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  • Last Updated: 2016-06-07
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Brick Breaker Hero!


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Brick Breaker Hero! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Game Circus LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Game Circus LLC, with the latest current version being 1.41 which was officially released on 2016-06-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 402 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Brick Breaker Hero! App

How does it Work?

The classic brick breaker game with a new twist! Your new Arkanoid addiction!

Can you be the villagers' hero and break them out of the monsters' stronghold?

Keep up with the bouncing ball and deflect it with your paddle in this classic breakout game!

From the creators of Coin Dozer and Prize Claw 2, Brick Breaker Hero is a whole new Arkanoid adventure!

Monsters have come to terrorize each kingdom in the land, and the villagers need a hero!

A hero has come, wielding a powerful shield and armed with magic spells to cast at the monsters and their brick obstacles. Will the Hero prevail, defeating the monsters and breakout the villagers?

Brick Breaker Hero is the breakout Arkanoid game you need to play!

Direct the Hero through the adventure, bouncing the ball off the shield and into the fray of obstacles. Break and destroy each brick, much like classic Arkanoid, until you've succeeded each level's mission! Destroy enemy minions, collect treasure, clear levels, and break out the helpless citizens!

- Classic brick breaker Arkanoid breakout gameplay with a modern, mobile twist!

- Over 200 fun and challenging levels with more coming soon!

- Many power-up spells your hero can cast, containing spectacular effects and aiding your quest to win each level!

- Unique kingdoms, each with their own theme and unique adventure!

- Boss and mini-boss fights, each having a new ability to challenge your hero!

- Easy to play, difficult to master: Try to achieve 3 stars on each level!

- Connect with Facebook friends and see who can get the highest scores!

- More features to come!

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Top Reviews

  • By Flobe333

    Patiently waiting for this amazing game to continue

    I love this game. Got addicted very quickly. Just an all around awesome game. There is one thing....I'm disappointed that I have been waiting months for the "coming soon" to disappear and the next level to be there. I still give 5 stars because it really is a great game but it's kind of torture waiting so Please can you make more levels? Thanks so much

  • By Ccsweetgirl2013

    Keeps freezing up

    This game keeps freezing up every single time one of those stupid ads pop up!! So frustrating!! Especially when they pop up right in the middle of your game!! Oh and the free gems option does not work at all!! Only have it 5 start so my review would be seen since they put 5 star reviews at the top and hide the rest!! I give it 2 stars!

  • By 05181027

    New Levels!!

    This game was so great. I beat the entire game just about 4 years ago, waited for you guys to add new levels but the wait was too long so I deleted the game. Then 2 years ago I downloaded it again and beat the game two more times. I was going to get it one more time but still after 4 freaking years and great reviews, there are no new levels.

  • By Rayderboy

    Love this game but.......

    I really enjoy playing this game but I've been waiting for over 4 months for an update and you finally put one out. But the update didn't have any extra levels in it!!! More levels please or I'm just going to delete it!

  • By Neonblitzglitz


    This is an awesome game but I cannot go any further because the next level is coming soon but I'm very impatient because this game is addicting.. that being said when are you guys going to update new levels??

  • By dp1900


    I know this game came out 3 years ago, but I just found a couple of months ago. Love it, fun and the design is amazing. Just wondering if you are ever going to update it for more levels because it is super fun to play in my spare time.

  • By MabesABabe

    More worlds please

    Great game but need the rest of the worlds! It’s been “coming soon” for quite some time now and I’ve already reset the game after completing it and started playing it again.

  • By arwam4

    When are you planning to upgrade???

    I played all the levels and I was wondering when new levels are coming out I really enjoyed playing on my down time....?

  • By sptrsn2003


    Really like to destroy the evil ones with different spells and different balls to choose from. It takes a unique combination to knock off the big guys who paralyze you every chance they get. This is not difficult, but fun!

  • By Ezermb

    A lot of fun!!!

    It takes a game that many people already know and adds features that take it to a whole new level.

  • By MrEkz

    Great time killer

    Have a few minutes between classes/waiting for a ride... Etc? This might be for you.

  • By ChopsticKayla ^.^

    Very addicting, but buffers a lot!

    I'll look forward to the upcoming levels you'll give out. But, I don't know if this on my part. The game buffers almost non stop. Maybe it's my device, but a simple game shouldn't buffer this much. Since it does rely on reaction and accuracy. PLEASE get rid of the buffering, it's so aggravating.

  • By Discomonkey93

    Cute game!

    The challenge of a classic brick breaker plus cute little monsters and specific goals. Hard enough that it'll keep you playing for a while but easy enough that you won't just delete it. Only downside is the limited life system which is why I gave 4 out of 5 stars.

  • By Vedim

    Breakout w/a twist

    I haven't played b4 saw it n the App Store n it looked interesting. It was different than expected but it was a pleasant surprise. The selection of levels is cool n having an enemy n boss 2 shoot at is always cool. However there is still room 4 improvments on the boss levels, along w/improving the response time of the shooter.

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