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Prize Claw 2


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Prize Claw 2 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Game Circus LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Game Circus LLC, with the latest current version being 3.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 785 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Prize Claw 2 App

How does it Work?

PRIZE CLAW 2 is the most exciting toy-grabbing arcade game ever!

Features Include:

- Awesome powers and effects, including lightning, explosions, and tornadoes!

- Thousands of unique Claws with special abilities!

- Tons of adorable, charming prizes waiting for you to collect them all!

- A huge world to explore filled with unique and exciting Prize Claw machines!

- Beautiful HD Graphics!

- Limitless missions for you to complete!

- Fine-tuned physics for a classic arcade experience!

- Spin the Prize Wheel for a chance at winning bonuses, prizes, and the JACKPOT!

- Mystery capsules containing bonuses, boosts, and more!

- Magnetize your claw and grab a bundle of prizes with a single grab!

- Discover rare prizes such as dragons and unicorns!

- Much more to come!

So what are you waiting for?

Download Prize Claw 2 for free and start grabbing!

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Prize Claw 2 is a free game that is supported by the ads we and others display. To do this, we work with a variety of online advertising partners who collect data from users of our games and other games to show you ads that are relevant to your interests. Do not install or launch our games unless you consent to this use and sharing of data, as further explained in our Privacy Policy (

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Top Reviews

  • By FancyNapalm

    Engrossing Game

    This game is great for passing time. I do love it. **One problem with it though; every time you grab a golden mystery box, you’re then prompted to watch a video in order to get the whatever prize is in the box. The videos don’t play though, so it’s a total waste to have these prize boxes in the game. You think you’re going to get 20 gems or a bunch of coins or whatever & because the video won’t play (the video is “not available” at said time- which is ALL THE TIME...meh :( ) , you miss out on prizes. It wouldn’t bother me if the prize boxes were rare but they fill up the machine & when your claw gets magnetized, you can’t help but dump a bunch of these worthless boxes into the bin. Please fix or just remove the boxes altogether!! Otherwise, awesome game!!

  • By Mommyplayz

    Amazing game

    It’s a great game and actually feels like you’re in an arcade and you’re playing a clown machine and it’s amazing quest and I’ll help you if you are Paddock club machines like me so come in our journey and have a great call machine game like prize clot Hill to help me he with my depression thank you so much in their future we are going to be a great great great family for Christ clot and price clot because Fridays are always the answer thank you so much enjoy your life

  • By 😁💎

    Enjoy the game A lot, Great game to sit back & relax with

    I really do enjoy playing PrizeClaw2. It’s fun, relaxing, and for someone over 40 it’s a stress relaxer and that’s a plus !!! I have never payed for games before and I won’t for this one either but there are some surveys for free you can do in 5 minutes or less and get about 200 coins if you run out. I would recommend this game to people

  • By Me to you with love and light

    Love this game!

    I love it so much that when I beat it, I delete and re-download so I can play again! I am really hoping they add new machines some day as I’ve been waiting a very long time. This is my most favorite claw machine game!

  • By Kpieaddison

    It's so fun

    I love this game every time I'm not doing anything I play the game and I never get tired of it my friend told me about it I almost play it every day but at first I did not like the game but now I love this game it is so much fun!!!😁

  • By JeanMarie2019

    Best Game So Far

    I don’t mind ads, this is a great game with a lot of play time and great features no other claw games offer. Just enjoy playing. Lots of challenges and great rewards.

  • By LorettaMay

    Game is fun...frustrated with ‘free coins’

    Happy, yet frustrated: I really enjoy the game. It’s a great way to pass the time and take my mind off of life. I completely understand that developers need to make money too and I LOVE when games give you free coins by watching ads and playing other games. However, I’ve already gone through two of the “Get to this level on the APP and get free coins” and I have yet to see a coin from it. I’ve played other games that provide this time of game play, and this is the only time I’ve had an issue. It just feels kind of sneaky to get people to complete those ads and then not give them the reward that they earned. The game really is fun and I recommend downloading, but don’t bother trying to get coins from the tasks. It is a waste of time.

  • By BigBlue1965

    Been waiting and waiting and waiting for new levels

    When are y’all going to up grade this game! I use to play everyday. Now I just collect every day waiting and waiting for new levels and nothing. If you have no intentions please let us know so us stupid loyal players that keep checking in every day hoping for more can stop. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing expecting a different result day in and day out. I must be insane.

  • By Awsgshdhfbdyha

    Not Really The Best

    When you start to play the game, you would think that it would be complete fun and and enjoyment! I have to be honest and tell you it is not as amusing or exciting as you think it would be. I gave it two star rating because I didn't want to be too rough on the creators, but in the end to me, this game is not worth your time!

  • By Fkersh

    Was a great game now click bait

    This was a really fun game to start with, I have finished the game but at this point, over a year later, the "coming soon" level has gone fast (as never happened). Unfortunately it has been replaced by obnoxious ads or "click bait" that open not only at the start of every game, you have to watch out where you touch as trying to close it takes you to the App Store for the game in the ad many times. After being forced to watch it before you get the first X to close it then takes you to the second screen to wait for the next X and routinely drops you out of the game so you can do it all over again. It also randomly does the same thing once you actually do get to play.

  • By shibby510

    The changes are horrible

    I was already not happy that the next machine has said coming soon for over a year. Now, I have to wait for my daily bonus and coin bonus to ‘load’ an ad that I refuse to watch to double what I get. I don’t like how the power up area next to the joy stick keeps constantly glowing either. It’s distracting. The fact that the spin wheel no longer accepts gems is stupid. Now the only thing I can spend them on is the power ups that I really don’t care about using since the only one that actually seems to help is the magnet boost. Maybe spend more time opening the next machine instead of ‘bettering’ what was already available and worked just fine.

  • By lightningbohn

    Odd version of racism

    I chose to take a survey to earn extra points for my kids. When I chose Native American as my Race it said it didn’t need my responses and I got zero credits. I tried it on 17 straight surveys and even when race was the last question it kicked me out and gave me zero credits. It’s odd when it happens once. It’s extra odd when it happens a few times. But when it happens every time???? That’s racist. Wish I could give you zero stars. The games fun. But the extras are unbelievably racist.

  • By Elfmage

    Good but

    Good game I enjoy playing but I’m giving it a one star since the developers support tapjoy. I enjoy the game what’s better then free stuff! Did a couple ads to get some coins. Downloaded a game played it and completed the requirements for it. They did not reward my coins, I made it ticket sent serveral emails they sent one back saying I never responded and closed my ticket. Also at some point they said a made a $20 purchase. Which I never did. I’d watch you accounts.

  • By amsghd

    Unplayable after a few days

    Game was great had fun passing time and it worked for a few days. Out of nowhere my coin thing went from one minute to over a thousand days so I deleted the app then I forgot why I deleted because it was fun and I missed it so I downloaded it again only for history to repeat itself couldn't even make it to the second arcade.

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