the counter never goes up. Just stays at 0. It says pass 50 new levels and same thing. I finally got it to go to 1 on the weekly quest counter every though I’ve sat here for well over an hour playing a new stage each time. Ads to get free power ups like the firework never work. It just freezes up my game and no it’s not my phone. I can play dragon ball dokkan battle and dragon ball legends with absolutely no issues so no it’s not my phone and it’s not my internet. I can do anything else online with no problem. Please fix your game. It’s fun but not being able to progress quests really makes me not want to play this game.

  • By SkyHammyr

    After further review- Mission 99 made me delete this app.

    At first I really liked this game because the ads weren’t so in your face. But as I played it more the monetization really started to get grating. Not so much ads from 3rd party (which was welcome!) but just ads to buy boosts in game. Make me WANT to spend money, don’t make me feel like I need to. To the point. Mission 99. 15 turns to defeat 14 bull cats that spawn other enemy cats. A lot of times, you matches just attack random things and the bulls slam right into you, unimpeded. This mission was poorly thought out and I really don’t need that level of frustration on a Match-3.

  • By RDaneel01ivaw

    Great to start, becomes unplayable

    This has the bones and structure of a really solid game! There are micro transactions of course like all games like this but at first they’re not needed and you can spend coins and get free boosts. However it takes FOREVER to level up your cats and I’m on level 95 now, and have tried it probably 30 times and haven’t even gotten anywhere near close to beating it. It’s clear this is the point where the game becomes pay to win. Sure I could buy coins and add more turns. But I’m not sure you can beat this stage at all without paying money. Very sad.

  • By Crew Exodus

    Errors loading game

    I thought the game was fun and different the first day I played it but as soon as I tried to play it the next day I kept getting an error “whoops! We weren’t able to log you in! Please try again later” I had done this for the past couple hours and was still unsuccessful, I found it weird that the game would still load, still had my position on the game, and I was able to play one level but I had to constantly hit retry just to keep playing, I had restarted the game and my phone but I’m still having this issue

  • By Squirrelynutz8

    My FAVORITE part of this pay to play app

    1. Is not that only after a few short minutes of play you run out of lives 2. Is not that you have to wait thirty minutes to play ONE more game...only to wait another 30 to play another, etc. 3. But it’s WHEN you’ve waited the 30 min to be able to play one game: you log on the app, press the play button, then the app CRASHES, does an update & when it opens back up, guess what? Despite not playing that game it counts as you playing that game so you have to wait ANOTHER 30 minutes just to play that game

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